Rex and his new pet Beth meet up with her roommate Eve. Part 5 will come but may take a while
Beth was still excited. Rex had got her aroused as he had dressed her and then walking through the town with the leash on made her almost out of control. She had almost dropped down to all fours in the middle of the street and bark until Rex pulled out his cock so she could suck it. She reluctantly left Rex knowing that it was what she had to do.

When she got up to her dorm room she was horny beyond belief and there was her roommate Eve. Eve and Beth, thrown together as part of the dorm lottery were as different as night and day. Beth was the ultimate preppy. She had straight shoulder length honey blonde hair, green eyes and a slim build. She often dressed in long skirts, turtleneck sweaters and blazers. Eve’s hair was died black in a punk haircut with one side shaved. She often dressed in loose t-shirts and sweatpants. When Beth entered the apartment Eve was wearing a baggy sweatshirt and was naked from the waist down. She was reading a pornographic story on her laptop with her legs splayed widely and three fingers in her cunt.

Beth shut and locked the door and stripped down. Eve was a bit shocked. She had never seen her roommate quite this brazen before. When Beth was naked she immediately dove into Eve’s hairy snatch.

Eve wasn’t quite sure what shocked her more, that her normally tame roommate was going down on her or the skill with which she did it. Eve was certain that Beth had never performed cunnilingus, their relationship started with intimate conversations and then led to mutual masturbation and eventually Eve eating out Beth, who said she never felt right about it. Beth had said when she was fingering Eve that she was thinking of fingering herself.

Beth’s tongue did a thorough exploration of Eve’s lower lips. It danced between the folds and then quickly dove into her love tunnel and then around her clit. Eve had always been a bit embarrassed about the size of her clitoris. It was one of the many ways that the two women differed. Beth had a tiny clit that Eve had problems finding, even though she was a regular visitor. Eve’s on the hand was large. It wasn’t quite micro penis large but it was enough that her first boyfriend had declined sex with her and called her a freak. It had made her nervous in the changing room in high school gym class. She had actually taken to wearing panty liners all the time in high school to disguise the shape. It was actually the reason she kept her pussy hairy. She had told Beth that she just didn’t like shaving and had never known a guy to stop when he was that close to closing the deal. The truth was that she grew the hair to hide her clit, and the only guy she had been with had dumped her for it. Freshman year she had a couple of drunken rolls with other women and some had accepted her but others were disgusted. That is when her fuck you attitude fully bloomed.

She met Beth later that year when they were thrown together due to asbestos in Beth’s dorm. Sophomore year they intentionally roomed together and the rest was delightful history.

Eve wrapped her fingers in Beth’s long honey blonde hair. She knew no one who knew Beth would believe this scene. Beth wrapped her lips around Eve’s clit and Eve exploded in orgasm. She had never come that hard before. She was feeling excited and shaking and then she felt a finger slide into her pussy. It was tracing its way around the outside and then it slid in.

Beth worked her finger in and out of Eve’s pussy, gently teasing the ridged flesh of her g-spot and the sensitive opening of her urethra. The finger then probed deeper in and was joined by a second. Beth’s tongue continued to work on Eve’s clit as she shuddered in a small orgasm. Eve felt another finger touch her ass. She had never really been into anal activities and felt her sphincter clench and Beth pulled back.

Eve reached up with one hand and started to rub her large breasts, squeezing her erect nipples. Beth’s fingers were constantly working in and out but now avoiding the sensitive areas. Eve needed more and she shuddered with another orgasm. Beth was pumping her fingers in harder and faster now. Eve let go of her head and used both hands to pull on her nipples. Another tiny orgasm hit and Beth moved her fingers to rub the g-spot and she sucked hard on Eve’s clit. The orgasms started to come continuously now and Eve lost count of how many she had and how long it was going on, until finally she said “Enough enough.”

Beth stopped and sat down, her entire face was soaked and shiny with girl cum. It was rolling down her breasts and dripping off of her chin. When Eve got her breath back she walked over and kissed Beth firmly on the lips and tasted her saltiness. She then kissed it off of Beth’s chin and where it had dribbled down to her perky breasts. She then worked her way down to Beth’s neatly shaved runway and started to gently finger her pussy as her tongue went and looked for Beth’s shy little clit.

Eve wasn’t surprised that Beth was soaking wet. When she pulled her finger out she saw that in addition to the normal fluids there was a bit of Rex’s cum. Eve made a decision to ask about that later but for now she was intent on returning the favor. Eve danced her tongue in long slow circles around the top of Beth’s slit while the fingers of one hand slid in and out of her pussy and her other hand was manipulating her pussy lips. She was pinching and squeezing and rubbing the folds of skin between her fingers.

Beth squirmed a bit and lifter her pussy into Eve’s face. Eve loved going down on Beth. There was a special bond and understanding between them. Even though they were so different they matched in a way. Eve started to feel Beth’s clit and started to tap on it rhythmically with her tongue. She blew a hot breath across it and felt Beth shudder. She took this as cue to speed up and she started to drive her fingers in and out of Beth’s pussy. She then remember how Beth had started to finger her ass, and she said that she had enjoyed the anal sex with Rex. Eve took a well lubed finger and pressed it against Beth’s asshole and was surprised when it slid in and Beth’s ass started to milk her finger.

Beth was thrashing wildly now with both hand’s pushing Eve’s head onto her thrusting pussy. Eve was starting to fell claustrophobic as she licked madly drinking Beth and Rex’s mixed fluids. Finally Beth gave one last hard shudder and pulled Eve of.

Beth kissed Eve deeply on the lips their tongues dancing together and then proceeded to suck Eve’s fingers clean.

Without a word the two young women moved together into the shower and soaped each other clean. They didn’t say a word until they were cuddled together in Eve’s bed. Eve though the shorter of the two was playing the big spoon. She had one hand under Beth cupping a boob and gently playing with a nipple while idly rubbing the mound around Beth’s pussy.

“So how was your first taste of pussy.”

“I think I got a hair in mouth.”

“I can shave it for you if you want.”

“You would do that for me.”

“Anything for you, bitch.”

Beth laughed and smiled and then Eve asked, “He came in your pussy didn’t he?”

“Yeah, I kinda forced him into it. It wasn’t his plan but I just needed it, you know what I mean?”

“Sort of. I have a confession to make. I’ve never really been with a guy.”

“Really? I just assumed.”

“No, my first real boyfriend saw my clit and freaked. I know it’s not really that large but I guess he was used to girls like you and seeing a little variation broke him.”

“So what you had said about men sealing the deal even after the see the hair?”

“Something I read in one of the stories.”

Beth rested a hand on Eve’s and said, “You really like reading those things don’t you?”

“It’s weird I feel a connection with some of the authors. They are all anonymous. Names that could be anything. Some have links to fake facebook accounts, some post with real names and there are a few that are totally anonymous.”

“Ever talk to any of them?”

“No, maybe I should though.”

There was a long pause and then Beth started to speak. “Rex has invited me out to a Bed and Breakfast. It’s a themed place. Half the people there will in leashes as pets and half will be holding the leashes.”

“Doing the pet thing in public is a huge step.”

“He actually walked me home tonight in the leash. It’s part of what got me so horny. I almost blew him in the middle of the street.”

Eve pinched a nipple and teased, “Slut.”

“It get’s even weirder than that. The Bed and Breakfast is run by his sister.”

“The one who he may or may not have slept with, but definitely did leash up and lead around?”

“Yes, so not only will I be performing a fetish act, naked, in front of strangers; I get to meet the family. He says that the pets tend to sniff butts and some owners like to share.”

“Would you be willing to be shared?”

“If he asks, I will do it. I don’t understand he has such a control over me and I like it. I love the way he is there, and rock steady and in charge. I know he will never hurt me or even allow me to be hurt. If he does want to share me, I’m sure it will be for my own good.”

“Do you think he will?”

“I don’t think so, but he is sharing me with you.”

“Well I had first dibs, but are you saying he knows about us? Did you tell him.”

“No, he figured it out. He’s the IT guy. When you called him to tell him I ran out he asked you a few questions and something about the way you answered let him know we were intimate. I don’t know if he knows how intimate but for better or worse he knows there is something. I was so horny when he unleashed me I might have mentioned maybe bringing you over to play.”

Eve grew silent then asked, “What was his reaction?”

“I don’t know. He is so hard to read.”

“I think I would like to meet him and get to know him before you run off and meet his family.”

Eve and Beth slept peacefully. The next morning Beth fired of an IM to Rex and said that Eve did want to come over for dinner.

“What do you want to eat?” Beth asked her roommate.

“Steak, bloody rare, baked potato, spinach salad.” Eve responded and Beth quickly typed back to Rex.

“He says we should be there about 8.”

After classes Eve and Beth went back to their dorm to change. Beth put on a long dark dress, loose and casual and accented it with a black shawl. She could pull the shawl up to cover her collar which she always wore now. She was also completely without underwear.

Eve had a harder time choosing her wardrobe. She was torn between being herself and making a good impression. At first she thought she would wear yoga pants and a sweat shirt, then she thought about digging out a nice dress, finally she decided on torn jeans, her Ramones shirt and a hoodie. Since she hadn’t worn underwear in months she saw no reason to change that.

The two of them walked out of the dorm together and as soon as they were outside Beth slid her shawl down revealing the choke collar to the world. It was a cool crisp night with only a sliver of moon. When they reached Rex’s house, Eve went to knock, but Beth just walked in. Her dress and shawl were off her and on the floor before Eve could close the door behind them. Beth dropped to her hands and knees and started to crawl to the kitchen.

“Hey girl, food is almost ready.” Rex called from the kitchen. Eve looked at Rex and saw immediately what Beth saw in him. He had piercing grey eyes and dark hair with a hint of grey showing. He was tall, but not overly tall, strong but not overly muscled. He had a commanding presence that she couldn’t quite put a finger on. She wasn’t sure, but she thought that she might drop to all fours and put on a dog collar if he asked.

Rex walked over to Eve and said, “You must be Beth’s roommate Eve”. He gave her a firm handshake, he looked her in the eyes and smiled and she could feel her pussy go gooey. At the same time her clit started to swell and rubbed tantalizingly against the seem of her jeans. She might get on all fours without him asking.

Rex handed her a bottle of wine and picked up a bowl of bread and a butter dish. “Let’s go eat. The salad is already on the table.” Eve looked over at the dining room table and saw 2 plates set side by side with a bowl of dark green spinach salad and a lit candle. On the floor next to the head of the was a shallow bowl. Rex held out the chair for Eve and she sat down. Rex sat down next to her and opened the wine to let it breathe.

“I have a balsamic vinaigrette.” He said indicating a small carafe with a fragrant brown liquid with bits of spice floating in it. “If you prefer ranch, I can get you some of that as well.”

“The vinaigrette is fine.”

Rex poured the dressing over the salad and deftly tossed it with a pair of wooden spoons. He served Eve and then served himself. Eve took a taste of salad and it was like a flavor explosion in her mouth. The dressing was tangy and slightly sweet, the spinach was fresh and there were slivers of mushrooms, and nuts in the salad.

Eve noticed Rex pouring two glasses of wine and then a little bit more into a shallow dish he put on the floor for Beth.

As Eve was wolfing it down she noticed that Rex was feeding every other bite to Beth who was sitting at his feet with her head in his lap. Occasionally Rex would reach down and scratch Beth’s head.

“Do you like the salad?” Rex asked. Beth barked before Eve could answer. Eve was shocked and said, “It’s the best thing I’ve tasted.”

Rex smiled and Eve began to worry that she was going to soak through her pants and she was feeling suddenly hot.

“Excuse me.” She said and stood up. Eve lifted her hoodie up and off and was briefly embarrassed as her shirt came up and she flashed her large tits at Rex.

His only comment was “Where are my manners.” He took her hoodie and hung it up in the closet along with Beth’s dress and sweater. When he came back to the table he brought another bottle of wine.

Eve was just shocked at how she was feeling about Rex, but Rex’s attention seemed to be on Beth. He was always feeding her a bite of salad, patting her on the head, scratching behind her ears.

After the salad Rex fetched two plates of food. His plate had two steaks and two potatoes. “Beth, do you want sour cream on your potato?”




Rex prepared a bit of potato and fed it to Beth and then he fed her some steak. When Eve cut into her steak she saw that was in fact bloody rare, like she asked and it dissolved in her mouth like butter.

Rex continued to feed Beth, occasionally taking a bite himself, started to talk about Eve about music, about seeing the Ramones play a Lollapalooza back in ’96 and she was enthralled. The Ramones were one of her favorite bands but she was five when they had broken up.

Eve couldn’t keep her eyes off Rex and didn’t notice when Beth pulled down his fly and started to pull his dick out.

“Beth!” Rex chided. “We have a guest.”

Beth whimpered and started to hump Rex’s leg. “Beth, it’s not that I am shy about it, but guests come first.”

“Bark!” Beth crawled over to Eve and started to work her pants down.

Eve was so excited she had been horny all night and now her sexy roommate was about to go down on her in front of her boyfriend. She was a bit worried as Beth pulled down her pants revealing her hairy snatch and large engorged clit. Rex just looked at her and smiled and she felt a small orgasm go through her body. When Beth started licking her she was in heaven.

Rex took a condom out of his pocket and started to get undressed. Eve smiled at the sight of his hard cock. It had been a while since she had seen one and she hoped that Rex would be fucking her with it. Rex moved in behind Beth and eased his cock into her pussy. Beth started to match Rex’s thrusts with her tongue action. It was like Rex was fucking Eve through Beth’s tongue.

Eve took off her shirt and begin to knead her breasts like raw dough. She was moaning in pleasure when Rex leaned forward and began to suck on her nipples. Even felt another mini orgasm and more were building. Beth had started to suck on her clit and was working fingers into her pussy. Eve was in heaven. The little orgasms were coming all together now stacking on top of each other. She was feeling it building up in her when Rex bit a nipple. She threw her head back and screamed in ecstasy. Rex pulled Beth back to let Eve come down a bit but continued to pound into her.

Eve slid her chair back and watched the show. Rex was really driving hard into Beth who was starting to give little yips of pleasure. Rex grabbed Beth’s hips and pulled her back and she screamed, “Oh Fuck!” and collapsed in a pleasured pulsating pile of flesh on the floor. Rex pulled the empty condom off and Eve looked in amazement.

“You didn’t cum?”

“I held off in case you wanted to have sex as well.”

“Beth, would it be okay if Rex fuck’s me?”


Rex led Eve over to the sofa and then put on another condom. He lay her down and then started to kiss her breasts, firmly but tenderly, and with a sense of controlling that no woman had ever had. He kissed his way over her belly. She shyly covered her mound with her hands. He moved them away and gently kissed the tip of her clit.

“I love your clitoris, no need to be ashamed of it.”

Rex stuck the tip of his penis in her pussy and she sighed at the warm fullness. Even with the condom it was different than her toys. She could feel his pulse and the grew and shrank with every beat of his heart. He eased it in and she could feel the veiny surface. He shifted and it rubbed her g-spot filling her with pleasure. Inch by inch he slid it in and she loved every inch of the first cock to fill her pussy. As he reached the end of his thrust she felt his pubic bone grind against her clit. She was in paradise. Rex pulled back and eased his way in again.

Beth moved behind Eve and took her head in her lap. Rex was fucking Eve with an ever increasing pace as Beth stroked her hair. This was paradise. She had never felt closer to too people than she did to Rex and Beth right now. Rex was pounding into her and she could feel a massive orgasm building. Rex plowed into her again and again and then in one final thrust she felt her pussy tighten around Rex’s cock which seemed to grow larger inside of her. The feeling of happiness and contentment broke over her.

Rex collapsed onto Eve and kissed Beth. The three of them shifted positions and lay there holding each other for a while.

“Rex, that was the best thing I’ve ever felt in my life. I’ve never come like that.”

Rex just smiled. “Thank you. You were wonderful yourself.”

“If Beth doesn’t mind I would like to do it again sometime.”

Beth barked happily.

“Don’t I get a say?”

“I think you would do just about anything for Beth.:

“I guess you are right.”

The three of them got dressed and Rex hooked the leash up to Beth’s collar and they walked out into the night. They made it back to the dorms without difficulty. Eve hugged Beth tight and then kissed her on the lips, “Goodnight, I’ll see you when you get in.”

She turned to Rex hugged him and kissed him on the cheek. “Thank you. I’ll remember tonight always. You never forget your first.”

Eve started to walk away as she watched Rex unhook the leash. She heard him say to Beth, “I’ll pick you up tomorrow at 6.”
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