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Michael had found an ideal camping site as he traveled the country looking for more work. In a dense wooded area, he pitched his tent by a lake close to a forest which was being cleared of dead or fallen trees to make way for new growth. He lit a camp fire and placed a frying pan with sausages onto the flames and added some mushrooms he’d found along the way, turning them slowly making sure not to burn them. It was a hot day and the coolness of the lake was a temptation he just couldn’t resist. After eating breakfast, he stripped naked and took the plunge. Michael swam several lengths of the lake before crossing over to the other side and pulled himself up onto the bank to Sunbathe. After a while, the blistering heat was too much to bear and he returned to the water, breaking the surface with salmon like leaps as he cooled himself again and again. Suddenly, an arrow swished by him, hitting the water with a splash before it surfaced right next to him. Michael scoured the tree line in the direction the arrow had come, but the dense undergrowth shielded any possible sighting of the culprit.
“You fucking idiot, you almost killed me!” he called out loudly.
Minutes later, a second arrow came from the tree tops and landed on the bank just in front of him. This arrow had something tied to it and he swam to the edge to of the water to retrieve it. He unrolled a piece of parchment attached to it and read the message. ‘I like what I see, just follow my signs’
He looked up towards the forest wondering if this was just someone playing a stupid prank, but curiosity got the better of him and he set off in pursuit after dressing quickly. The forest canopy blocked out much the Sunlight, creating a damp misty atmosphere all around him. Tree roots broke the surface of the soil, giving him the illusion of outstretched arms just waiting to gather him in and the undergrowth was so dense it was hard to find a pathway towards the direction of the arrows flight. He rested a while on a fallen tree and drank from a bottle he’d brought along with him. It was then he noticed smoke mingling high amongst the branches about a half mile to his right and the unmistakable aroma of cooking meat wafting through the air. Michael followed his nose and after a short while came to a clearing where a log cabin stood partially hidden behind a heaped mound of earth. A large fire burned red with flame, roasting some kind of large animal on an iron spit, fat dripping from its sizzling carcass.
“Hello, anyone home.” he called out loudly.
The sound of girly giggles echoed all around him.
“Are you the one who’s been shooting arrows indiscriminately in to the air?”
There was a rustling of leaves behind him and Michael spun around quickly to see what it was. Standing just a few feet away was a girl dressed like an Amazon warrior. She was wearing a thin loin clothe, a cross shoulder singlet made from some kind of animal fir and coarsely made sandals.
“Oh, fuck, have I just walked on to a movie set?” said Michael, laughing. “You’re not Zena Warrior Princess, are you?”
Her ice blue eyes feasted upon him as she slinked towards him like a stalking Cheetah, before throwing down her bow and arrows, hooking an arm around his neck and planting a hard passionate kiss onto his lips.
Michael looked stunned and broke from the kiss to get an explanation. “Who are you, what the hell is going on?”
“My name is Alliyah and we live here. We are the nymphs of the forest.”
“We?” Michael looked around when he heard the bushes rustling as two more women dressed in similar attire stepped out into the clearing.
Alliyah pointed to a tall, mean looking redhead carrying a crossbow. “This is Venus” she said, “and Arielle,” indicating to a shorter blonde girl carrying a basket full of berries and fruit.
The three women were mesmerized; staring at Michael in awe like he was the first man that they’d ever seen. Michael was impressed by how stunning and flawless each of the girls appeared. Alliyah had short dark hair, a perfect oval face with stunning ice blue eyes that pierced right through him like a knife. She had ample curves in all the right places and her skin looked soft and smooth as silk. Venus was the tallest of the trio, her red hair set aflame by the beam of sunlight casting over it. Her black penetrating eyes were embedded in a pale pear shaped face with a long neck molded to a slender frame that seemed never ending. Michael found her mysterious and amusing as she celebrated their meeting with a silly chant and dance. Arielle, however, was the smallest and more voluptuous of the trio and appeared to be a lot younger in years. Her blonde waist length hair looked like stands of gold spun from the Sun and her green captivating eyes glistened like her perfect white smile. Although Arielle looked the most innocent and shyest of them, it was she who looped Michael’s arm and took the initiative. “Hi, you’re just how I imagined,” she said, giggling like a teenager about to get her first kiss. “You’re tall and handsome with strong arms; just like the prophecy says.”
Michael’s eyes were riveted to her bronze cleavage, wondering why three amazingly beautiful women would be roughing it out in the woods. “Prophecy”, he said, laughing, “If I was meant to be here, then why did you shoot arrows at me and try to scare me away?”
Alliyah became their spokesperson. “Many have come before you to the forest, but only the chosen one is able to find us. This is how we know you are the one!”
“Come, we must make you comfortable before you quest begins.” said Venus, straightening the crossbow on her shoulder. “Share our meat, taste our fruit and anything else that you desire, you are the chosen one.” By her body language and the look in her eyes she wasn’t just referring to the food.
Arielle led the way to the cabin, her hips dancing wildly like some ancient ritual, knowing that finally the chosen one had arrived.

Wood nymphs had guarded this part of the forest for centuries, and yet, in their world there was no such thing as time. Wood nymphs were ageless; these three sisters were as one, three separate bodies sharing one single soul and with their gift of telepathy, they shared each others thoughts and feelings too. Michael had no idea what his quest would be or why he was really there at all, but with three beautiful women at his beck and call, he was going to relish every single moment.

They led him inside the log cabin; from the outside it looked quite small, but the room opened out under a rocky overhang that went far back into the hillside. The huge fireplace was filled with dried kindling and logs and a makeshift armchair carved from the trunk of a tree rested close to the hearth. There were flowery decorations scattered all around and four torches hung from the corners of each wall. Michael marveled at how homely it looked, but his main focus was on the comfortable looking bed in the corner that was covered in array of animal furs.
“Welcome to our humble home,” they said in unison.
Arielle place the basket onto the table as the others led Michael over to the bed and sat him down
“This bed is quite small for the three of you,” Michael remarked. “You must be really cramped together.” A pleasing thought entered his head and the girls giggled excitedly.
“We don’t really sleep here; our home is in the trees!” Arielle replied.
“We built this place for you,” Alliyah added, “We knew you would come one day.”
“Let me make you more comfortable,” insisted Venus, pulling off Michael’s boots.
Suddenly, Venus stopped what she was doing and stood up staring at Alliyah. ‘He may not be the one?’ she informed her mentally. ‘Just because he found us, doesn’t mean he is the prophecy.’
‘But how can we know for sure?’ Arielle thought, looking quite agitated. ‘He’s the perfect specimen.’
‘Then we must put him to the test,” Venus demanded, smiling. “Let’s see if her can perform as good as he thinks he can.”
The trio sat on the bed beside him. Suddenly, the bed seemed to expand half the size of the room as they clambered all over Michael to remove his clothing.
Arielle was the first of the trio to disrobe, her huge tanned breasts swung to and fro like a pendulum as she straddled over Michael’s waist, her eyes glistening with excitement as she read Michael’s thoughts. “Be gentle with me, I’ve never done this before,” she pleaded. “And yes, I am a virgin.”
Michael parted her pussy lips with two fingers and gently rubbed her clitoris.
Arielle sighed as she leaned backwards allowing his fingers to penetrate her moist opening. Venus fell off the bed as Michael finger fucked Arielle’s pussy hard, and Alliyah seemed to be having a tantric sexual convulsion as her face contorted with pleasure. “What the fuck’s wrong with those two?” Michael asked, pausing as he watched Venus squirming around on the floor and Alliyah’s eyes rolling as if having some kind of fit.
Arielle giggled. “We are connected physically, mentally and spiritually. We feel each others pleasures, pains and emotions.”
“Really; I fuck one of you and the others feel it too?”
Arielle nodded her head excitedly.
Immediately, Michael pulled Arielle forward, held the base of his cock firmly in his first and forced his pulsating knob into her tight pussy. There were cries, shrieks and moans from all three as Arielle slowly lifted then lower her pussy onto Michael’s rampant rod. Michael just lay back while Arielle did all the work, observing the strange but erotic behavior going on all around him.
“This is phenomenal; so, whoever I fuck in the ass, the others get the sensation too.” Michael cupped Arielle’s huge bouncing breasts and gave her all he had, pumping her pussy with short sharp strokes before shooting his hot sticky cum inside her. “Oh, my, God. Three at once, this is making me so damned fucking horny.”
Arielle was reluctant to move out of the way as Venus spread her long legs wide apart and assumed the doggy position. Alliyah had her back against the cabin wall, her hand grasping at her pussy as if tarring hair and flesh together, while her other hand mauled her breasts roughly. Michael looked at her and smiles, an in an instance, she laid in front of Venus, parting her pussy lips with her fingers, eagerly awaiting her wet tongue.
This must be a guy’s wildest dream, thought Michael, I just have to think of what I want them to do and they do it without question.
As soon as Venus lapped at Alliyah’s clitoris, the chorus of sighs and cries started all over again, and when Michael pushed his cock deep into Venus’s ass, all hell seem to break loose. Arielle was kneeling beside Michael stroking and cupping his balls as he pounded Venus in the ass, while she masturbated her own clitoris wildly. Venus had never felt such ecstasy before and had lost all control, biting Alliyah’s clitoris as if trying to tare it from her vulva. Alliyah was pulling on her nipples so hard the tips of her finger and thumb had gone white with pressure as her face contorted with orgasm. “I just love this thing called fucking,” she cried, continuing her clitoral ecstasy with her own hand.
“Oh, God, I’m cumming too!” Both Venus and Michael reach orgasm simultaneously. She collapsed in a spasmodic heap, twitching and rolling her eyes as if having a convulsion, whereas, Michael pulled his cock from her ass and shot his cum over her milky white buttocks. They all lay in a tangled heap, four sweating bodies totally spent of energy gasping for what little air was left in the room.
“That was so fantastic,” said Arielle, “can we do it all over again?”
“You three can go it alone for a while; I need to bathe in lake.” Michael gathered his clothes and bundled them under his arm.
“We will come with you, we often bathe there too,” Alliyah insisted, hooking his arm.

The Sun was hanging in the sky just above the horizon as they arrived at the waters edge. Michael soaped himself while the girls frolicked naked, swimming underwater like three deadly predators waiting to attack. Arielle’s head slow appeared from beneath the water, her huge breasts floating on the surface like giant water lilies.
“Take me with you when you go, things here will never be the same with out you.”
“Why would you want to leave the others?”
“Because I’ve fallen in love with you.” Arielle said, disappearing under the water. Michael felt her lips tugging on his foreskin and her hand wanking his cock back to stiffness. Venus appeared behind him, rubbing her pussy hard against him as she performed coitus on his thigh, but it was Alliyah who claimed the lions share; pushing both sisters away as she looped her arms around Michael’s neck and scissored his waist to take the full impact of his rampant cock into her pussy.
Suddenly, everything went black. A strong beam of light blinded Michael, and then disappeared as his eyes began to focus again. Three beautiful faces were looking down on him shrouded in white aprons.
“Welcome to the land of the living!” said the oldest of the trio.
“What the hell………?” Michael tried to get up but was restricted by several tubes and drips which impaled his body. “Where am I?”
“You’re in the Toxicology ward of the General Hospital. You’re a very luck boy!” said the tall, scary looking redhead.
“You where very close to death,” said the blonde, student nurse. “I sat by your bedside all night.”
“Had the wood clearers not seen your campfire, I’m afraid we wouldn’t be having this conversation.” The elder of the three women showed Michael a selection of fungi.
“The mushrooms you ate were poisonous toadstools. You really have had a lucky escape.”
The young nurse leaned over to fluff his pillows and help him lay more upright. Michael tried to avert his eyes but couldn’t help looking straight down her cleavage, and it was at that moment he noticed her name on her badge; Arielle Sinclair.
The tall redhead filled a syringe and ordered Michael to lift up the covers so she could inject him in the thigh. “Oh, my, God,” he cried, as her name badge came in to view; Venus Valentino.
She thought his outburst was because he was frightened to have the injection. “You’re not scared of a little prick, are you?” she asked.
The three women giggled like naughty schoolgirls.
“No, and I’m sure three beautiful women like you don’t go short of a little prick either.”
Their eyes widened and smiled. “Sounds like he’s well on the way to recovery!” commented the young blonde nurse. She tossed Michael a sexy wink when the other two weren’t looking.
As the doctor was about to leave, Michael called out the name, ‘Alliyah’.
She turned and stared at him surprised. “How do you know my name?”
Michael smiled. “Oh, just lucky, I guess.”
The doctor left and soon afterwards the staff nurse did too. The young blonde nurse sat in the visitors chair at the side of the bed and stared at him in awe. “Do you really sleep rough in that tatty old van?”
“Yes, I don’t have any family and I can’t afford to rent a place.”
She looked thoughtful and a smile spread across her face. “I have half a bed going spare; it’s yours if you want it?”
“Why would you offer to share your bed with a complete stranger?”
“But you’re not, you’re my wildest dream!”

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