Cheryl and Olivia share more fantasies
I woke to the sound of Olivia sleeping next to me, facing me, her duotoned hair framing her oval face. Her naked breast not hidden from my sight is rising and falling with her breath. I lightly touch her nipple with my outstretched middle finger. It is quite firm, and it makes me wonder if she is naturally like this all the time, or is she having some erotic dream causing them to be erect. I know it isn't because it's cold, as our combined body heat has chased away any semblance of cold.

I begin to trace around the edges of her areola. It must tickle her as she moves her hand as if to batt away a fly. She still sleeps, a look of peaceful contentment on her face.

A few strands of blond hair fall in her face. I brush them back with a delicate hand. She moves, rolling her shoulder back, her arm resting on her torso. This has the effect of lifting her exposed breast, giving me better access, so I decide to try using my tongue on her nipple.

I lean in closer with my lips an inch or so away, and I start to lightly blow on her nipple, looking towards her angelic face to gage any reaction. After 30 seconds our so, I see no visible change, so I extend my tongue just lightly touching the tip of her nipple. Still, I look to her face for a reaction. Nothing.

Suddenly she rolls completely on her back, her right leg falls bent to her side, and it makes me think that her pussy is now exposed under the sheets. I slowly pull the sheet back, little by little, not wanting to wake Olivia. Her breath heaving her now exposed breasts on her chest.

As the sheet is trapped under her right leg, I'm forced to take the sheets off of me instead. But why would I mind when the goal is so beautiful. I peel the sheet off, watching her face for any sign of her waking.

I almost have my goal in sight, and my anticipation is making me too eager, I don't want for a moment to wake my sleeping beauty.

Part one of my task is accomplished, but now I need to sit up in order to receive my reward. I begin to push myself up, still guarding to watch her sleeping face. She stirs slightly, but it appears to my advantage, as her other leg bends slightly opening her gateway a bit further.

I reach a point where I can see her trimmed muff of hair just above her parted pussy lips. It would appear she is wet, as the sunlight shining on her makes her glissen. I look back to her silent face, and the only notable change is her mouth is now open, otherwise she still sleeps.

Leaning on my right hand, I use my left to effect a light touch on her 18 year old pussy. Just as I'm about to come into contract with her clitoris, I glance to her face to see if I startled her in the slightest. No change, with the exception of a slight twitch of her hips.

I gently make a circling motion barely touching her. After a minute or so of this teasing, I hear her sigh, but still she slumbers. I apply a bit more pressure, noting that I can feel her wetness. Still, no change in her slumbering state. More pressure is applied, and another sigh is almost instantly released.

I take my finger away in order to taste her morning nectar. I relish her sweet flavor as I gaze into her blissful face, her natural beauty on display, and her breasts still filled with her breath.

Again she stirs, but still slumbers. Now both legs are spread out, opening her gates fully to my awaiting hand. I watch her face to ensure she is still sleeping. There is no indication otherwise.

I return my hand to her dewey flower petals, making sure not to disturb them. I gently slide my finger between her labia, but no sign in a change in her state. My finger now moves silently up and down her exposed pussy, barely touching her skin. As I begin to apply more pressure, I watch her face to guard against suddenly waking her.

My finger is inside her with the first knuckle of my finger still visible, she still sleeps. I love how my finger glides easily between her folds. As I reach her clit, there is a slight tremor in her hips, but still she sleeps.

I move my hand back down her cleft a few more times, progressively inserting more of my finger, now in her just past the first joint. This time as I come to the top, I run the length of my finger over her clit, using more pressure. She elicits a slightly louder sigh, but sleep does not break.

Now it would appear I could begin to masturbate her using a bit more pressure without waking her. I'm able to insert my finger into her past the second knuckle, and I begin to fuck her gently, every three or four thrusts I would engage her clit, each time checking her face for a sign. This continues for several minutes, with each repetition gaining pressure.

I notice that her hips have begun to gyrate slightly, but her face tells no tale of waking. Again, I dip my finger into her honey pot, two times, five times, ten times. Her hips still undulating against my hand, but her face giving no notice.

After another ten or so strokes, I'm startled to hear a faint plea, "Please use another finger... please.", but no notable change in her face. So, I obey her sleeping request, and insert a second finger. Gingerly, I fold my finger into her vagina, the oder is pleasantly pungent.

I begin to fuck her deeper, with slightly more pressure. I do find it hard to believe she is still asleep, but the only indication of such a change is her hip gyrations have increased. I hold my hand still, and it would appear she wants to fuck my fingers. I let her. Her hips are more making a circular motion, as I press more firmly against her g-spot.

This continues for several more minutes, her hips now fucking my fingers purposefully. "Cheryl, please lick my clit, I need...", I look at her face to see she is watching me, her eyes barely open, "my clit licked... please do it... do it." Her hips have increased the size and frequency of her gyrations.

Trying to keep my eyes on hers, I drop my head to her cunt and press my tongue to her clit. She continues to fuck my fingers, as I break eye contact with her. The motions of her hips have become more confident and a little more insistent, she is also moving with random actions, with the intent of rubbing her clit against my tongue.

After several minutes of her motions, I feel her hands on the back of my head, holding me in one place while she slid her clit against my tongue.

"Fuck me with you fingers.", and I begin to slide my hand in and out of her using random motions, trying to mimic her hips. She's now thrusting her hips several inches, my tongue still washing over her clit, my finger rubbing inside her.

"God, Cheryl, you're going to make me cum. Please, Cheryl, make me cum. Fuck me harder... faster." Her hips insistently gyrating against my face. "Ah, fuck, fuck, fuck." quickly rolling off her tongue. "Shit... fuck, ah, I'm...", she pushes her pussy up into my face, and holds it there for several seconds, "...cumming". She makes several large thrusts against my face, as her pussy becomes saturated. Her grip on my head holds me to her cunt. "Ah, fuck..." Her hips drop quickly, only to rise again, then stay in the raised position for several seconds, only to repeat those motions several times, with the intensity subsiding on each thrust.

Finally she relaxes both her hips and her grip on my head. "Ah, god, fuck, that was one hell of a 'good morning'. Thank you." I'm now sitting back up, looking into her eyes and smiling.

"The pleasure was all mine... OK, maybe not all mine." and I wink at her. "So, when did you actually wake up?"

"Well, I hope you're not mad, but I saw you licking my nipples, but I pretended to still be asleep. Kind of a fantasy of mine, but considering I usually don't get to wake up with the women I've slept with, never got the chance."

"Well, glad it was my chance to fulfill your fantasy. Is it my turn yet? Not that every moment with you isn't a fantasy...", I joke with her.

"So, then... what's your fantasy? You name it, and I think I can realize it.", she offers.

"Well, I'm not really sure, don't think there's anything specific... but...", I hesitate.

"Come on, Cheryl, tell me.", she requests.

"Well... don't you", emphasizing the word, "be mad at me..."

"I promise that won't happen.", she reassures me.

"Well then... I've wondered what it would be like...", I stop short.

"...wondered what it would be like... what?", she presses.

Blurting it out, "I've wondered what it would be like to be Vanessa. There... now you know."

"That's not a big deal. But if you're Vanessa, then who am I?", I didn't have am answer.

"I don't know." Stopping to think for a moment. "Is there some client that you enjoyed spending time with? Maybe you could recreate one of those experiences.", I timidly say.

"Hum, well, I'm pretty sure I know who I would be, just don't know if you would be up for it."

"Why? What's it involve?", I inquire.

"Well, ever been to a chiropractor?", she asks.

"Yeah. Why?"

"Did they do any kind of electro-muscle stimulation?", waiting for me to answer her follow up question.

"Yeah they did. How does that matter?", I ask again.

"Well, this involves doing some electro-therapy, only applied differently."

"How differently?"

"The probes are attached to your tits, your hips,", stopping a moment. "...with another inserted into your pussy." I guess the look on my face was hesitant, as she followed with, "The levels of current are very low, and there's no pain involved, it just massages your muscles with electricity."

"I don't know, it sounds different. Defintely not something I've tried before sexually, but hey after last night, I think I'm game.", I try sounding more confident.

"That's not everything. You'd also be tied up."

I chuckle, "You proved to me last night that can be fun, too."

"But you know, first I think we need some food. Up for some eggs, bagels, and cream cheese?"

"Bacon, too?", I add.

"Sure.", she hops up from the bed in one quick motion and picks up the phone and places the order.

We both hop in the shower for a quick rinse and many kisses. The food arrives, and we eat, followed by more kissing.

"So, wanna smoke some pot before we get started?", she asks in confident tones.

"Maybe just a couple hits.", and I grab my bowl and fill it, offering it to Olivia. She takes a big hit and hands it to me. We trade it a couple more times, each time she draws heavily. I'm feel good now, so I start to put it away when she stops me, asking if I could leave it out for her later.

I set it on the end table, and she takes my hand. "Follow me.", taking my hand and grabbing her bag, we head back to the bedroom.

"Go ahead and take your clothes off and hop up on the bed." I drop my robe and get in position.

She lays me down on the bed with my head at the foot of the bed and slowly binds my hands. As that is finished, she massages my tits, and I anticipate what is about to happen. She finishes binding my feet, ensuring I have very little latitude to move. Next, I'm surprised that she attaches more straps to my knees, which has the effect of spreading my legs wide, opening up my cunt.

She runs a finger between my lips, gently at first, then she thrusts two deep inside, fucking me briefly. Just as quickly, she pulls them from me, "Lick them clean, Vanessa.", I feel funny trying to get into my role. "Come on, my silly cunt, I don't have all day for you.", and almost forces her fingers into my mouth. "If you're an obedient cunt, my Vanessa, you will be rewarded. If not... well, lets just say I won't be happy. And if I'm not happy, you'll be the first to know." And she slaps my pussy sharply.

"Ouch!", I respond.

"Oh, did I hurt poor Vanessa's cunt. She should be thankful that I'm in such a gentle mood this morning." And she aggressively sticks a couple fingers deep in 'Vanessa's' cunt. "Fuck my fingers.", and I obey, thrusting my hips into her hand.

She pulls them from me, leaving me to thrust into the air. She licks her fingers clean, "You know Vanessa, you should cut down on the coffee, it makes your cunt taste bitter."

She immediately continues. "So, lets get started.", and grabs a box from her bag. Unwrapping the cords, setting the box on a small shelf at the headboard. After plugging the box into the outlet, she attaches four of the probe pads to either side of my nipples, two per nipple. Two more pads are placed just inside my hips. Last, she shows me a dildo made of rubber with a metal head, with a wire attached to it, the other end attached to the control box.

"So, Vanessa, today I want you to stick your tongue into my cunt as far as you can while I ride your face, in return I will give you the most delicious orgasm you've ever had. Does that sound good to you, my sweet little cunt?", all the name calling and aggresive behavior makes Olivia seem like a different person, but wasn't that part of the idea, this role-playing thing? I nod in agreement as I look into her eyes.

She turns on the control box and I'm startled as the electricity flows through my nipples. Once I get used to the sensation, I find it quite pleasant. Standing just over my head, Olivia starts to massage my breasts. After a couple minutes, she flicks my nipples with her finger. The sudden impact is almost painful, but the more she does it, the more I like it. I feel my breathing getting deeper.

Olivia climbs up on the bed, her knees to either side of my head. She touches my pussy, something cold in her hand. She's rubbing some sort of gel over my mons. "Now Vanessa, are you ready to make me happy with your tongue? I do like having such a young cunt give me a good tongue lashing." She didn't really wait for an answer from me, spreading her knees, lowering herself to my lips. I extended my tongue and began lapping at her sex. "Vanessa, my beautiful cunt, how many times must I tell you, you must lick me slowly. Start at my clitty, then touch my lips, then slowly push your tongue as deep inside me as you can. Every so often, you can gently suck my clitty and roll it around in your mouth." I did my best to comply with her instructions, and after my third insertion, I felt a tingling sensation touch my pussy, forcing me to gasp for air, stopping my tongue

She was just holding the head of her probe to my pussy lips, the tingling moved as she slid it around over my skin. "Vanessa, I know you are enjoying my skilled hand, but you must remember to keep up with your tongue fucking if you ever expect your reward." I tried my best to ignore my pleasure and concentrate my efforts on hers.

After several minutes of the tingles traveling around my mons, I could feel her slowly push her probe between my exposed lips. Not far, but just enough to know it's there. Holding it there for several seconds, only to continue her travels. My brain was doing it's best to keep my tongue moving, I was enjoying my thrusts into her sopping slit, her flavor was intoxicating. The tingling sensation on my tits had ceased to be a distracting excitement, and has become a simple, fascinating pleasure.

She continued with her ministrations, she rested it just over my clit, sending sensations to my sex that I never experienced before. My hips had begun to swivel under her touch, and I had to be reminded again to keep my tongue in motion. This was done by her removing her probe, slapping my cunt forcefully, but just short of pain. "Your tongue?"

As I continued my movement, she placed her probe back to my lips, and slowly she pierces my pussy, but only an inch or so. "Vanessa, you know you are my favorite cunt licker of all my girls. None of them can reach as deep inside me the way that you can." Her compliment is accompanied by her rolling her hips over my mouth. "Yes, you do know how I like it... Yes, just a bit more, my exquisite cunt.", as I moved my tongue between her petals. "Oh...", more a sigh than a word. "I can already tell that this will be a good cum." I am stunned with her role playing ability, as she is truly someone other than my Olivia.

She's back to traveling my mons, her hips still swiveling over my mouth, my tongue embedded as deep inside her as I could reach. I remove my tongue and take her clit gently between my lips. Making sucking sounds over her sex. "Oh Vanessa, that's a new maneuver. Which cunt taught you that? I'd like to personally thank her." I continue sucking at her sex while she pushes her hips down over my mouth.

Again, she slowly inserts her probe into me, only this time the tingles travel inside me. Slowly but surely, it travels deeper and deeper, my hips pushing against it. I momentarily forgot about her pleasure, and gasped for breath due to the excitement she was feeding my cunt. Quite unexpectedly, I experienced my first small orgasm, and my hips convulse around her probe, pushing it a little deeper. The tingles are now completely inside me, my world has concentrated itself to that single location.

I hungrily return to licking her cunt, nothing was going to stop me from making her cum on my tongue. "Vanessa, you must learn to relax and enjoy your pleasures, they are so much better when you don't fight it." It was then I realized that I was pulling at my restraints. I released my muscles, relaxing into the bed. A side effect was that I couldn't reach her cunt with my mouth.

"Olivia, could you sit back a little?, I can't quite reach you." Either she didn't hear me, or she was teasing me, because she actually pulled further away from me. She slowly retracts her probe, keeping the end of it in contract with my skin as she pulls it out of my pussy. She stops the probe just over my clit again, only pushing it harder, the tingling seems to be a bit more intense.

Suddenly she replaces her probe with her mouth, circling her tongue around my clit. Involutarily, or so it would seem, my hips begin to fuck her face. My breathing is noticably heavier and deeper. Just as quickly, she returns her probe to my vagina, deep inside, but I also feel her tongue licking at my clit. Slowly, she fucks me while her tongue dances over my clit.

I open my eyes to the sight of her firm, round ass, and her meticulously manicured pussy. I would really love for her to return her pussy to my mouth, but obviously she has other plans. Her probe still penetrates my wet pussy, she rhythmically fucks me while her tongue teases my clit.

I begun to tremble and rock my hips trying to get more of her probe inside me. The tingles are having a serious impact on me. I close my eyes as I get the sensation of wanting to piss. "God, oh please fuck me..." I plead quietly, "...please... fuck... me!"

Olivia replace her tongue with her hand, furiously frigging my clit. "Oh, fuck... I'm cumming...", my hips buck wildly, and I feel something new. My pussy ejects some liquid.

"My god Cheryl, you're a squirter." And it appears that I still have more, as I feel a second ejaculation erupt from my cunt. A much smaller ejaculation follows, as Olivia removes the probe from me, and begins to lick my pussy. She wasn't licking so much as kissing, each kiss causing me to flinch and force my cunt into her.

"Ah, please... stop... I... can't take... anymore. Please.", removing her mouth, Olivia begins massaging the insides of my thighs.

After several moments, I open my eyes to the sight of Olivia's beautiful face staring back at me, as she brushes her hair behind her ear. "Was that your first time squirting?", she asks quietly.

I nod my head, "Thank you!", whispering as I try to catch my breath. Completely relaxed, I forget that I'm tied up, and try to wipe my hair out of my face, which is stuck there from sweat. Attempting to lift my arm, but it's stopped by the rope. "Could you get my hair out of my face? I seem to be a bit restrained at the moment."

She smiles at me, lifting her hand to my face, and with a single finger she pulls my hair from my face. She leans towards me, her hand holding my head, and kisses my lips gently. I could feel her hand caress my right breast which almost feels as it has fallen asleep due to her probes. She pulls one of them from my tit, the absence of the electricity makes me shudder. Olivia straddles my stomach and finishes removing her probes. Not having the electricity is a pleasure in itself, but when she begins massaging my breasts quite firmly, she sends me to a place I've never been before. Our eyes are locked in each others gaze.

"So... could you... let me up?", I softly say.

She just looks at me, smiles wickedly, and shakes her head.

"...and why not?", I respond.

"Because.", and starts climbing up my body.

"Because... what?", I ask in excited tones.

Lifting her legs over my tits. "Because pet has a fantasy where pet watches teacher in class tomorrow, surrounded by all the other students, and dreams about how teacher had her tongue in pet's pussy, allowing pet to use teacher's mouth to make pet cum." She softly brushes the side of my left cheek. She whispers, "And she is powerless to stop me."

"Guess it's good I'm willing to...", cutting teacher off with pet's pussy on teacher's lips.

"Shhh... teacher will have plenty of time to talk later. Right now, she should only think of pleasuring her pet's pretty pussy.", as her hips begin to slide her pussy over my mouth. My eyes blazed as I stared at Olivia, my student. My lover.

The next day, as Olivia entered the classroom, knowing she's late, she gave me such a seductive smile. Smiling back, I hoped we both were thinking of how she not only came on my face, she also stood, straddling me, and made herself squirt on my face, almost collapsing on to of me. It was going to be hard to think of anything else except Olivia's pretty pussy.
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