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My name is Luke, I’m 18-years-old. Originally from Ireland but now I live with my mother who I call “mam” in England.

Growing up in Ireland was tough, my mam was young when she had me, she was only 16. My dad didn’t have what it took to be a father. He came and saw me at the hospital on the day of my birth. I haven’t heard from him since.

My mother was beautiful, a real stunner. Ever since I can remember she has been a model. Nobody ever believed it when she said I was her son, they all thought she looked too young. She was 5’7 and had large breasts. Like I said, ever since I can remember she was a model.

I would get teased at school all the time “You’re mam is a MILF”, I would here that on a daily basis. It bothered me at first, but after a while, it didn’t. The truth is, when I got to 14, I agreed with them. I would act like it bothered me to my friends, but even I couldn’t deny, my mam was hot!

She came into my room and told me to sit down.
“I’ve had a job offer in London” she said
“How long for?” I replied
“It’s permanent” she said
“But I don’t want to move, I have friends here” I said in an angry tone
She put her arms around me, looked me in the eye and said:
“Luke, it’s good money; it’s best for our future”

And that was that, two months later we were on a bus, heading for London. On the bus me and mam sat on the back seats, there was only another 4 people on the bus. Mam was wearing a black low-cut top and jeans. I couldn’t help but notice her tits, her top was struggling to keep them in. She had fell asleep, leaving me to stare at her beautiful massive tits.

We had arrived in London. We got a taxi from the station to our new flat. I was shocked how nice the flat was, all the latest tech and a nice new modern sofa. “How can we afford this?” I asked her. She told me to let her worry about that.

“Go check out your room” mam said
I opened the door and stood there in amazement. A 40” plasma TV, a king-size and a mini-fridge. “Wow, it’s amazing” I said.
Mam had the biggest smile on her face. Seeing me happy made her happy, she really is a great mother.

We ordered a takeaway and sat down to eat. Mam had just got out the shower. Again she was wearing a low-cut top. This time it was white and made from cotton. She was also wearing pink pajama shorts. Those shorts really showed off her long legs and he her cute ass.

Mam looked at me like she had something serious to tell me. She said “look, about my new job, there is something you should know.”
“What?” I replied
“You’re a teenage boy, I’m guessing you have flicked through the adult channels at night when I’ve been sleeping.”
My face went red.
“I’m guessing you have seen those call girl shows?”
“What about them?” I asked
“I had an offer from one called ‘ChatNowTV. The money is great”
“What do you have to do?”
“It’s topless modelling and talking to callers on the phone”
“Dirty old men?” I asked
“No, it’s professional. All the calls are operated by a producer” she said.
“I don’t like the thought of men calling you to get off” I said.
“Luke, I’m 34, got no qualifications, no family except you. I am not what they call ‘employable’” she said.
“You’re better than that” I said
“To tell the truth it makes me feel sexy knowing people find me attractive” she said.
I knew how much it would mean to her if she knew I supported her decision.
“Okay, I’m behind you 100%” I told her.
She smiled at me and finished her dinner.

A few weeks later it was her first night at work. She came out of her room with a bag at around 9.30pm. “I’ll be home at half 6” she said. She walked over and kissed me on the cheek and left.
I was sat on the sofa watching TV. At around 12am I realised I haven't had a wank in two days. I turned The TV off and went to get my laptop. Suddenly I realised, mam was on TV. I always knew she was a model, but even though I thought she was hot, I had never looked her up on the Internet.

Suddenly I found myself turning my laptop off and looking through the adult channels. It was like I wasn’t in control of my own body, everything seemed surreal. It was like everything was happening in slow motion. I found the channel mam was on. I clicked the select button on the remote and stared at the screen.
There she was, right in front of my own eyes. My mam sat on a bed topless. I had only ever seen her tits once before. She was in the bath and I walked in. I still haven’t forgot what they looked like. But now I got to enjoy them.

“This is wrong, she’s my mother” I thought. I turned the channel. It was roughly 7 seconds until I turned it back on. I couldn’t get those tits out of my head. It was seconds until I was hard. Mam was looking straight down the camera. It was as if she was looking at me.

I began to rub my dick. It didn’t take long for me to cum. It was the biggest load I have ever shot. Some even got on the sofa. I should be feeling guilty, but the truth is, I wasn’t. I turned the TV off and went to bed. I couldn’t stop thinking about mam; about how hot she looked. I had needed to have another wank. I got up out of bed and went to the living room. I turned mam’s channel on. She was wearing a white bra and pantie set. I had seen the thong she was wearing around the flat loads of times.

It felt weird to me, that the thong that is always on the clothing hamper outside my room was now on mam being used to seduce the public. She wore it so well. Mam’s ass wasn’t huge, but it was cute, nice and perky.
I had my wank and went to bed. It was some time until I fell asleep, I couldn’t stop thinking about how hot my mother is. I liked the thought of everyone else finding her sexy. I don’t know why, but I did.

I woke up around 12am, mam was in bed asleep. I walked to the kitchen and made some breakfast. On the way to the sofa I kicked something, I looked down and saw mam’s bag that she left with yesterday. I opened it. It was filled with bras and panties. Her white one was on the top. I didn’t dare touch any of them in case mam came out of her room.

Mam woke up around 2.30am. She came out of her room in her black lace nightie. “Morning baby” she said.
“Morning mam” I responded.
“How was your first night alone?” she asked
“Okay, I just watched TV and had an early night” I said.
Mam spent the rest of the day cleaning the flat before leaving for work at 9.30pm. I was counting down the seconds until she would be on TV. It felt like time just froze, but eventually 11pm came and it was time for her shift to start.

She just appeared on the screen. She was wearing a very revealing black lace dress. She was making dirty gestures on the screen, pretending to suck a dick, asking for people to call her. I considered calling her and putting on a fake accent, but it was £1.50 a minute and the number would appear on the bill.
Suddenly I realised, she wasn’t wearing her white thong and she was cleaning the flat. That meant she was doing a load of washing. I walked over to the clothing hamper and BINGO!! Right on the top, her white thong. It was drenched. The smell of her pussy was all over it.

I took it to the sofa with me. I thought to myself “all those men watching mam at home wishing they could smell her pussy, and now I can”. I took it up to my face and inhaled. It was beautiful. I looked down and saw the biggest erection I have ever had.

I was in heaven; sadly it only took a few tugs until I came all over myself. Usually after I climax I don’t get horny again for hours, but this time it was different. I was horny again seconds after I climaxed. I decided to go in mam’s room and see what I could find.

I opened her door, turned on her light and began to look around. I saw her panty draw, took a few of her knickers and went back to the TV. This went on night after night for around a month until I decided I wanted to see what mam looked like naked in the flesh.

I hatched a plan to walk in on her when she was in the bath and make it look like a mistake. Two days had passed and I decided it was time to go through with my plan. Mam was in the bath, I was stood nervous outside the bathroom door. I opened the door and walked to the toilet.
“Luke!” she screamed
“Oh, shit, sorry mam” I said, pretending I didn’t know she was in the bath

I turned around and looked at her. She was trying to cover herself. The water had wiped all the bubbles out. I saw more than I expected to see. I went in there aiming to see her tits, but I got to see her pussy. It wasn’t for long, but it was long enough for me to remember it for a long time. She shaved it was completely bald.

“Luke!” She screamed again.
I just froze, my body couldn’t move. A few seconds later I snapped out of it.
“Oh, sorry mam. I didn’t know you were in the bath”
I walked out the bathroom and ran to my room. Seeing mam’s pussy had whipped me in a frenzy.
Mam came into my room around 20 minutes later. She was wearing her nightie. Her tits looked ready to burst out of it.

She sat at the bottom of my bed and said we should talk.
“What happened in there?” She asked
“I didn’t know you were in the bath, I’m so sorry” I replied
“What was with you staring at my body?”
I was so nervous. I didn’t know what to say. I decided to just be honest.
“You can’t blame me. In case you haven’t noticed your body is hot!”
“Did it turn you on?” she asked
“Honestly? Yes” I said
“Have you ever seen a woman naked before?” she asked me
“No, well not in person” I told her
“It’s natural for you to get turned on after seeing a naked woman” mam said
“Especially with a body as hot as yours” I told her
I could see that she was blushing. I could tell that she liked me finding her sexy.
She gave me a hug and told me everything would be alright and left the room.

A week later it was my birthday. I awoke and went to the kitchen, only to find mam in there with a cake filled with candles. “There’s my boy” she said.
She was so thoughtful, “wow, thanks mam” I said. We cut the cake and went to watch TV. “I’ll give you your present later” mam said.

I was never really one to celebrate my birthday. The rest of the day went by reasonably quickly. I sat and watched TV for most of the day with mam. Until she went for a bath. “No peaking this time” she said as she got up and walked to the bathroom.

Mam took ages in the bathroom. She came out 30 later in a very short, see-thru black lace gown and black high heels. She walked over and stood in front of the TV and said “happy birthday”.
She pulled her gown open and revealed the white bra and thong she had on TV before. “I know you like this one” she said.

“How did you know I liked it?” I asked
“I came in from my shift and turned the TV on, you left the channel on” she said
I wasn’t sure what she was going to do. She walked over to me and said “unhook my bra”. It was then I realised what was going to happen.

I was shaking; I was so nervous. “It’s okay, baby, just relax” mam whispered to me.
I managed to unhook her bra and let her tits burst out.
“Suck mommy’s nipples” she said.
I slowly positioned my mouth over and began to suck.
The second mam walked out the bathroom I was hard, so sucking her nipples nearly made me explode.
“Let me take care of that” she said

She slowly put her hand on my leg and began unbuttoning my jeans. She told me to stand up, so I did, she pulled my jeans over my cock and let them drop to the floor.
“I know you got teased at school for having a mother who is a model, it’s time you started experiencing some perks” she said.
She began sucking my dick. It was the greatest feeling I have ever had. She was amazing. Her lips felt so soft and she knew all the right spots. “I’m going to cuuuum” I screamed. She stopped sucking and said, “Not yet!”
She then stood up and put my hands around her waist. “Pull my panties down” she said.
My fingers trembling, just managed to pull them down, exposing her bald pussy. “It’s time to lick mommy” she said.

She pulled my head and positioned her pussy in-line with my mouth. “Just lick it baby” she said. I had watched a lot of porn so I knew I was looking for her clit. Eventually I found it. Mam’s legs began to give way. I picked her up and put her on the sofa. Her pussy was addictive, I had to taste it again. I opened her legs and began to pleasure her.

My confidence was at an all-time high. After 5 minutes of stimulating her clit I turned her over, laying her chest down, on the sofa. I put both my hands on her ass cheeks and pulled them apart. Her asshole was just waiting to be licked. I wasted no time, I began licking it. “oooooooooooooh, babbbbyyyyyy” she screamed. Her legs kept bending up to her stomach. It was very sensitive for her, but I could tell she loved the pleasure.

She began to laugh from the pleasure she was receiving. After a few minutes she turned over and said “it’s time to fuck mommy”. She positioned herself on top of my dick and said “are you ready?”
“We don’t have a condom” I said
“We don’t need one” she said
There was no way I was going to walk to the shop to buy a condom, so I just let it go.
“Ready” I said.

Mam slowing sat down. My cock eased into her pussy effortlessly. We looked at each other’s eyes and both began to moan in intense pleasure. She started to kiss me. I had never kissed my mother lie this before, this was a kiss meant for lovers. Our tongues slowing tussling with one another. The saliva going between our mouths.
“Fuck meeeeeee” she screamed
“Oh mam, this is amazing” I moaned
“Fuck me, son, fuck your mam good” she said, wrapping her hands around my neck.
“You’re making mommy cum” she screamed
“Son, you are an amazing lover” she added
“Do you like fucking mommy?” she asked
“Yes, mam, this is beautiful” I replied
I began squeezing her ass cheeks as I was fucking her.
It didn’t take long before I was ready to cum.
“I’m going to cum mam” I told her.

I thought she would tell me to pull out, but then I looked into her eyes and I could see the pleasure she was in; there was no way she was going to tell me to pull out.
“Cum inside mommy” she screamed
It wasn’t long until I exploded inside her pussy. Both of us went numb. Her legs collapsed. I was stopping her from falling off the sofa. She hugged me for around a minute. She looked into my eyes and said “I love you son”
“I love you too mam” I replied. We both collapsed on the sofa. Cum was dripping down mam’s legs, but she didn’t care. We both fell asleep on the sofa.

Part 2 coming soon.
Find out what happens when me and mam set up a porn company.


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