This is a continuation of my new life.
From Lonely Unfilled Housewife to Perverted Slut Part 14 This is not word by word what happened but darn close.

Please forgive me if I have grammar mistakes. I had comments from Part 13 about taking the seventeen horny black, muscular, young studs in just a few hours but remember they all got off all afternoon and evening while my stupid husband was in the basement over hour after hour. My husband slept more than three hours. He slept a good eight hours so there was plenty of time to suck and for the hot studs to fuck my pussy and ass. I was covered in hot wonderful cum by morning. I had put my housecoat on and washed my face before I went to the kitchen to make Paul his morning coffee. He always insisted on having his breakfast at his favorite café on the way to work.

Meanwhile construction workers had come from the basement all with smiles on their faces. None of them had worn their T-shirts just their tight warn jeans that emphasized their thick long black cocks hidden just under their jean covered legs.

They all wished Paul a good morning yawning at the same time.

“Didn’t you guys get any sleep you all looked tuckered out? In fact you all look more tired now than when I said goodnight to you last night.” Paul asked, picking up his cup and taking a drink. I was still covered in cum from my neck down. “Well you will have to all have to have a goodnight sleep tonight. I have a lot of work lined up for you guys. Let’s get going and put on your T-shirts before we leave.”

Everyone will have to read part 13 to read where I left off. This is Part 14.

“Now it’s time fuck that hot pussy.” Greg said. Greg climbed on the dining room table, crawled between my spread legs and pushed his thick long cock into my puffy pussy. Then he pushed his long thick tongue into my pussy lips.
I couldn’t help moaning around George’s huge cock head in my mouth. “Your throat will be my first actually.” George said then smiled. “Fuck that fucking slut Greg while I ram down my cock down her throat.”
“Don’t worry I’m going to enjoy her hot pussy. It’s been ages since I got it on with Sara so I’m going to enjoy this hot fuck. I bet she can take my entire cock. Sara never can or she pretends she can’t.” Greg said pushing his huge cock head in my hot pussy. I wanted to yell for his to ram that huge cock all the way in my pussy. I couldn’t do anything but moan with George’s nice thick cock head in my mouth. “Are you ready George? We can both ram the slut from both ends the same time. Would you like that bitch?” Greg asked.
“You bet I’m ready on the count of three let’s do it Greg.” George answered holding my head with each of his big hands. “Okay on your mark, get set, push, and your cock in her hot pussy Greg.”
Suddenly my George’s cock slid into my mouth until it was about to enter my throat and then it slid all the way down my throat. At the same time Greg grabbed my 43 D breasts with his huge hands and rammed his entire cock in my wet and hot pussy. His cock was so good and thick and he was such an expert fucker his cock rubbed against my hard clit at the same time. I felt like I was completely filled with cock. I was very happy to be filled with cock down my throat and in my hot pussy the same time.
I could only moan around George’s huge cock as he pushed more and more of his long thick cock into my mouth until it pressed against the beginning of my throat.
George’s huge mushroom shaped cock entered my throat followed by his long thick cock. “I love the feel of her throat around my cock. I can see the outline of my cock in her neck. Wow, that’s so fucking hot.”

“Our brother Paul has to be the most stupid man on the face of the earth not to fuck her twenty four seven.” Jason yelled. “I have to say its’ going to be great fucking my brother’s hot wife behind his back. Hurry up you two and fuck the fucking whore so the rest of us get to fuck the slut.”

“I haven’t had a good fuck in years. I never had a good fuck with Paul’s sister Sara. If I’d known she was such a lousy lay I’d never have married her. “I’m glad you’re hot Joan. Fuck you really are a bitch dog in heat.” Greg groaned.

“Shit her mouth and throat are so dam hot.” George moaned as he pulled his entire cock out of my mouth except his huge cock head. “I wish I could fuck this throat all day.” Then he pushed forward and rammed his huge cock in my mouth and down my throat.

“You have to fuck her hot pussy buddy. Shit it’s hot. “Take my cock you fucking bitch. Oh yes take it all.” Greg groaned letting go of my large breasts and grabbing a hold of my hips as he pulled his cock out of my pussy until only his huge cock head remained in my hungry pussy. “Take it slut.” Greg then rammed his entire cock into my hot pussy until I felt his huge balls slap my ass.

“Hurry up and fuck that slut guys. Cum in her so we get our chance to fuck. You can take your time and fuck her slower next time. We got the entire weekend to fuck her more than once guys.” Sam yelled.

“Okay I do have to cum real bad Tony. I’m ready to cum in your hot throat. Take my hot load slut.” I felt as George held my head between his large hands as his big cock expanded as well as vibrated in my throat. I knew he was shooting his big load directly from his cock down my throat into my stomach.

“I’m shooting my load too.” Greg yelled as he pumped his big thick cock into my pussy and held my legs apart. He froze for a second as I felt his cock expand deep in my pussy and knew he was also shooting a big load of fresh cum inside my hot pussy.

George and Greg pulled their cocks out of my pussy and mouth the same time and shot another load across my face and breasts and stomach the same time. I moaned. “More, I need more cock. Come on two more hot studs get up here and fuck me.”

“Don’t worry bitch, while George and Greg were fucking your throat and pussy we drew straws to see who got your throat, pussy or ass next.” Jeff said. “I won your pussy or ass. I am choosing that hot ass of yours.”

“I got your throat and the way George was moaning I can tell I’m going to enjoy fucking your throat.” Ted said walking behind me and holding his hard cock inches from my eyes. “Have a good look at what’s going in your hot mouth and down your throat cock sucker.”

“Mmmmm. It looks good Ted.” I moaned opening my mouth and spreading my legs at the same time. “So does yours Jeff.”

Ted pushed his mushroom shaped cock head in my open mouth and filled my mouth. Meanwhile Jeff spread my legs, took a hold of my ankles and pushed them up and over so they were on each side of my head. He then rammed his huge cock into my asshole with one mighty shove. My ass hole opened wide welcoming his huge cock head. I wanted to yell. “Ram that cock all the way into my hungry ass Jeff but my mouth was full of Ted’s large cock head. Jeff held my head between his large hands and rammed more and more of his cock in my mouth and down my throat. I didn’t even chock. I just swallowed and enjoyed his cock entering my throat like it belonged in my throat.

To me this was the greatest in cheating. I had cheated with my daughter’s boyfriend but he had started that. I had cheated with Vincent’s black athlete friends but cheating on my husband with is sisters’ husbands and his own brothers’ was the greatest thrill of all. I wanted to yell and keep yelling for Jeff to plow his cock into my hot pussy and for Ted to pump that thick cock in and out of my mouth and down my throat over and over again. I was in complete lust.

Ted held my head and rammed his thick long cock in my mouth and down my throat then pulled it out until only his cock head was in my mouth. At the same time Jeff rammed every inch of his thick cock into my ass cheeks and into my asshole. I tried to push my hips up to get every inch of his thick cock deep in my hungry ass hole. I kept pushing my ass back to get every inch of Ted’s thick cock into my ass and feel his hug balls slap my cunt and hard clit the same time. I wanted to moan out. “Fuck my ass Ted. Fuck my ass good and hard stud but my throat was full of Jeff’s delicious cock. I was in cock heaven and needed to fucked and fucked hard. I sure didn’t have to encourage Ted or Jeff to ram their big cock into my hungry throat and starving ass.

“I’m getting ready to shoot my damn load slut.” Ted yelled as he took a strong hold of my hips and really fucked me hard and stopped when his hard thick cock was all the way into my not ass. He seemed to freeze and I knew he was dumping as his big load as he yelled at the same time. “Take my load of hot baby makers, slut.”

Meanwhile Jeff had pulled his huge cock out until only the big head of his cock remained in my mouth. I saw his huge balls pushed up against his thick, long cock and knew any second he was about to reward my throat and then my taste buds with his delicious cum. Then he pushed his entire cock down my throat while holding my head between his huge hands. He froze and I knew he was emptying his big ball juice down my throat. Jeff pulled his cock out until only his thick big cock head was only in my mouth and shot another huge load all over my tongue. He pulled it out of my mouth, held his big cock in his huge hand and shot another big load all over my face.

Behind me Ted shot his big load into my hungry ass, pulled his huge cock out of my ass and I could cum splay across my back. Both men came and walked in front of me and smiled. “Did you like that bitch?” They asked at the same time.

“Would you like two more of either our brother-in-laws or our brothers?” Ted asked and smiled.

“It sure doesn’t matter to me Ted, as long as someone fucks my ass, pussy, mouth and throat with big thick cocks.” I moaned in lust. “Hurry up guys and get over here and fuck my pussy, ass and mouth. I’ll lie on top of a cock, take one in my pussy and defiantly swallow one big cock. I need big cock guys and you all have huge cocks.” I moaned not to mention hot muscular bodies.

“I’m next and I’ll lie down and I’ll push my cock into that fine pussy, bitch.” Jason said.

“I guess that only leave’s your hot ass available. You have one fine looking ass slut.” Sam yelled.

“I want your hot mouth.” Mark moaned as if in lust.

I wasted no time, jumped up and walking to where Jason was laying with his huge cock pressed against his wash board stomach. I took a hold of his thick cock aimed at my and rammed it into my hot pussy. In seconds flat Sam was behind me pushing his thick cock into my hungry asshole. I looked and Mark’s thick cock was inches from my mouth. I opened my mouth letting Mark push his nine inch thick cock head into my mouth. He took a hold of my head and pushed more of his thick cock into my mouth until the huge cock head pressed against the beginning of my throat. Mark pushed once more and shoved his entire cock in my mouth and down my throat. It felt so good to be taken and controlled by three hot muscular studs at the same time. Mark’s big cock down my throat, Jason’s in my hot pussy and Sam’s in my willing asshole.

Sam pulled his thick long cock out of my ass until only his huge cock head was in my ass then I felt his thick hard cock rammed into my ass. His cock felt so great in my ass alongside his brother, Jason’s hard cock pushed into my hot pussy. “How’s the slut’s pussy Jason?” Sam asked his brother Jason.

“It’s one hot ass. Wow it’s nice and tight.” Sam answered.

“How is the bitch’s, throat Mark?” Jason asked his brother Mark.

“The slut has one tight hot throat.” Mark answered.

I felt so enthused and needed taking three hot studs at the same time. Not just muscular studs but huge cocked muscular studs. Not just well hung and muscular studs but my husband’s very own brothers. I was in lust heaven taking Mark’s huge cock into my throat, Sam’s in my ass and Jason’s in my hot wet, cum coated pussy. Nothing could be finer. I felt Jason push his hips up sending is huge cock deep into my hot pussy. All I could think about was cock. Sam’s huge throbbing cock in my ass, Mark’s down my throat and most of all Jason’s in my hot pussy. If my mouth hadn’t been full of cock I would have been begging Jason to fuck my pussy and Sam to fuck my ass. I was in total lust as all three cocks expanded inside of me the same time.

All three kept ramming their big thick cocks in and out of my ass, pussy and mouth at the same time. Mark held my head in his two large hands as he rammed his big thick cock down my throat and smacking his big balls into my nose and eyes. Jason pumped his huge cock in and out of pussy full of cum, while Sam pumped his huge cock in my hungry asshole.

All three were soon moaning and groaning how hot, my throat, asshole and pussy were. They must have been pumping their big thick cocks in and out of my ass a good fifteen to twenty minutes before one by one they moaned they were going to school their big loads. Mark was first and I could feel his huge cock vibrate and expand in my throat as he held my head in his big hands and panted. “Take it bitch. Take my big load.”

Jason yelled from beneath me he was about to shoot his big load into my hot pussy. He pumped hard a couple more times bringing his entire cock out of my pussy and plowing it back into me. “I’m shooting my load bitch.” He moaned. I leaned forward massaging his hot, muscular chest as he pushed his hips up and started shooting his big load into me.

Then Jason held my hips in his hands and pushed his entire cock into my hungry ass. “I’m shooting my load in that hot ass, bitch. Take my hot cum bitch.” He moaned. All three remained in my ass, pussy and down my throat a few more seconds then pulled out of me. All three sprayed a second load. I felt Mark’s load all over my nose, eyes and hair. Jason’s landed on my big breasts while Sam’s load all over my back.

“That was one fine fuck bitch.” Mark, Jason and Sam said the same thing as they moved away from me.

“Hurry up guys, I need more cock.” I moaned. I really did need cock. I wanted, no needed to get fucked hard in my pussy, ass and pounded down my throat.

“Don’t worry slut.” Tony said. “I’m really horny for that pussy I ate out when this all started. Get over here and get that pussy seated on my hard cock bitch.”

I didn’t waste a minute as I stood up and walked over to where Tony was laying on his back. I sat down making sure I took Tony’s ten inch thick cock in my pussy. Behind me Ted was taking a hold of my hips and I felt his cock enter my asshole. I turned around and before I could even say anything Jeff’s huge cock was less than an inch from my mouth. I didn’t need to be told to open my mouth. I knew I wanted Jeff’s huge cock in my mouth and down my throat. He took a hold my head between his big hands and pushed his big mushroom shaped cock into my mouth. Then he rammed it entirely down my throat. Before the weekend was over things got a lot hotter for me. I remember that weekend like it was yesterday, even though it was years and years ago.

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wonderful. I hope there is more coming.

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Wonderful. Is there more coming. I so enjoyed this,

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If there's anything truth in the story (assuming you have such a dirty fantasy without actually getting involved practically), you then fall in the bracket of a worthless piece of ass that needs to be thrown out without a dime settlement. You should start to pity yourself as your filthy though sets you on the path of marital destruction.

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I vote that she is retarded, unless of course she actually thinks that it is cool to have no socially redeeming value. I also can't believe that any family members would do that to their brother.

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