Sorry for the delay between chapter 2 and 3 it's getting harder and harder for me to keep coming up with new stuff for these characters. I probably only have a few more chapters to write for this story I hope everyone's enjoying reading it as much as I am writing it. Any constructive criticism is always welcome to so thanks for reading.
When I woke up that morning I immediately jumped out of bed as excited as I've ever been. I didn't even bother throwing any clothes on, I just opened my door and headed for the bathroom down the hall. I saw Kristi heading in the same direction wearing her cute pajamas with her hair in pigtails like I had told her to start doing and it looked like she really had to go. I stopped her just as she put her hand on the door knob spotting my first opportunity to make her life a living hell.

Jason - "Hold it Kristi, I think you should wait a bit before you use the bathroom this morning"
Kristi - "Oh c'mon Jason, I just gotta take a quick pee then I gotta get ready for school"
Jason - "You do know you belong to me now right?"
Kristi - "I know...I don't understand how but you've basically become all powerful lately is really
scary. Can't you just try and be a nice brother?"
Jason - "Oh like how nice of a sister you were to me all these year?"
Kristi - "...It wasn't that bad was it?"
Jason - "Ha! You were horrible. And now I'm going to make sure you pay for it. So go and get
ready for school and if you're good I might let you use the bathroom before you get on the school bus."

Kristi agreed but she obviously wasn't sure if she was going to be able to hold it until she was completely ready for school, and if I decided not to let her go until she got on the bus she was definitely going to piss herself. I made sure my sister knew to dress as slutty as she could for school and I made a special request for her to wear the shorts she always wore for her volleyball games and of course, no underwear or bra. She again conceded to my wishes and it looked like she was starting to come to terms with things, but she had no idea how bad it was going to get. Knowing my sister was about to suffer for the next 30 or 40 minutes while she got ready for school let me think about the other target of my torture, Jacob. I paused time, and still completely nude walked over to his house.

Being able to pause time like this had given me so many options and every night while people slept I had been taking advantage. I had gotten myself a gun and blackmailed just about every person I needed to. Taking someone out in the middle of the night and putting a gun to their head can be pretty convincing. I never did anything like this to Kristi or Jacob. I wanted their suffering to happen more "naturally". I did, however, use this little trick on Jacobs mom - Ms. Cathy Kemp, his sisters - Hannah, Nicole, and Molly, and even his girlfriend - Anna. I also had to use it on my mom Janice, and I even did a slightly less hardcore version for my little sister Kelly making sure to hide my face and disguise my voice. I gave each of them a different set of orders, I think the only order I gave all of them was to make sure they never took any kind of birth control again. All of these uniquely designed orders were of course all part of my plan to provide some wicked surprises for Kristi and Jacob. I had it all planned out and it was going to be so much fun.

For now I had an extra bit of time, all I wanted really, and I wanted to have a bit of fun with Jacob before his morning really got started. When I got into his house he was in the first place I looked, the kitchen. To be exact, he was bent over looking into the fridge with one had on the jug of milk he was about to use to make his cereal. Bingo, I thought as I gently removed his hand from the jug trying to move him as little as possible, once I had the milk away from him I started jacking off and eventually finished right into the top of the milk jug and thanks to time being frozen it didn't really mix in, it just stuck to the top layer. I put everything back as close to as it was before I got there and I was pretty sure he'd never notice anyone had moved him. I then took two Viagra from the massive supply I had stolen and smashed them into a powder to mix into the bottom of Jacobs cereal. I knew once he poured his milk into the bowl it would become almost impossible to notice. He would be drinking his first load of cum and he might just get a hard on doing it.

Once I finished watching Jacob finish the last bite of his cereal, he really seemed to enjoy it, I went home to deal with my sister. She was ready for school and she was hunched over in pain I could tell she was about to burst.

Jason - "Ok Kristi, I'm going to go against my better judgment and let you use the bathroom. I don't want
you thinking this is the start of me being nice though."
Kristi - "Oh thank you bro!"

She immediately darted for the bathroom and slammed the door behind her. Before she made it to the
toilet though, I opened the door and she froze seeming to forget she even had to pee.

Kristi - "What are you doing Jason, I have to pee leave me alone."
Jason - "Oh I think I deserve a peek seeing as I'm being nice enough to even let you go"
Kristi - "Fine! I can't take the time to argue we're almost late for the bus as is and I REALLY have to pee."

Kristi dropped her tight little volleyball shorts and sat down as quick as she could. Once I heard her the fateful sound of piss hitting water in the toilet I knew I had her. I paused time and grabbed the three ropes from the drawer in the bathroom. I rewound time to the point just before her stream started to come out and stood her up. I then pulled up her shorts and sat her back down the toilet. I took her wrists and pulled down straightening out her arms and slightly bending her back. I tied one rope around each of her wrists and attached each of her wrists with the third rope underneath the back of the toilet. There was no way she would be able to move and when I let time start again it was a sight to see to say the least.

Kristi - "ahhhh, what the fuck. Did you do this!? How!?"
Jason - "Hahaha calm down sis, just finish taking that pee and we can go catch the bus. We have to hurry
up or we'll be late.
Kristi - "No please I can't....fuck I'm pissing myself. "

Most of her piss still landed in the toilet but I bet she wished her volleyball shorts weren't white. The stain was more than noticeable, the smell alone would have been enough. Once she was finished peeing I untied her and cleaned her up as best I could without changing her shorts and we both went downstairs to catch the bus.

When we got on the bus my sister went to sit with her friends, who immediately noticed the stain and I went to sit beside my buddy Jacob. We talked a bit, he had had a rough morning with his mom punishing him for sleeping in and his sister making fun of him, the only upside was the cereal he had was somehow more delicious than normal. It was hard not to laugh when he told me that. I reminded Jacob about our bet yesterday, and sure enough last night his mom had told him she wanted to have sex with me. Apparently she was really drunk, but how it happened didn't matter, she was mine to do with as I pleased now. Not only that, he would have to pay me for every load I could blow into her.

She headed straight for us and jokingly ordered me to get away from her man. I jumped to the seat across the way and she snuggled up with her boyfriend. She was being more affectionate than usual but Jacob wasn't complaining. Neither of them had ever had sex, but Anna had given Jacob a handjob last week and it was the best thing Jacob could imagine. Anna whispered something in Jacobs ear and his eyes lit up then she asked me if I wanted to hang out with the two of them after school and he looked a little confused. I smiled at the two of them and told them I'd be there.

The day at school wasn't anything spectacular. Jacob failed a couple tests we got handed back but if you asked him he probably would have said it had been an awesome day. Not only was his girlfriend all over him promising him all kinds of sexual fun for the night, but it seemed like every girl he had ever fantasized about was flirting with him. Even the ninth grader Rebecca went out of her way to talk to him in the hallway and asked him if she looked cute in her skirt. He had no idea why it was happening but he clearly wasn't going to complain.

The three of us, Jacob, Anna, and me, all got on the bus and headed over to Jacobs house.

Jason - "Hey Anna, want to hear something funny?"
Anna - "What?"
Jason - "Me and Jacob made a bet the other day..."
Jacob - "No dude! Don't tell her about that"
Jason - "What she's going to figure it out pretty soon anyways once I start doing it"
Anna - "Doing what? C'mon Jacob just let him tell me"
Jason - "Yeah Jacob, it's not that bad. Anna, your boyfriend told me he'd give me 50 bucks for every
load I can blow in his mom as long as she was willing to have sex with me and last night his mom
basically begged him to let me fuck her."
Jacob - "She didn't beg...not really...she just said she really wanted to see what your dick looked like and
besides she was wasted no way she even remembers saying that."
Anna - "Oh my god, I can't believe I'm hearing this. So you're seriously gonna fuck his mom?"
Jason - "Well as long as she's willing why not right. I know she's not the hottest mom around but it's
definitely worth the money to see the look on Jacob's face."
Anna - "You're really going to pay this creep to fuck you're mom Jacob?"
Jacob - "We made a bet, I have to keep my word, and like I said I still don't think my mom's going to go
through with it"

Just as Jacob finished that sentence the door opened and in walked Ms. Kemp. She was wearing clothing similar to what she would normally wear to school but Jacob could obviously tell it was a little different. Her skirt seemed quite a bit shorter than normal and she never wore heels as high as those to school or even when she went somewhere fancy with his dad. Her blouse was really low cut too, once Jacob has processed what his mother was wearing his look of confidence started to dwindle.

She and I locked eyes as she entered the room and smiled at each other, she knew exactly what to do and was doing perfectly so far. She didn't even stop to say hello to all of us as she rushed up stairs to get changed and in less than five minutes returned in an outfit that got even more attention from her son. It was some extremely sexy lingerie I had swiped from the nicest stores and the most ridiculously slutty heels I could find to go with it. Ms. Kemp was already a tall woman (6'1) and in these bright red heels she'd be well over 6'6 it really looked intimidating to a young boy especially in the lingerie I had picked out for her. The outfit was entirely black except for some red lining around the tits and crotch area. We could all tell Ms. Kemp wasn't used to wearing shoes like that, she seemed uncomfortable enough in the heels she had to wear at school all day but had eventually learned how to walk normally.

These shoes however, she had never worn and she was nearly falling over with each step and the outfit she had on seemed to accentuate ever extra piece of fat on her body. Not to say Ms. Kemp is ugly, but she's not exactly a super model either. Her body was definitely her best feature, even with the bit of extra fat in places her tits were beautiful and every boy in school wanted a piece of that ass. All the guys in my class that had seen me pound her asshole in class the other day were so jealous. Her face, however was not something most boys would want to think about while they masturbated. Age had wrinkled and marked her face and the glasses she wore made her look more like a grandmother than a milf. She had smoked for years in the past as well and her teeth were noticeably yellowed making the thought of kissing her more repulsive than arousing. There was no problem, though, with shoving my cock into that hole, as long as it would earn me some extra money and cause a bit of suffering for Jacob.

I glance over at Jacob and nearly burst out laughing at the glazed looked he has on his face. His girlfriend Anna also looks shocked, but at the same time you can tell she's interested in whatever is about to happen. Without saying a word Ms. Kemp walks directly in front of me, gets down on her knees and in one sentence nearly gives Jacob a heart attack.

Ms. Kemp: "May I please suck your cock Jason?"

Jacob was too stunned to say anything and I saw no need. I stood up because even on her knees I would need to be on my feet to get the power I wanted to slam her face. There was no way I would be taking it easy on Jacobs mother, I wanted him to see her become my slut right in front of his eyes. As I dropped my pants there was an audible gasp from both Ms. Kemp and Anna. Both women's eyes locked onto my cock and I noticed Anna licking her lips unbeknownst to Jacob who was entirely focused on the look of excitement on his mother's face as she also licked her lips in anticipation. Before she began I glanced over at Jacob and reminded him of our bet. It was the first his mother had heard of it but finding out her son would owe me $50 for ever load I could muster only seemed to motivate her further and to Jacobs dismay his mother was now eager to see how much money she could earn me.

She started slowly licking the head of my cock always glancing up at me and back at her son all the while. She then bent down a little further at sticking her abnormally long tongue out licked from the very base of my balls all the way up to the tip of my shaft it was an amazing feeling and I was loving the look on Jacobs face while she did it. Anna was trying to console him at first but he kept brushing her off being too disgusted by the situation to want any kind of physical contact from anyone at this point. Anna, however was getting more and more turned on and with Jacob brushing her off she was being overwhelmed with desire. While Ms. Kemp began to take the head of my cock into her mouth and slowly inch her way down my shaft I noticed she was beginning to rub her pussy through the panties she had on. I'm pretty sure I saw a stream of wetness running down her leg and I knew she was going crazy with excitement sucking my cock and when I glanced over at Anna I realized she wasn't the only one. Anna was at this point also rubbing her pussy through the jeans she had on and even her top button was undone but still Jacob was focused too much on his mother to noticed.

Ms. Kemp was all the while sliding extremely slowly down the shaft of my cock. It was the best experience of my life to date and as she reached about the half way point I began to hear he struggling to breath and gagging a little but she pressed on and eventually got to the point where she could fit no more. My cock wasn't enormous but for a kid my age it was pretty good at 7.5 inches and pretty damn thick it wasn't surprising she couldn't fit it all in on her own. I again looked over at Jacob and with a big grin on my face placed my two hands on the back of his mom's head and shoved her down the last 3 inches or so in one violent move. She immediately began to gag and tried to push up on my thighs but I wouldn't let go. I knew she'd be able to hold her breath for at least a little while and the feeling was too good to let it go right away.

Jason: "I hope you're ready to pay the first 50 bro cause I'm about to blow"

As I let Ms. Kemp slide slowly back up off my cock to get some air I almost did but was barely able to hold onto it. I pulled her completely off my shaft and got her to start sucking on my nut sack. I wanted to blow my first load all over that ugly mug of hers so I wouldn't have to think about it anymore. I told her to take off my glasses and without a pause she continued to gargle on my balls as she removed them. I started rubbing my cock and just as his mother ran her tongue so far under my nuts she almost licked my asshole I grabbed her hair forcing her face back and blew the biggest load of my life all over her face. I saw a stream fly straight up her nose, then another landed in her eye and her hair and more and more kept coming until her face was almost completely covered. Her eyes were closed as I told her to stand up and turned her to face her son.

Taking out my cell phone I quickly grabbed a photo of Jacob staring at his cum covered mom before he could realize what I was doing and when his mom heard the click she didn't even open her eyes instead she beamed a big smile like it was a family portrait. I got a few more clicks before Jacob demanded I put the phone away so I did and asked him to give me the 50 for the load I just blew.

Jacob: "Ha, doesn't count asshole, the bet was how many loads you could blow IN my mom not ON my
mom. I don't owe you shit."
Jason:"You're such an idiot sometimes bro, alright you don't have to pay me for that one but next one's up
to you. Pussy or asshole?"
Jacob:"Huh? What are you talking about?"
Jason:"I mean where do you want me to blow my next load dumbass. In her pussy or her asshole?"
Ms. Kemp:"Oh please Jacob, don't let him fuck me in the ass, I've never done that before it would hurt too
much for mommy."

She was such a convincing liar and luckily Jacob still hadn't heard about what I had done to that virgin asshole only yesterday in English class because nobody felt the need to rat on me anymore it was perfect. Plus, with Ms. Kemp being off her birth control for the last few weeks thanks to the time travel there was a pretty good shot she would get pregnant if Jason asked me to fill her pussy. I had even made sure to line the date of our bet with her cycles so she would be most fertile today, I don't think she had realized that last bit of my plan but she definitely knew I wanted her off birth control and to blow my load in her pussy so she probably figured out the rest and she was lying so well I was almost convinced she wanted to have my child.

Jacob:"I don't know mom, I really wouldn't want him getting you pregnant"
Ms. Kemp:"Don't worry honey, I'm on the pill and I'm supposed to have my period in a couple days so
there's almost no chance I could get pregnant."
Jacob:"Fine then, fucking do it already you asshole"
Jason:"So her asshole then?"
Jacob:"NO NO, her fucking pussy you can blow you're load in her pussy."

There was no need for any more discussion as I got Ms. Kemp down on all fours and lined myself up behind her. Glancing at Jacob one more time as if to ask for final permission without saying a word he dropped his head in shame and I pushed the tip of my cock into his mothers pussy.

She moaned softly as I slid in slowly letting about 2 or 3 inches enter her as slowly and gently as I could I'm sure she almost thought I was going to be gentle for a change but I'm sure most of her knew better but she still was not ready when I suddenly slammed all the home into her pussy and stayed there for a few seconds before sliding a bit out slowly. Again I slammed back in as hard as I could like I was trying to break her cervix with my cock. I grabbed both her tits with both my hands and used them as handle bars to pull myself into her has hard as I could leaving read marks with my fingers all over her pale while tits. She screamed in both pain and please each time I hit her with my rod and I could almost hear Jacob gasp a little each time as well.

I had continued to notice Anna as well, as she intensified her masturbation efforts as I begun to fuck Ms. Kemp as hard and as fast as I could. Still Jacob had no idea that not only was I about to make his mother cum from my thrusts, it looked like his girlfriend would also be succumbing to her desire to be fucked my cock. As I felt Ms. Kemp's pussy tighten around my cock, she began to scream an intense orgasm and the sound of Jacob's mother was all Anna needed to join in and together they screamed a song of pleasure that made Jacob's spine shiver and my heart flutter with joy. He just now had noticed, because of the sound, that his girlfriend was almost half naked with her pants around her thighs and both hands down her panties screaming with an orgasm that looked almost as intense as the one his mother was experiencing at the same time. All of this was too much for me and almost the second both girls seemed to calm down I began to fill Ms. Kemp's tight hole with another massive load.

Making sure to keep my cock as deep as I could while letting loose into her womb I smiled again at Jacob and reminded him it was his fault I wasn't simply blowing another load on her face. Ms. Kemp almost smiled with a look of stupid bliss as she felt my warmth fill her hole. It had been years since she and her husband had their last child, Jacob, and ever since then she had never let her husband fill her like I had just had. When I pulled out and she stood up almost nothing dripped out of her. And Jacob began to say that I didn't even blow my load that I had just gone soft like a wimp but his mother quickly ensured him that she could feel my full load sitting deep inside her.

It seemed like everyone was convinced the excitement was over, but I knew I had at least two more loads in me. Being a thirteen year old boy with unlimited access to any stimulants and drugs makes it pretty easy to come prepared with a full load in my sack and a ton of energy to get it done. I smiled at Jacob and told him to take is girlfriend up to his room to see if he could pleasure her like I had just done with his mom. He told me he would get the 50 he owed me but I ensured him it would be more than that and me and his mother would keep count while he was away.

Jacob looked as upset as ever but when Anna grabbed his cock through his pants and began to tug him towards the stairs to his room he managed to cheer up a bit. Anna had been so horny all day and now he would have her alone in his room, even if his best friend was downstairs fucking his mom at least he could maybe loose his virginity finally to his smoking hot girlfriend. Too bad he still hadn't realized these girls were working for me now....

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