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Chapter 4: the big mistake
“You’ve call me sir?”
“Yes, I wanted to tell you that I need you on Sunday morning, can you come to work Sophie?”
It had been more than a month since the first day of our little arrangement between Sophie and I. She stilled believed she had offered herself to me of her own will – which kind of amused me – and she was still doing a lot of mistake in her work. I had more than once bring her to the breach of an orgasm during her punishment but never allowed her one. I had yet to see her scream from pleasure as well as I had yet to see her without her shirt – I did not want to enjoy all the pleasure of her body at once and I had managed to restrain myself to make her loose her top, which was quite impressive.
If I had decided to open my shop this Sunday, it was for two reasons. The first one was that my shop had never been better since I had opened it: I wanted to open it 7 days a week and this Sunday was a try to see if it worth it or not. The second reason was for Sophie. I had done my little research and found out that this same Sunday was the first time she would be able to see her husband in jail as a wife, and not just a visitor. Why it had take them so long to earn the right of conjugal meeting, I had no idea; but I was not ready to let her sleep with someone: if I was not allowed in her pussy, no one would. Moreover, I did not want her to touch or do anything with her husband: with all the fun this one must have had in the showers it was probable he had catch a disease and I wanted to break the couple.
“I’m sorry boss but Sunday I can’t.”
Well, I was not surprised by her answer. The prison of her husband had a policy of “one fuck per month” and if the couple misses their chance, they had to wait for another month. It had been a long time since she had last slept with him and I was keeping her under almost perpetual sexual frustration.
I had three jokers in my hand to change her mind.
The first one was her submissive personality. Even though she had agree her body was reacting to my touch, she was still trying to convince herself and me that her mind was not the same – and that it was why she had not yet reached an orgasm with me. Why is that a joker you ask? First, because a submissive will do what she was told. Second, because this will to not give in the pleasure would give my second joker more power.
My second joker was that I had been too “busy” to correct her for a week. She knew that when I would find the time, the punishment would be intense and all she was wishing for, even if it was against her body’s need, was a way to avoid part or all of this correction. And I would give her this opportunity.
The third one, always the same one, was her need for money (and all the cash she was owing me).
“I know you were not scheduled for Sunday but I really need you this one. Since you have not even begin to pay me back all your debts, you will come Sunday and I will deduce one day of work of your table for this. I expect you at 9 am.”
“I am really sorry boss, but I can’t.”
“Look, you’ll find a solution. It might be hard but you have to. It is not like you were sick or something. I will also recompense your effort by forgetting all the spanking you should have received by now. Are we clear?”
And she left to work. I was sure I would have earned her commitment with all my reasons but I felt that it was not entirely the case. I had the feeling that she was still considering to let me down and go see her husband.
I had to assure myself that she would not do that. I spent an hour thinking of a solution but there was no way I could force her to come. Then it hit me. Benjamin! I had this friend from high school (that I had not seen since) who was working in this jail. Even if we were not exactly buddy, there was no reason for him to not help me. I call him and told him the story as it was: I had an employee who had her husband in jail and I was suspecting her to go to the prison this same Sunday instead of going to work. Since I was not entirely satisfied with her, I wanted him to call me if she showed up. Benjamin was the kind of loyal friend with a moral: it did not take much to convince him to do so.
As you should expect by now, Sophie did not show up on Sunday. To be true, she went home early on Saturday because she was not feeling well. The more you know this girl, the more you realize she is not the genius type. At 10am, I received a message from Benjamin: she had just check in the prison. I ran to my phone and call her and… she was stupid enough to answer.
“Sophie, if you get out of this prison without seeing your husband, you still might have a chance to save your job. Get here as soon as you can.”
And I hang up.
Half an hour later, she was coming into my office like a storm.
“SHUT UP! (she went silent) Since you gave your sorry ass to me, your sexual life concerns me too. I won’t use protection because you fuck some dude who might have caught a disease in the shower of his jail. As long as your husband is not out, you won’t release him in any way. If I ever hear that you gave him even a handjob, you’re fired. Am I clear?”
She finally realized what she was into.
“You… you’ve made me… you wanted this to happen! It’s because of you that…”
“Oh no, sweetie. All of this is because of you and you alone. I’ve never ask you to give yourself to me. You did it with your own free will. I might have helped the circumstances to push you this way but you are the one who jumped.”
“I’m going you bastard!”
“If you resign, do not even hope to find another job. As your former and only employer, I will make sure no one will hire you. If you want to take your chance just think of how long you might have your child until social services come knocking at your door.”
“I’m fucked, aren’t I?”
“Well, technically there is still the no fucking rule. But I will find a way for you to beg me to end this rule, be sure of that. You might even want to ask a divorce now because I will make sure your marriage will be a failure.”
She was speechless.
“I want you every Sunday at my place as a maid. Like that, I will be sure you won’t go fuck you husband. And you will clean what I want, how I want it and in the outfit I want you in. For not showing to work today, a new era begin: you will pay with your money and your body every mistake you do. To be fair, I will lend you money when you will need it in the limit of your full pay check. And since you lie to me for a good fuck, you will were this whenever I want.”
I gave her a vibrator with the shape of an egg. I had the remote control on my other hand.
“As I said, this is a new era so I forgive you for all the mistakes you have done this week. Now go to work… oh! And one last thing: since you will work without your uniform, you will be punished for this. I will make sure on Monday that you will take care of your look from now on. You can go now, and don’t forget to put your egg on.”
“Put it on?”
“Oh my god! You don’t know what this is, don’t you? Let me give you a hint: this is a sex toy that will be the symbol of your belonging to me. Figure it out yourself with that, it should not be that hard.”
When Sophie left my office, her face was red. I savored for a time the rush of overwhelming power I was feeling. I could easily imagine the state of mind of Julie, feeling trapped by her own actions but without knowing at what point she did anything wrong and wondering if my predictions – of ruining her marriage and having her to beg me a fuck – would come true. One thing was sure for both of us now: she was as good as my property. I was planning on limiting myself in punishment and doing everything to make my predictions come true but this was more to enjoy my pleasure and to arouse me. She knew I could ask her to do anything for no reason and she would do so, just out of fear of being fired.
I followed Sophie downstairs, in my shop, half an hour later… with the remote control of her vibrator in my pocket. The truth was that this Sunday was a failure in a business point of view: I had just two customers whereas I was paying to sales people – Sophie and Jennifer. If you wonder, Jennifer was not bad looking but she did not meet the standards that made me take a real interest in Sophie: she was not pretty enough for the trouble and the expenditures I had with Sophie and her life was not difficult enough. As for Sophie, she was speaking with the customers, a couple of teenager (with a guy who had quite a hard time to not look at the amazing cleavage of Sophie in front of her girlfriend).
I decided to have a little fun and turned on her vibrator at half its speed as she was talking to the guy. She stopped her speech with a little moan of surprise and looked right at me. Obviously, she did not expect her new toy to come to life. I then lowered the power to the minimum, without turning it down, in order to let her go on with the customer.
She had some troubled to find her words but she managed to keep the customers interested in what she had to say. If you wonder, I sell clothes for both sex and my success (my shop basically run by itself) come from the service to the client: my sales people will be concerned by what you want, give you advice and do anything for you without giving the feeling they want to close the sale. Customers feel special in my shop and that is why they keep coming. As Sophie was speaking with our teenager boy, I could see her body language change in an imperceptible way: her breath was a little heavier, she would continually move her hips (just a little but she definitely moved them), she was crossing her legs and her hands had a sensual way to touch the shirt of her customer. The girlfriend was beginning to show signs of jealousy but the guy was clearly blind of what seemed to be flirting. I decided to step in and make things a little bit worse.
“Hi young lady, I see we attend the needs of your companion but would you like to take a look around while this young man makes up his mind?”
“Yeah… whatever.”
It might seem a little bit dull on paper but I am the kind of guy who can do whatever he wants with customers. I could not teach it to anyone but I have this kind of personality that everyone follows. As I was leading my new customer to the women area, I intensified the vibration of the egg: I was hoping it would make her hotter without allowing her to come.
The effects have been astonishing and this story took a turn I would never have imagined. At first, the teenage girl was barely giving me any attention while Sophie was struggling into hiding what she was going through. As her sexual needs were growing, she couldn’t help but fantasized on her customer, and this was showing of in her behavior.
When the young man began to realize that he might had a chance with this gorgeous woman, his girlfriend lost all her interest in him and gave me all her attention: double sensed sentences, touching, showing her assets was her way to get vengeance on her boyfriend. Unfortunately for her, it was not enough as he had only eyes for Sophie. Laura, my not so teenager customer (she had found a way to tell me she just turned 20), began then to look at clothes more daring and ended up looking at our more sexy outfit. She gave me quite a show. With each outfit she would ask me for my opinion: was it too tight? How looked her ass? Did she had breast too big for this kind of dress?
But nothing was good enough to get back the attention of her boyfriend, which I understand perfectly: how would you react if you had the impression to give sexual pleasure to a woman just with your presence? At one point, I realized that Laura was not wearing any underwear anymore which, with the kind of clothes she was trying and her naïve blonde face, was giving her the charisma of a good girl that had turn wild. In the end, her game was not enough: she had lost. She realized it when her boyfriend began to caress my employee ass. She froze and ran into the changing room.
“Fuck!” I heard her whisper a few seconds later. “Hey mister, could you come in please? The zipper of my dress is stuck.”
When I went in, I met her completely naked.
“Use me in a way he will never dare to. Make him regret his interest to the bitch and do it quick.”
This is the kind of offer you do not refuse. I dropped my pants, grabbed her and kiss her passionately. I then threw her face to the wall, spread her leg and position myself.
“I will make you regret not being a real blond” I whispered in her ear.
“I hope you are a man of your words.”
And I took her, hard. She groaned from pain: I’m a little bit over average size and her pussy was a really tight one unprepared for the ravaging fuck it was getting. Even though I have no consideration for Sophie (she is way too beautiful for it), I did not want to hurt Laura but she read on my mind and asked me to be harder. I grabbed a handful of breast with my right hand, round with full erected tits, while the left one was massaging her clitoris. She quickly reached her orgasm (that she had to shut with her fist) and all of her body began to shake, her pussy milking my penis. But I was not ready yet.
I pulled out, turned her around and put her in her knees. She eagerly took me into her mouth and massaged my balls with her hands. In no time, she was deepthroating me. She knew what she was doing and was good at it. All of this had happened in less than three minutes and it had been messy so do not be surprised when I tell you that my dick popped out when I ejaculated. She took her facial with a big smile on her face. I had the impression that I gave her what she wanted. She cleaned her face with a finger that she licked clean too several time. She looked at my soft cock, smiled at it, kissed it and finally whipped out the cum on it with her breast. The soft and firm touch from her skin with the tickling from her tits made me hard again. She rise and kissed me, pushing her crotch against mine.
“It seems the big boy downstairs want to finish me off. And I will confess that I am not a woman who will refuse him the entrance of the unique hole I have that is still a virgin, unless you try to be tender.”
At that moment, my dick was so hard I was afraid it would explode. I took her legs and raised her above my penis and she moved her hips to allow a smooth penetration. She was squeezing hard with her legs to not let me go and had one arm around my neck for equilibrium. She then got her second hand wet with her juice and fingered her anus to get it ready.
She then put herself once again against the wall, waiting for me. She asked me to be harsh, so I took her without any consideration for her well being.
When I got out of the dressing room, the boyfriend was nowhere to be seen, as well as Jennifer. Sophie was at the counter moaning shamelessly from pleasure but unable to reach her orgasm. Why did she not go to the bathroom to finish her off? Simply because I had taught her to do nothing at work but work. I turned down the vibrator. She screamed from disappointment.
“Please! Please sir, I need it! Let me have it, please!”
“Are you begging me to fuck you Sophie?”
“NO! … Yes… yeah! I don’t care how but give it to me please!”
“Now is not a good time, the other girl just took everything I had. You’ll have to wait.”
“NO! nooo… Do whatever you want but I need it, quick!”
“Ok, I’ll give you what you want only if you have sell anything to the boy, as a reward.”
“Yes I did! I did! I swear I did…”
Laura had witnessed the all scene. I put the vibrator on the maximum puissance and give it to the young girl. She looked at me with a smile and turned it on.
“Oh my god! God! OH GOD, YES! Yes… yes… Yeaaaaahhhhhh! Mmh… mmmmmhhhhh, yes. Another… anoth… Yes. Yes! YES!”
I had just witness my first two orgasms of Sophie, and she was quite a screamer. The pleasure had been so overwhelming that she ended up lying on the floor, unaware of her environment. When Laura turned off the vibrator, Sophie looked at her in shame. Laura bent over my employee and spit at her face.
“That’s what you deserve bitch for what you’ve done to my boy. And you mister, you should know you gave me my best and worst fuck ever. All my body hurts. Thanks.”
She then handed over to me the remote control and walked out of my shop, and my life. Now that Sophie had the released she had hoped for, she was crying from the humiliation she went through this day. Between two sob, she told me Jennifer was quitting. Considering what had happened that day, I was not surprised.
I decided to call it for a day and closed my shop earlier than what I had planned.

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