A Shop Clerk gets lucky
The following story is a fantasy based in part on the sexual compulsiveness I had observed in my daughter after my years of abusing her sexually. In no way do i blame her for what happened. Nor do I recommend that any adult ever do anything sexual with any child. The damage is just too much to think about.

I had been working at Valley west Mall in Des Moines for about a month at the Ritz Camera and 1 Hour Photo Shop when I was scheduled for a Saturday opening shift. I opened the store at 9AM and left it at 5PM and walked to the food court to eat my usual double cheeseburger meal at Mac Donald's.

As usual the eating area was partly filled with families and partly with teeny boppers just killing time. Some of these flirted with me on weekdays this summer as I ate and some had stood up and bent over to show me their tiny tits through the neck holes of their tops from time to time.

I saw a collection of four young girls at one table. One of them had shown me her tits more than once and when the other three girls left her alone I wondered if I was being set up.

Then she got up and took the cup she had been drinking from and threw it in the trash. Then she walked right up to my table and sat down across from me. She said, "My name is Candy. What's yours?" I told her my name and she asked me if I liked her. I said she was cute but I was married and she was far too young for me. She said, "Let's just say I'm 16 and I would love to have you do things to me that you cannot do to a younger girl."

I asked her, "What things." She replied, "You know, like sex. You lick me and I suck you for starters." I felt my blush coming up. "Why do you want me to do that?" I asked her. She said, "Because I like to cum and older guys can make me cum better than the boys my age."

I asked her, "Where would we go to do this?" "Well if you need to go back to the store after lunch we do it in the unisex bathroom but if you are done for the day you can give me a ride home." The bathroom she was talking about had a changing table in it and was for parents to change their baby's diapers in.

I told her, "I'm done at the store for the day." She said, "Good then you can take me home." We went out to my Toyota 4 wheel drive pick up and I took her directions to her mother's apartment. She told me where to park and we went up to the apartment and went in. I asked her where her parents were and she told me her father was long gone and her mother would not be back until after 8.

Then she turned around and kissed me full on the lips. I took this opportunity to run my hands up and down her sides to feel her hourglass figure. She giggled and said,"If you want to feel me up my tits are on the front of me." She did not have to tell me twice as I immediately reached up felt her swelling nipples where her tits would eventually come in.

When I reached under her top and reached up to feel them directly she said,"Let's go to my room and she led me down a short hallway to her room and shut the door. She took the top off and I saw her tits covered by her long curly blond hair. I asked her, "How old are you really?" She said,"I won't tell you until we are done."

I took her in my arms and kissed her holding her chest to my chest. She stepped back after I released her and I took off my dress shirt. When I did that she took off her jeans so I took my dress slacks off. We both sat on the bed and took off our shoes and socks. I'm in my briefs and she's in her panties. I grabbed her and gently laid her down on her back with her legs hanging over the edge of the bed. I kissed her and said "Don't go away." Then I got up and asked her as I grabbed the waistband of her bikini panties, "Can I take these off." She nodded her permission.

Then I knelt at her bedside and put her legs over my shoulders and started kissing the inside of her thighs as my fingers ran up and down her slit and massaged her clitoris. She replied with moans and gasps for breath as her stimulation increased. Then I put my tongue in her slit and ran it around her clit and down to her vagina then up to repeat the process again and again.

After about 10 minutes of this intense oral/genital stimulation she came with a stiffening shaking followed by the arching of her back which lifted her ass off the bed. If she was too young I did not think she could cum that hard.

As she was climaxing I slipped a finger into her pussy and felt inside her and ran into her hymen about two inches inside her vagina. She was still a virgin despite her attitude of experience about sex.

As she came down she looked at the clock and said,"Now I have to make you cum before mom gets home." I grew concerned about this and asked her,"What happens if she catches us." She replied, "She told me she didn't care what I did after the last two guys I got caught with. So I don't know for sure what she will do."

I stood there and she got up then knelt in front of me and she grabbed the waistband of my briefs. She pulled them down and I stepped out of them then started to jack my cock. As it started getting hard she opened her mouth and took it in as far as her gag reflex would allow. That was about 4.5 inches of my 5.5 inch long cock.

When she pulled back and just the head of my cock was inside her lips she ran her tongue around the the head of if before plunging forward to take in most all of what I had.

She was an excellent little cocksucker, far better than my wife had been or the daughter who had last had my cock in her mouth. My incestuous affair had ended a about three and half years ago as I realized my daughter had become sexually compulsive.

She had not yet turned me in but I knew in Iowa she could do it anytime before her twenty-eighth birthday.

She kept on sucking me for a good ten minutes then as I lost control I came into her mouth. She did not seem to notice but kept on going up and down it even as it shot the ropes of cum into her mouth. When I was done cumming she cleaned my cock with her lips and then swallowed the semen.

She asked me if she did it right. I kissed her with tongue so she could get the idea she had done very well. We both got dressed and as I button my shirt up the front door of the apartment opened and the Mother called her daughter by name and she left the bedroom to intercept her mother.

I check myself in her vanity mirror and made sure I was zipped up and tucked in before I went out to meet Mom. I went out and greeted the mother using the title Mrs. and the daughter's last name. She said "Hello, it is nice to meet you." I asked her,"Aren't you concerned about what I was doing with Candy?" She said,"Two teachers at her school were fired, one cop was fired and you are not the first and probably won't be the last."

She offered me a drink and I ask if she could make a rum and coke. She said yes and did so and we sat in the living room of the two bedroom apartment just talking. After about a half hour I told her I had to get home to my wife. She said,"Won't your wife suspect?" I said,"She refuses me in bed so often I know she does not love me at all. So if she suspects, I don't care." I drove home and went to bed.

My wife asked me where I had been since she knew I got of at 5 and had not gotten home until 9. I told her I was getting what she would not give me from someone willing to give it to me. She was mad but it made no difference since she always said no in bed anyway.

I had never asked after it was done that night how old Candy was. I guess I was lucky not to know.

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2013-10-06 10:55:40
I meet a girl in a shop next thing I knew I had her naked in my flat it took loads of astroglide before I could get my cock up her very tight cunt god how she screamed as I shot my warm come up her she then told me she was11 and would be back for more soon

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2013-09-25 23:53:08
hey to the author i use to live in desmoines and never went to that mall the others one i have hmm now i wishi did to see u get back to me thanks

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2013-06-30 17:42:48
Not bad. I could believe that seeing the teen babes in our mall. Today I saw a girl with extra short short which looked painted on. I figured she was twelve, but as she left the mall she pulled out car keys so I knew she was at least 16. I would have loved to do her.

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