Little sister wants to be like big sis and do the things she does.
The publishing rules say that everyone in these stories has to be at least 16 so even though the story is totally fiction, everyone in it is at least 16. Enjoy.


Many people said that Beth was the cutest little girl in the whole neighborhood. Beth had just had her (16) birthday. She was 4'11" and weighed 90 pounds. She had shoulder length light brown hair that had just a little bit of natural curl. Beth still wore a training bra to cover budding little boobies. They were small but they were high and firm. It looked like someone had cut a tangerine in half and placed the halves on her chest.

Beth loved to play. Indoors she played with her dolls and played computer games while outdoors she liked to play hopscotch and jump rope as well as swim. She had a very bubbly and happy personality and everybody liked her.

Beth had one sister. Judy was a little more than four years older than Beth. She was 5'4" and weighed 110 pounds. Judy had shorter and darker hiair. She already had a nice set of C-cup tits. She was sort of a tomboy.

Beth's family was middle classed and lived in a nice middle class neighborhood in a four-bedroom house on a half-acre lot with an inground pool that both girls loved. Both her mother and father worked in professional level jobs. They both got home from work at about six. The girls were now old enough to be home alone from after school till their parents got home. One rule was no going in the pool when no adults were home. Another was no boys at the house when the adults were not home.

One day Beth had gone to her friend's home for a while after school but come home early after they had had a little bit of a fight over one of their games. When she walked into the house, she did not see her sister anywhere. Then she heard noises in the back yard so she went to the patio doors.

Judy was there with her boyfriend Rick, in the pool. Beth was just about to yell at them about breaking the rules and threaten to tell Mom and Dad when she noticed that their clothes were on the chairs and they were both naked. Rick was a good-looking boy. He was about 5'9" and weighed probably 135 pounds. He was a year older than Judy.

Rick was sitting on the side of the pool with his feet in the water, leaning back braced with his hands on the pool deck. He looked like he was looking up in the air. Judy was standing in about four feet of water. She was between his wide spread legs. His boy thing was standing up in the air and Judy had her mouth over the end of it. As Beth watched, Judy slid her mouth up and down on Rick’s thing. It was probably about five inches long and when Judy went down on it, most of it went into her mouth.

Judy bobbed up and down on it for a couple minutes as Beth stood there and watched. Then Rick groaned, sat upright, put his hands behind Judy's head and held her still. Rick's hips jerked several times and Beth heard him saying, "Oh fuck yes, suck my cock. Keep sucking. I'm cumming. Yes!" Judy coughed and thick white stuff ran out of the corner of her mouth, ran down her chin and hung off it like an icicle. Rick let go of Judy's head and she lifted it up. He scooped up the icicle with his finger and pushed it into Beth's sister's mouth. She sucked it off his finger. Rick stood up and his thing, he had called it a cock, hung down between his legs.

Rick dove in the water and the two swam around for a minute. They stopped in waist deep water. Rick stood behind Judy. He reached around her and cupped her tits in his hands. He squeezed and rubbed them and pinched her nipples. Judy moaned and lay her head back against his shoulder. Then she turned and pressed her tits against his chest and they kissed for a long time. "Suck it some more and you'll get me hard again and we can fuck." Judy replied, "We better not. I don't know how soon Beth will be home." They walked over to the chairs, picked up towels and dried off. Beth ran to her room.

The next few days, when she was alone, Beth spent a lot of time on the computer learning more about what she had seen. She searched cock, cock suck, fuck and more words that were new to her. There were thousands of web sites. Some were like news stories about what had happened to people, but most were stories or movies of people having all kinds of sex. None of them were with girls her age even though in some of the ones about Asian girls, the girls had bodies a lot like hers. Most were with women from a little older than her sister to her mother's age and some even older. Most were with men from the same age to much older, like her grand-father. Sometimes there was more than one man. Most of the men had cocks that were a lot bigger than Rick's. Beth did not think that they would fit in her mouth or in the little hole between her legs. But she felt funny down there when she thought about doing it.

Another search she did was about virginity and first time sex. She found all the clinical articles as well as stories and videos. She learned that there was pain when her cherry would be broken. Sometimes it was said to be moderate and sometimes very painful. And she learned that she would bleed. Some of the videos showed the younger girls screaming in pain when a cock first went into their cunt. She would cry and beg for him to take it out. But each time, after a couple minutes, the pain went away and she ended up enjoying being fucked. When his cock finally came out there was always a trace or more of her blood on it.

Beth did not want her first time with a guy to be an unhappy time so she used her hairbrush handle to break her own cherry. It did hurt and she did bleed quite a bit but she was happy to get it over with so her first fuck would be more enjoyable. She wanted to be like her older sister.

The next time Rick came over, he and Judy went straight to her room. Within ten minutes, Beth heard sex noises coming from her sister's room. She had now watched enough porn to know what she was hearing. She went to her sister's room and pushed the door open just enough to see in. Judy and Nick were naked. Judy was on the bed with her ass on the edge. Nick was on the floor between her legs and his face in her muff. Judy moaned, grabbed the sheets and rolled her head back and forth as Nick brought her to an orgasm. Beth reached down and rubbed herself between the legs.

Then Judy moved up on the bed and Nick got on also. Beth saw his hard cock. It was smaller than any she had seen on the computer but she thought it looked wonderful. "I can take that. If Judy can take it, so can I" she thought. She watched Nick pound her sister's pussy for several minutes before he pushed fully into her and froze. He groaned and jerked several times as he shot his load deep into her love tunnel. Then he pulled out and hurried up to Judy's face where she put his wet cock back into her mouth and sucked it clean. Beth went back to her room and rubbed herself till it felt good.

Over the next couple of weeks, Beth watched them four more times. She looked forward to Nick coming over so she could watch them fuck. Beth started hatching a plan that would get Nick to fuck her too. She took pictures of Nick and Judy so she could blackmail them into letting Nick have sex with her by threatening to show the pictures to her parents. She loaded them into a file on her computer.

One day she got into her sisters e-mail account after learning the password. She e-mailed Nick to come over at three thirty. She knew that Judy was working on a project for school at her friend's house and would not be home till that evening. Beth had her plan in place.

At three thirty the doorbell rang. Beth opened the door and Nick came in. "Where's Judy?", Nick asked. "She said that she would be a little late and that you should wait. Do you want a soda?" Beth got two glasses of soda and they sat on the couch. Beth was nervous but she was excited about putting her plan into action. She had the photo file all pulled up on her computer so she could show the fuck and suck pictures to Nick to get him to co-operate.

After a few minutes, Beth looked at Nick and said, "I have seen you and Judy fucking." To her surprise, Nick replied, "I know. We have seen you watching us and rubbing your little girl pussy while you watched. I also know that Judy is at Tina's house and will not be home till after supper. Why did you ask me to come over?" Beth was in shock but after a minute she blurted out, "I want you to fuck me too."

"You know that you are only (16) and I'm eightteen. Are you sure that you are ready to have sex?" "I can do anything that Judy can do and I want you to fuck me." "Do you know that it hurts the first time?" "I know that so I broke my own cherry a couple weeks ago." Beth reached for Nick's zipper but he took her hands and stopped her. "If you are sure that you want to do this, I want to do it right and make sure you enjoy it. Kiss me first."

Nick leaned over and touched his lips to Beth's. He held a gentle kiss for nearly a minute. He rubbed his tongue aver the outside of Beth's lips as they kissed. Nick reached out and slid his hand under Beth's shirt and onto her nearly flat chest. Beth had a small chest but it still felt good and exciting to have it touched by another person. Her pussy tingled. Nick pulled Beth's shirt up and over her head leaving her topless in front of a boy for the first time. He pushed her back against the arm of the couch and bent forward. He licked her little bumps and sucked on her developing nipples. "Oh, that feels nice. Don't stop, Nick. Don't stop."

Nick unzipped his pants and freed his already erect cock. He took Beth's hand and put it around his pole. She thought to herself that it looked bigger up close. "Stroke it up and down. How does it feel?" Beth gasped at the first feel she had of a cock. "It feels nice. It's so hard on the inside but the skin outside is so soft and I like the way it slides up and down over the inside." "Do you want to kiss it now, Beth?" "Oh yes I really want to put it in my mouth just like Judy does and like all the girls that I have watched on the computer. Are you going to make it shoot in my mouth?" "I will if you want me to."

Nick put his hand behind Beth's head and pulled her down to his prick. There was a drop of pre-cum on the tip when her lips first went around his cockhead. She tasted it and thought that it tasted salty but nice. She was excited and licked all around it. Nick stopped her and removed his pants and shorts. Then he pulled her back down. "Put as much of it in your mouth as you can. Hold your lips tight around it and suck while you move your head up and down. Suck my cock. Show me that you can do it as well as your sister does." Than thought excited Beth and she drove her head forward, trying to take all of him into her mouth. It hit the back of her throat and she gagged. "Go slow Beth. Just do what you can. You'll get better at it with practice."

Beth moved her head up and down with about half of Nick's five inches in her mouth. Nick told her what a good job she was doing and how good it was making him feel. "You're as good at sucking cock as your sister is." She really was not doing a very good job but Nick wanted to encourage her. He stopped her and they both finished getting naked. Nick noticed that she did not have any hair on her pussy but realized that it was not that she had shaved but that she had not yet grown any hair down there.

"Does it feel good when you rub your pussy?" "Ya." "Do it while I watch." Beth put her fingers between her legs. It felt even better knowing that Nick was watching her. After a couple minutes Nick told her to stop. "Let me show you something that feels even better." Nick pulled her bottom to the edge of the couch and got down onto the floor. He leaned forward and slid his tongue between Beth's lips. When his tongue touched her clit, she jumped like she had just gotten a small electric shock. Nick started gently licking up and down her slit. Beth moaned, "That feels so much better than when I do it myself." Beth put her hands behind Nick's head and pulled him tight to her mound.

Nick got more aggressive at eating her out. He licked her from clit to ass hole and back again, shoved his tongue as far into her cunt as he could and gave her clit little bites. Nick worked one finger into her hole as he licked her. Soon he was finger-fucking Beth. Her pussy was so tight. Nick wanted to ram his prick deeply into it and fuck her hard and fast, but he knew that if he wanted her to love what he was doing, he would have to take it slow and easy at first. It wasn't long before Beth had her first orgasm and it was a strong one. "Wow! That was somethin. How did you do that to me?" Nick smiled at her, "Now it's time to do something even better." He took her by the hand and led her to her sister's bed. He positioned her on the bed and climbed between her legs. "Are you going to put your thing in me now? Are you going to squirt your stuff in my bottom?"

"If you are going to act like an adult, you need to talk like an adult. Ask me if I am going to fuck you and shoot my cum in your cunt." Beth giggled and replied, "Are you going to fuck me with your hard cock and blow your big load of hot cum into my tight little cunt?" Nick smiled, "Actually, no. You are probably old enough now to get pregnant and you're not on the pill like your sister is, so I'm gonna fuck you good but I will pull out and fill your mouth when I cum. And I want you to swallow every last drop of it after you show it to me. Will you do that?" Beth thought for a minute and then said that she would.

Nick spit in his hand and rubbed it on his cockhead. He lined his rock hard prick up to her fuck hole and slowly started to enter her. It took a little effort to get his prick to start entering her pussy but soon the head was in. He paused. "You OK?" Beth bit her lower lip and nodded yes. Nick pushed a little deeper and started slowly moving in and out, each time going a little deeper into her very tight love tunnel.

Finally Nick was fully in her. Beth was feeling a mixture of pain and pleasure. The pain quickly went away and Beth said, "Oh, that feels so big. I feel so full but it feels nice. Fuck me now." Beth may have popped her own cherry but as far as Nick was concerned, she was still a virgin and his cock was the first one ever in her pussy. He couldn't believe how tight she was. He knew that he would not last very long.

Nick had had sex with six females before Beth. Five of them were about his age and the sixth was his forty-year-old neighbor. She told him that she wanted to give him a bonus after she had paid him for doing some yard work for her. Nick had never felt a cunt as tight at Beth's. Slowly Nick picked up speed and power. Soon he was pounding deep and hard. Every time he slammed into Beth she moaned, "Oh, Oh, Oh."

Nick was right. He did not last long. He felt himself about to shoot his wad, so he quickly pulled out and hurried to Beth's face. He just got the head of his cock into her mouth when he exploded. Four strong blasts of cum flew from his cock into her mouth. Beth tried to catch it all and managed to keep most of it in her mouth. "Show it to me and then swallow it." Beth opened her mouth and then swallowed. She thought about how thick, salty and slippery Nicks cum was but she was excited and anxious to do it.

After they were finished, Nick had Beth look over toward the bedroom door where Judy was leaning against the wall fingering her pussy as she watched. She had never been going to her friend's house that day. Judy smiled and waved to her little sister. They did not know about Beth's blackmail plan. They had a plan of their own and both got what they wanted.


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#2013-06-30 04:09:09 Obviously, you haven't been to Northern Minnesota. I never heard my family say the word "Yes". It was always "Ya", or "Ya, Sure". Story was pretty good overall.

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Anonymous reader 2013-09-10 22:40:01: How old were you when you and your brother started screwing around? What did you look like? I'm sure he may have come in your mouth hundreds of times but not hundreds of thousands of times. There are only 365 days in most years. Every day for three years would be about 1000. Enjoyed your comment.

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This story was really cute. I loved it very much. It had a sweetness that I think a lot of stories on this site seem to miss. I don't have a sister, but I do have a wonderful brother. He an I have been fuckin' our brains out for a very long time now. Reading these types of stories aid in the remembering of when we first started playin' with one another. I think the first time you do anything sexual is the most remembered thought in your mind. Even today I can recall the exact first time I caught by brother jackin' off. And the first time I put his dick in my mouth. It is still yummy even to this day. If I were to sit down and count the number of times he's shot his load in my mouth, it would be in the hundreds of thousands of times. While he read this story to me, I gave him a BJ and got him to cum before he got to the end of the story. And before the day is over with, I suspect that he'll cum in me couple more times. We love these stories. Right now he's fuckin' my pussy while I type.

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Pretty good tell more and better detail.

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Would you have been happier with yeah?

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