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Matt was on his knees behind his Mom’s firm body, his cock still firmly embedded in her slippery pussy after pumping a massive load of teenage cum deep inside her. While he had only been fucking her for a little over a week, he was rapidly coming to appreciate the subtleties of quality sex, such as the sensation of their lustful fluids slowly oozing down the length of his shaft and past her puffy labia, dribbling down onto his balls.

“Oh Matt.” Carole whispered. “You fuck me so well; I love the way you stretch me and how much you can cum!”

He grinned down at her. “Good thing I’ve got such a capable sex-ed teacher, isn’t it Mom?”

She giggled at his flattering comment. “I guess so!”

“So what did you want to ask me Mom?” He enquired, referring to her earlier suggestion before they’d indulged their undeniable passion.

She paused for a moment, wondering how she could broach the subject without freaking Matt out or getting off on the wrong foot. “You know my friend April Carter don’t you?”

“Sure.” He replied. “She and her husband were over for a barbecue a while ago. His name was…. Phil?”

“Yeah, that’s the couple.” Carole replied. “Do you….think she’s attractive?”

“I never paid that much attention but from memory I’d say yes, I think she keeps herself in pretty good shape. Um…where is this leading Mom?”

Carole sighed softly, wondering why her impetuous nature put her in difficult positions so often. “Well….Phil hasn’t been….looking after her. I mean, he’s away on business all the time, so she’s…… been feeling neglected lately. Maybe I need to back things up a little. You remember Saturday when we were outside round the pool, and after we had a swim you gave me such a wonderful fucking?”

“That was a great day and my first outdoor fuck, so I’m not likely to forget that in a hurry Mom.” He assured her.

“Well, I don’t think anyone noticed but we had a surprise visitor; April was driving by and stopped in to catch up with me, and when we didn’t answer the door she heard noises from the yard and came through the gate, and saw what was going on.”

“Oh shit!” He exclaimed. “That’s not good; does Dad know?”

She shook her head. “Not yet honey, though I’ll probably have to tell him because I think we need to padlock the gates to make sure we don’t get busted again. Anyway you can relax because she’s cool; we met after work today for a coffee and talked it out. She was really surprised which is perfectly understandable, but once she got over the shock she admitted she was a little jealous.”

“She’s not going to report us Mom? Boy, that’s a relief! But…..why is she jealous?”

“Because….I’ve got two handsome studs taking care of my needs, and when she gets horny she has to use her vibrator because Phil is either away somewhere, or not that interested.”

Matt was starting to draw the obvious conclusion from Carole’s disjointed discussion, though he was finding it difficult to comprehend. “What exactly are you suggesting Mom? Are you actually saying you want me to fuck your friend, because her husband isn’t?”

“Well….how would you feel about that Matty?” She hissed, squeezing his cock with her pelvic muscles as she rocked back against him, taking his still firm cock even deeper within her body. “Would you be interested in sliding your beautiful cock into a fresh piece of pussy? Is that something you’d consider?”

She bore down on him again; sure she could feel his cock twitch in response as he groaned softly. “Oh Mom, I love how you do that. It feels like your cunt is milking my cock! Ummm….I’m not sure about this though. It’s kind of freaky!”

He started rocking softly, his movement stirring the slippery fluids deposited in their earlier hedonistic fuck session. “That’s ok honey.” She purred. “This is nothing more than an idea right now. And I’m not sure she’d go for it, so if you don’t want to that’s fine as well. Just….think about it, ok?” She moaned softly as she felt his shaft swelling inside her. “That feels so good Matty, so fucking good! When you’ve got that sweet fucker nice and hard why don’t you slide it into my dirty little ass? Momma’s in the mood for a serious ass-splitting.”

Matt’s cock twitched again, responding to her erotic suggestion. “You’re such a slut Mom, a sick, dirty little slut!” He slid back, leaving her momentarily empty until she felt his greasy head sliding across her puckered back hole. An increase in pressure forced his glans past her gripping ring, stretching her ass in a familiar yet strangely different way as he slid easily inside.

“I just can’t get enough of your wonderful cock Matt.” She hissed up at him. “So I guess that does make me a slut. You know I want to be a slut for you, don’t you? You know I love it when you take me like this, and use me however you want. My cunt and my ass are yours baby, yours and Dad’s exclusively.”

“I know that slut!” He barked as he responded to her sexy words. “You’re just lucky you’ve got two hard, hot cocks to look after your slut-holes. You love this don’t you cunt? You get off having your dirty holes stretched by a long, thick cock.” He slammed into her, stretching her tight hole as his rigid cock forced her to spread for him. “Come on cunt! Put your head down and reach back and rip those butt cheeks apart. Show me everything you’ve got, and how much you want me to fuck all of your filthy holes!” She dropped immediately, her head and shoulders hitting the carpet as she reached and spread her butt cheeks apart, giving him a unobstructed view of his cum still oozing from her freshly fucked pussy and his cock jammed into her tiny ass. “Now you’re getting there cunt!” He acknowledged with a building sense of erotic passion as he thrust deeper still. “You’re such a fucking deviate. You’ve got your son’s cock deep in your ass and…you’re…loving…every…inch!”

She matching his thrusts, her body moving back against him every time he drove into her, trying to stuff his balls into her pussy at the same time as his cock ravaged her back hole. ‘Oh yes Matty… YES!!! I just love having you fuck me!”

“Is this what you want me to do to your friend April?” He hissed. “Do you want me to throw her on the floor, spread her legs, and slide my hard cock deep into her tight ass? Do you think this would get her off slut? Would she like having eight inches of fuck-meat stretching her dirty hole?”

“Oh God! Oh FUCK!” She groaned from deep within her throat. “I….don’t….know!”

“Maybe she’d like to take me in her mouth.” Mat continued, his series of erotic suggestions playing havoc with Carole’s imagination. “How would she cope with that Mom? Do you think she could take my cock-head deep in her throat until my balls were slapping on her chin? And you know how much I cum, don’t you slut! How would she cope when my hot cum started pumping deep into her throat? Do you think she could keep up, or would she gag and cough because there was too much fuck-juice?”

Carole came, a violent and immediate eruption of primal fluids spraying forcefully past her pouting labia and saturating Matt’s balls and thighs. “AHHHH!!! Oh yeah baby! That’s what your Mom needs!”

He was thrusting harder and deeper, her body rocking forward and back from the impact as he drove his dribbling cock into her. His hand slid under her, finding the wetness of her fresh cum as his fingers slid into her incredibly wet pussy. “Does April shave Mom? Has she got a sweet bald cunt that I could kiss and suck before I fucked her?”

“Oh fuck…I don’t know!” She panted breathlessly. “If she doesn’t….maybe you should shave her. Yes! If you go over to fuck her, you could tear her clothes off, and…..throw her on the kitchen table and shave her cunt! Oh yes; I’ll bet that would get her going! Shave her cunt and then go down on her, and show her how amazing it is to have her cunt licked and sucked and fingered and fucked! You are such a good cunt sucker Matt!”

Either by accident or design Carole had adroitly turned the tables, and now it was Matt who was struggling to control the feelings created by his mother’s amazing suggestions. He tried to focus on something, anything else, and failed, admitting defeat as he slammed forward, almost knocking Carole to the ground as he unloaded stream after scalding stream of thick cum deep into her bowels. “Oh YEEAAHHH!!!” He bellowed. “Take it cunt! TAKE…MY….FUCKING….CUM!!!”

He felt her contract around him, another demonstration of her amazing muscle control as she milked his cock, her body demanding every drop of his viscous cream. “Pump me Matt!” She wailed. “Give it to me!!!”

They were both shaking and twitching, uncontrollable tremors radiating from their sexual cores as exquisite orgasms overwhelmed them. Matt managed to slide free with a soft plop before he collapsed down, his chest heaving as he struggled for breath as Carole slumped beside him, her body flushed with exertion and covered in a film of glistening sweat.

When a semblance of rational thought returned he realized she was smiling at him, a loving expression on her caring face before she leaned over to kiss him. Their mouths met and their tongues dueled, swapping saliva as they wordlessly conveyed their love for each other. When they finally separated Carole grinned. “Was that a yes honey? Did I get the impression you’d fuck April if you got the chance?”

He grinned back at her. “Maybe Mom, maybe.” He replied. “But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. You said she hadn’t made up her mind yet.”

Carole nodded. “That’s true, but if she gets a taste I’m betting she’ll be back for more. You’re such an amazing lover honey!”

Matt actually blushed little. “I don’t know about that Mom. I think I’ve still got a lot to learn.”

Carole nodded. “Maybe so, but you’ve already learned so much, and the things you do to me are just…..fucking amazing!”

Matt laughed loudly. “Just make sure the teacher keeps up with the lesson schedule, ok?” Carole grinned and nodded. “I’m thinking we’d better get cleaned up and get dinner underway, otherwise Dad is likely to be pissed when he gets home.”

Carole realized that was a good suggestion, so they headed for the bathrooms and a quick shower before Jim arrived home after his long day at the office.


The days drifted past, with each coming to appreciate the family dynamic had undergone a significant change. Cassie and Matt felt that they were being treated more as adults, and were really enjoying having their opinions welcomed and considered. On the other hand Jim and Carole found they were looking at their kids differently, especially Cassie. It was impossible not to think of them as young adults, given they were enjoying each other’s bodies at every opportunity, and each found the change positive and refreshing. The kids responded with a new sense of maturity, taking more interest in general family discussions, and even contributing to keeping the house neat and tidy which Carole certainly appreciated.

While Cassie and Matt had always gotten along well for siblings, there seemed to be a greater level of mutual respect and the instances of teasing or the occasional harsh word had all but disappeared. In a private moment Jim had asked Carole whether she had noticed these changes or whether it was his imagination, and she assured him she felt the same way. They had laughed together when they realized this was a totally unexpected side benefit.

Cassie had blossomed like a spring flower, and would arrive home from school and hurry to change into teasing sexy clothes, before applying subtle makeup and doing her hair. She would then take care of her homework or other chores, teasing Matt and Jim mercilessly in the process. She had mastered the sexy casual stretch, and the uncanny ability to move in a seemingly innocent manner that would provide them with a teasing glimpse of a pert bare breast, a smooth pussy, or a firm little ass. Carole had watched this in amusement for a couple of days, before following her daughter’s lead, much to the discomfort of the men of the house.

On Wednesday night Carole had walked into the den with a coffee, and found Cassie slowly stroking Jim’s massive cock as she showed him various hot outfits available from an on-line store. Jim was clearly struggling to concentrate but Cassie seemed unconcerned, asking him which outfits he would like to see her wearing and whether he thought this one or that one was sexier. Carole caught his eye and smiled as he shrugged his shoulders, before she headed back to the kitchen to give them some privacy.

Matt came in a few minutes later, bending down to kiss her passionately as his hand slid down the front of the robe until his fingers were caressing her nipple. “Have you heard anything from April?” He enquired nonchalantly.

She shook her head. “No honey. She could be taking her time, or maybe it’s too big a step for her, which would be a shame seeing as I know what she’s missing out on!”

He sat down opposite her. “Why don’t you tell me why you’re so keen for me to….be with her Mom. I mean, this is kind of risky isn’t it? I don’t know how Dad would feel about it though I have a fair idea, and I’m sure April’s husband would be pissed if he found out, so why is it such a big deal for you?”

She considered his questions for a moment, before giving him a wry smile. “I guess…..I’m kind of impetuous at times…..and…..there’s no question that can get me in trouble. You’ve only got to look at how all this got started to see that, though at least that had a positive outcome.” Matt nodded, as that particular memory was still a little raw. “In April’s case I just feel really sorry for her. We’ve been friends for a long time, but we don’t talk about sex that much. If I was in her position it would be a deal-breaker for me because I’ve always had a strong sex drive, and I just can’t imagine being with someone who isn’t interested in me sexually, or is too busy with their career to take care of my needs.”

Matt was nodding slowly. “Mom, don’t take this the wrong way because I’m cool with it, but if you’re not the walking, talking definition of a nymphomaniac, I don’t know who is! But that doesn’t mean sex is that important to April does it? Didn’t you tell me that everyone looks at sex differently, and some people are very conservative while others are far more uninhibited? Doesn’t that mean that some people have strong sex drives, and others are happy to get laid once in a while? I’m…… concerned that you’re applying your own values to someone else, and perhaps that’s not what she wants. She’s a woman your age, so shouldn’t you let her resolve her own problems without……I don’t know… interfering too strong a word?”

It was Carole’s turn to nod slowly, as Matt’s suggestions made good, logical sense. “You’re probably right honey but I hate seeing someone suffer like this, particularly when it’s a problem that could be easy to fix. I know she’s been unhappy in the bedroom for some time, and I’d hate to see her marriage break up because she’s not satisfied. She’s told me she loves Phil and he’s a good husband, there’s just this one problem area that he’s not taking care of.”

“Just the same Mom, I don’t know if pimping out your son is a solution.” Matt added.

“So, are you saying it’s a no, you’re not interested?” Carole asked, just a touch of disappointment in her voice as she wondered how to tell April if she worked up the courage to try.

“No, I’m not saying that.” Matt replied. “But next time you want me to fuck one of your friends, perhaps you could talk to me about it first.”

Carole breathed a sigh of relief, and then gave her son a quizzical look as she realized that, politely and discreetly, she had been put in her place. She reached over and lay her hand over his. “I’m really sorry Matt. I took you for granted, and I apologize. I have to stop opening my mouth to change feet, and I promise I won’t do it to you again.”

“That would be great Mom. But if she does go for it, maybe we keep this strictly between us, ok?”

“Yes, I think that would be wise.” Carole agreed, and they left it at that.

The weekend was approaching and there was a palpable sense of anticipation in the air. While everyone was looking forward to some quality sex-play, they were far more relaxed following their first weekend together. Carole had ensured red meat was on the dinner menu more than once, and made sure Jim and Matt had plenty of protein and carbohydrates in their meals. Cassie had suggested she and Carole put on a special dinner for their men, and then proposed they go shopping for a pair of French maid outfits.

Carole thought that was a great idea, as she’d seen several raunchy costumes on her previous visit to the local adult store. Finding one in Cassie’s size proved to be a problem, but the salesperson diligently went through several boxes in the storeroom before finding the last small size in stock. From there they headed to the mall to pick some food and wine for dinner, and Cassie prowled the aisles for savory appetizers and sweets for dessert. When they felt they had everything covered it was back to the car and they were headed for home.

Carole found Friday dragging for the second week in succession as she tried to focus on her work, and then her cell chimed softly. April’s picture came up on screen so she hurried around her desk to close the door as she answered the call. “Hi April, it’s good to hear from you!”

“You too girlfriend!” April greeted enthusiastically. “How’s your week going?”

“Same old, same old, you know how it is.” Carole responded. They chatted away for a while, and Carole couldn’t help but feel April had something on her mind but was struggling to come out with it. “I was wondering about you only yesterday, you know, how things were going for you?” She said, trying to give her friend an opening in the conversation.

There was a few seconds of silence before April responded. “I guess I’m beating around the bush.” She sighed softly. “I've thought about your suggestion, in fact I've hardly thought of anything else and.....if your offer still stands and Matt is ok with it, I'd like to give a try." Carole thought she could actually hear her friend sigh in relief, as if finally getting her feelings out in the open lifted a huge weight from her shoulders. "Do you think he'll actually go for it Carole, because I've gone around and around thinking should I or shouldn't I until it nearly drove me crazy! I mean, I can't see any reason why he would want to be with me, but I have to do something or else....oh, I just don't know what I'll do. The only thing I'm sure of is that my vibrator just isn't cutting it!"

For once Carole paused for a moment's thought before she rushed in, thinking that it may be in everyone's best interests not to reveal that she'd already spoken to Matt. "I'll have to talk to him, but I have a feeling this will work out ok for you. Do you have an idea about when you'd like the best fucking of your life?"

Despite herself April laughed happily. "You really are a teasing bitch! Why don't you really rub it in?"

Carole felt happy playing this game. "Ok, let me tell you about how Matt me fucked until I couldn't walk properly the other night. He started off by going down on me, and let me tell you he can eat pussy......"

"Stop it!" April half-screamed into the phone, though the amusement in her voice was clear. "Enough already. I get that you're enjoying more than enough sex for both of us, and you should get that I'm green with envy!"

Carole wasn't quite done teasing her friend. "I'm sorry? I thought you wanted to hear all about it!"

"Yeah, like that's going help." April chuckled with a decent sprinkling of sarcasm. "Anyway, getting back to your question, Phil's going away next Thursday and won't be back until the following Tuesday. Would Saturday be ok? Does Matt play sport or do anything special on weekends?"

"No, Saturday should be fine. I'll find time to talk to him in the next day or so and get back to you as soon as I can, ok?"

"I know you will, but try to make it fast if you can? Now that I've made up mind, it's going to be tough waiting to find out if this is really going to happen."

Carole smiled at April's barely concealed enthusiasm. "I understand completely so as soon as I know I'll call you, or send a text if Jim or Cassie are hanging round."

"Speaking of Jim, how are you going to explain this? Are you going to tell him, or do we need to get our stories straight?"

Carole paused again, as she hadn't come to a conclusion yet despite giving it plenty of consideration. "I think....maybe we should keep this between least for now. Umm....I could tell him you want to rearrange a few rooms to surprise Phil when he gets back, so I volunteered Matt to help you shift your furniture? That should give you plenty of time because every man knows a woman wants to try a couch in six different positions before she makes a decision."

"Wow, you can be a devious bitch when you want to be!" April whistled.

Carole smiled. “Just doing what I can to help a friend in need.”

“And I’m very grateful!” April responded enthusiastically. “I guess I’d better get back to work and let you do the same. Call me when you have any news?”

“I will April, bye for now!” With that settled all that remained was for Carole to have a quiet talk to Matt and let April know their plan was underway.

When she arrived home she found Matt and Cassie making love in the spare room, with her daughter spread-eagle on the bed as Matt thrust slowly but firmly into her slippery pussy. Matt sensed a presence and glanced over, winking at Carole as he continued to pleasure his sister. Carole saw that she could take well more than half of his impressive size, and seemed to be doing it easily as she moaned in indulgent delight. “Oh God Matt; I love having your cock inside me. The way you fuck me just makes me tingle all over!”

For a moment Carole was tempted to tear her clothes off and join them, but decided to savour the sight of her children enjoying each other as she slipped a finger inside her increasingly wet panties and stroked her oozing slit. She watched Matt’s athletic body move, his muscles rippling as he slid deep inside Cassie, before pulling back. “Jesus Cass, you are one sweet fuck. It doesn’t matter how often we do this, I just can’t get enough of your hot little cunt!”

“That goes both ways Bro.” She murmured. “Having your cock inside me just makes me feel.... complete!”

By now Carole’s pussy was streaming, juicy trails of scented liquid dribbling down her thighs. She breathed deeply, partly to replenish her lungs but more to enjoy her scent, and the combined aromas of the pair of lustful children writhing on the bed. “Are you going to cum for me Sis? Are you going to pump your sweet cum all over my cunt-fucking cock?”

“Oh....YEEESSSS!” She hissed. “Your cock’s going to be swimming in cum real soon!”

Carole couldn’t take her eyes off their intimate coupling, looking firstly at her daughter laying there, her legs spread wide apart in welcoming acceptance, and her hands resting lightly on his shoulders. Then she lifted her gaze slightly, looking at her son taking his sister as he moved with purpose and power, but also with a measure of caring restraint, as though he was determined to take her but not to hurt her. It occurred to her that for the first time she was witnessing Matt make love to woman rather than merely fuck her, and she was momentarily overcome with a strong sense of pride.

Her mental interlude was interrupted as Cassie started thrashing around the bed, her body twisting and contorting as her eyes blazed up at her brother. “! That’s it Matt, THAT’S IT! Fuck my hot cunt, FUCK....ME....NOW!!!” As Carole watched Cassie’s stomach sucked downward as her pelvic muscles bore down on Matt’s thrusting cock, drowning his rigid shaft with a pussy full of cum.

“Oh! AHH!! AAARRRGGGHHH!!!” Matt groaned loudly, his body a blur of thrusting movement before he slammed forward as his cum pumped strongly from his tight balls. The room was dominated by strangled gasps and powerful grunts as they both dissolved in a quivering, pumping release of fluids deep inside Cassie’s stretched cunt.

As Carole watched she could see thick, white streams dribble past Matt’s embedded shaft and leave silky trails down her inner thighs. Her own fingers had been busy as she leaned back against the door frame before her own climax engulfed her, and she closed her eyes to focus on the magic orgasm that rippled through every inch of her body. After a minute or two when she was sure she could stand, she glanced at the bed and smiled as she saw Matt stoking Cassie’s face and brushing his lips tenderly across her closed eyelids, before she slipped quietly through the door.


Jim arrived a little later, thankful that a long week had finally come to an end as he gratefully accepted the glass of wine Carole offered. Her eyes glistened as she told him about finding Cassie and Matt earlier. “You should have seen them together honey!” She gushed. “Especially Matty, he was so tender and loving with Cassie; it was wonderful just to watch him. He is so going to make some lucky girl very happy when he finds someone special.”

Jim smiled proudly. “I’m not surprised, but it’s great to know anyway. They’re both growing up so fast that sometimes it’s a little hard to accept they’re virtually adults in some respects. I have to admit I’m still trying to come to terms with the changes, but there seem to be positives that I certainly didn’t expect. But we just have to mindful of the fact this won’t last forever honey. It probably won’t be long before Matt finds a girl his own age, and Cassie is maturing so quickly it’s only a matter of time before the boys are sniffing around.”

“I know.” Carole sighed. “You’re going to have to step up if I lose my fuck-buddy!” She teased.

Jim laughed heartily at her direct way of expressing herself. “You know, they always talk about men thinking with their little head...” He said, pointing downward toward his groin. “....rather than the big one. But in the interests of sexual equality I think I can build a strong case about women who think with their pussies, or at least one woman in particular!”

Carole giggled behind her hand. “Ouch; that’s a little harsh!”

Jim smirked back at her. “Don’t they say the truth hurts?”

They chatted away for a while, before Carole glanced at her watch. “Cassie and I have dinner plans for you men tonight, so I’d better go and get ready. Once I’m done in the bathroom you might want to have a shower and get changed.”

“Anything special you’d like me to wear?” He asked.

“Not really, just make sure it’s something easy to take off!”

Jim was still trying to think of a reasonable come-back as Carole headed for the bedroom. As she passed the kids’ bathroom she could hear the shower running, and knocked before she went inside. Cassie and Matt were showering together, their bodies just visible through the frosted glass screen. “Matt, you need to finish up and get out of here so Cass and I can get ready, ok?”

“Sure thing....killjoy.” He called out.

“You keep that up and you’ll be making sweet love to your hand tonight mister.” She laughed in reply.

“Your threats don’t worry me Mom.” He chuckled. “I know you’re addicted to cock and hanging for a fix tonight.”

“Damn it, you know me too well. But get out of the bathroom anyway!”

“Ok you sexy MILF. I’m nearly done anyway.”

Carole experienced a pleasant tingle when Matt called her a MILF, and headed for her room to shower and get her sexy outfit. If Matt felt that way now, she couldn’t wait for his reaction when she walked in wearing her sexy costume!

She took her time showering, enjoying the soothing feeling provided by the warm water cascading down her body, before she grabbed her razor and gave her pussy a thorough shave, loving the feeling of perfectly smooth skin. After a quick towel dry and a brush through her hair she picked up the skimpy outfit and went into the kid’s bathroom, finding Cassie dressed and carefully applying her lip gloss and makeup. Cassie slid sideways to provide Carole with room in front of the mirror, and after ten minutes or so they were ready. Each took a step back and looked at the other, pert breasts and firm nipples clearly visible through the sheer white bodice, and long legs leading up to tiny black skirts that left little to the imagination. Carole slipped on her gloss back stilettos and they were ready.

When they walked into the kitchen there was no sign of Jim and Matt, though they could hear the TV and voices in the den. Carole suggested Cassie serve them drinks from a silver tray, and poured a couple of bourbon and cokes from premixed cans in the refrigerator. She followed Cassie but stopped at the doorway, the conversation abruptly ending when they saw her tantalising costume. “Good evening Gentlemen. My name is Cassie and it’s my pleasure to be your waitress this evening.” She said just as an accomplished restaurant server would. “Can I offer you a drink before dinner?”

“Yes please!” They replied in unison as Jim grinned at Matt.

Cassie placed the drinks beside them, bending forward to provide a teasing view of her firm breasts as Carole continued to watch from the doorway. “Would you gentlemen like to know what’s on the menu this evening?”

“Oh yeah!” Matty responded with genuine enthusiasm.

Cassie smiled down at him. “Chef has excelled herself this evening, and for the entree we have a selection of firm pink nipples for you to enjoy. For the main course you can select from fresh pieces of tender succulent cunt, prepared to perfection with the natural juices oozing from the meat to enhance the flavour. If you prefer, you can choose a prime rump, which is firm but moist, and quite slippery on the palate due to chef’s special oils. For dessert we have a surprise that I won’t disclose now, but it involves tongues bathed in a large helping of thick warm cream. I’m sure you gentlemen will enjoy your dining experience with us this evening.”

She turned and headed for the kitchen, leaving the two men looking at each other as they grinned in anticipation. But she paused at the doorway and turned back to them. “Oh and by the way, we don’t encourage tipping, but we do recommend you fondle your waitresses at every opportunity!”

With that she turned and walked into the kitchen with a slow sexy sway to her hips, finding Carole open-mouthed in surprise. “My God honey; that was the sexiest, hottest thing I’ve ever heard anyone say!” She gasped, before starting to laugh. “If their cocks aren’t hard now we’ll have to see if they still have a pulse. My pussy got all warm and slippery just listening to you, that was incredible!”

Cassie giggled as she smiled broadly. “So you think that got their attention Mom?”

“Oh yeah!” Carole replied. “I think we’re going to be groped every time we go near them!”

“I hope so!” Cassie agreed. “So what I can do to help get this party started?”

Carole had bought some fresh shrimp, and started peeling and arranging them in bowls on beds of fresh lettuce, before carefully pouring seafood sauce while Cassie set the table and lit some candles so they could do without the harsher overhead lights. When that was ready she started on the main course and soon had four succulent steaks and quarters of peeled potato sizzling away. Cassie stood back and surveyed the table, nodding to herself in satisfaction that it looked perfect. She poured a glass of wine for each setting, and told Carole she thought they were ready.

“The table looks wonderful honey. Do you want to see if our horny men are ready to eat?”

“Sure thing Mom.” She replied as headed into the den, finding Jim and Matt waiting with expressions of eager expectation on their faces. “Gentlemen your table is ready. If you’d like to follow me please?”

Cassie led them into the kitchen, flicking off the light switch as she entered the room. Jim whistled when he saw the perfect setting in the flickering candlelight. “I don’t think we’ve had a spread like this since my birthday. My compliments ladies!”

They sat as Carole served the shrimp cocktails, Matt and Jim both sliding their hands underneath her skirt as she stood between them. They weren’t surprised to find she was already wet, her bare pussy coated in juices of anticipation as she happily allowed their wandering fingers to slide over her cunt. Cassie was standing on Matt’s other side, attracting his attention by coughing softly. When he turned to look at her she slowly undid the bodice ties behind her neck, allowing it to fall and expose her perfect breasts. But it was what she did next that got everyone’s attention, as she dipped her slim finger in the bowl of seafood sauce, smeared it slowly over both her nipples, and then put her hand behind Matt’s head and drew it forward until her nipple was nudging his lips.

His lips parted as he grinned up at her, and she responded by pushing forward as his tongue swirled around and over her firm little buds. She groaned lustfully as she felt his touch, pulling him against her until her breast was flattened against his cheek. A hesitant gasp slipped from her lips as his teeth closed in gentle bite, before she pushed his head back and walked a few steps over to Jim, offering him her second orange-tinged nipple. He opened wide and attempted to take her entire breast in his mouth, his tongue swirling across her rigid button and around her smooth flesh until every trace of the tangy liquid had vanished. He finally released her with more than a little reluctance before giving her a loving smile. “I think I’ll be eating at this restaurant more often. The service is out of this world!” He assured her in a husky tone.

She smiled down at him before moving back to her seat and they all ate hungrily, seemingly anxious to finish the meal so they could move onto other indulgent pastimes. When they had finished their entrees Cassie cleared the table, enjoy sensual fondling of her increasingly moist pussy while Carole started serving the main courses. As Carole served the mains Matt pulled her head down gently and kissed her lips, softly at first but with slowly increasing passion. At the same time Jim’s wandering fingers slid up the gap between her thighs, finding the source of her passion and rubbing gently over the tip of her erect, saturated clit. She stood between them, a prisoner of their combined attention and her own building lust, until she surprised them all by shuddering through a gentle, rippling climax as a modest spray of cum dribbled down her thighs.

She finally stepped back, ending Matt’s intense kiss as she drew a slow, deep breath and went back to her seat. Carole had cooked the steaks to perfection, searing the outside the hold the natural juices but ensuring the meat was a light pink colour when they cut through. Again they ate hungrily, with little conversation interrupting the meal until they finished one by one and sat back, thoroughly satisfied.

“That was a sensational meal thanks.” Matt acknowledged. “I don’t know whether it was the food or the sexy way it was served, but I’ve never enjoyed a meal so much in my life!”

“That’s the truth!” Jim agreed enthusiastically.

This time Carole cleared the table while Cassie prepared dessert, and they had decided on good old-fashioned fresh apple and cherry pie, as they all enjoyed the tasty treats from the local baker who insisted on top quality local fruit. She placed two cans of whipped cream on the table, winking suggestively at Carole who knew what they would be used for in the very near future.

This time Jim and Matt cleared the table as a gesture of appreciation for the effort the girls had gone to. Cassie watched them stack the bowls in the dishwasher and winked at her Mom again. “Seeing as you guys are on your feet, why don’t you lose the pants?”

Matt looked at Jim who shrugged and slid his pants down, exposing a rigid cock with just a hint of precum leaking from the tip. “Hmmm....that looks good enough to eat. What do you think Mom?”

“Looks good to me honey, but I like that one too!” Carole replied, watching Matt’s cock spring to attention as his shorts slid down his legs.

Cassie stood and picked up a can of whipped cream, shaking it steadily as she smiled at Jim with a wicked gleam in her eyes. “Do I want to know what you’re going to do with that honey?” He asked in genuine curiosity.

“Sit down Dad and don’t worry, I think you’ll find this...extremely enjoyable.” She directed.

Once he was seated she moved in front of him, gazing at his substantial cock as she continued to shake the can. She crouched down and aimed the nozzle at his groin, and squeezed the trigger. “Shit Cass! That’s fucking cold!” Jim complained, but stopped short when she tilted her head back, sprayed a huge stream into her open mouth, and dipped down to engulf his cream-covered cock. “!!!” Jim shouted, his words echoing around the room.

Matt was watching open-mouthed as Cassie slid down Jim’s cock, taking it deeper and deeper until thick white cream oozed from the corners of her lips. When she had taken as much as she possibly could she slid back up, leaving trails of glistening cream down the length of his shaft, and she started fucking him gently with her mouth.

In the meantime Carole stood and was quietly shaking the other can, grinning at Matt as he detected her movement and glanced in her direction. “Guess what happens next Matt?” She hissed.

“Oh Mom!” He croaked, finding it difficult to speak. “I’m so ready for this!”

She started to crouch down as she inverted the can, spraying thick cream all over his firm cock and balls until it was dripping on the floor. She sat the can down and took his thick shaft in her hand, both loving the cool, slippery sensations as she jacked him firmly, squeezing through the cream to increase his enjoyment. “Oh....fuck....Mom!” He stammered.

Just as Cassie had a moment ago she raised the can, tilted her head back, and filled her mouth until it was running down her chin. She closed her lips as she moved forward, and as an afterthought sprayed a string across each breast, before kissing the head of his cock and taking him deep in her mouth. Matt found himself trembling at the very brink of exploding; his senses overwhelmed by what he had seen his hot sister doing to their father, followed by his Mom’s decadent actions. Hot sparks flew from his cock to his brain, and it took every ounce of determination to hold back. Somehow Carole sensed his predicament, perhaps feeling some physical twitching as she held him in her mouth, and she looked up at him questioningly to make sure he was ok. After a few deep breaths he smiled and nodded, and she closed her eyes as she thrust downward, forcing his cock deep into her throat.

Cassie may have been a relative novice at deep-throat sex, but she had been practising with Carole’s dildos and was rapidly getting the hang of how to perform this erotic act. She found that she needed to breathe steadily, relax her throat, and experiment with different angles to make the entry pathway easier. She could hear Matt groaning beside her and had a fair idea what causing his discomfort, and decided it was time to try it for real. Breathing steadily through her nose she focused on relaxing her muscles, before pushing down on Jim’s incredibly firm shaft. The head popped into her throat almost before she realized it, and she gave herself over to the amazing feelings of having her throat stretched by a piece of living flesh. The first tremor of a gag reflex hit her suddenly so she pulled back; just far enough to have the head safely back in her mouth. She continued to work on his shaft with her lips and her tongue, loving Jim’s stimulated moans as his hands clenched and released her hair. A second plunge saw her take him a little deeper, and hold a few seconds longer before she could feel her gag reflex returning. She sensed the worst thing she could do was to become frustrated, knowing this would only cause her muscle tension to increase, so she willed herself to take it slow and learn from the experience. After all, there was little doubt her Dad was enjoying her amazing progress so far!

Carole managed to glance over to see Cassie thrust downward, until at least six inches of Jim’s cock was buried deep inside her mouth. Unable to contain herself she moaned, allowing Matt to not only hear her increasing excitement, but to feel it in a totally unique way. “Fuck Mom! Your mouth is so fucking hot! I hope you’re ready for a massive load, cause you’re gonna get one real soon if you keep this up!”

“That’s exactly what I want!” Carole thought to herself, feelings of lust washing over her like a storm surge hitting a beach. “I want you to cum and never stop! I want you to drown me in cum!” She rammed down hard, her lips smashing against his ball sac with the force of her movement. She cupped his balls with her hand, gently squeezing the slippery, cream covered skin until she could feel his balls moving. Again she slammed down, and started moving as fast as she could, allowing her throat to clear as she pulled up before thrusting down to jam him back inside her slippery gullet.

“Uh.....UH.....OH YEAH!” He shouted. “Fuck me with your mouth Mom! Fuck my cock with your hot mouth and suck my balls dry! YEEAAAHHHH!!!” Matt didn’t merely cum, he erupted with the force of volcano where the pressure had been building and building until nothing could prevent it from blowing sky high. A huge burst of thick cream sprayed straight down Carole’s throat, followed by another and another, coming so quickly she barely had time to register that she taken him to a climax in record time.

Cassie could hear Matt’s primal shouting and groaning, which only served to increase her desire to give Jim a similar experience. She pushed forward and paused, this time prepared to allow his head to stretch her slightly without going any further. “Oh fuck Cassie! Oh fucking are such a hot little....CUNT! I love having my cock deep in your throat like this baby! I’m gonna fuck you so good tonight!”

This time her gag reflex remained dormant, so she slid back and pushed downward again, pausing when she held his bulging glans an inch or so deeper. This brought another enthusiastic moan from above. “My God Cassie, I’m not sure what you’re doing, but please honey, don’t stop!”

Another release and thrust forward saw his pubic hair tickling her nose, and she realized that she had taken his entire length for the first time. As Jim released a seemingly never ending groan of lust she waited for the first indication her gag reflex was returning, but it remained quiet, dormant, allowing her start savouring his texture and warmth of his cock. “Oh....yeah Cassie! FUCK.....YEAH!!!” Jim shouted as though they were the last people on earth. “YOU’VE TAKEN ALL OF ME, EVERY FUCKING INCH!!!”

Cassie grinned in triumph and satisfaction, or at least as far as she could with a mouthful of cock, sliding up to expose around half of his shaft before pushing it back into her throat. Jim was grunting and moaning incoherently, his need overwhelming and undeniable. When she pushed back down he lost the battle to hold back, just having to time to stammer “CUUMMIINNGG!!!” before his piss-slit flared open and scalding cum cascaded into her throat. It was probably good she had so little warning, as that meant she could do nothing more than hold still as she felt his rigid shaft pulsing violently against her lips and the entrance to her throat. Burst after burst pumped from his shaft, and she could feel his slippery jizz sliding easily down into her stomach. As soon as his flow slowed he lifted her easily, the last traces of his intense climax dribbling onto her lips as he crouched down, concern all over his face. “Honey I’m so sorry! I tried to hold back, to give you more warning, but what you did to me just......blew me away! Are you ok baby?”

She smiled at him, licking her lips to clear the remaining beads of creamy juice. “I’m fine Dad thanks. I wasn’t sure if I could do that but, it was no problem really!”

He looked a little relieved but still unconvinced. “That’s great Cass, but I should have given you the chance to pull back. I honestly didn’t mean to do that.” Her smile never wavered so he started to relax. “I just can’t believe how well you fucked me with your mouth, and...when you had me deep in your throat....I was...gone!”

“Was it really that good Dad?” She whispered.

“You felt how much I came so that should answer your question, you amazing, hot, incredible, sexy woman!” He was gushing with enthusiasm, and Cassie soaked up every flattering word. He picked her up and held her easily in his strong arms, before laying her back on the dining table. “One good turn deserves another honey.” He grinned down at her as he picked up the can of whipped cream, and started shaking it vigorously.

Her eyes opened wide as she realized what was about to happen, and he continued grinning as he eased her slim legs wide apart, used his fingers to separate her slick labia, and inserted the nozzle. When he pressed the trigger her chest snapped upward, her back arching acutely as the seemingly freezing cream rapidly filled her warm pussy. “Ooooooooh! That’!”

He was still grinning as her eyes blinked open, his finger still pressing the nozzle until thick beads of cream started oozing down onto the table. “You may feel cold now Cassie, but I promise you’ll be hotter than mid-summer real soon!” With that he placed the half-empty can on the table, and mashed his face against her creamy cunt as her started to devour her.

Carole and Matt watched this scenario of raw lust unfold, each holding their breath as they waited to see what happened next. When Jim thrust his pointed tongue deep into Cassie’s pussy Carole picked up her can, jammed the nozzle deep into her cunt, and pressed the trigger. A shudder ran through her as the cool cream blew deep inside her seemingly boiling pussy, and she couldn’t help but gasp in surprise. “Fucking.....cold!” She hissed, her eyes locked on Matt’s as the overflow oozed freely and fell to the floor. When she felt that every tiny crevice was filled to capacity she dropped the can and fell to her hands and knees, still holding her son’s spellbound gaze with her own. Matt’s cock was still pointing skyward, clear fluids leaking from his slit as he gazed at Carole’s cream-filled cunt. “Think you can find somewhere to bury that beautiful piece of manhood honey?”

Matt nodded dumbly, his gaze torn between his willing, waiting Mom and his Dad trying to jam his face deep into Cassie’s pussy. “!” He croaked, as he strode purposefully toward her and dropped to his knees. Large hands gripped her butt cheeks and forced them apart, exposing her even further as another gob of cream spattered on the floor. He rocked forward and his cock slid ever so easily inside, his shaft sensing patches of cold and others that seemed almost too hot to bear. “Fuck Mom! This is amazing and....your cunt feels like....I can’t describe what it feels like!”

Carole was experiencing similar sensations, still feeling her muscles stretch to accommodate his impressive size, but eased by the slippery sensations of the unusual lubricant. “I think I’ll have to start buying cream by the box from now on.” She giggled.

Jim drew back from Cassie’s pussy for a second, so he and Matt could give Carole and enthusiastic “Yes please!” at the precisely the same moment.

She laughed again. “I guess that’s settled then.” She could feel her cunt getting progressively hotter, and knew it wasn’t her imagination as the cream gradually turned to liquid and started oozing down her inner thighs.

Matt was enjoying similar sensations, with the added enhancement of watching his cock sliding in and back, his shaft covered with glistening trails of white cream. “Oh Mom, I can’t begin to tell you how hot this looks. My cock has cream all over it and it’s running down your legs!”

“I know, I can feel it.” She hissed in wanton reply. “How good is this honey? Is this the hottest fuck you’ve ever had?”

Matt nodded as he drove into her again, his balls slapping against her thighs as thrust firmly. “Oh fuck yeah! You’re tight little cunt is gonna be a hell of a mess once I blow my load into it!”

Carole shuddered at the thought, part of her wanting him to do that right now, while another hoped he would fuck her for hours before he came. “I want it Matty, I want all of it. Every last, tiny drop, deep in my fuck-hole and oozing out of me. Are you getting hot honey? Is fucking your hot Mom turning you on?”

“To the max Mom. To the fucking max! I love fucking you and Cassie. You two are the hottest cunts on the planet, and I get to fuck you both! This is simply awesome!”

They were momentarily distracted by Cassie who was lying on her back, grunting and banging her fists on the table as Jim’s talented mouth took her to the brink of climax, and then pushed her over it. “Uh.....UH.....UHHHH! Oh yeah Dad, FUCK.....YEAH!!! Suck my cunt Dad...PLEASE! SUCK...IT....DRY!”

As they watched Jim somehow grabbed her firm nipples, and used them as leverage to mash his cream-covered face against her quivering cunt, his head twisting and turning as he tried to force his pointed tongue even deeper. Cassie had managed to take hold of two handfuls of short hair, and was pulling him deeper as well, until a growl slipped from her throat that increased in pitch until it became a breathless scream. “FUUCCCKKKK MEEEE!!!” Her tiny fists pounded the table so hard Jim felt she might hurt herself, and her back arched upward just as her gushing release hit him with the force of a rogue ocean wave. He just had time to open his mouth when her second surge hit him, followed closely by a series of slowly reducing sprays. Mere minutes earlier he wondered how she had taken his massive load, and now the tables had turned as his entire face was bathed in a mixture of her juices, and the remaining traces of liquid cream.

Matt refocused on fucking Carole into oblivion, the action between Cassie and Jim only serving to take him closer to a second mind-blowing explosion. “You’re slutty little cunt is gonna be a hell of mess soon Mom!”

“!” She hissed in time with his pounding fuck-strokes. “I loved how much cum you dumped down my throat earlier, so I hope you’ve got plenty left honey!”

He slammed into her again, the force driving her forward. “I think you’ll find out....right....about... NOW!” His cock jumped and quivered as his cum pulsed up his shaft, and he thrust forward one final time as she felt his balls twitching against her.

The first burst was all it took to bring her to point of total release, her fluids meeting his and pooling with the last vestiges of the cream. “Soooo....GOOOOD!!” She wailed. “Yes baby...YES! Pump that cunt! Fill that cunt! Oh God....that feels!”

He slumped down, her arms trembling as they struggled to support their combined weight until she slowly sagged to floor, taking Matt down with her, his twitching cock still buried deep in her oozing pussy. It was impossible to maintain an erection after two massive cums so close together, and his cock slowly softened until it slipped away from her slippery embrace.

Silence reigned for several minutes, as each enjoyed the afterglow of an amazing evening of raw, passionate coupling. Their faces displayed satisfied half-smiles, not that anyone was aware, and their thoughts drifted aimlessly as their bodies slowly recovered.

Jim managed to wrap his arms around Cassie and drew her petite body to him, holding her in a gentle embrace that conveyed his love more than words could ever hope to. Carole was lying beside Matt on the floor, stroking his face with feather-light caresses as she watched his chest rise and fall.

Jim was the first to find his feet, standing and stretching before pouring four large glasses of fruit juice he passed around to his grateful family, who drank thirstily. Cassie was the next one up, wrapping her arms around Jim’s waist and hugging him. “Dad, I think the government should declare your tongue is a weapon of mass destruction.” She said quietly, and when he looked down quizzically she continued. “Every time it goes near a pussy, women everywhere are turned to jello!” He laughed loudly at her unique comparative, but didn’t know how to respond to it. Her hands drifted down his chest, one coming to rest cupping his ball sac as the other wrapped around his temporarily spent cock. “If I take you upstairs, do you think I could coax some life back into this?” She asked demurely, giving his shaft a gentle squeeze to ensure he understood her meaning.

He grinned down at her. “Knowing how good you’re becoming at this, I don’t think that’ll be a problem.” Cassie took his hand and started leading him to the door, both saying their goodbyes as they headed away.

That left Carole and Matt surveying a thoroughly trashed kitchen. “I’m not really motivated, but I guess I’d better clean up a little.” She sighed, her reluctance more than obvious.

Matt grinned at her, walked over, and picked her up as though she weighed nothing at all. She slid her arms around his neck and kissed him. “Really Mom?” He asked when their lips separated. “I can think of a few things we could do that would be far more enjoyable.”

“So can I honey, but look at this mess!” She protested, but with rapidly fading conviction.

He started carrying her around the room, pausing to blow out the flickering candles. When there was one remaining he carried her back to the table. “Pick up the cream Mom, and I’ll help you clean up in the morning.” He told her firmly. “There’s one place it hasn’t been yet, and I hate leaving things half-finished.”

He felt her shiver for a moment and then she gave him a lascivious smile. “Then take me to the bedroom and let’s get this done honey. My ass has this strange empty feeling.”

He blew out the last candle and carried her through the doorway. “Not for long Mom. Not for long!”


The next morning they enjoyed an indulgent sleep in, before Carole rose on unsteady legs and stumbled for the shower. The soothing water soon had her fully awake, and she was just about to turn off the taps when the screen slid open and Matt stepped in, grinning a good morning greeting. “Hi you sexy fox! Room for one more?”

“Only because you ask so nice honey.” She laughed happily. Of course one thing led to another and Carole finished up pinned against the wet tiles as Matt drove his cock into her pussy from behind. After pumping a heavy load deep into her clenching cunt and bringing her to a quivering climax she laughingly bemoaned that she’d have to wash herself again.

With a pleasant shower fuck and freshen-up taken care of, they headed for the kitchen and surveyed the remnants of the previous night. “Looks like we threw a wild party last night Matty.”

“I think we did Mom, and I know I had a great time!” He assured her as he started wiping the table down. They worked steadily and soon had things clean and tidy, with Carole putting the dishwasher on and Matt mopping the last of the cream from the floor when Cassie and Jim came in.

“Good morning you two.” Jim greeted them happily. “Man! I slept like a log and feel fantastic this morning. We came down to help, but it looks like you beat us to it.”

Carole gave him a look of mock disdain. “Typical male; lazes around in bed until the work is done and then shows up and says he was going to help!” She walked over the refrigerator and pulled out some eggs, hash browns and strips of bacon, piling them on a large serving tray. She smiled as she pointed, firstly at him, then at the door, and finally at the table. “You, barbecue, breakfast. Got it?”

He balanced the tray on one hand and snapped a salute with the other. “Got it...Maam!” He winked at Matt as he headed for the door. Cassie went to work setting the table and pouring glasses of juice, before going outside to keep Jim company as the enticing odours of cooking food wafted through the door.

When everything was ready Matt and Carole sat at the table waiting for Jim to bring the food inside. Carole decided now was as good a time as any to broach the subject of her loveless friend. “April rang me Matt. She’s wondering if you’d like to spend some time with her next Saturday?”

His eyebrows shot up at that unexpected piece of news. “Really? That’s a surprise! I got the feeling she had decided it was too risky or something.”

Carole nodded. “I guess she was taking her time, rather than rush into something the way I tend to. do you feel about it?”

He gave that some thought, feeling this was different to when they had merely been discussing a concept that may or may not happen. “I....guess I’m ok with it, seeing as you did such a good job of convincing me of her....predicament. But....I don’t know if I’d want it become a regular thing.”

“That’s fair and probably wise too.” Carole agreed. “The longer it goes on the more chance of someone else finding out.”

Matt nodded, glancing briefly at the door to make sure their conversation was still private. “I think it would be different if I wasn’t making love to you and Cass, because I’d probably be a typical horny teenager looking for a fuck wherever I could get it. As it is, I’ve got two smoking-hot women right here anytime I want, so it’s not like I’m desperate to get laid is it?”

“Do you really think I’m smoking-hot baby?” She asked softly. “I mean, I can understand you feeling that way about Cassie, because she’s so pretty and there isn’t an ounce of fat on her anywhere, but do you really think of me like that?”

“Every day Mom.” He assured her. “! I know EXACTLY how lucky I am, and if there really is a God he’s taking good care of me.”

She didn’t care whether it was deliberate or accidental, but he was pushing her buttons and saying all the right things to the extent he could teach Jim a thing or two. She smiled softly and he went on. “It’s funny Mom. I hear the guys at school talking about who gave them head and which girls they’ve fucked, and I know most of them are just talking trash. So I just listen, and smile, and think if only you knew buddy.”

“You’ve never talked about us, about what we get up to, even if you don’t name names?” Carole enquired.

He shook his head emphatically. “A gentleman never talks about what happens behind closed doors, and it’s none of their business Mom. What happens here is really hot,’s pretty special too. I figure if I have talk shit to impress them or for them to be my friends, then I’m not interested. We know what’s going on and how good it is, so that’s all that matters to me.”

Her chest swelled with pride, and she couldn’t help but walk over and give him a huge hug. “Matt, I’m so proud of the way you’re maturing, and what a fine, decent young man you’ve become. You’ll meet a girl one day and fall head over heels in love with her, and, she’ll be the lucky one. One thing for sure, if she doesn’t appreciate you, she’ll have a one-sided conversation with the bitchy mother-in-law!”

Matt actually blushed, but grinned in appreciation just the same. “I thought it was supposed to fathers who protect their daughters Mom, this is different!”

“What are fathers supposed to do?” Jim asked as he walked in with food sizzling on the tray. “Well, my breakfast looks great but I don’t know what you’re eating. I am so hungry I think I could get through this on my own!”

“Fat chance Dad.” Matt laughed. “You put that down in the middle of the table and watch it go.”

“Bummer! I cooked it and you want me to share?” He grinned back.

“Damn straight!” Matt assured him.

Conversation paused as everyone helped themselves to the sounds of cutlery on crockery, and the occasional “Pass the salt please?”

When breakfast was over Cassie volunteered herself and Jim to clean the kitchen for the second time that morning, despite his none-too-serious protests. Carole made coffees and she and Matt headed outside, laying back on the lounges and soaking up the sun’s morning rays. “So, just to make absolutely sure I don’t fuck up this time, do I tell April it’s a yes or a no?”

Matt looked across and gave her a wink. “You can tell her it’s a yes Mom.”

Carole found herself breathing a sigh of relief, and looked around before winking back. “I know you’ll rock her world, stud.” She whispered. “Poor girl won’t walk normally for a few days!”

In some respects the weekend followed the previous one, in others it was fresh and exciting. Jim and Cassie joined them and they lazed around for an hour or so, before Jim took Carole’s hand and led her away. Cassie and Matt soaked up the sun and enjoyed a swim in the sparkling pool until Cassie suggested they go inside, watch some porn, and see what “popped up.” It wasn’t long before some mutual stroking led to a slow sixty-nine on the floor, before Cassie begged Matt to jack off and shoot his load all over her smiling face. It was a while later that Carole came down, and made herself a coffee as she laughingly told them she had fucked Jim to the point he was taking a nap.

They roused Jim and had a late lunch, before Cassie and Carole got on the floor side-by-side and Jim and Matt played tag as they went from one hot pussy to the other, and back again. Sex games interspersed with quiet periods of rest and reflection continued for the remainder of the weekend, until Monday came round and a sense of suburban normality returned.


As Saturday drew closer Matt became increasingly nervous about his impending tryst with April. Thankfully Carole sensed this and they had a couple of quiet discussions where she reassured him that he should just be himself, be prepared to try different things to gauge her reaction, and basically do whatever they both felt they would enjoy. “Honey, I can assure you April will be just as nervous, if not worse, and I’m not just saying that to make you feel better. She hasn’t been with anyone else for years, and Phil’s lack of interest has probably hurt her confidence to the point she’s unsure if she’s still sexually desirable. Compliment and flatter her, but don’t go overboard; let her know she’s attractive and you genuinely want to make love to her. Think of it as....going on a first date....with some added benefits. I think, if you can get her relaxed, she’ll come out of her shell and could even surprise you!”

Her reassurance made him feel a little more comfortable, and when he had some private time he thought about different things he could say and do to help April relax as well. He remembered how nervous he felt before his first major swim meet, but once the gun sounded and he dove into the pool, the nerves vanished and he was focused on setting the best possible time. Carole’s advice that April would be nervous made perfect sense, given that her love life hadn’t been all that great for some time. Matt understood she may even be more nervous than he was, and as the man he would need to be prepared to lead her.

On Friday night Carole told Jim and Cassie that Matt would going over to April’s house to help her rearrange furniture and take care of some odd-jobs Phil never had time for. “That’s a nice thing to do Matt.” Jim complimented his son. “But you’d better hurry back, or these two will wear me out if I’ve gotta take of them by myself.”

“Poor Daddy.” Cassie laughed. “It must suck getting old!”

“I’ll give you some poor Daddy!” Jim laughed, grabbing her arm and pulling her down until she lay across his lap. He slid her pink g-string down to expose her perfect butt, before giving it a couple of light slaps.

She was giggling and wriggling around, trying to appear that she wanted to escape but not making a serious effort. “Oh Daddy, naughty Daddy! Smack me Daddy...smack my tight little butt, PLEEZZ!!!”

Everyone laughed at her teasing pretence, Jim chuckling so hard he couldn’t continue. “Cassie, you are fucking incorrigible!”

“Thank you Daddy!” She giggled, still wriggling on his lap. “Now are you sure you don’t want to smack me some more?”

Saturday morning finally arrived, and Matt had an early shower and shave, before packing a few items in a backpack and dressing in neat casual clothes. Carole eyed him approvingly and hugged him before they got in her car, powering the roof down to enjoy the perfect morning sunshine. When they pulled up at April’s house she gave him a lascivious smile and squeezed his thigh. “Want me to come with you honey?” She asked in sexy voice.

He gave her a look of mock disdain. “I think I can handle it Mom, and this is probably a case where two’s company, and three is definitely a crowd.”

“Ok stud, you’re the boss. Now if you wear the poor girl out so that she can’t drive you home, call me and I’ll come over and pick you up.”

“Thanks Mom.” He said simply as he closed the door and headed up to the house.

His finger was about to press the doorbell when the door swung open, and April was standing there is a short silk house coat, smiling a hesitant greeting. “Umm....hi Matt. Come in...please.”

“Hi Mrs Carter.” He replied as he walked through the door and she closed it softly behind them.

“I should probably call me April.” She said softly. “Calling me Mrs Carter seems..... a little view of why you’re here.”

He laughed quietly as he slid his backpack from his shoulder and placed it on the floor. “I’m sorry. It does seem a little weird when you put it that way.”

She walked past him and picked up a crystal glass from the table, and he noticed the glass shaking ever so slightly as she took a long sip of the golden liquid. “I don’t normally drink anywhere near this early, but.....”

He walked over and moved behind her, lifting the hair from her neck as she stood as still as a statue. He bent down slightly, brushing his lips against her warm skin, feeling a tiny tremor flicker across her skin. “I like your perfume April.” He whispered in her ear before he kissed her again. As his lips brushed her skin his hand moved around her waist, drawing her body back against his. His hand slid upward until he cupped her breast, feeling her nipple growing longer and harder against his palm. Despite the layers of fabric between them he could sense her heat, her trembling desire, and his hand slid down and deftly undid the tie, before he slid between the folds and again cupped her breast. By now her nipple was firm and extended, a rigid button of flesh pushing against his hand. He took it between his thumb and forefinger, rewarded with a hesitant sigh as he squeezed, softly at first but with gradually increasing pressure. The sounds of ice shaking against crystal broke the silence, and he shifted his grip and turned her to face him, before taking the glass from her trembling hand and putting it safely on the table. Her robe gaped open and exposed her pert breasts to his lustful gaze, which then travelled lower to the downy patch of auburn hair protecting the cleft of her neglected treasure.

“You’re a beautiful woman April. Your husband is crazy not to appreciate you.” He whispered as he smiled down at her.

She gave him a tiny smile. “Thank you.” She said simply. “Do you.....think we should the bedroom now?”

He looked around the room. “Maybe later, I’m quite comfortable here.”

“ want it here?” She gasped in surprise.

He slid her robe open and dipped his head, softly taking her nipple between his lips as he kissed her, before drawing back to reply. “Here, the kitchen, the bathroom. Maybe you could give me a tour soon, and we can...find something interesting to do in every room in the house.”

“Ohhhh!” She gasped. “Oh my God!”

He dipped down again, alternating from one pert nipple to the other as he kissed, licked and sucked her proud breasts. He was just starting to wonder if she would relax enough to participate when he felt her hands rest on his head. A sly smile slid over his face as he continued, increasing his efforts as he started to bite her gently. He would bite and release, bite and release, giving each nipple a couple of sharp nips before moving to the other. Her hands started clenching, gripping a handful of his short hair before pulling his head against her, a silent encouragement to continue. He crouched down and started stroking her legs with his firm hands, moving slowly and deliberately. Tapping her thighs he indicated she should spread for him, and he slid his hands upper her firm inner thighs, until he arrived at her source. While nowhere near as wet as Carole or Cassie would be at this point, a leisurely swipe along her labia detected the first traces of oozing liquid, and a sensation of amazing heat. He was still making love to her breasts with his mouth as his slid an insistent finger inside her.

“Oh.....yes.” She whispered hoarsely. “Oh my’s been soooo long!”

As his finger continued to probe and explore her body exposed her building desire, her flow increasing as she gave herself to the young man crouching before her. He released her nipple with one final gasping clench of his teeth, and knelt before her as he leaned forward and kissed her glistening mons.

“Oh yes....oh fuck.” She stammered. “My God, I’ve....never had a this before. Kiss my pussy Matt, please...kiss my lonely little pussy!” He kissed her again and slid his tongue along the length of her now slick labia, experiencing the different taste of a woman he hadn’t been with before. His previous concerns evaporated as she rocked against him in an increasingly vigorous manner, sliding his slippery finger even deeper as his magic continued to take her higher than she could remember going. Her soft hands returned, but this time they gripped firmly to the point of inflicting pain, before some sense of control returned and she relaxed slightly. Her hips were rocking steadily, building to a rhythmic fucking motion that gradually increased in speed. “Uh...uh....UUHHH! That’ Matt. Don’t stop....whatever you do....please don’t stop!”

If he were standing before her he would have noticed the flush of pink on her breasts, neck and cheeks, but her flowing nectar provided all the warning he needed. She was racing to a breathless climax like a runaway train, until she screamed a simple “YEESSSS!!!” and her clenching pussy contracted around his finger as a violent shuddering orgasm radiated through her body. As she stood she shook and trembled, her lungs sucking deeply before gasping as she exhaled, before her trembling legs collapsed, taking Matt by complete surprise. He just managed to catch her before her body hit the floor, and he glanced around before lifting her easily and carrying her over to a large leather armchair.

She slumped back against to cool leather, her eyes finally flickering open as he waited patiently. “Would you like me top up your drink April?”

She smiled at his thoughtfulness. “Yes please. But fuck the whisky, there’s a bottle of champagne in the refrigerator. After that, I’m in the mood to celebrate and I’d love you to join me!”

He grinned as he strode into the kitchen, finding the bottle and ripping the foil off before picking up the two flutes sitting on the bench. He walked back to see April smiling happily, and wasted no time popping the cork before pouring the golden liquid into the glasses. They clinked in a silent toast before sipping the cool champagne. “You are a talented young man Matt; I’m still tingling all over and.....we haven’t even yet.”

“Were you serious when you said you’d never had a man go down on you?” He asked. “That’s kind of hard to believe.”

She nodded as she took another sip. “I’ve never had a man’s mouth....down there before, never. And I’m kicking myself because it was something special!”

He grinned at her. “Like I said, your husband is crazy. You taste sweet!” He walked over and picked up his backpack and dropped it beside the chair to April’s curious gaze.

“Do I want to know what’s in there....and what you intend to do with it?” She asked in a soft, almost breathless voice.

He smiled back at her. “So you’ve never had a man kiss your pussy?” He asked again, waiting until she nodded in confirmation. “Then....if you’re prepared to go along with me, I’ll show you how good it feels to have a tongue deep inside you, because if you thought a pussy-kiss was good, this will rock your world!”

“That sounds wonderful Matt, if you think it’s even better than what you just did to me, I’m up for it.” She whispered again.

To her surprise he picked up her legs and place one on each of the chair arms, spreading her legs wide apart before he slid his hand into his backpack and pulled out a cordless trimmer. A gentle buzzing sound filled the room as he flicked the switch, and her eyes flared open in amazement. “Um...what are you doing Matt?”

“I’m going to shave your pussy April.” He said matter-of-factly. “This will take care of most of it, and then I’ll use a razor to have you as bald as baby.”

“Oh goodness...I don’t....know about this!” She stammered, her uncertainty as clear as a neon sign on a dark country road. “How would I explain that to Phil?”

She was protesting, though with a noticeable lack of conviction, and had made no attempt to change position to protect herself. So Matt held the clippers for a moment. “That’s easy. Don’t wait for him to notice, rip his clothes off as soon as he walks in the door, grab his hand and lay it on your pussy, and tell him you did it for him in the hope it would make him want you. If he’s not dead from the waist down he’ll be slamming his cock into you before you know it.”

April considered that for a moment, before her face lit up in an expressive grin. “You have an evil mind Matt. But you know, I think that’d work.” With that settled he got started, carefully trimming her thicket of wiry pubic hair as she watched every stroke in breathless anticipation. When he was done with the clippers he rummaged through the bag until he found his razor and foam, and quickly headed into the kitchen for some hot water. He paused to top up their glasses, before squeezing a handful of foam and slowly massaging it into her much shorter hair.

Having decided to allow him to proceed she finally started to relax, easing back against the cushion as she realized what a decadent sight this would be to an onlooker. Her housecoat gaping loosely from her shoulders, her legs spread wide in a totally slut-like manner, sipping champagne from a crystal flute as a handsome young man attended to her increasingly wet pussy. She had the beginnings of a pleasant alcohol buzz going, and closed her eyes momentarily as she felt the warm razor slide over her skin.

A thousand and one sensations were firing through her body, her neural network struggling to keep pace with the physical sensations and evocative thoughts that flashed in seemingly uncontrolled manner. “You crazy bitch, are you really going to go through with this and let this boy fuck you?” “My God April, you complete and total slut! Look at you with your pussy spread like a street-corner whore.” “Oh my fucking God. I can’t believe I’m watching him shave my....cunt....and I’m loving it!!!” “What is he going to do to me? I mean...I know he’s going to fuck me and I can’t wait. But what else is he going to do???” “Fuck, if I don’t get something inside me soon I going to die! I don’t care if it’s his cock or fingers on even his tongue, I just have to have something in there!!!”

A soft but satisfying cum rippled through her pussy, and she could feel her juices of lust oozing past her labia and pooling on the chair under her butt as Matt continued his work. Her eyes remained closed but not clenched, as she savoured every stroke of the razor and the feel of his fingers as he carefully stretched her skin to reach every tiny hair. His voice interrupted her reverie when he simply said “All done April, now we just need to clean you up and put some balm on there.”

She blinked and looked down, her eyes widening as she realized how different she looked in her new bald state. Tiny hairs lay on her skin interspersed with patches of white foam, until Matt arrived back with a moist wash-cloth and proceeded to clear away the remnants of his erotic work. Again he dipped into his bag, retrieving a small bottle of lotion that he poured into his palm. She couldn’t help but groan as the cool liquid touched her skin, though his tender massage action changed the sensation to one of pleasant warmth in seconds.

She had no idea what Phil would think of this, but at that moment she couldn’t care less. Phil was tomorrow’s problem, today there were far more pleasant things to contemplate. “You look amazing April. You are such a hot sexy woman!” Matt said, his voice surprisingly husky.

She smiled up at him. “I appreciate you saying so Matt, but I’m sure you get to see young girls who are much hotter than I am, and we both know your Mom was behind this.”

“It’s true that I wouldn’t be here if Mom hadn’t set this up.” He acknowledged as he started to strip off, the shirt going first followed quickly by his jeans and shorts until he was standing naked, his proud cock pointing firmly upward. “But, apart from one certain girl, the young ones don’t really interest me.” He moved over beside the chair, taking her compliant hand in his and rubbing it across the liquid film oozing from his slit. “If I wasn’t enjoying being here, and if I didn’t think you were incredibly sexy, do you think I’d be this hard, or this wet? Wrap your hand around my cock April. Feel how hard I am because that will tell you how much I want you. We haven’t so much as kissed and my cock is sooo ready!”

April did as he suggested and stroked him slowly, feeling as though she was holding a piece of metal coated in warm flesh. There was no doubt he was hard, harder than Phil had been in years, and she wondered if, just perhaps, he was telling the truth and genuinely found her attractive and desirable.

Her hand snaked up and slid behind his head, drawing him down with surprising strength until his face was mere inches from hers. “I can take care of the kiss my amazing lover, and then I think you promised you’d do something with my pussy.” Before he could respond she pulled him closer, their mouths locking as her tongue flicked over his lips, demanding they part with undeniable passion.

He felt they could remain frozen like that for hours, but the need to breathe convinced him to pull back, and move downward. He admired his handiwork for a few seconds, pleased that he hadn’t missed a single hair but hadn’t nicked her skin either. “Nice job stud.” He congratulated himself, before he kissed her clean skin and started sliding his tongue along her slit.

While April may have been a slow starter, he desire was building steadily as her reservations evaporated like morning mist in the sun. Her entire being was focussed on the small patch of skin that Matt was exploring, and she hissed as she felt the tip of a pointed tongue slide past her labia and into her core for the very first time. “Uhhhhhh.....oh yeah. Oh....that’s it; yes! That’s it!” She whispered; her hands locking onto his head as her hips started to slowly gyrate. “Oh God; oh my fucking God. I can’t believe how good this feels!”

Encouraged by her passionate expressions Matt became more aggressive, his hands gripping her labia and stretching them aside as he progressively increased speed and pressure. “Oh fuck....oh God..... you’re eating my pussy so good honey. Oh yeah...fuck yeah! Get in there baby, this is fucking fantastic!” Her juices were flowing freely, bathing his tongue as he scoured her cunt, drinking her fluids as she replenished his supply. Her slick tunnel clamped onto his skin as she came, a modest flow oozing over him as she trembled around him. “Cummiinngg!” She squealed softly, her hands drawing him deeper with insistent need. He had a brief moment to wonder why the way she climaxed was so different to Carole and Cass, before she came again, and stronger this time. Her taste was a new experience, sweet with the slightest tangy edge, and he matched her release as he scooped her fluids into his eager mouth. “AHHH.....FUUCCKK!!!” She almost shouted, as another orgasm tore through her flesh, her breathing dissolving into a series of heaving gasps until she tried to push him back with her last vestiges of strength. “Oh...stop....please stop! It’s too much! I need..... give me a minute....oh God, I can’t even breathe!”

He rocked back on his heels, his face covered in a glistening sheen of slippery cum as he watched her chest rise and fall. He tried to stroke her thighs gently, but the contact sent shivers through her skin so he sipped some champagne, and waited. A tiny satisfied smile became a beaming grin, and her eyes finally flickered open. “Oh Matt, I don’t....I can’t....that was just....oh fuck! I can’t find the words to convey how wonderful that was!”

Matt was smiling back at her. “I kinda got the feeling you might have enjoyed yourself.”

She was grinning like a lottery winner. “Young man, saying I might have enjoyed myself has to be the understatement of the year!” Her gaze drifted down to his proud cock and the patches of glistening precum leaking from the tip, her eyes opening wider as she finally appreciated how much of a man he was.

Sensing her reluctance Matt took control, holding out his hand and taking hers, firmly pulling her from the chair until she was lying on the floor beside him. She looked over at him. “Can you believe I’ve never made love in this room before, let alone on the floor?”

He moved above her, holding his weight on his hands and toes as he moved into position. “I think today could see you tick off a number of firsts April.” He assured her.

Her legs slid apart, her movement conveying her need and anticipation. “Well Matt, if they’re anything like my last first-time experience, I’m all yours!”

He slid forward until his slick glans rubbed against her equally wet slit, and one gentle push saw his cock head slide inside. Once again her eyes closed and a soft smile parted her cherry-red lips. “It’s been so long!” She hissed softly as his cock absorbed her scalding heat. She was so tight, so incredibly tight, that he knew he would rip her apart unless his lovemaking was tender and slow.

The first inch of so was relatively easy, her steady flow of nature’s lubricant easing his passage as she started to expand around him. Matt was momentarily surprised until he remembered that April had never conceived children, so while she was older than Cassie her pussy was in a similar condition. He started rocking, pulling back to allow her muscles to contract before pushing forward, using his cock-head to open her clenching tunnel just a little deeper. A touch on his face saw his eyes open, and he gazed down at the woman smiling up at him. “I can’t believe what an accomplished lover you are Matt. When I thought about this moment, about how it would happen, I had a picture of this horny teenage boy banging away...down there. This is just so much better, the way you’re getting me ready for you, you’ve certainly had a very capable teacher honey!”

Matt couldn’t help but laugh at the brief mental flashback to Carole’s thorough tuition. “I’ve had a great teacher April, and right now I’m grateful that I paid attention!”

She laughed at that as well, having seen Carole’s teaching methods first hand, before groaning as she stretched to accommodate another inch of her young lover’s impressive cock. He glanced down and saw that he still have half his shaft thrusting toward her cunt, and started to wonder if she would be able to take all of him regardless of how much time he took. He continued his methodical progress, checking periodically to make sure she was not grimacing in pain but taking reassurance from her unwavering dreamy half-smile. Her hands moved up to his shoulders, resting there as she focused on finally enjoying the delights of an exquisite fucking. “You have no idea how much I’ve missed this Matt.” She whispered. “It’s been far too long since I’ve had a cock in my pussy. In fact, I’ve never had a cock like this inside me!”

He inadvertently interrupted her by sliding another inch inside her, and receiving a rewarding hiss for his effort. Despite the relatively cool day he was starting to sweat, tiny beads of perspiration popping out on his forehead and back. Her clenching grip was starting to cause another problem, and his cock was letting him know that his massive load would be gushing freely soon. His hips started moving faster, thrusting with an increasing sense of purpose and desire. He glanced down but April appeared fine, so he jammed another inch into her oozing cunt, his balls just barely brushing her puffy pussy lips. “ fucking close!” He whispered so that only he could hear. Another urgent thrust forward, and then another, and just as he felt his balls nestle firmly against her she groaned, but this was a long heartfelt expression of pure lust that came from somewhere buried deep inside for far too long. “Arrrggghhh! So...fucking....deep. My FUCKING GOD....HOW MUCH MORE? HAVE I GOT ALL OF THAT WONDERFUL COCK IN MY PUSSY....OR IS THERE MORE???”

“Sorry April, you’ve got it all now.” He grunted as he continued to drive into her oozing, clenching cunt.

“Oh...thank fucking God!” She hissed. “Another inch would tear me apart....oh fuck! I’ve never felt so stuffed in my life. Give it to me! FOR GOD’S SAKE...FUCK ME!!!”

She was still incredibly tight, almost to the point of bringing tears to his eyes, but he figured she had stretched as far as she was going to, and his need became a strident voice screaming at him to fuck her until she bled. He slammed into her so hard she lurched a couple of inches across the floor, but her hands were still firm on his shoulders. A pull back and another slam forward, and another, and another, until he was fucking her amazing cunt so hard he felt friction burns were a distinct possibility. She was coming continuously, grunting and gasping beneath him but giving no sign she wanted him to stop, not that he could even if she begged him. One final lunge saw him buried balls-deep as his piss-slit flared and his thick, white cum pulsed up his cock like the surge of water from a collapsing dam. His first burst was so strong that she could feel the beads of fuck-juice hosing her pussy down, followed by a second strong surge and a third, until she came again and dissolved into a state of pure fuck lust.

Matt’s cock was on a mission, hell bent on filling April’s cunt until she drowned from the inside. But to her credit she took everything he gave her, her arms finally falling to the floor from the lack of will to hold them in place. She lay quietly, her chest rising and falling as she breathed steadily, her eyes clenched so tightly there were tiny wrinkles radiating from the corners of the surrounding skin. Matt eased back, ever so slowly, until he slid free with a soft liquid hiss as rolled onto his side and watched her. He remembered Carole speaking of the attraction of fresh pussy, and smiled to himself as he understood how prophetic her words had been.

It took several minutes, but April finally achieved a level of consciousness that allowed her eyes to open and focus on the firm-bodied young man that had given her such an amazing pleasure. “My God Matt. I’ve never been so thoroughly fucked in my entire life, and I had some pretty wild times at college! How did you do that? I almost seemed to be reading my mind....and knew exactly what to do.”

He shrugged easily. “I don’t know April. I what feels right at the time, just seems to work out fine.”

“I think you’re too modest.” She replied. “I know I haven’t been that active lately, but I’ve been around long enough to know that you have an amazing....talent...or gift....or whatever you choose to call it. Most men just want to stick their cock into a girl and bang away until they cum, but you’re completely different. I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven, because that’s how good you made me feel.”

Now Matt was blushing in reaction to her enthusiastic praise, unsure how to respond without appearing conceited or immodest. He moved a little closer, softly stroking her skin to see how she reacted, and whether she was too sensitive for him to move to the next step of his plan. He was delighted when she didn’t flinch or attempt to pull away, so he stood and picked her up, and carried her into the kitchen. She clearly relaxed and enjoying herself now, seemingly satisfied to allow him to follow whatever indulgent path he chose. He put her down in an upright position facing the table, before applying gentle pressure to convey he wanted her body face down on the firm surface. She complied willingly, before he slid her legs wide apart to expose her cum-oozing cunt.

He dropped to his knees and starting using soft tongue strokes to clean her, starting with slow slippery swipes to clean her sticky labia, before sliding inside her and enjoying the taste of their combined fluids. She moaned, a long slow release of building passion as her body responded. “” She gasped. “I can’t...believe you’re doing this. You’re actually sucking your cum....from my freshly-fucked cunt! This is.....amazing!!!”

He slid his tongue deeper, working in steady circles as he sought to clear every trace of their recent coupling. Satisfied she was a clean as she could be he moved back a little, swiping his tongue from her firm clit all the way up to the very edge of puckered sphincter. Every time his moist tongue brushed over her forbidden point she gasped, and with each stroke her went further until his focus had shifted from her pussy to her ass. “What.....what are you doing to me Matt?”

He slid back and responded. “I’m making love to your perfect ass April.”

“Ohhh!” She gasped. “I’m.....I’m not...sure about this. I’ve....never had anything back there!”

He kissed her rosebud and circled his tongue around her tight pink muscle. “I want to do this.” He assured her. “So just lie there and listen to your body. If you’ve never tried this you’re in for a real treat.”

He kissed her again and started probing with the tip of his tongue, increasing the pressure as he strove to lube and stretch her to the point her body surrendered. “Uhh....UHHH!” She stammered, clearly fighting a mental battle with her inhibitions and her lust to allow him explore. His tongue succeeded in slipping inside her. “OHHHHH! Oh shit! Oh....this is fucking wild!” He probed deeper, working steadily to coat her quivering ring with saliva to ease his pathway. “Ahhh.....oh yeah! I....never knew! Fuck.....fuck.....FUCK! Oh honey.....that’s starting to feel real good now!”

He smiled to himself as his probing tongue slid a little further, and he used his hands to pull her butt-cheeks wide apart to help him delve even deeper. “Oh yeah Matt. That’s so fucking good! Oh Jesus....I can’t believe I’ve got a tongue in my ass! Are you going to fuck me there? Are you going to slide that huge cock in my hot, dirty ass?”

Another brief pause for breath provided the chance to reply. “Of course.” He assured her simply. “I going to slide my thick cock as far as it will go, and then I’m going to fuck your sexy little ass until you beg me to stop. Stay right there and I’ll get some lube, ok?”

“Matt, I’m not sure if I can take you back there, but I’m not going anywhere!”

He was back in seconds, once again spreading her cheeks as he dribbled a bead of thick lube from her ass to her cunt. His cock was ready for action and he slid it easily into her still gaping cunt as his fingers worked the lube into her virginal back hole. She was lying compliant beneath him as he worked on her, until he was satisfied she was as ready as she’d ever be. His cock slid from her streaming pussy as he took hold and brushed the slippery head against her. “We’re gonna take this real slow April, but I need you to work with me. You need to breathe slowly and relax for me. if you fight me it may hurt and that’s the last thing either of us want. If you can take me I promise this will be something you’ll never forget.”

“Ok Matt.” She whispered softly. “I’ll try. Have you done this before? Does Carole like taking you back there?”

“Mom loves it.” He assured her. “I think she’d rather have a cock in her ass than in her cunt!”

“Oh....God! Ok....let’s try it!”

He pushed forward, feeling the ring of muscle give just enough for his glans to slip inside. Her head snapped up and her back arched. “Ohhhhhh.......SHIT! Oh fuck......take it easy! Oh Jesus....I think you’re ripping me open!!!”

“Breathe April.” He instructed. “Breathe slow and deep, and just relax. I know you can do it.”

She was breathing like a woman in childbirth. Drawing as much air as she could before releasing it slowly, and then repeating the process. He started rocking gently, not trying to push deeper but moving enough to allow her to feel the strange sensations. Finally he felt the slightest relaxation in her gripping ring, and gently eased another inch inside her. “Oh....that’s fucking wild!” She groaned. “I feel so.....dirty doing this’s starting to feel real good. Keep going Matt....just...go slow please!”

He maintained an easy steady pace, feeling his cock-head stretch her virgin ass with every forward thrust. The sound of her deep, rhythmic breathing filled the room as she opened ever so slowly, finally taking around half his length. “The longer you do this the better I’m feeling honey. I never good this could be. I always thought this was something only deviates and hookers did,! That’s feeling pretty fucking good now!”

He rocked a little deeper, knowing she was working hard to make this happen. “It’s gonna feel a whole lot better soon.” He assured her. “How does it feel to have a hard cock deep in your hot virgin ass April? Do you feel like a dirty little slut? I wish you could see how hot you look with my cock stretching you like this. Fucking amazing! You are such a hot fuck April. One incredibly hot sexy fuck! What would you husband say if he could see now, lying there with a thick cock stretching your pretty little ass?”

“Oh....I don’t know!” She moaned. “I just know this is getting better and better. Come Matt, fuck my dirty little ass and make me your slut! I wanna be a slut! I want you to fuck my ass and I don’t care what anyone thinks!”

Her hedonistic expression was driving them both, and he felt her relax a little further as another inch slid inside her increasingly hot hole. “That’s it April, you’re getting there. Come on slut, take my cock in your dirty little ass. I’m loving this just as much and I’m gonna make a real mess of you soon, so spread that hole and take my ass-fucking cock you hot little whore!”

He was thrusting harder now, the lube and his oozing precum coating his shaft as he stretched her from the inside. She was so tight, so incredibly fucking tight, but pressure and persistence were winning the battle. “Fuck fuck FUCK!” She shouted. “Fuck it baby! Fuck my dirty shithole and fill me with fuck juice!”

His movement escalated to a driving fuck, but there were still inches of his cock to go as her continued to thrust into her. Her head was rolling from side to side and she stretched her own hands back to pull her butt-cheeks apart, willing him to give her everything he had. “Getting....close.... April!” He groaned at the writhing body beneath him.

“Me.....toooo!” She squealed. “I can’t believe....I’m gonna cum!” No sooner had she spoken the words when her body confirmed them, a series of tremors rippling though her. When they reached her ass she couldn’t help but clamp down on his thrusting cock, and that brought Matt to a groaning climax.

He slammed in as the first spray of cum burst from his slit, and pulled back and thrust forward again as he continued to cum. “CUUMMMIIINNNNGGGGG!!!!” He shouted out loud, his back arching as he strove to fill her clenching ass with as much cum as she could take. She shuddered again in sympathetic connection, her mind overloaded with the primal feelings of a virile man filling her defiled ass, and loving every moment. When his cum finally spluttered to a halt he held still, the only sound being the deep rhythmic breathing as two bodies recovered from their lustful exertions.

He stroked her back slowly, his fingertips feeling the sheen of perspiration resting on her skin. “That was wonderful Matt.” She whispered. “Simply....wonderful! I can’t believe how amazing that felt, and why it’s considered such a distasteful thing to do. Right now I’m kicking myself for not trying that years ago, and that’s the last fucking time I let do-gooders tell me what is or isn’t acceptable!”

Matt couldn’t help but laugh at her passionate assessment. “It’s kinda strange isn’t it?” He agreed. “Mom says the Greeks were doing it thousands of years ago when they worked out anal sex can’t get you pregnant. I wonder why things changed so much between then and now?”

He eased back until his spent cock was dangling against his leg, and savoured the decadent sight of the woman still spread before him, now with cum oozing freely from both her recently fucked holes.

“I think I need a shower if that’s ok. Would you like to join me?” He asked.

“I probably should.” She replied, still slumped on the table and seemingly unable or unwilling to move. “But right now I don’t think I could stand, let alone walk, and I’m enjoying feeling all wet and slippery inside. You go ahead, down the hall and last door on the right, but I might just stay here and catch my breath.”

“Can I get you anything?”

“There’s nothing I want that you haven’t already given me honey.” She murmured, and he smiled as he walked out and headed for a refreshing shower.

When he came back he wasn’t surprised to find she hadn’t moved, and he crouched down to kiss her cheek. “Feeling ok?” He enquired.

A satisfied grin spread slowly over her face as her eyes flickered open. “I’m feeling thoroughly fucked and loving every moment my handsome stud! You’re mother, and sister, are very lucky girls.”

He blushed and poured himself a soda, draining the glass in one long series of gulps before he refilled it. “Is there any of that champagne left?” She asked dreamily, and he retrieved the bottle and poured a glass as she struggled to stand. “Oh goodness, I’m going to be walking funny for the next few days.” She giggled.

They made their way to the den and collapsed into the soft couch, thoroughly spent for the moment at least. April looked at Matt with a strange expression on her face. “You could make an absolute fortune teaching men how to make love to woman.”

He looked at her in wonder. “That was random! How do you figure I could do that?”

“Like I told you before, I was pretty wild when I was around your age, and I’ve never had anyone give me such a mind-blowing fucking. You should think about it Matt. I don’t know how you’d market it, but I think you’d have a brilliant future as a sex coach!”

He laughed at her unusual concept, wondering briefly if there was some way he could convert it into a career. No doubt there were worse things he could do for a living! He glanced at the wall clock and smiled at April. “I probably should call Mom and get her to pick me up before Dad’s wondering what I’m doing.”

“So soon?” She protested, but with a tender smile. “I was hoping you could stay for the weekend.”

“I think we both know that was never going to happen April.” He grinned in reply.

“Typical man.” She continued. “Give a girl a taste and then leave her hanging. But, I guess you’re right.”

He called Carole who of course wanted all the details there and then, which he neatly side-stepped, and she told him she’d be over soon.

April was looking at him with a mixture of satisfaction and regret. “So.....was this a once only thing.... or is there a chance we it again?”

This was the question Matt had been dreading, and he had considered several replies without coming to a firm conclusion. So he looked her in the eyes and took a breath. “April, this has been a fantastic experience, and I want you to know I’ve had a really great time.”

She interrupted him. “Sounds like this is a let-the-girl-down-gently speech.”

He shook his head vehemently. “Would I like to see you again? Absolutely! Do I want it to be a regular thing? Absolutely not!” She looked understandably confused, so he hurriedly went on. “Look, making love with you is amazing and I’d be happy to do it again, and that’s the Gods honest truth. In fact, if we were to do this a second time I think it would be even better. But, I’m not comfortable with sneaking around, and sooner or later we’d get caught for sure. It could be a nosey neighbour who sees me coming and going when your husband’s not here, or he could come home early for some reason. I’m just a kid, and I don’t want to be responsible for you and your husband getting divorced. So, how about this? I think you could be a take-charge kind of woman if you wanted, and maybe your husband just needs a reminder of what he’s missing out on. When he gets home maybe you should get him loaded and jump him, and do it in a way where he knows you’re not gonna take no for an answer. And if you want to hook up with me every once in a while, I’d have no problem with that as long as you’re sure we’re not gonna get caught.”

She considered this for a few moments, absorbing the wisdom that came from one so young, and accepting it made perfect sense. “I can live with that.” She replied simply, before giving him a sexy grin. “But if Phil needs some lessons would you be prepared to help?”

He laughed at the mental image of coaching her husband as he fucked her. “Maybe I’d better pass on that, for now.”

Her hand snaked across the leather and softly gripped his flaccid cock. “Did Carole say how long she’d be?”

He shook his head as her hand started stroking. “Nope. She just said she’d come straight over.”

Her head dipped until he could feel her soft breath on his stiffening flesh. “Then I’d better stop wasting time!” She replied, before her lips touched his glans and her mouth opened. Matt lay back and enjoyed having her take control for the first time, her lips and tongue working together to bring his beautiful cock to attention, before she tasted the first oozing drips of clear fluid. “Mmmmm!!!” She moaned around a mouthful of shaft, sliding her head up and down gently to coat his flesh with saliva. He wondered briefly if he was ready to go again, until his nerve endings told him anything was possible.

She broke contact and extended her hand, pulling him to his feet before dropping to her knees and taking up where she had left off. One hand wrapped around the base of shaft, jacking it slowly as the other fondled his ball sac, feeling his testicles moving in their pouch. Mmmm......MMMMMM!!!” She moaned again, sending tiny vibrations rippling through his core. His hands followed their own path, resting softly on her head as her actions became more urgent and intense; her desire clear despite having enjoyed his cum twice already.

She paused for a moment, rocking back on her heels as she gazed up at him with a string of clear fluid suspended from her lower lip. “I want you to cum all over me Matt. If this is the last time I see you for while, I want something to remember you by. You’ve fucked my cunt better than anyone has ever done, you’ve taken my ass for the very first time, and the final thing I ask to have your cum all over my body. Will you do that for me honey? Will you fuck me mouth as hard as you need and spray your gorgeous cream all over me?”

He grinned down at her. “I think I can do that!”

Before he knew it she had him back in her moist mouth and was sucking him as though the world would end any minute. Her mouth was exquisite, perhaps even better than Carole’s, such was her driving need. He felt her hands rest on his butt, and then grip him as she used them to pull her body forward, jamming his cock deep into her throat. “Arrrggghhhh!!” He groaned. “Holy...fucking.... shit!!!”

She drew back and pushed forward again, allowing him to feel the pressure of her throat opening against the sensitive skin on his glans. Again and again she rammed against him, and he struggled to believe he was already approaching climax, and it would be massive. His hands gripped the strands of her hair and he started fucking her face, feeling her action slow to allow him to take control. Knowing she wanted it hard and fast he complied, slamming his cock deep into her throat again and again. She maintained her grip on his ass, making sure every inch of his shaft found a moist welcome inside her, until his balls tingled and his cum started pumping.

He thrust his hips backward, just managing to clear her lips as the first rope pulsed through his slit and sprayed across her nose. “Ohhhh.....FUUCCCKKKK!!!” He groaned as he jacked his dripping shaft firmly, willing his eyes to remain open so he could direct the flow. Three spurts saw her face almost covered so he aimed higher and blew a string into her hair. A drop in aim was intended for her breasts but caught the edge of her jaw instead, causing him to grin as it hung suspended like a liquid necklace. The next shot was bang on target, splattering across her breast and leaving little beads seemingly glued to her extended nipple. Her other breast received similar treatment but, after two satisfying cums earlier, his flow started to dwindle until he was finally done. He staggered backward until he felt leather behind his calves and collapsed back onto the couch, unable to even release his grip on his softening cock. His chest rose and fell as he breathed deeply, gazing at April who hadn’t moved a muscle, but remained on her knees with a dreamy smile parting her cum-coated lips.

Her hands moved up and a slim finger carefully wiped each eyelid before they opened. “Wow. Now that’s what I call a cum-bath honey. I can’t believe how much you came, given what you pumped into me earlier. That was fucking awesome!”

“You can say that again.” Matt chuckled. “But if you’ve got anything else in mind, I’m done!”

“I think I’m about the same Matt, but that was a very pleasant way to finish!” She laughingly assured him.

“Ummm, can I get you a washcloth or something?” He asked as the doorbell rang.

“NO WAY! I’ll have a shower before bed but I’m leaving this wonderful stuff where it is until then.”

She surprised him by walking naked to the door, checking through the side curtain before she opened it. “Hey Carole. I don’t think I want to give him back to you.”

“Hey yourself.” Carole laughed. “And looking at you, I don’t think I need to ask if you kids have had fun this morning.”

April stroked Carole’s hand as she smiled. “I’M....SO.....FUCKING....JEALOUS! But I do want to thank you so much. If had a man like this, I wouldn’t let him out of the house!”

“He is pretty special April, BUT I AM TAKING HIM HOME.” She laughed.

“Ok, you can’t blame a girl for trying. Sorry Matt, it looks like you’d better get dressed honey.”

Matt grinned as he watched the interchange between the two women. He slipped his clothes on and packed his backpack, slinging it over his shoulder as he headed for the door. April was a picture he wouldn’t forget for a while, standing naked with cum patches drying on her skin. He kissed her lips tenderly. “Thanks April. It’s been a special day.”

She smiled up at him. “I think the pleasure was all mine honey, but I hope you enjoyed it half as much as I did.”

“No doubt about that!” He assured her and walked down the drive to the car.

Carole slid behind the wheel and grinned across at him. “So honey, did you take good care of my BFF?”

He smiled slyly across at her. “Like I told you before Mom, a gentleman never talks about what goes on behind closed doors.”

“Damn. We taught you too well!” She giggled, and put the car in gear and headed for home.

********************************** THE END *************************************

As you can see this is where I’ve decided to let my story rest. I could continue and I’m sure I’ll receive posts and PMs asking me to do precisely that, but I have two reasons for ending the my simple tale here.

Firstly, I tend to lose focus if I’m not developing a story, and my writing suffers accordingly. Sure, Matt and Jim could continue enjoying Carole and Cassie, but in what new ways? The three parts have transpired in a couple of short weeks so it would be hard to introduce the children to the downstairs dungeon now. And Matt has his standards so I can’t see him having a change of heart and fucking April every weekend, or accumulating a harem of middle-aged ladies whose husbands neglect their needs.

Secondly and perhaps with more importance, I’ve had a mental outline for a new story in the back of mind for some time, and as I wrote this chapter I kept drifting to my new outline. As my writing has evolved I have become increasingly interested in writing a different kind of story, that incorporates virtually every aspect of my previous works. From the raw action of “Mom Wants to Be My Cum-Bucket” to the loving relationships of “I Can’t Resist My Neighbour – Or Her Teenage Girls.”

I want to cover every category on this site from Anal to Watersports, excluding scat and snuff, but using each carefully and not to excess. I believe this will allow every chapter to escalate to a level above the previous one, and will hopefully have you clamouring for more, but that is up to the readers. As always, your feedback and PMs are welcome regardless of whether they are positive or otherwise, and please vote if you enjoyed this conclusion.

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