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[ Part 3 ]
"Matt? What are-" Mom stopped when she saw that I was now halfway into her ass.
"Uh- Hi uh Mom..." I said, still shooting a little cum into her ass from earlier.
"What are you doing! You said that we can't!"
"I am sixteen now, I think it's alright." I said, not sure of what to do now that she was awake.
"Don't stop! Oh please, don't fucking stop!" I was now going in and out of her, she was right on the edge of an orgasm, when she stoped me.
"Let me see my son's dick." Yep, she's still horny. She took my rock solid dick and spat on the head.
"What are you-" I stopped when she took my entire length into her mouth. She was obviously enjoying it by the speed of which she was going.
"Does your son taste good?" I asked her. I don't know what I'm saying, ive seen it in pornos and stuff so I thought it fit.
"Mmm hmm.." She said, eyes clintched. She was about to have an explosive orgasm.
She started to grab my balls and gave them a tight squeeze, which hurt at first, but as she cumed, she slowly loosened her grip. She started to beath slower, her eyes where still shut but you could see some relief in them.
She stopped sucking, opened her eyes, and she looked at me with her beautiful, sparkling blue eyes, we both grew silent. I leaned in for a little kiss, but she had other intentions. She grabbed me and yanked my head to hers and we started to make out like teenagers who where madly in love. ur tongues inside each others mouths and everything.
I didn't know about her but I didn't want to stop. I tried to last as long as I could, but there was a knock on the front door.
"Matt? Are you home?" I recognized that voice, it was my hot Algebra teacher, Ms. S. She never told us students her last name, so she just said to call her Ms. S.
"Go upstairs, we'll finish this later." I whispered to Mom. She gave me a long kiss before grabbing her bra and panties and ran up the shag carpeted stairs.
"Hold on a sec, I'm coming!" I yelled out, trying to get my pants on.
I opened the door and saw that Ms. S. had on a real slutty skin tight dress that barley even covered her ass.
"What are you doing here so late?" I asked her, trying to cover my boner that still hadn't gone away from earlier.
"I wanted to chat, can you come to my car real fast? Don't worry we are just going to lean on the hood, I just need a smoke."
"Uh alright..." I said, following her while not taking my eyes off of her nice, young, maybe even virgin,ass.
She lit up a cigarette and said, "Do you want to go somewhere with me?"
"Where? Why? How long?" I said, not sure how to react.
"Maybe my place, to have fun for the night." She said. "It's not too late, it's 6:57."
"Let me check with my perants real fast." I said, running in through the front door, nearly tripping over my own feet as I ran up the stairs and down the hall to Mom's room.
"That was quick." Mom said, rubbing herself.
"Actually, she wants me to go with her to her house, maybe for some sex..."
"I'm pretty damn sure she didn't come all the way here to get you to have sex with her, but..." She paused. "I guess I'll allow it, if she does have sex with you, tell me how it was, and tell me who's better at sex."
I chuckled. "I will, love ya." I ran down the stairs just about as fast as I ran up them , and ran out the front door, and saw that Ms. S. was bent over, giving me a clear view of her ass. I could see she was going comando. Right as I saw that, my boner quickly came back, I tried desparatly to hide it before she turned around, but failed, she saw a huge buldge in my jeans and her eyes became huge.
"They said I could go. They never said when I had to be back." Ms. S. doesn't know my dad is dead, so I kinda hide it from not only her, but most of my friends and really, anyone I meet.
I hopped into the front seat of her car, and it was a nice car, it almost looked like she cleaned it up for me. Her car was really a truck and it was a '78 Chevy Bonanza C20 pick-up, it was a manual and it was really freaking awesome. I'm a huge fan of trucks, so this is nice.
She primed the engine by stepping down on the gas petal a few times, and the truck started without a problem. We where quiet most of the way there, I was admiring the beauty of the truck, and she was probably trying to hold herself from- you know- until we got to her place or something.
She finally broke the silence by asking my plans for the weekend.
"I dunno, I just planned on taking walks through the neighborhood, maybe take my drivers test, nothing major." I sort-of lied.
"That's it?" She asked.
"Yeah, I didn't plan on getting picked up by my Algebra teacher and going to her house, I didn't plan on a lot of things that have already happened." SHUT UP! My mind was telling me that I've already said to much, THINK OF SOMETHING THAT DOESN'T INVOLVE FUCKING YOUR MOTHER!
"Like what?"
"Just things..." I said, plainly.
"Sex?" She asked me.
"N-No, I don't even have a girlfriend right now, so who would I do it with? My Mom?"
[ End of Part 3 ]


2013-08-12 01:17:52
Spoiler: This is all a dream. Not Continuing. New series TBA.

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2013-07-09 02:11:33
I seriously hope that part four will be a hell of a lot better. This was worse than part two in my opinion,

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2013-06-30 02:00:14
thats 5 minutes ill nvr get back.

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