This is part of the Some Things Change series, but also apart. This version is viewed from the Point of View of Jane, one of the twin daughters from the original series, but that was from the viewpoint of the father. This series can be read on it's own as there is no crossover from one series of stories to the other as they run concurrently. ( More chapters will be added as and when they are written. )
Chapter 7

We just held each other for a moment. Our skin was already wet with daddy’s pee so it didn’t make much difference anyway.

“You smell like an old wino sis, that’s peed his pants - 4 days ago.” and Janet held her nose.”
“Hey I got it from you, I wasn’t the one daddy peed over.”

Janet reached up and switched on the shower and adjusted the thermostat to very hot.

“Are you ok Janet?” I asked. genuinely concerned.
“Yeah sis I’m good, sorry I spat over your face.”
“What about my nipples? What were you using on them? Pneumatic clamps, I’m gonna have to put band aids on them until they heal.”

Janet grinned and made pincer movements with her forefinger and thumb and got close to one of my breasts. I swatted her hand away.
“Don’t, they are really sore.” I said frowning.
“Sorry sis, really. Are you ok though?”
“Yeah I’m good, it’s just sex, things happen when having sex, I guess.” and I kissed her on the cheek then spat on the floor.
“Yuk, you taste like a wino that’s peed his pants - a month ago!.” I teased.

We showered and dried ourselves and dressed in the family room in what we discarded earlier. The air was cool and Goosebumps freckled our skin. Janet ran upstairs and got some sweats for us both. That was better.

I could hear rain falling and opened the patio doors and stepped out. I sniffed the air, I love the smell of the air when rain falls, it seems to clean it somehow, make it new again. Janet joined me and I could hear her deeply breath in, she too enjoyed the it.

“Look, look.” Janet was pointing towards Kelly’s house. I saw a light on in the top bedroom. Someone was silhouetted behind the glass, we both assumed it was Kelly, it was difficult to tell from where we were standing but it looked like she was at least topless, then waved and was gone.

“She put on a show for daddy!” we said together.
“She’s such a slut. Flashing daddy and those porno pics she sent him” I said with a touch of malice or jealousy or both.
Janet laughed,
“Don’t be such a prude sis, who was 10 when she jacked off a 13 year old guy at swim club?” She was pointing at me. “and you’re a bit freaked because daddy is gonna fuck her.”
“Am not.” I snapped back.
“You can’t lie to me sis, you know that.”

Janet was right and she can’t lie to me either, we just know if either do.

“Maybe your right Janet.” I said, sighing.
“Jane, listen. Daddy loves you, me, us. Ok?”
“I know.” Nodding my head.
“He’s just rightly or wrongly, rediscovered his inner pedo. And she’s just offered herself to him with legs spread and a big fat welcome sign above her pussy that says - Free entry for my neighbour Jack. Even though I’m only 14. He can take me and fuck me silly.- “ I laughed at the imagined sight of the sign. “He’s not going to love us any less or I very much doubt fuck us any less, so don’t sweat it. She’s an infatuation, like having a new girl friend, he’ll get his dick wet a few times with her and that will be it.”

“Fuck sis, did you get that from Google as well?” And I gave her a big hug and a sloppy kiss on her lips. “I‘m just being silly Janet.” And with arms around each others waist’s we went back inside.

We had the TV on but we weren’t really watching it. We had our new phones and ipads in our hands, their screens covered in finger prints from our from our play with them.

Daddy wandered in, he looked happy.

"You both ok girls?" he asked.
"Yes daddy, thanks. We love our new phones and iPads ,thank you."
"Your both welcome, darlings. Have you added my number?"
"Yes daddy."
"Good, both of you send me a text so I have your new numbers, ok"
"Yes daddy."
"And if some pervert wants you to send him a naked pic of you let me know first before you send it."
"Daddy, really!" We tried to sound shocked, I don’t think we succeeded.

"Your both beautiful sexy young girls, there are plenty of pervs out there that would love to have sex with you and see you naked."
"We know daddy, does that mean you’re a pervert too daddy?"
"Well let’s see, well I do fuck you both, I have seen you naked, you have been videoed when I fuck you. Erm, I fucked your mother when she was 14 and 2 of her friends when they were 15 and tomorrow hopefully I’m going to fuck our 14 year old neighbour Kelly. So I guess that does make me a pervert as I love fucking young girls, so yes girls, I suppose it does make me a pervert and a paedophile too.”
"That’s ok daddy, we don’t mind, we love you." After Janet’s little monologue earlier to me, I really didn’t mind.
"I know you do and I love you two as well." and daddy kissed us.
"Daddy, why do you like fucking young girls?"
"That’s a good question, I guess it’s because…" he stopped and thought about for a minute.
"..Because, if I’m honest about it I guess its your nice tight bodies, smooth skin, wonderfully tight cunts, small tits and asses and the taking of your innocence, knowing I could be the first guy to fuck you. I mean what guy really wants to fuck a fat old wrinkly woman that has had 50 different cocks inside her. Yuk, it turns my stomach just thinking about it." And daddy made a yucky face, it was funny. “When he can fuck a young fresh girl.”

"Will you still fuck us when we’re fat and wrinkly and old?"
"Girls, there’s no way you 2 will get fat and wrinkly, I’ve told you both that you take after your mother and she didn’t have an ounce of fat or a wrinkle to her name. And I’ll fuck you now matter how old you get, ok?"
"Thank you daddy. Did you call the Doctors for an appointment for us, to get us on the pill daddy?" I could see that he forgot. .
"I’ll do it Monday girls, any one for ice cream?"
"Me, me, with sprinkles please."

“How about a movie girls?” Daddy asked.
“Shrek, daddy.!” We shouted back. We love this movie it’s our all time favourite. It’s funny and it should be called Donkey because he’s the best thing in it.

By the end though me and Janet were just about asleep and daddy shooed us off the bed.

I shrugged off my sweats and climbed into bed. The rain was tapping at my window, the water streaking the glass. And I waited for daddy to kiss me goodnight.

I heard daddy knock and enter Janet’s room, the door closing behind him.

I waited expectantly for daddy to kiss me good night. He’s nearly always tucked us in since mommy died just to make sure we were ok and have a little chat about things. I always looked forward to it.

Daddy was a long time, he was still in Janet’s room. Was daddy having sex with her?

I got out of bed and quietly opened my door and tip toed to Janet’s door.

"Fuck my cunt daddy, fuck me hard and make me cry." Janet almost screaming at daddy.
My heart sank as I heard these words from Janet’s mouth. I didn’t cry or anything. I just went back to my bed with a little green monster of jealousy sitting on my shoulder and whispering that daddy liked Janet more than me.

I didn’t argue with it. It was the truth. And the little green monster shushed me to sleep.

Chapter 8

The hot water stung some life in to me as I rubbed out the sleep from my eyes. It wasn’t the best sleep I’ve ever had, a mixture of sleeping by the pool during the day and I had some bad dreams again last night. I don’t remember them now, but twice they woke me up during the night panting and covered in sweat.

Wrapped in a big fluffy towel I padded into my bedroom and sat on the bed. I was thinking about last night, about daddy and Janet…fucking. The little green monster was gone, but I remembered his words.

My door flew open and Janet as bright and breezy as a Stepford wife jumped on my bed with a “Morning sis.” and wrapped her arms around my neck and pecked me on the cheek.

I mumbled a “Morning sis” back at her.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.
“Nothing, just a bad night’s sleep, that ‘s all. More bad dreams.” I thought that I should say something about her and daddy but I couldn’t bring myself to say it.

Janet kissed me again and sat next to me.

“Come on get some clothes on, let’s have some breakfast. You can even make me some pancakes. You feel better after eating something.”
She picked up my shorts and vest I had on in bed last night.

“Eww, these are damp. Did you pee in them?” and she threw the shorts at me, landing on my head.
I pulled them off and tried to rub her face in them but she just escaped in time. So I threw them at her but missed.

I finished drying off and Janet had got some clean shorts and vest out for me and after slipping them on we headed downstairs.

The frying pan loudly clanged as it slipped from my grip and bounced on the hob.
“Good one sis.” Janet said with her hands over her ears.
I stuck my tongue out at her and pulled out the ingredients for pancakes and made a start on them.

"Morning girls. " Daddy said cheerily. "Sleep good?"
"Yes thanks daddy." they both said.
"Daddy,"I said "you didn’t tuck me in last night, again."
"I did sweetie, but you were already asleep and I didn’t want to wake you up. I promise I’ll take you to bed myself tonight, ok sweetie."
"Yes daddy." I tried to smile, but it didn’t feel like a smile "Pancakes daddy?"
"No thanks sweetie, I’ve already had breakfast." Daddy waving an empty bowl at me.
Daddy sat down on a stool and picked one up one of our phones we had left on the counter.

"The phones ok girls." putting the phone back down.
"Brilliant daddy, did you get our texts?
"I haven’t checked yet but I’m sure I got them both. I’ll go and check now." and daddy left to get his.

I put all the pancake stuff back as daddy had eaten already and Janet really didn’t want any. She was just being nice when she said she I could make them for her. And pulled out the Fruit Loops, milk and 2 bowls.

Daddy came back and sat down.
"Whose number ends in 98?"
"That’s mine daddy" I replied.
"Thanks babe"
"Mine ends in 66,daddy." Said Janet
"Yep, got that sweetie, thanks."
"What are we doing today daddy?" We asked.

"Nothing girls, it’s your last day before school , so just relax and do whatever." we nodded, our mouths were full of cereal.

"When you have finished eating girls will you go and get all the dirty towels and drop them off in the laundry? Don‘t forget the pool house."
"Will do daddy."
"I’m off for a swim."

We finished out breakfast, cleared up and Janet volunteered to do the upstairs bathroom towel run and I would have the downstairs one and pool house.

I headed out to the pool house, I saw daddy steadily swimming lengths. I had decided to say something to him about how I was feeling but I was starting to chicken out so I stepped into the pool house.

With the dirty towels in hand and a sudden infuse of braveness I also picked put a clean towel and headed over to daddy.

"That’s a clean one daddy." holding it up for him to see then dropping it next to his boxers.
"Thanks, sweetie, very thoughtful of you." I didn’t immediately walk away but was just standing there any braveness I had was seeping away as if in a tea strainer.
"What’s wrong baby?" Daddy asked and swam to the edge of the pool and got out, sitting on the edge he patted the spot next to him, inviting me to sit down.

I swallowed and dropped the dirty towels and picking up the clean one and wrapped it around his shoulders and sat down.
"What’s up baby?" He asked again. I swallowed again and suddenly felt awkward.

"I know it’s silly but…"
"But what?"
"But…Last night when I had just gone to bed and waiting for you to tuck me in."
"Yes" daddy prompted.
"Well I kinda felt jealous."
"Jealous, baby? Jealous of Janet?"
"Yes daddy."
"Oh baby, baby." Daddy turned and held me, I could feel a tear was forming in the corner of my eye.
"Why did you feel jealous?"
"I thought you liked Janet more than me."
"Why would you think that, baby? Come on you can tell me you know we don‘t keep secrets." I sniffed and daddy wiped away the tear that had ran down my cheek.

"On Thursday night, when I pretended to be asleep and you touched me and then you cum over me. I wanted you so much to fuck me daddy I really did, it hurt so much when you didn’t. Then the next morning when I saw you fuck Janet first I felt really bad. Then you didn’t come to tuck me in that night or last night and I heard you fuck Janet when you went to tuck her in." Then my tears really started.

"Oh baby, shh." Daddy hugged me tightly.

"I really don’t know why I didn’t fuck you that night, I guess I was scared to really, I thought you were asleep I really did and I didn’t think in a thousand years I would ever really fuck either of you. And I think I fucked Janet first was because when she came into my room that morning all she had on was a tiny pair of panties and I was naked and seeing her nearly naked like that made my cock so hard and I got so randy I couldn’t help myself I‘m just a weak man. I wasn’t scared for some reason and in reality I just raped her. Last night I didn’t plan to fuck Janet either, it was just supposed to be a quick chat with both of you, you know like I used to do every night, a quick chat and a kiss good night. You must know that I love you both equally, I’m sorry Jane, I really am. Don’t be jealous of Janet it’s not her fault. It’s mine." I wiped away her tears with the towel.
"I’m sorry daddy, I know I was being silly really, but I do love you so much and Janet."
"I know you do, so does Janet too."

"Yes I know, Jane" Janet’s voice surprised me, I didn’t even know she was there.
"I love you too, silly." and Janet sat down next to me and held me in her arms, kissing my fore head." Daddy let go of me and I turned and tightly hugged her back.
"I’m sorry Janet." And the flood gates of tears opened.
"Don’t be silly Jane."

Chapter 9

Janet cradled me not saying a word and just let me cry, Her hand just stroking my hair.

I was feeling very foolish and stupid. But saying something to daddy had helped me a lot and my tears were a release of feelings I had bottled up for a while. They had nothing really to do with daddy or Janet but mommy. Before she was gone, me and Janet always had both mommy and daddy to look after us, kiss our scuffed knees or just give us a hug. We could have one or the other. Now she is gone it must be hard for daddy, he can’t be with us both at the same time, so for one us sometimes there’s no one.

With a big sniff and a wipe of my eyes with the back of my hand. I pull out of our hug.

“You look like shit sis.” Janet said, I laughed, it was really more of a snort through my nose. But I felt better.

“I’m not really jealous of you Janet, I love you and daddy so much it hurts and I still miss mommy and with everything that has happened the last few days, you know with us and daddy…”
“I know sis, I know.”

“Daddy can’t always be with us both, at the same time I mean, can he, not always?”
“No sis, he can’t but it doesn’t mean he loves either of us any less, does it? I said this to you last night as well”
“I know Janet, I know.”
“So believe it, because it’s true.”

We just sat there for a while, feet dangling in the water and lost in our own thoughts.

I looked around at the garden and house. At my sister and I saw a glimpse of daddy at a window and thought of how lucky I really am. I made a vow to myself and cage the green monster up and lose the key.

“Did you pee your pants last night?” Janet asked with a serious face. “They were very damp you know.”
“Eww, no. I’ve not done that for at least a week.” With the tension broken, we had a fit of the giggles.
“Wow! A whole week without peeing your pants sis, that’s a record for you.” Playfully teasing me and pushing at my shoulder.

Daddy gave us a can of soda each, we sucked down the drink through straws, it was cold and refreshing them set them down.

“Thanks daddy.” we said.

We should have paid attention to what he was doing, as the next thing we did was shriek as pushed us into the pool.
“Daddy!” we shouted and tried to splash him but he had retreated laughing at us and the water fell short.

So I set upon Janet and pushed on her head and dunked her, then tried to get away but she grabbed at a foot and pulled my back and launched her self at me. And I screamed as my head went under the water and I swallowed some water.
Coughing and spluttering as I broke the surface of the water Janet pulled at my vest and it ripped in her hand.
“Sis! Look at what you did?” showing her my tattered vest.
“Then you better get out of them, then. You know the rules, get naked by the pool.”

And giggling like 5 year olds we jumped out and took our wet stuff off and jumped back into the pool.

Daddy got our attention.

"Girls, girls, listen up. I’ll be off to Kelly’s shortly and I just want to doubly sure that you are both ok with that. "
"Yes daddy, we’re fine with that, you know that. You go fuck her daddy have fun."
"If you get hungry order a pizza or something, do you have any money?" We shook their heads.
"Ok, I’ll leave some on the kitchen island. "
"Ok daddy." and I dunked Janet as he headed inside.

Not long after daddy was walking towards us putting his phone in his pants pocket. Crouching down at the pool’s side. He said.

“I’m off girls, see you soon.” and winked.
"Bye daddy, have fun" we said both of us winking back.

And daddy disappeared over the back wall in a single motion.

My belly gurgled, telling me it needed filling.

“I’m hungry Janet, shall I order pizza?”
“Mnn yes, I’m hungry.” and we both climbed out and picked up our wet clothes and squeezed them out, the water spilling on the grass.

“Ooo, shouldn’t have done that.” I said as my bladder suddenly felt full and close to bursting.
“What did you say sis?”
“I need a pee.”
“Then just stand there and pee then.” I dare you.
“No I’m not a boy, can’t do it standing up like they can.”
“Chicken, just stand with your legs apart, pull your pussy lips apart and just pee,” Janet urged. “ Go on.” Double dare you.
“You perv, you just wanna see me finger my pussy.”
“Yes that too, but I wanna see you pee as well.” And Janet’s eyes were firmly fixed at my groin. “if you don’t I’ll tickle you until you do pee and then you’ll pee all over yourself.” She added jokingly but the look on her face told me wasn’t. “You’ve peed in the shower before, it’s just the same as that.” She went on.

With a half sigh I threw my wet clothes at Janet but they missed my miles. I stood facing her and spread my legs and with both my forefingers I spread my pussy lips.
“Go on Jane, now pee for me.” Janet’s voice was breathy.
My bladder opened and my warm clear pee rained down between my legs and splashed the grass around my feet.
My emptying bladder felt good, the release of pressure, welcomed.
“Mmmm very nice sis.” Janet said with ache in her voice.

I finished and Janet handed me my torn vest.
“Clean yourself with this, no better yet, I’ll do it for you.”

And before I managed to say anything Janet took back my vest and had it pressed against my pussy and cleaned me with a few wipes from the wet cotton. And pressing her pouting lips to mine she gave me a big wet kiss.

She broke the kiss and with a glint in her eyes she walked towards the house. Not saying a word.

I stood there, rooted to the spot for a moment in surprise. Then followed her in. What the hell was that?

By the time I got inside, Janet was ordering the pizza, a pile of our wet clothes at her feet. I bent down and picked them up and headed for the laundry and dumped them in the wash basket.

I leant back against the dryer, it was warm on my ass and tried to work out what just happened. But I just ended up shaking my head giving up and figured I stop trying to work Janet out, just when you think you do she throws something else into the mix and muddies the water around her.

I was gone longer that I thought as Janet was wearing a long red tight t shirt that just about covered her ass cheeks, and she had got me something similar also in red. I slipped it on and pulled it down pass my ass.

“Best not answer the door with nothing on, although we might get the pizza for free if we did.” Janet had a cheeky grin on her face. I matched it.
“Tempting as that may be, it could get daddy in trouble.” I added.
“Do you think daddy is fucking that slut yet?” Janet asked, curiously.
“Yeah he doesn’t hang around, I’m surprised he even bothered to get dressed before he went.” I answered.
Do you think it will be a bit weird though if she does go to our school….” The door bell rang out interrupting Janet.
She grabbed up the money daddy had left for us and we went to the door and answered it.

The pizza guy fumbled with the big red bag the pizzas come in to stay warm and stammered the cost when handing them over, blushing as he did so.
“Keep the change” Janet said

Closing the door behind us, we giggled at his unease with us. Then Janet pointed a finger at my chest.
“No wonder he was uncomfortable, look at your nipples!”

I looked down and saw that they were sticking straight out and hard.
Shaking her head, she said.
“Any guy Jane and your horny” laughing and running to the kitchen.
“Not every guy Janet, just most of them.”

Out on the patio we started to eat.
“What was it you were saying about it being weird…” I asked her.
“Yeah if Kelly did go to our school.”
I shrugged.
“Dunno sis, maybe. But we don’t even know what she looks like properly. All we know is she has blonde hair. And she will be in a grade above us if she’s 14.”
“Unless she’s thick and they held her back a year.”
“A thick slut, you mean” smiling and taking a bite of pizza.

We finished lunch badmouthing Kelly agreeing not to like her. E had dumped the empty pizza boxes on the kitchen island and was at the sink rinsing my greasy hands. Then 2 hands were on my hips and pulling up my long t shirt. And stopping when it slid over my ass. Hands reached around me and were cupping my mound.

“Mmmmm,” and I leant into my sister. “Not here, sofa.” and taking Janet by the hand I lead her to the family room and I fell back onto the sofa.
“I’m going to fuck you Jane.” Janet panted.
And Janet tore at my tshirt, roughly pulling over my head and tossing it away, then pawed at her own, desperate for it to be gone
There was a look in Janet’s eyes a passionate intensity that made me want my sister so very badly that it caught my breath.

She descended on me and I arched my willing body up and urgently wrapping my arms around Janet's neck.

Janet jammed her mouth against mine and thrust her tongue in deep and hard. She found my small budding breasts with her hands and rubbed and squeezed them firmly. My nipples immediately responded, swelling into longing stiffness. I shivered and squealed into Janet’s mouth and dug my nails into her back when Janet squeezed and pulled at my tender nipples.

Janet pulled back.
“Tell me what you want!” she demanded. "What must I do to you!"
“Fuck me! Please Janet ! Fuck me!”

Janet slid her hand between our sweating bodies and found my sex, immediately wriggling two fingers into my tight, gooey entrance . I stiffened and squealed and pushed against her hand.

Janet firmly worked her fingers in and out of my wet, slick tunnel. My pussy seeping it’s sticky juices with every stroke. I writhed against my sister, moaning loudly.

Janet slid her thumb up the folds of my slippery pussy searching for my clit. She pressed and rolled her thumb, gently playing my tender nub until I cried out and squirmed, my body wriggling and twisting,

I could feel my muscles spam and quiver over and over again.
“Oh, fuck Janet ! Oh, Janet ! Fuck! Jesus!”

“Mmmm, that’s it sis, cum, I want to taste your cum”

My pussy trickled a stream of sweet nectar down my slit. Janet bent down and caught it with her tongue and lips and she licked and slurped up my orgasm.

Gasping, I collapsed against the sofa and my arms flopped loosely above my head, and little groans escaped me with each gasping breath.

Janet reached up and pushed her tongue into my willing mouth. Our tongues swirled together. “Taste yourself on me,” Janet hissed and I savoured the sweetness of my own pussy essence on Janet's lips and face snuggling my body into Janet's warmth..

As I regained my breath, I wrapped my arms around my sister and lover and rocked her in her arms. “God, I love you,” I groaned and showered her with wet, sloppy kisses.

We stayed in our loving embrace, just holding each other, I didn’t want it to end.

“Wake up, baby.” Janet’s voice gently waking me from my sleep by caressing my cheek with the soft pads of her fingers and a gentle kiss to my lips.
“Mmmmmm, in a minute.” as I snuggled into her feeling the warmth from her body.
“I know, it does feel good but we can’t stay like this forever.” and Janet moved a leg. With a groan of disappointment we let go of our embrace.
“I’ll give you $100 if the seat under you is dry sis.” Janet offered.
“That’s a bet I’ve lost.” looking in Janet’s eyes.
“I’m not surprised, the amount of your sweet juices that flooded out of your pussy.”
“Then you shouldn’t be so good at fucking me sis.” and I reached up to kiss her. “and you can fuck me any time you like.” and I pushed my lips firmly on to hers forcing my tongue into her mouth.

She responded by kissing me back, her hands in my hair and her tongue in my mouth.

I worked my hand down to Janet’s pussy, her mound was on fire it felt so hot and I nestled my finger into Karen's slit, and I was happy my sister was dripping wet. I rubbed my fingers up and down her slit.

Janet gasped into my mouth.
“Yessss,” she whispered. “You're making me so fucking hot.”

I stroked and massaged Janet's pussy, rubbing the flats of my fingers over my sister’s young clit until Janet let out a sharp yelp. I hooked two fingers into Janet's delicious sex and released a fresh trickle of her juices.

Janet jumped and grimaced when my stroking, probing fingers hit a sensitive spot.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Janet pleaded and her lips jumped back onto mine, sucking in my tongue.

I worked my fingers all the way into Karen's creamy tunnel and wriggled them around and slithered my fingers in and out, firmly riding them over the top of Janet’s pussy entrance.

Janet greedily fucked my mouth with her tongue, groaning happily with each breath and gyrating her hips in time with my finger strokes until she suddenly arched her back and shrieked as her orgasm thundered through her body.

My fingers were dipped in nectar as her juices burst forth and I held them there as her arched back forced them deep into her pussy. A flood of cum raining out between her legs.

As she relented I cupped my hand and received her liquid orgasm. I raised my hand to my mouth and drank like a desperate drunk with his first bottle of the day. The smell and taste were simply divine.

“Kiss me Janet, now you can taste yourself on me too.” and her lips and tongue ravaged my face as she sought out her liquid gold.

With heaving breasts, we just sat and held each other. Janet looked at me with equal measures of love and lust and said through panting breaths.
“You can fuck me too anytime you like.” and rested her head on my shoulders.

When Janet’s breathing was back to normal, she stood on wayward legs and held my arm to steady her self.
“Whoa, head rush.”
“Are you ok Janet?”
“Mmmm oh yes sis, just look between my legs.”
I looked down and saw a steady trickle of her juices from her sopping wet pussy run down her inner thighs.
I groaned as I saw it and went to kiss her pussy.
“No sis, please I couldn’t take any more.” she begged.
I stuck out my bottom lip like a petulant 5 year old and frowned. She cupped my chin and raised my face to meet hers and winked saying.
“Maybe later.” and kissed me her tongue brushing my lips.
“You did say I could fuck you anytime I like, I just want a quick lick, let me clean up the running juices from your thigh, pleeeeaaaase.”
“Damn girl, what’s got into you?.” she looks at me, then with a slight shake of her head. “Just a lick.” smiling.

I trace my tongue up and along her inner thigh, collecting her nectar and breathing the smell of her sex. Intoxicating. I lightly brush her pouting mound.
“Ooooooo fuck sis.” she breathlessly says. And arches her pussy and hips away from me.
I let out a soft moan as she heads for the kitchen.

She came back with 2 cans of soda and we both drank them dry. I finally stood up and point to 2 big wet patches on the sofa.

“Not a bad afternoons work.” Janet said, impressed. “I think daddy will like it too.”

The sun was warm on my body as I was laying on a lounger. I had thought about jumping in the pool after our sex this afternoon but I liked the feeling of my still wet pussy and the smell my body had from both our pussy juices. Janet agreed, so there we were with sopping wet cunts and the smell of sex in the air and smiles on our faces. Big smiles.

For the past hour I had lazily been circling, a finger around my pussy. Occasionally running a finger along my slit, not masturbating just enjoying the feeling of my wet and sensitive mound. And suckng the wetness my finger gets.

I’m on simmer, not quite at boiling point. Just at that stage I feel like I’m going to burst if I don’t have sex soon and I didn’t care who with.
Once in a while my finger would touch a very sensitive nerve which would send a shiver through me from my pussy, across my belly and up into my chest. Or, I would suddenly suck the air through my teeth as another nerve sparked into life.

Im so going to need a fuck soon. Janet, I don’t care if you will fuck me later, I’m going to shove your hand in my cunt soon. I’ll do the work, you just let me fuck your hand.

Then I notice movment at the back wall and I see daddy jumping back over. YES! Daddy will fuck me.

"Daddy! " we exclaimed. "You were gone ages, you must have fucked her a lot?"
"I’ll tell you both about it later, but Kelly is on her way around she wants to say hi. She goes to the same school as you do. So get something on will ya."
No no no no, I have to fuck!, it’s so fucking frustrating. I’m shouting in my mind.

"Is she nice daddy? Janet asks.
"She is very nice, I think you will like her, She’ll give the skinny about the school as well. Just one thing, she obviously knows that we fuck, she won’t say anything to anyone else, but if she asks you about it don’t lie just tell her the truth Ok?"
"No problem daddy."

No no no no, AGGHHH! Damn it!

"Get dressed she’ll be here shortly." . So we run off inside, we pick up out long t shirts we had on earlier and head to our rooms. Just to get panties on under neath our tshirts.

Daddy handed us some lemonade as we passed.

"Hold up girls, I’ll introduce you all." And picked up 2 more glasses of lemonade and lead us in. he handed a glass to Kelly as we got in.

"Jane, Janet, this is as you know is Kelly, Kelly meet the girls."

We were standing right in front of the dumb slut, nothing happened for a few seconds but suddenly we all smiled, shook hands and said our hello’s.

Kelly sat down, just where Janet’s wet patch was and we sat further down on the sofa. I know Janet was smirking, so was I, just on the inside.

We talked for a bit, mostly small talk about how long she’s living here and pets. Then suddenly after asking her about her music likes things picked up and after 5 or 10 minutes it was like we were old friends. And I found I actually liked her.
How could I hate her when she also likes Lady GaGa?

Daddy had excused himself and left us to it.

We had moved to the garden, it was still warm and sunny and we couldn’t let Kelly sit on the wet patch any longer. So me and Janet shared a lounger and Kelly sat opposite on another.

“Ask the question Kelly.” Janet said.
“Sorry?” replied a confused Kelly.
“The elephant in the garden, From your bedroom window you must have seen…”
“Ahh, yes.” Kelly knew what Janet now meant. “Ok I’ll come right out with it then, your dad has sex with you. Doesn’t he?”

“Yes he does.” we say.” We don’t know what daddy told you, but it’s only been sinse we moved here.”
“Yes that’s what he said.” Confirmed Kelly.
“We don’t mind at all, we love daddy fucking us, really. If we didn’t believe me we would tell someone, like the police. But we’re not going to. We love him and love the sex with him too. Does this shock you

Kelly smiled.
“I’ll be honest and say it did when your dad confirmed it to me earlier. I mean I did have a pretty good idea you were his daughters, but having it confirmed was still a bit of a shock. It’s not something you come across on a dialy basis, is it? But I’ve seen you all in the garden having fun, laughing and you don’t seem fucked up to me. And your dad is nice too, I really like him. Does me and your dad….”
“Fucking.” Janet said.
“Yes that.” Kelly looked slightly embarrassed.” Does that… how do you feel about it?” Kelly asked.
“We feel fine Kelly, we’ll be honest with you too. We wanted to hate you, we really did, but as it turned out.. Well we don’t.” And we smiled at her, real and proper we don’t hate you smiles, and we meant it.

Kelly smiled back, almost relieved.

“We can’t tell anyone about any of this Kelly, you, us , daddy. You know that?” Janet was deadly serious and looked it too.

“Cross my heart and all that, I swear. I don’t want to lose him. I like him a lot , I won’t say a word to anyone.” Kelly made all sorts of promise signs.
“Same here, no problem.”
“Besides, your dad has a erm… very nice cock?” We all laugh and agree.

“What about your parent’s, is not as if you can show daddy off as boy friend is it and are they likely to see us in the garden naked or even having sex or whatever?” We ask.

“No don’t need to worry about them, they work practically 7 days a week, they have their own business, they’re out early and home late. They’re about the same age as your dad. They sleep in a front bedroom, never are in my room. So unless they hang over the back wall for some reason then don’t worry about them. Of course they would fucking freak out if they saw me with your dad, but leave them to me, I’ll be careful for all of us. “

“Any brothers or sisters.”
“No, mom did want more, but then my real dad left 3 or 4 years ago, I haven’t seen or heard from him since She did remarry, so my current dad is my step dad, he didn’t want any more kids so they haven’t.” Kelly’s voice trails off and looks a touch sad as if remembering something, a memory, an unhappy memory.

We change the subject, if she wants to tell us about it or not , that’s up to her.

“So… tell us about school Kelly. What are the boys like?”

We all got on like a house on fire, she told us loads about school, what there is to do around here, the mall. She said she would show us around school first thing, have us meet people, the lot. She was great.

We wave daddy over when we see him at the patio doors, he stroles over looking like a cat that has just got a big fuck off sized pot of cream.

“Hi daddy.”
“Hey Jack”
“Hi everyone, everything ok? Any one hungry?”
“No daddy”
“No thanks Jack, I better be going mom and dad will be home soon.” Kelly says standing up.
“See ya tomorrow at school girls, by the front gate at ten to eight, right?”
“Yeah, see ya tomorrow Kelly”
“I’ll walk you out.” Daddy said and Kelly slips an arm through daddys‘.

“Well sis?” Janet asks.
“I like her.” I say, watching them walk off.
“Yeah me too, me too. I think she’s cool.”
“So much for our pack to hate the dumb slut.”
Siggering Janet replies.

“What does that make us then sis, Mother Theresa?”
“Well, you are after you stopped me ravaging you earlier.” I tease.
“Jane, your turning into a sex maniac.” Janet says with a twinkle in her eye. “A real life sex kitten.”

“Daddy, we’re hungry, not Sharapova again daddy?” Daddy loves tennis, but only if Sharapova is playing.
“I’ve ordered Chinese, enough for everyone it’ll be here soon. And yes Sharapova, can’t a man day dream?”
“Daddy! Really. Isn‘t she a bit old for you?” and right on time, the door bell rang.

Through a forkful of rice I said.
“We like Kelly daddy, she’s really nice, funny too.” Janet nodded in agreement.
“After eating we’re gonna add her as a Friend of Facebook.”
“I’m glad girls, what did you all talk about?”
“Er music, fashion, you, school, her parents, shopping…”
“Stop!” daddy says. “Me?”
“Yes daddy, she really likes you.”
“What did you tell her?”
“Nothing bad daddy, just stuff you know.”
“When are you gonna see her again daddy?”
“Not sure yet, we’ll see. Did she ask about our fucking, girls” I asked popping a prawn into my mouth.
“Yeah she did, but she seems really cool about it and as you said to us, we just told her the truth about it all.”

“That’s the best way. Did she say about her parents?”
“Well, they have their own business and are rarely home apart from late at night and to sleep. The they’re back out early. They’re about the same age as you. Her daddy is not her real daddy, her real daddy left when she was 10 or 11 and doesn’t know where he is and hasn’t seen him,” That’s interesting. I thought. “ she doesn’t have any brothers or sisters, just her.”
“So, your gonna meet her at school tomorrow?”
“Yeah, she’s gonna show us around, we’re not in the same grade but she will introduce us to her school friends.”
“That’s good, at least you will know some one there.” We both nodded.

After a moments silence.
“Come on daddy you haven’t told us about your afternoon fucking Kelly and you did say you would tell us.
“Yes girls I did, didn’t I?”
And daddy told us, their fucking, her sucking, Kelly’s first fuck and the blow jobs she gives to guys at school. And finished with him fucking her ass.

“Wow daddy, we’ve both a lot to learn haven’t we?”
“Girls believe me, you both are doing just fine. No complaints from me there. Just carry on as you are, there’s plenty of time and no rush. Ok?”

After dinner I was in my room with my open laptop and I had just sent Kelly a friend request on Facebook and was catching up with some messages from old school friends. I couldn’t tell them I was fucking daddy but I just let them know Janet and me were ok , liking the new house. Stuff like that. I missed them, some of them anyway and I thought back to some happy memories.

Janet came in and sat on the bed her iPad in her hand.
“Just finishing a message to Debra, “ I said.
“Has she got a boy friend yet?” Enquired Janet.
“Nah not yet.”
“She needs one before her pussy heals over.”
“Sis!. You know her parents are strict and religious and evil and would bash her over her head with a bible just for looking at a boy, let alone fucking one. I’m surprised she was even conceived let alone born.” Reminding Janet.

“Well, then she should at least stick a finger in her pussy once in a while and relive that pent up frustration she has. Talking of frustration, sis, how‘s yours?”
“Well, if you had let me fuck you again or at least bury my mouth in your pussy then I it wouldn’t have been so bad. Look at my panties, they’re soaked.” and I pulled up my t shirt and flashed them at her.
“Don’t worry, daddy will make sure you go to bed tonight satisfied, he’s going to fuck you later, guaranteed. Or I will give you a million dollars.”

“He better or the first guy I’ll see tomorrow will have a very good start to the semester.”

I was playing a game on my iPad as we walked into the family room.
Hi girls, you both ready for school tomorrow?” Daddy asked.
“Yeah, we guess so, we just need to choose what to wear.”
“Just make sure you wear underwear and you both better have an early night so in bed by 10.”
“Yes daddy. What are you going to do tomorrow?”
“I’ve a busy day myself, furniture stores for the empty rooms, loads of phone calls to arrange things like a lawnmower guy and pool guy. Get a doctor sorted for you guys, erm, and I thought we’d get a hot tub too.”
“A Jacuzzi! Really! “
“Yeah it can go between the pool and the patio, just over there?” Daddy pointing to the spot.
“Anything either of you need when I’m out and about?”
“No daddy we’re fine thanks.”

At 10pm Janet declared she was off to bed. She hugged daddy around the neck and kissed his cheek.

“Night daddy, see you in the morning.”
“Night baby, don’t forget to set your alarm clock.” and off she went.
“Come on Jane, bedtime.” Daddy said and then stood up.
“Ok daddy.” I said standing up, Daddy held out his hand which I took. .
“Come on, I’ll tuck you in sweetheart?” I smiled and we headed to her bedroom and imagined daddy’s cock in me.

I quickly went to the bathroom, just to brush my teeth and raked a brush through my hair. But I could feel my wetness between my legs getting… well wetter.

I waked out and daddy was sitting on the edge of my bed, when I got near him, he pulled me into an embrace. He pulled me close and I wrapped my arms around him and rested my cheek on his shoulder.

“Everything ok sweetheart?” he asked.
“Yes daddy.” and when he squeezed me a little tighter. I said.
“I love you daddy.”
“I love you too, very much” and daddy cupped my ass cheeks. I loved the firmness of his grip, his rough fingers kneading my soft flesh.

I let go of daddy and quickly pulled off my t shirt. I just wanted daddy to fuck me, fuck me now.

Daddy then took one of my nipples in his mouth, his breath warm on my skin and he licked it, it felt like an angel’s kiss and it sent a wave of pleasure through me. I closed my eyes as daddy pulled down my soaking panties and flipped me around, facing away from him and bent me over so I had to hold onto my vanity before me.

Yes, yes daddy just fuck me, just fuck me, now.

I spread my legs wide and daddy had his hand between them, I shuddered with his touch and almost collapsed when his finger inserted my wet and sensitive pussy.

I let out a loud moan as daddy continued to fuck me with his beautiful finger and as I pushed my self onto it, wanting more wanting all of him.

“Fuck me daddy, just get your fat cock in my cunt, and fuck it.” I was desperate , wanting.

He stood up behind me and I heard the rustle of clothes as he took his off.

Soon enough I felt his manhood rubbing at my slit, an electric bolt shocked and ravaged me, sweeping across my body faster than light.

“Push onto my cock baby, skewer your cunt.” Daddy panted into my ear.

I grunted as I was slowly impaling myself on the fat rod, eager for daddy to fill me . My cunt lips eagerly part for daddy’s engorged meat. I stop after half of daddy’s cock, which slid easily into my soaking tight sex to take a breath. Then taking me by surprise and in a swift single movement he buries in the rest.

I let out a deep throaty growl as my cunt is filled to capacity. And daddy just held it there , not moving. I could feel it pulse inside me, like a mini heart beat, thumping a tattoo on the walls of my sex.

“Guys are so gonna love fucking you Jane once their cocks are inside you. I’ve never fucked a better cunt.” Daddy promised.
“No one will fuck me better than you daddy.”

The he fucks me, from slow even thrusts to a fast urgent screw.

I was grunting with every deep and quick thrust and breathlessly repeating. “Daddy, daddy” over and over.

Then my grunting became a squeal as my throbbing sex burst like balloon flooding me with my orgasm, gushing out from me like a burst dam.

“Oh yeeeeessss!!”

My leg almost collapsed as it lost all strength as my body stopped working, as all my nerve endings caught fire.

“Oh god daddy, daddy, fill me , cum in my cunt , let me feel it pump in my cunt, fill me up.” I begged, breathing rapidly.

Daddy’s breathing was as rapid as mine and shouted out as his cock slipped from my cunt.

“Fuckk yess!” and his cum splashed at my soaked ass and cunt and my body bucked and buckled from underneath me and daddy catching me and pulls me to my bed.

I climb onto daddy and press myself into him and kiss him, kiss him only like a daughter can. A daughter in love. Daddy wraps his arms around me, holding me close and tight, still kissing him I feel his tongue probing and pushing through my lips. I suck it in and they fight and dance around our mouths.

I feel his heart thumping in his chest as my rest my cheek on his warm and damp breast. The single drum lullaby is hypnotic and soon I fall asleep.

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