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Michael was in Essex. Gardening had never been one of his favorite subjects, but work was work and he needed the money. And lopping overgrown tree branches and general tidying of shrubbery was hardly rocket science, he thought. It was a sweltering hot day, there was very little breeze and the air was sticky and humid. MRS. O’Donnell explained what she expected him to do and went back inside the house to cool off.
Michael brought a pair of ladders from the roof rack and a large bow saw from the back of his van and set them down in the shade of a huge Popular tree. He stripped off his shirt before placing the ladder close to the first limp branch that sadly looked over the garden. The sharp blade of his saw made it look easy, as within minutes, the huge limb crashed to the ground sending a flurry on leaves high into the air. Michael wiped the sweat from his brow as he extended the ladder to higher level. As he climbed to the top, a high pitched wolf whistle echoed in the air. Michael noticed a rather attractive girl in her mid twenties hanging out washing in the next garden. He threw her a smile, which she returned.
“To hot for that kind of work,” she called out.
“Yeah, but it’s a nice day for it,.” he replied back.
She watched as Michael severed off the second branch.
“Would you like a cold drink or something?” she asked.
The girl pulled on her loosely fitted top, wafting the material to cool herself. Michael’s eyes where fixated on her breasts. He could see straight down her flimsy garment and it was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra.
“Or something sounds quite nice,” he mumbled, grinning.
He shook his head. “Nothing, a cold drink would be great!”
The girl disappeared into the house for a few minutes, returning with a pitcher of homemade Lemonade. She filled two glasses and passed one over the fence to him.
“Not seen you around this area before!”
“Never been around here before, got to go where the work is!”
“Jack of all trades, are you?”
“I can turn my hand to anything,” he replied, smirking.
“How are you with shower fittings? Our shower head only sprays out of half the holes, you have to run around in a circle to get wet.” She giggled wildly. “And I can never seem to find the right thermal settings.”
“I could take a look at it when I finish up here, if you like?”
“That would be great.” She wafted her top again and unfastened the top button of her cut down jeans. “God, it’s hot, I’m so hot and sweaty!”
“You certainly look hot to me,” he said, tossing her a sexy wink. Michael drank the Lemonade in one go, then continued lopping the rest of the branches.

Around noon, Michael had finished the garden work and was tying the ladders back on to his roof rack when the young woman appeared at her front gate.
“I tried the shower again just a few minutes ago and it seems to have gotten worse.”
Michael got his tool bag from the van and followed her inside the house.
“Probably Lime scale build up, it’s a common problem with showerheads,” he said, unscrewing it off. There was about a millimeter of Lime scale coating the inside of the showerhead. Michael scraped it off with the end of a screwdriver.
“There, that should do it!”
“What about the thermos?”
Michael manipulated the control dial as the water sprayed from the end. “There you are, good as new!”
“Why don’t you try it out? she suggested. “You do actually smell rather sweaty.”
“Why me? You look just as sweaty as I do.”
“Well, just in case you haven’t fixed the thermos properly, you can scald yourself half to death or freeze your tits off.” She giggled wildly.
She opened the airing cupboard and passed Michael a thick, fluffy bath towel, before leading him down the hall to a small bedroom. “You can use this room to change.”
“Are you sure about this? What if your husband comes home unexpectedly?”
“ I’m not married, I live my mother, and she won’t be home for ages.”

Michael wallowed under the hot shower. This had been the first decent one he’d had in ages. A welcome change from rivers and streams, he thought.

Back in the bedroom, he dried himself in front of a mirrored dressing table, flexing his muscles like a posing body builder.
Slowly, the bedroom door swung slightly ajar and a pair of eyes peered through the crack of the jamb.
Michael was unaware of his audience as he preened his genitals, admiring the thickness and length of his cock through the mirror. “Should have been a porn star,” he mumbled, gripping the base of his cock with his fist and shaking it like a policeman’s truncheon. “Come on you lucky women, come and get some of this!”
He heard a deep groan, followed by a muffled voice crying out as if in pain. Michael swung open the door to investigate and found the girl huddled on the landing with her hand down the front of her cut off jeans. Her face contorted and her eyes rolled and flickered like suffering a convulsion.
“Oh, God, what an orgasm!” Her eyes opened, she smiled at Michael, withdrew her hand from inside her panties, then pushed two sticky fingers into his mouth. “Taste that, better than honey from a bee.”
It took Michael a little by surprise, never the less, he lapped every drop of cum from her fingers.
“I can’t help masturbating when I see a guy naked. I must be addicted.”
There was an instant reaction when his swelling cock lifted the hem of his towel by several inches. Michael let the towel drop from his waist, grasped his cock and offered it to her. “Taste this, finest piece of meat that will ever pass your lips.”
Her eyes widened, she dropped to her knees, gagging as she tried to take the whole of his cock into her mouth at once. She wanked it intermittently while her tongue lapped at his hairy balls, making Michael groan with pleasure.
“Fuck me, Michael, fuck me,” she cried, tarring at her clothes. “I want this baby in all my holes.”
She bounced down onto the bed with her legs wide open, exposing the pinkness of her pussy. Her figure was shaped like a violin, slim at the waist, curvaceous hips and huge breasts that disappeared under her armpits when she laid down. He pulled her closer to the end of the bed and rammed his cock deep into her wet pussy. She moaned deeply as his forceful strokes stimulated the entrance of her womb.
“Oh, yes, baby. Push that fucker in hard!” Her hands slid round to his buttock, her fingernails penetrating deep into his skin. “Shoot all your cum onto my tits, Michael. I want to taste your salty juices.” She forced her huge breasts together, licking and biting the nipples till they stretched like elastic.
Michael’s face grimaced, before pulling out his cock and squirted his hot cum all over her body.
“Oh, my, God. You were ready for that, weren’t you, baby” There seemed no end to his orgasm, as his cum trickled down her body and amalgamated into a pool at her navel. She dipped four fingers into the stick liquid and pushed them into her mouth. “Mmmmm, all this vitamin C must be good for a girl. I’ve never felt better in my whole life.”
Michael rolled over onto the bed gasping for air. “I’m hungry, is there anything to eat in your fridge?”
“Take a look, I’m sure you’ll find something to titillate your tasted buds.”
Michael disappeared for a few minutes and returned with a can of squirty cream, a jar of glazed cocktail cherries and an unripe banana.
“Michael, do you have a sweet tooth, or are you going to be naughty?” There was excitement in her eyes.
Michael squirted the cream all over her pussy, placed a cherry on the top, then dipped the end of the banana into the cherry juice and pushed it into her ass.
“How’s that for a banana split?” he said, pushing the banana in and out of her ass slowly while lapping up the cream. “And this is what I call cream pie!”
She writhed and bucked as if having an epileptic fit when Michael push the banana up to the hilt. “Take out the banana and put your cock inside my ass,” she cried. “I’m not a vegetarian.” He didn’t need asking twice and responded at once. He flipped her over onto her stomach and forced his rock hard cock inside her squelchy ass. Within minutes, he came, squeezing out the last bit of cum from his arid balls.
“Wow, are you this good at everything that you do?”
“I’m not much good at hanging wallpaper.”
“What’s that got to do sex!”
“Well, you are going to ask me to decorate your bedroom, aren’t you?”
She had a wicked grin on her face. “Same time tomorrow then?”

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