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Michael is an odd job man. Everyday, he and his little van travel the length and breadth of England looking for any type of work that was on offer. Despite being orphaned at a young age, he managed to look after himself, learned right from wrong and always had a smile on his face what ever situation occurred. His van was not only his workhorse, but also his bedroom too. Living rough did have its advantages, he paid no income tax, no rent, and he had no one dependent but himself. The disadvantage, were not being able to take a bath or shower whenever he needed too.
But there were always plenty of streams or rivers he could wash up in, so things were never to bad. Today, he was in Kensington, London, a real posh part of the capital where you wouldn’t get much change from half a million pounds when buying a house. Michael had a job in a swanky apartment removing a bookcase for a rather posh girl, who had acquired the two bedroom pad from a deceased relative. When Emma opened the door, she frowned at Michael because of his disheveled appearance.
“Yes, can I help you? she said, looking down her nose at him.
“Dawn till Dusk, nothings to big or to small. I can put it up or pull it down,” he replied, handing her his crumpled business card.
She let it drop to the floor as Michael handed it to her. “You’d better come in!” she opened the door widely and he stepped inside. She led him into the library, books were stacked waist high on the floor. Three walls were covered with mahogany shelving, the other had a desk with a reading lamp pushed up against it.
“Why are you wanting to remove such a beautiful piece of workmanship?” asked Michael, running his hand over one of the selves.
“I want to make this room into a nursery.” Emma seemed vacant for a few moments and stared into space. “That’s when my husband gets round to making me pregnant.”
“Oh, he doesn’t fancy idea of becoming a father, then?” It seemed a bit presumptuous of him, until Emma burst into tears.
“I can’t see how I’ll ever get pregnant, most of the time he’s in the Middle East, then he has a one night stay over before flying off somewhere else for weeks on end.”
“He must be one crazy son of a bitch. If I were married to top Totty like you, I’d keep you permanently happy and pregnant.” He laughed as Emma’s eyebrows disappeared into her hair line.
“You’re just saying that just to make me feel better, aren’t you?”
“No, I mean every word! I wouldn’t stride over you to sleep with Pamela Anderson, that’s for sure.”
Emma’s face flushed and she became all coy. “You’re a real charmer. I bet you say that to all the girls!”
“No, only the one’s I want to make love to.”
Emma shied away and left the room. Michael picked up his tool bag and started
ripping the bookcase from the wall.

An hours later, with the bookcase removed, Michael called out to Emma awaiting his payment.
Emma walked in wearing a dressing gown and towel around her head. “Finished already, my you’re quick!”
“Well, I don’t like to hang around once the job’s done.”
“Just give me a few moments while I get dressed, I must look a real sight,” said Emma, rearranging the towel on her head.
“You look fine,” replied Michael, staring at the shapely thigh protruding from her dressing gown.
“Do you real think so,” replied Emma, grabbing the lapels of her dressing gown and opening it like a bats wings.
Michael’s eyes almost fell out onto his cheeks. “Oh, fuck! I’ve died and gone to Heaven.”
“Fuck me, Michael, I want a baby. A desperate woman has to take desperate measures. I’ll pay you extra!” She was naked as a the day that she was born.
“This is what I call After Sale Service, that really is some ass!”
Emma dropped her robe to the floor and shook her hair free from the towel.
Michael wasted no time as he took her in his arms and planted a long lingering kiss on her lips. His hands were all over her, one squeezed her perfectly plump buttock, while the other fingered her tight shaven pussy. His mouth moved from her lips and down her perfectly form breasts, licking and sucking the firm orbs like they were made of delicate China. His tongue lapped downwards to her navel and carried on south till he reached her smooth shaven pussy. Her tiny slit was no bigger than the slot of a piggy bank, and the pinkness of her inner pussy glistened with his saliva as he lapped her juices. She raised a leg onto the seat of a chair, widening her hips to feel the full impact from his tongue. Michael gave her clitoris plenty of detailed attention, almost pulling it from her body with his pursed lips as his oral frenzy continued.
“Oh, Fuck me, Michael, fuck me!” she cried, pulling him up by the hair to kiss him again.
Michael stripped off his shirt as they kissed, before sliding his jeans to his knees.
Emma marveled at the size of his erection. “Oh, my, God! You’ll never get all that inside of me.”
“Don’t worry, babe. Pussies stretch, how do you think a baby gets out.”
Michael laid her on her back across the reading table, lifted her knees to her chest and guided his hard cock inside her. Emma winced as he drove it in forcefully, his balls slapping her buttocks with every forceful stroke.
“Kiss me, Michael, kiss me!” Emma pleaded, her arms reaching out to him.
Michael grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her forward. Like two rutting stags, their heads bobbed from side to side as they kissed forcefully. Emma straddled his waist with her long slender legs, lifting herself up to a sitting position as he pressed her back firmly against the wall. “Yeah, baby. Fuck my pussy real hard.” cried Emma in a frenzy. Her face contorted and she winced again as if in pain, then bellowed a long howling sigh as she erupted in to orgasm.
“Oh, God, I’m coming too,” cried Michael. But before he could pump his hot cum inside her, Emma’s hand pulled it from her wet pussy and swallowed every drop of cum he had. ”I thought you wanted to get pregnant, you won’t do it swallowing cum like that.”
“Neither will shooting your cum in my ass.” She had a wicked grin on her face as she handed him the cash for the bookcase job. “Same time tomorrow, I’m sure I can find something that needs seeing to.” Emma bent over the table and put two fingers in her ass.” How good are you with plumbing?”


2013-06-27 17:46:31
Well then you should. I'm pretty confident that you'll surely enjoy.


2013-06-27 17:46:25
Well then you should. I'm pretty confident that you'll surely enjoy.


2013-06-27 17:46:00
Well then you should. I'm pretty confident that you'll surely enjoy.

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2013-06-27 17:40:33
Lol, thougt it was a story about the movie "from dusk till dawn" , great movie. Your story is abit short dont know the rest because i didnt read

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