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Adriana sat on her bed, turning pages of the latest gossip magazine and sighed. It was summer for God’s sake and there was nothing to do! Turning fourteen about two weeks ago, she felt like she wasn’t a little girl. She felt like she could go out with her friends without always having to be pestered about her whereabouts. As she took a sip of water, she thought about all the things she could do in the big five bedroom house father and her lived in. She could maybe watch T.V., but was sure nothing good was on. She closed the magazine and put it on the nightstand beside her and covered herself with a thin white blanket.

Phil knocked on the door and soon scanned for his home key on his jangle of keys. He was a superintendent at a private school which had gave him a pretty heavy salary. He was content with his job at the moment but one thing was missing in his life.

A partner he could share his life with.

He missed having someone he could talk to and most of all fuck their brains out when he was horny. He soon found the right key and listened to the click when the key turned to the right, opening the door. The house was eerily quiet and he threw his briefcase on the sofa. His next destination was Adriana’s room. He took the stairs two at a time and opened Adriana’s door to find her sleeping. Phil asked himself why he was even worried, he knew that Adriana was a good girl even though she had her crazy teen moments.

He next went to his room and loosened his tie, his stomach sending out a desperate call for food. He was hungry but he also felt something else at the time. He was lonely and couldn’t remember the last time he had had sex. Adriana’s mother had died when giving birth to her so they were used to being him and her. She rarely talked about her mother or asked questions about her. Phil removed his dress shirt and his thoughts shifted to his little girl in the room next door.

A surprising feel overwhelmed Phil and he soon looked down to feel himself stiffening.

He palmed himself through his dress pants and marveled in the sensation, feeling as if all his problems had lifted off his shoulders. He mentally scolded himself and forcefully removed his hand from milking his cock as he felt a lace of pre cum on his boxers. He changed into his house clothes and sat down on his king bed.

Phil felt very horny and needed to release all his pent up sexual frustration and he realized there was only one person present who could help him. His precious daughter, Adriana. His mind wandered over to the conversation he had heard his colleagues talk about how they had fucked their daughters and forced them to have sex with them. He thought they were crazy but now he felt like a very big hypocrite because the possibility of him doing it was very high right now.

He once again palmed himself as he thought about Adriana’s luscious bottom and her size C tits. They were handful, he thought. He imagined himself fucking her from the side with his hand groping them. God, it was heavenly. Phil decided to make his imagination become a reality.

He tiptoed quietly to her room and closed the door behind very, very softly. He touched her face and took his finger to lift her eyelid. He let it fall and decided to make his move. She seemed to be in a deep sleep and this was the perfect moment. He gently and slowly removed the thin white blanker off of her and threw it on the ground. He climbed in the bed behind her and kissed her cheek. His hands wandered from her black hair to her buxom breast covered by her tight shirt. He lost himself and squeezed it, hearing nothing from his sleeping beauty. Phil went to the other and did the same treatment. He pushed the straps of her shirt down her arms and was now left with her bra. He unclipped it and the tits fall to his face. Her tits were a bit droopy due to the fact she rarely wore a bra, but it meant nothing to him. Phil kissed one and lightly bit it, thinking he was in heaven.

After getting tired with her boobs, he lightly put her on her back and kissed her mouth, wishing she could respond. Her lips were as soft as cotton as he continued assaulting her ever so pink lips. He squeezed her breast and dropped down once again to slobber on her tit, sucking it like a newborn baby would. Phil dropped down lower and removed the red short shorts that hid his treasure. He was left with her panties, which he removed eagerly. Phil glanced at her to see her knocked out like someone who was drugged. He shrugged and decided to give himself some time to look at the black mound his daughter was sporting. He could see she never thought about cutting down there but it didn’t mind him in the least bit. He parted her pussy with his fingers to see her hymen intact. Boy, he couldn’t wait till he drove himself deep in her chamber.

He let his finger wander over the round nub of joy and felt a slight movement from her. He did it again and he swore she opened her legs on her own. Phil could give a rat’s ass whether she moved now all he cared about was getting himself in her. He sniffed her mound and it smelled so good, he never wanted to leave the bushy black forest. He licked her pussy, reveling in its sweet tangy taste. She tasted so good he couldn’t wait for her to milk him dry. He went back up and serenaded her tit’s a bit and gave her a French kiss.

He freed himself and watched how his cock stood straight as rod as thought about his daughter. He put her on her side once again and got behind her as he loved this position. He opened her legs and put a leg over his thigh. His seven inch cock throbbed painfully as he massaged her pussy and he thought he heard her wince.

He spat on his hand and applied the saliva to his daughter’s unexplored cunt. He slid himself up and down her cock a couple times and decided to cut straight to the chase. He entered her with one stroke and felt her hymen tear. She let out a cry but her eyes were still closed. He moved slowly but her eyeids opened to reveal a pair of green eyes looking down at him. He kept rubbing her nub while she continued screaming for him to stop.

Phil looked at her and covered her mouth. He was way to far in to stop and if he had to force her, he would do just that. She was so tight and he never wanted to leave her golden pussy. He left her pulsing pussy to grope her tit as she closed her teary eyes in pain. He didn’t care and he would talk very soon about this with his daughter.

He stretched her leg further back and his seven inches were completely in her. He kept hitting her pelvis and her screams against his mouth grew louder. Phil knew he wouldn’t last very long and kept pumping in and out of her at a very fast speed. His balls slapped against her ass as his strokes grew faster by the minute. He stopped and cummed in her, allowing his loads of baby making cum shoot into her tight channel. When he thought about it, he wouldn’t mind a little one running around the place.

Phil stayed deep in her and removed his hand from her mouth. She gave him a heated stare and got up a little to look at her extremely sore pussy. She had never even taken the time to look down there and she winced as it looked like a red mess and blood was everywhere.

“How could you, Dad? You raped me. I thought you loved me,” She said tearfully.

He looked at her with caring eyes. “Sweetie, when two people love each other, they have sex. And that’s what we just did. And I loved it.”

“Oh cut the crap, Dad. I don’t love you like that and I could call the cops.”

“And that you will not do.” Phil said, giving her the coldest look one could give to their daughter.

“Now listen, young lady. I love you and you love me. We will continue this and nobody will ever know. Now if somebody were to know I would punish you very, very badly. I’m sure you wouldn’t want that. So, you better watch that mouth of yours.”

“What if I get pregnant? What am I gonna do?”

Phil was prepared for that question. “It’s okay, sweetheart. I could home school you and I’m sure you would enjoy having a child, wouldn’t you?”

“I hate you.”

“I love you too.”

They both went to sleep, Phil had vivid dreams. He woke up around six and was happy it was Saturday as he would bang his favourite girl very well today. He woke her up and told her to go to the shower. She had no choice but to comply as she went to the shower and stood under the hot water. Phil surprised her and kissed her neck. He could feel she was tense and told her to bend over. Phil surprised her more by entering from her back there. It hurt badly at first since she was very sore down there, but five minutes later she felt so good. She got his hand and put it on her pussy and he continued pumping in and out of her. They both came together, Adriana becoming more and more okay with their relationship they were having.

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