Ms. Whitman goes after a new boy she's had her eye on, Robbie.
Robbie - Part 1

Charlie and I continued our fun for the next couple of weeks. Eventually, however, I felt that if we kept sneaking around together that someone would get suspicious, so I told Charlie that it would be best for us to stop seeing each other at least for now. It was hard to tell and convince him of this, but he too realized that it was for the best.

The bright side of ending my sexual relationship with Charlie was that now I could have another boy lover. And someone I was developing a bit of a crush on over the past week or so was a boy named Robbie. Robbie was 13 years old and was just about my height. He had tan skin, green eyes and very blonde hair. He wore his hair in a way that I found sexy of boys to wear. It was that length that was slightly long all around and had that swerve to the right, but almost always had it covered by a green fitted hat he wore. He was in good shape for his age being on the baseball team. I had watched him practice sometimes and I found it very hot to watch him play ball in that sexy baseball uniform, especially when we wore that black face paint underneath his eyes.

I knew it would be hard to make my move on Robbie being in the same class as Charlie, but I found my way around it. Don’t get me wrong, I very much cared for Charlie aside from the great love making he gave me. He was a very sweet and smart boy, but the fact of the matter is that I’m a woman and I have needs that can only be filled by boys. And I needed my fair share of boys. Robbie was a different type of boy than Charlie. I love all different types of boys, but Robbie seemed like the type of boy that could take charge to some extent and really make me feel like a woman. He was popular in school and as a result had a lot of confidence.

I actually had my eye on a different boy at the time that I wanted to pursue named Riley. However, Riley had a girlfriend and as much as I wanted him, I was not going to stand in the way of that. I may be a bad person at times, but I am not one to end or interfere with a relationship. I would simply have to wait for Riley, but I figured that wouldn’t be anytime soon because his girlfriend was a girl named Katie who was very hot and quite popular.

Anyway, back to Robbie. I had to find a way to talk to him by ourselves without Charlie seeing and getting jealous or anything like that. I figured that the best way to do this was to “run into” Robbie after one of his baseball practices after most of the other students had already gone home for the day. Robbie’s grades had been slowly going down, so this would be the perfect opportunity to inform him of this and tell him that we would need to do some tutoring.

After school, sure enough Robbie was attending baseball practice with his team while I pretended that I was doing some type of paperwork when in reality I was watching Robbie play the entire time. God, he looked so damn hot sweating and being the star of the team. At one point Robbie hit the ball really far and I almost stood up and cheered for him, but that probably wouldn’t have been wise, so I controlled myself.

Eventually practice was over, so as the team was walking back inside the school to the showers I approached Robbie.

“Mr. Watkins.” I called out, which was Robbie’s last name, by the way.

Robbie turned and saw me.

“Hi, Ms. Whitman.” He said.

“Hello, Robbie. There’s something I need to discuss with you about your grades.”


“Uh-oh is right. It appears your grades have been going down the last few weeks.”

“Yeah, about that, I’ve been focusing a lot on baseball lately and practice has been harsh, so I haven’t had much time to study.”

“Well, Mr. Watkins, I hope you are aware that your grades are more important than baseball and in order to stay on the baseball team you have to maintain a certain grade point average.”


“Well, at the rate you’re going, I don’t think you’ll continue your fun on the baseball team for more than a week or so.”


“Yes, oh. Since I know it would be very undesirable for you to be kicked off the baseball team, it would be in your best interest to get a tutor to help with your grades.”

“Ugh. Okay.”

“Find a tutor and improve your grades and you’ll be fine.”

“Would you tutor me, Ms. Whitman?”

“Robbie, it is my job to make sure students such as yourself succeed in school and become outstanding citizens in society to help improve the world.”

There was a moment of silence.

“So… is that a yes?” Robbie asked confusingly.

“That would be a yes, Robbie.”

“Cool. Thanks, Ms. Whitman.”

“You’re welcome. Let me know when you can start and I will help you.”

“Well, since practice is over I can start now.”

“I think it would be best for both of us if you hit the showers first.”

“Oh yeah, I guess that would be good.”

“Well, go on and I will see you in my office in 20 minutes.”

“Sounds good.”

Robbie headed to the locker room and I wondered how I was able to keep it so cool look at Robbie in his most sexy form: in his baseball uniform, sweating and about to get naked and clean his body. I went to my office and waited for Robbie. Robbie arrived a few minutes late.

“Mr. Watkins, you’re late.” I told him.

“Sorry, Ms. Whitman. I just wanted to make sure I was clean enough.”

Robbie was clean enough. He sat next to me and I caught a whiff of a whole bunch of scents. There was his hair which smelled like lovely shampoo, his body smelled like that gel type of body wash and his deodorant was something of an Irish spring. His hair was still wet from the shower and he was squeaky clean. He smelled and looked lovely.

I helped Robbie on some of his work for the next half hour or so and he really did seem to begin to understand and do better on it. It was difficult to not eyeball him why he was working, but I understood that his education should come first.

“Well, Robbie.” I said. “You really do seem to be doing better after just 30 minutes.”

“Yeah.” He replied. “I feel like I am starting to get it now. Thanks for tutoring me, Ms. Whitman.”

I placed my hand on Robbie’s thigh and said, “You’re so welcome.”

Robbie looked down at my hand and then to my eyes.

“Since you’ve done such a good job today, Robbie, I think it’s fair that you get a little reward for your hard work.”

I moved my hand further up his leg and Robbie took a deep inhale.

“I’ve been watching you, Robbie. When you play baseball I can’t help but look and think how hot you are when you play.” I gently caressed Robbie’s face with the side of my hand.

“I’ve been watching you too, Ms. Whitman.” He told me.

“Have you now?”

“Yeah. I watch you all the time during class and you’re so beautiful I almost can’t stand it.”

Robbie was being honest and straight forward; I liked that.

“Well, a compliment like that deserves a kiss.”

And with that, I placed my lips gently onto Robbie’s and began kissing him. Our kiss got deeper as the seconds went on, to the point where Robbie gambled and stuck his tongue gently into my mouth. Obviously, I gladly accepted and returned the favor. I then grabbed Robbie’s crotch and began rubbing through his pants.

“I can’t believe this is happening.” Robbie whispered.

“Believe it, Robbie.” I told him. “It’s happening.”

Robbie leaned his head back as I rubbed the front of his pants.

“Tell me, Robbie. Do you ever jerk off to me?”

Robbie was entranced by the sensations he was feeling, but managed to get out, “Yyyyyes.”

“Well, you don’t have to anymore, Robbie.”

Robbie lifted his head up and I stood up. His pants had a huge tent in his pants and I could tell that I was going to have a good time with that. I took Robbie by his hardened cock and brought him to his feet.

“Undress me, Robbie.” I ordered him as I lifted my arms.

Robbie wasted no time and began lifting my shirt above my head. He placed my shirt on my desk and moved to my feet. Each shoe was removed, followed by each sock. He then unbuttoned my jeans and slowly brought them down to my feet, which I then stepped out of. I was now wearing nothing but my bra and panties. Robbie took a step back and gazed upon me.

“You’re not finished yet, Robbie.” I said as I pointed to my bra.

Robbie came back over while I turned around for him. He unhooked my bra and let it drop to the floor. I turned around and revealed my tits to him. Robbie stared at them and was in a trance, but I snapped him out of it by pointing to my panties. Robbie got down on his knees and looked up into my eyes.

“Do, it Robbie.” I said.

Robbie slowly pulled my panties down to my feet and I stepped out of them. He was still on his knees and at eye-level with my shaved pussy, getting a good view. I set my hand under his chin and brought him up to his feet. I then brought him into another deep tongue kiss.

Our tongues were intertwined as Robbie instinctively put his hands on my ass and gently squeezed.

“This boy is going to be fun.” I thought to myself.

I gently pushed Robbie back and said, “My turn.”

I began lifting Robbie’s shirt over his head while he lifted his arms up. While his arms were in the air, I noticed that Robbie had a very tiny patch of armpit hair beginning to grow. That was kind of sexy. When his shirt was off I got my first look at Robbie’s torso. He had quite well defined abs for a 13 year old and couldn’t resist feeling them. I ran my hands very slowly up Robbie’s abs and felt the firmness of them.

“Very nice.” I told Robbie.

I then removed his shoes and socks from his feet, working my way to his pants. I was on my knees and unbuttoned his pants. I unzipped them and brought his pants to his feet, which he stepped out of. He was still hard as a rock and his dick was practically touching my nose. I removed his boxer shorts and finally gazed upon his throbbing cock.

It was a lovely cock. One of the best that I’d ever seen, now that I think about it. He was uncut and quite large for his age. It had to have been seven to seven and a half inches long. It was very smooth and he had a decent amount of pubic hair, mostly above his dick. His balls hung very nicely and a little bit of fuzz on them. His cockhead was covered by his foreskin, so I didn’t get a look at that yet.

I gave the tip of his dick a tiny, little lick and he shuddered. I then began licking my way up his abs and they tasted fantastic. I spent extra time gently biting his nipple and when I did, my tits were aligned perfectly with his dick. I got to his neck and began sucking on it, making sure to leave a hickey. I didn’t want anyone to know it was me, but I wanted everyone to know that someone had been there. I then kissed his chin and made my way back to his mouth for another kiss. We slurped for a moment or so and then I backed up and sat on my desk.

I opened my legs giving Robbie a good view of my wet pussy. Robbie didn’t even need to be told; he walked over to me and rubbed the head of his dick against my pussy lips. He then pulled his foreskin back and I finally got a look at his cockhead. It was very nice and big. After rubbing it on my lips, Robbie gently began pushing his dick inside of me. He was actually going a bit too slow for me, so I grabbed his ass and rammed him into me. It felt so damn good. I finally had Robbie’s cock balls deep inside my pussy.

My hips began to move slightly to give Robbie the idea and he then started thrusting into me. His eyes were closed as he was taking in the fact that he was fucking his English teacher in her office. I moved my mouth to his and we began making out as he fucked me. It felt indescribable to feel his big dick going in and out of my pussy. This boy knew how to fuck and he knew how to do it perfectly.

We continued like this for a few minutes and then I lay back while Robbie kept fucking me. He put his hands on my hips for leverage and started fucking harder. While doing this, I got a good view of his abs, which was a nice thing to look at while he screwed my brains out. I began squeezing my tits, but Robbie seemed to be the one who wanted to give me all of the pleasure and took over squeezing them for me.

Here I was getting fucking by my 13 year old student with a huge dick while he squeezed my tits in my office. This was almost Heaven. We kept our moaning down as there were still a few people left in the building, but Robbie knew exactly what he was doing which made me wonder if he was a virgin or not.

Robbie went back to holding my hips while he fucked me because he seemed to be getting close and wanted to thrust faster. I rubbed my hands up and down his abs while he fucked me and I could tell this was getting him off.

“I’m gonna cum in a second, Ms. Whitman.” He said.

“I want to taste your seed.” I told him as I pulled him out of me and got on my knees.

I grabbed his cock and began sucking him off. At this point, Robbie couldn’t control his moans anymore and was moaning quite loudly. My head bobbed up and down on his cock feeling his foreskin go back and forth. Boy, did that dick taste wonderful. I was licking his dickhead and caressing his balls while sucking him and he was seconds away from cumming. He grabbed my head and was pulling and pushing me onto his dick.

“Here I cum.” Robbie informed me.

I stopped sucking his dick and started jerking him because I wanted him to shoot into my mouth and I wanted him to see his teacher drink his cum. Robbie moaned and began shooting into my mouth. I tried to get all of his shots to land on my tongue so he could see and so I could taste it better. I managed to get most of it on my tongue, but the first 2 shots got to the back of my throat because the first 2 were very powerful shots of cum.

Tasting his cum did it for me and I began to orgasm myself getting the floor a little wet with my cum. Never had a boy been able to make me cum from the taste of his.

I ran my hands slowly up and down his torso and showed him his cum in my mouth. Robbie watched in awe as I then swallowed his cum and showed him an empty mouth. He tasted so good. I went back to giving his dick a few more hard sucks to get the last of his cum off his dickhead and I licked under his foreskin to get some out too. He groaned in ecstasy from his post orgasm.

I got up on my feet and wrapped Robbie’s face in my hands and told him, “That was amazing, Robbie. Just tasting your cum gave me an orgasm.”

Robbie wrapped his arms around my waist and replied, “You were incredible, too. I didn’t think I’d ever actually get to have sex with you.”

“Well, thank you.” I said. “I’d kiss you, but you probably don’t want to taste your cum in my mouth.”

Robbie must not have mind because he dove in and gave me a very passionate kiss. Our tongues were deep in each other’s mouths. I ended the kiss by licking Robbie’s lips and nibbling on his lower one.

“This was a great study session.” I told him. “I hope you enjoyed your reward, but remember, you need to keep your grades up.”

“I know.”

“A little incentive to keep in mind: you got to fuck me from just 30 minutes of good tutoring, so imagine your reward if you ace your next test.”

Hope you guys enjoy and keep reading. Thanks for the nice comments.

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