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The next time i saw him was when he invited me over. So I told my parents i was going to a play at school. I waited for him at my school for ten minutes. Finally i saw a slim tall figure walking toward me. i smiled and sprayed myself with perfume before i ran to hug Lloyd.
"You smell so good" I said feeling his embrace.
Lloyd grabbed my hand and we began walking to his house. He started explaining to me how my brother could never know about us.
"Of course. He would kill both of us!" I said in agreement.
Lloyd also admitted to me that he'd been attracted to me for years but never knew how to approach me. i was flattered yet surprised..
we finally arrived to his empty house and went to his clubhouse in his backyard where no one could hear. we sat on his couch and watched tv. He took his index and middle finger on my ankle and moved his fingers up towards my knee.
I let outa sigh, and waited for what he would do next. he went back down to my ankles and went up higher every time. his fingers stopped until he got to the leg of my denim shorts.i soon felt his lips and tongue on my neck. my eyes rolled back as he sucked and licked my neck. he kissed me all over. before i knew it, my tank top and shorts were off and my breathing had become rapid. i climbed on top of lloyd and i began grinding my hips and ass on his soon to be erection. his head fell back as i made my strokes harder.
"i know you want this" i said.
His head lifted and picked me up and took me to a near by bedroom.
he threw me on the bed "you trying to fuck me?" i asked
"im trying to make you feel like the queen you are".
Ilaid on my back on his king size bed, watching him watch me.
"what"? i asked.
"where to start"
he said smiling. he walked over beside the bed and climbed on top of me. he kissed me passionately. our tongues danced again.. his hands crawled underneath my bra and grabbed my my B cup sized boobs. i let out a deep moan.
"you like that"? he asked as he tore off my bra and threw it across the room.
he made circles around my nipples with his tongue before stuffing them inside his mouth.
"mmmmm ooooohh yess"
his left hand made its way down my torso and stopped where my pink lace panties began.
"look what we've got here" he said looking down at my wet pussy. "damn youre pussy is wet"
i giggled at his amazed facial expression. i pulled him back to me so i could get his clothes off. i took off his hollister t shirt and threw i across his 6pack gleamed and his v line almost made me orgasm right then and there. he willingly took off his cargo shorts and i sat up and kissed his neck, down to his chest. i wad interrupted by his smooth sexy whisper
" I want to taste you" with that he grabbed my arms and pinned me down on the bed.
he watched my body squirm underneath him; aching for him. he began kissing me down to my belly button then he stopped. he looked into my eyes, and ripped my panties off. he laid there admiring my wet pussy. he breathed on my wet pussy..teasing me. I moaned louder every breathe he took. i started to lose it. i needed him to devour my pussy. i grabbed my boobs and closed my eyes and waited for something to happen. i inhaled and he dove in. he licked my pussy lips and started sucking on my clit. my back was now arched, and i was moaning like crazy.
"ugghhhh yesss oooooo right there, yess baby ahh uhhh"
he stuck two fingers in my pussy hard and fast while sucking my clit. i didn't know what to do with myself noone had ever done this to me before.
"lloyd yess right there. yess oh my god. fuuckkk."
i must have cummed 10 times. but it wasn't over yet. he stood me up and pinned me against the wall. he smiled.
"are you enjoying yourself?"
i couldn't.even speak. all i could do was moan. he spread my legs with one hand as he kept my arms pinned to the wall above me. he got closer and started rubbing my clit around in circles. i couldnt even stand correctly. &my knees were giving out.
"i want to watch you cum" he said.
"fuck you" i moaned back.
I bit my lip tying to fight the orgasm that was coming. but you began rubbing my clit even faster. i couldn't hold it in any longer. i gave in.
my legs gave in also and i slid down to the floor, trying to get myself together. my face met his underwear. i shoved his underwear down revealing his hard rock solid dick. Lloyds cock was twitching. i swirled my teeth around the head and.looked up at Lloyd and his eyes were shut. i breathed on the tip of his penis, then i.finally took his dick in my.mouth and Lloyds hands were on my head.
"oh shit"
"you like that baby"? i asked in curiosity.
"yes oh my fucking god."
i grabbed his balls and Lloyd started to stumble.
"I wanna watch you cum" i said mockingly.
I place my mouth over the head,and worked my hand up and down his penis fast. Lloyds head tilted back and his face turned red.
"c'mon babe, cum. i know you want to" i said seductively.
Then his load bolted out onto my boobs. Lloyd slid down to the floor too. and i kissed his lips. i climbed ontop of him grinding my wet pussy on his salvia covered dick.
"damn girl" i laughed.
"you're just so perfect and I need you to be mine" he said shyly.
"I'm already yours" I gigled

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