The body lying asleep in the large bed is all woman, full grown and vibrant with a passion stirring her awake as her internal clock clicks round to 6 am. Hands straying to her pussy as it wakes and her fingers tease it while visions of Daddy dance round her waking mind.

No need for an alarm clock she’s fully conscious as soon as she thinks of him. Her cunt gives a weeping pulse of regret that he is not there to wake with her little mouth sucking his cock.. No permission to cum so it will just have to wait as it waits every moment for his voice to grant her release.

In little more than 2.5 hours he will be home and waiting for him will be his full grown little girl whore. A smile lights every ounce of her as she bounds out of bed. Naked skin shivering as early morning cold brushes against it. She always hated getting up early. Hated with a passion getting out of a warm bed but for Daddy she knew she’d be up with the larks and singing.

As she runs the bath water she carefully brushes her teeth and combs out her long dark hair. Each morning the same ritual. She makes absolutely sure her pussy was smooth as silk just in case he grants it his touch.

Today was no different she slipped into the luxury of the bath and lifted a shiny new razor. Carefully shaving along the soft folds in every direction until her hand felt no trace of resistance. It never ceased to amaze just how long it took to perfectly shave her body for him.

Next task dressing, her wardrobe was neatly divided into grown up clothes and her little girls clothing. The hard part was trying to guess which out fit he might like to see her in best. She quickly donned a short skirt and long white socks over white cotton lacy underwear and pulled on a soft tight jumper. Brushing her hair and plaiting it neatly before scampering to the kitchen. A glance at the clock sending a thudding pulse through her……how would he be when he got home. ….what mood would be showing in his pale icy eyes…

Carefully she laid the table setting a place for Daddy and arranging everything as perfectly as possible. What was breakfast for Charlie was supper for daddy so she had selected the best ham and eggs ..she would have his meal ready the moment he arrived home.

Nervously straightening her socks as the clock struck 8 30 she heard the door latch and with a wild beating in her chest she raced to be stood waiting to help Daddy of with his coat and shoes. Hardly daring to look up at him.

Meekly she follows him into the sitting room and it’s there she finally finds her voice..

“ welcome home Daddy, Charlie missed you oooo soooo much” her eyes fixed down to his feet as she offers more comfortable foot wear for him. “ would you like coffee before you eat”

the sheer nervous energy that builds inside her threatening to explode the moment he speaks. One day she’s afraid she will just cum spontaneously at the sound of his voice. And the not knowing if he will punish or praise her for it is like a heavy leaden dread. God how she wants him to be pleased.

First thing on the agenda is make sure daddy is comfortable, check he has everything he needs. Listen for the slightest hint of a need he might express.

Just fixing his meal is enough to send quivers of delight racing through her cunt. His very presence arouses her. Soon he is enjoying his meal and she watches him her eyes roaming over him until he’s well fed and she can see the tension of his night at work easing from him..

“okay..hop on up lil whore”

He pat’s his lap and I hop up into it beaming with pleasure as I squirrel in against him, savouring the moment of closeness before he decides what will please him next.

I have learnt to beg to be played with. Each day varying my pleading and finding new ways to show Daddy that nothing is taken for granted. That every little thing I do is purely in order to please him.

Today like many days he has a wicked glint in his eyes and soon his hands are teasing my cunt. It takes no time at all for me to be begging for his cock in one way or another. I beg to suck him, I the grown woman begs with a small girls vulnerability to be his little cock-sucking whore. I know that I must earn the reward of his hard cock in my mouth. I know with every fibre of my being that I want to beg to please him.

He sends me to fetch the basket of toys instead. There is no way ever of knowing quite what daddy is going to do next. That constantly unnerving nervousness that not knowing keeps me in a heightened state of constant arousal and anxiety. I fetch the basket full of floggers and dildos and vibes I watch his face as he lifts each . examining it, casually thinking over which exquisite torture to put me through.

He tells me to turn so I cant see him. That’s agony in its self and when he stands over me and grips my neck with a low growl I’m stressed , not knowing what I’ve done wrong….. sure I’ve been good really but not knowing if He has detected some flaw in me reducing me to a quivering wreck in his hands.. OH God let daddy be happy..

His hands slip down inside my panties and I feel his fingers push open the silky smooth folds. I soar with joy and squirm wetly against his hand.

Showing my desperation to please him in ever twisting groaning pleading movement.

Today it’s the but plug. Which he roughly pushes into me. Knowing how much it hurts. I don’t think I will ever get used to that moment when it pushes through the tight ring of muscle and I whimper loudly in pain. The whimper gaining hard smack on my ass.

He drops me to my knees and walks away I like a puppy follow him just so utterly devoted .

Daddy spends a lot of his free time on the puter so while he sits I beg again to suck his wonderful cock kneeling between his knees as he works and sucking on it softly. Licking the foreskin back over the angry looking head ever alert to stay still at a twist of his fingers in my hair. One hand embedded in my own cunt holding back the flow of juices that are determined to run over my swollen labia.

I only ever cum with permission and when daddy chooses to cum in my mouth that obedience is stretched to the max.

Daddy decides if we are staying in or going out.. today it’s a going out day and I really want to go change into some more appropriate clothing. The thing with daddy is hes so very good at knowing what is making me blush and picking up on my fears. Today he refuses not just to let me change but has decided that I will keep the BP in place. He can tell by my whimpering groan that I’m very much afraid of it being squeezed out naturally. And laughs when I say so. Reminding me of just how angry that would make him.

Thankfully we don’t go far and I get to sit mostly in the car which presses it agonizingly deeper. A few stops round the few shops Daddy wants to visit and a great many blushing moments of my own before we are home again and Daddy decides to call for pizza for lunch.

It takes 20 mins for the pizza delivery boy to arrive normally so while daddy waits he removes the But Plug and has me undress totally. The menacing threat that it will be me who gets to answer the door just as I am sending me into near fits of mortified horror. I am shy and daddy knows that I hate being seen naked. This time he decides to stand me in a corner with my hands on my head and my legs spread. I am allowed to face the wall like a child chastened, after all I am daddy’s little girl. With a red lipstick he writes a word on my tummy and whispers it to me He chooses words that he knows I can write but find difficulty saying out loud. The word today is cunt. My heart is thudding and I’m sure I literally blush from head to toe as the door bell rings and I hear Daddy invite the pizza boy in. I can feel my self shaking as Daddy says to him to wait while he gets some money. I hardly dare breathe let alone move even though every nerve in me is screaming “run away and hide” I am sure I can almost smell the boy’ s smirking arousal and tears roll down my face when daddy’s voice growls low.

”don’t be rude Charlie turn round and say hello.”

Slowly I turn round my eyes blurred with tears as I am sure the boy is laughing at me I cant bare to look up, but I do and just as I’m about to say hello I realise the boy never was there, daddy had paid him ages ago and was only making me think he was watching me.

The mix of relief and humiliation fells me to my knees and I crawl to daddy gratefully washing his shoes in tears of relief. My cunt dripping with juices that he gathers up laughing as he sucks them off his fingers then feeds me.

Even though daddy’s not going into work tonight he decides to take a short rest while I get on with the normal house hold stuff like laundry and baking and generally making the house fit for guests he may bring round. Tonight he’s arranged for one of his other little girls to come play and I get busy preparing for the evening.

When He wakes from his nap I help daddy shower carefully using my hands to wash him all over getting wet as the shower washes over me too. the shower refreshes him from his rest

Each time I touch him my small weak voice begging for the privilege to move on to another spot.

Carefully tending to his cock and balls like they are made of diamond and gold.. infact they are even more precious..

Once Daddy is showered I get ready . I wear a stripped pinafore over a sweet heart blouse and tiny knickers. Any minute now one of daddy’s other girls will arrive and it will be my job to make sure he is pleased.

When the bell rings he sends me to answer the door and a luscious voluptuous woman enters. Her smile is nervous and shy, we both know that we are simply toys for daddies pleasure. There’s no jealousy just a mutual longing to be his that fills us both with a humiliated envy when one is permitted to touch and the other not. In actuality we are good at sharing Daddy because we both love him so very much.

I smile and take her coat. Beneath it she’s in teenage garb and looks not unlike a girl whos discovered stockings for the first time. We giggle and hug each other sliding a soft kiss against each others lips. Then we race to Daddy and he examines her while he makes me watch. My cunt singing with arousal as she begs him to touch her and play with her.

He hoists her up in to his lap gripping her thighs and stretching her legs apart placing her asss heavily on top of his cock. Then summons me with a click of fingers and pinches my chin as he pushes my face into her open cunt. Her panties wet with her juices and my breath as he works his fingers in circles over her clit. My tongue dancing with his fingers till he grips it and slaps me away.. I whimper ashamed that somehow I seem to have displeased him and settle back to watch as he ploughs her cunt with his fingers.

Go fetch a vibe. He barks and I scurry off to get one. He is holding her tight by time I return and laughing and whispering in her ear. Not knowing what he’s saying inflames my cheeks with humiliation as she nods and coos over him. Then he’s commanding me to use the vibe and saying I will give a show to him and his delicious girl. Even though he knows she and I are not jealous its as if he pokes and prods at the emotion . tempting it to rise. I long to please him and I use it as I would want his cock to use me. Getting lost in the hot sweaty climb towards orgasm I know hes going to halt. Over and over again he makes me near it only to laugh loud and stop me. By now she is down between his legs sucking his cock he beckons me close and indicates for me to insert the vibe into her. I fuck her with it for him and she sucking him builds to her own delicious orgasm. That he allows her to cum dribbling juices over my hand makes me whimper and he orders me to clean her up with my mouth.

Finally he orders us out of our clothes and to stand back to back with hands clasping and he draws out his flogger. Slowly circling us. I feel her quaking every bit as she feels me. He knots our hair together tying us together shackled by our own desires and hair. He slowly builds welts across our breasts and tummys each lash falling against one but catching the other. A random pattern of strikes that leave us feeling each others pain. He turns us face to face and the stinging skin of my body presses painfully to hers. The blows continuing til our tender flesh can take no more and we cling sobbing to each other.

Then Daddy stands beside us and presses us down to the floor and together we beg and plead to taste his cock. Till at last both she and I are suckling it . suckling his balls and licking each others mouths.

At the end of the day we are allowed to beg to sleep in his bed and both curl up beside him. Aching and sore bruised and covered in welts but deliriously happy that Daddy has chosen us to be his fuck toys and little girls.

The grown woman aches, but the little girl simply beams with joy.

The grown woman shakes with fear, the little slut with terror

The grown woman knows that at any time she could leave, the little whore would sooner die.


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