Twin Japanese Nieces Pt29

Vacations are a wonderful thing, especially when you get to go with your whole family. The two weeks we had spent in St. Thomas were absolutely outstanding and the family had been healed. But unfortunately the world does not stop in its’ day to day trials. And when we got back to the house, the trials of life reared its ugly head once again.

As we pulled into the driveway we met the FedEx man just walking away from the front door. He had an overnight shipper in his hand along with his signature pad and he stopped at the edge of the front walk and waited for us to pull into the garage.

“Good afternoon,” I said as I emerged from the garage. “What do you have there?”

“I have a delivery for Kayko,” he said as he looked down at the package before looking up at the girls.

“That’s me,” Kayko said as she walked up to him.

“Sign here please,” he said as he handed the signature pad to my wife.

“What is it?” I asked as Kayko took the package and the man scooted off to his truck.

“It’s from the company lawyer in Japan,” she said as she carefully eyed the address on the label.

Everyone piled into the house behind Kayko as I got the luggage out of the car. I was understandably curious as to what it was because we had not heard a word from Hirito since the twins had arrived. From the looks of the package, it appeared to have nothing but paperwork in it. It was familiar to me because I have received thousands of them over my 20 year career with the firm. But getting something like this from Kaykos lawyer definitely raised an eyebrow. When I carried the first load of bags into the house I found Kayko sitting at the bar in the kitchen with one hand covering her mouth and tears streaming down her face. Whatever it was, it was bad news.

“What is it sweetie?” I asked as I dropped the luggage in a big pile on the floor.

Kayko set the paper down and looked blankly across the kitchen. Her hands were shaking and she was obviously distraught. She took a deep breath and exhaled once before she blurted out the news. “Hirito is dead.” and she immediately began crying very hard, covering her face with her hands.

“WHAT!” I exclaimed as I quickly stepped over to her and picked up the piece of paper.

The letter was from Mr. Hurikawa, the lawyer for Hirito’s’ company. In short it explained how the company had gone downhill over the last12 years after the international deal between my firm and Hirito’s company had failed. Poor management and some bad decisions had run the company into the ground, causing Hirito to delve into serious alcoholism and rack up some enormous debt. The majority of the company assets had already been sold off, but a sizeable amount of debt remained. In a drunken stupor, Hirito had ingested a whole bottle of pain killers and killed himself. A delivery man with a bundle of legal papers found him lying on the floor of his house with the front door wide open and a whiskey bottle still in his hand.

We had no idea that any of this was going on. Hirito never mentioned a word of this to Kayko, or even gave us a hint that he was in dire straits. But now the pieces fit together. He had sent the girls to us because he was floundering in debt, and did not have the managerial savvy to pull himself and his company out of the mess they were in. Kayko was absolutely devastated. She was now the only surviving member of her family. Her parents had died long ago leaving just her and Hirito to manage their fathers business. Now, Kayko did not even have that. She was alone. I put my arms around her and pulled her in tight to me while she cried her eyes out.

“Easy honey,” I said as I tried to sooth her. I rubbed my hands up and down her back while she clung to me and the tears continued to pour out of her eyes. “We’ll get through this.”

The letter also included instructions for her and the twins. They would need to go back to Japan immediately to handle the legal aspects of the remnants of the estate. It was going to be a mess, but Kayko trusted the company lawyer so she would at least have the legal help she needed. What a way to end our vacation. I thought this trip to St. Thomas would heal the family and the summer would be salvaged. Now, with a pile of suitcases on the floor and more in the car, Kayko and the twins would have to leave again. This summer sucked.

As I got the rest of the luggage out of the car Kayko called the twins down to the living room to tell them the news. I was surprised at their reactions. Not a single tear was shed. The two girls just sat there and looked blankly at Kayko who was having some real difficulty keeping her composure. I guess all of the years of being raised by nanny’s and the like had desensitized the girls. Either that or they just did not care that their real father was now gone. Whichever the case might have been, they took the news better than I thought was possible. As Kayko finished talking to them I went into my office to make the travel arrangements and to call my office. I had no idea how long this would take so I just booked them an open return so they could return at any time. For the first time in our marriage, Kayko would be going somewhere while I stayed at home. This was going to be just a bit weird for me.

David understood the situation and extended me all the leave I needed. I still had several months of accumulated vacation time so having the time off was not an issue. It would put the brakes on a few things but they would just have to deal with it. In this situation, my family came first.


The very next morning I drove Kayko and the twins to the airport. All three of them were dressed in traditional kimonos. They all looked fabulous, but I had to keep in mind the reason for their unexpected travel. I gave the twins their kisses in the car. I didn’t want to make a scene in the terminal, but I gave Kayko her kiss just before they all entered into the security line. Her mood was very somber, which was to be expected. But the twins just seemed like they were in line to get their school lunch. I was having a bit of trouble understanding their reactions, but this was not the venue to ask about it. They were going to have some difficult days ahead and I just hoped all would turn out well.

I stayed in the airport and watched from the restaurant in the main terminal until I saw their plane lift off. Now I understood why Kayko never went with me to the airport when I went on one of my business trips. It hurts to watch the ones you love fly away into the distance. But I fully understood the necessity behind it. This would impact all of us in some way shape or form. The biggest key was going to be damage control.

Back at the house Erin and Mark were sitting in the kitchen when I walked in. “Did you get them on the plane?” Erin asked as she chomped on a bowl of cereal.

“Yes,” I replied as I set my keys down on the counter and sat down next to them. “This is going to be a bit difficult on all of them,” I said as I looked from one to the other. “And we need to be supportive to them in any way that we can. I think the best thing is to not bring up the subject unless they bring it up first. That way we are not pressing any issues or dredging up any bad feelings without them being ready. Do you guys understand?”

They both nodded their heads yes. It was the only thing I could think of to quell the immediate curiosity they might have. I did not necessarily want to shut them out, but it made no sense to get everyone worked up over a bad situation. Especially since Hirito had done something so stupid. He was always sort of a prick, and was definitely of the mindset that his shit didn’t stink. I really don’t know how I handled being his roommate for five years at Stanford. Maybe, at the time, I was just as much of a prick as he was. The difference was I changed. I evolved to become the businessman that I am today. Hirito just amplified himself. Until I got news from Kayko about the situation in Japan I would just have to hold my tongue. Having to wait for the two days it was going to take her to get there and recover from the flight was going to be agony.


Mark, Erin and I got into a good routine at the house once I returned. Mark continued with his lawn mowing while Erin cleaned the house before going to the gym to do her exercises. It was just busy work for us while we waited. I spent most of my time in my office doing what I could to keep caught up with my workload, so the hours slipped by rather quickly. Erin slept with me every night, reminding me every second of just how much I love my wife by making love to me in every way that her mother does. Mark stayed in his room alone. I know it was rough on him seeing as how Shiori was half a world away, but he managed without any complaints.

Late in the evening of the second day I got the call from Kayko. They had made it there safely and found the estate to be in a mess. Hirito had virtually trashed the whole inside of the house in an apparent drunken stupor, and the whole appearance of the property was in poor maintenance. The garden and the grounds had not been kept, and the weeds were overtaking the flowerbeds Kayko had spent so many hours tending. He had destroyed his bar, and the pool table had a ripped top and all of the cue sticks had been broken. Only a few of the pool balls remained because he had thrown the others through the walls of the house and shattered a few. It would take a few thousand bucks just to get the house back into selling shape. I told Kayko to do what she had to do and left it at that. I knew she could handle it.

As for Hirito, he had been cremated in the traditional fashion. His urn was placed in the family crypt with only a few people coming to attend. He had burnt all of his bridges over the last 12 years and had really made a mess of things. The company his father had started was all but gone. Basically the only thing Kayko had to do was to sign the legal papers and dissolve the rest of it. All of the assets had already been sold except for the building. And since it was a long term lease, the only issue was to settle it by selling the house to pay off the debt. In short, Hirito had drunk away all of Kaykos’ inheritance. Also, the family now had a black mark due to the poor business management of Hirito and some of the shit he had done. There was nothing left there that held any ties for Kayko. She was now destined to live out the rest of her life in the US.

Kayko told me to be expecting some boxes via UPS. She had gone to her little house at the back of the property and gathered up some things that had been left behind. Also the twins had the rest of their belongings sent as well. After this trip, it was highly unlikely that any of us would ever return to Japan. That phase of our family had just come to a bitter end.


Two days later the boxes started showing up. And there were a lot of them! Most of the boxes in the first wave had nothing but clothes for the twins while a few had papers and files in them. After the first batch arrived I just started stacking them in the garage unopened. I figured the girls would go through them and figure out what was what in their own time. Besides, I didn’t know where to put all of it anyway so the garage was just as good a place as any. Every other day for the next week a UPS truck showed up with at least 10 or 12 boxes each time. The garage was becoming full so I had to park the SUV outside. I didn’t think he had so much shit, but then again Kayko had to completely empty the house. In all there were 62 boxes and three delivery slips for some air freight. Kayko was definitely being thorough. 15 days after they had departed Kayko called late in the evening to let us know they were coming back. I was greatly relieved and so were Mark and Erin. We all missed them and really looked forward to them coming home.

“Mike,” Kayko said at the tail end of our conversation, “I have something really important to talk to you about when I get home. Are you going to be available for a few extra days?”

“Yes I am honey,” I answered. “David told me to take the time I needed. Why? What is it?”

“I’m not going to get into it now,” she said with a definite sternness to her voice. “Just be prepared to sit down for a while. We have to go now. The cab is waiting to take us to the airport. I’ll see you tomorrow night. I love you honey.”

I was baffled. I had no idea what this was, but for Kayko to make a request like this, it had to be very important. I wished her and the kids well and told them I would see them at the airport the next day. To say that I was on pins and needles would be an understatement. What could be so important that she would want me to stay out of work?


The damn plane couldn’t get there fast enough as far as I was concerned. Granted we did arrive early so I could stop by the air freight terminal and arrange for the large pieces Kayko had sent to be delivered to the house. But the remainder of the time crawled by at a snails’ pace. Mark and Erin were both anxious to see the girls come home, just as I was. But the late evening seemed to just slow down with each passing moment. I knew the girls would be tired when they arrived. I had made this very same flight many times on my way back from Australia and Southeast Asia, but this was my first time for waiting on a flight. And let me tell you this, it SUCKED!

When the arrival board showed that their plan was on the ground I knew it would not take too long before we were reunited. About an hour later all three of them came out of customs. Shioris hair had grown back quite a bit, looking more like a pixie cut than someone who had her head shaved on purpose. And all three were dressed in short skirts and colorful tops, looking more American than Japanese.

“Uncle Mike!” the twins hollered out before they came charging into my arms.

“Hello you two,” I said as I hugged both of them tightly against me.

“We missed you, we missed you!” they both said as they tried to hug the stuffing out of me.

“Well we missed you too!” I responded as I looked up at my beautiful wife. “Hey beautiful.” I said as I turned loose of the twins so they could hug Erin and Mark.

Kayko didn’t say a word at first. She dropped her bags at her feet and threw her arms around me. It felt so good to hold my wife in my arms again that I almost started crying. Now I understood what it was like for Kayko for all of these years. She had tolerated me being gone for weeks at a time for the last 13 years and had never once complained. Now I knew why she wanted me to stay inside her for almost every waking moment while I was at home. The joy I felt in my heart at that moment told me just how much she loved and missed me.

Kayko gave me a big kiss while I held her tightly against me before she pulled back to look me in the face. “Mmmm, it’s so good to be home,” she said with a pleasant smile.

“I know just how you feel sweetie,” I said as I returned her smile. “Come on, let’s go home.”

We couldn’t have been more than two miles from the airport before all of them were asleep. Kayko zoned out in the passenger’s seat while still holding my hand while Saki fell asleep with her head in Erins lap. Mark and Shiori were lying down in the third row seat so I really couldn’t tell what was happening. But from the sound of it they were already fucking like rabbits. It really didn’t matter what they were doing because the important thing was, we were all together again.

At the house Mark and Shiori made a bee line for his room and closed the door. I didn’t mind, they were allowed again. They had just spent another two weeks apart with half of the planet separating them. So if they wanted some alone time, so be it. I carried Kayko into the house and up to our room followed by Saki. Neither one of them barely stirred throughout the process. I know this might sound a little cold, but at least they now knew what it was like for me when I returned from one of my overseas trips. It’s pretty tough on the old bod. I pulled their clothes off and lay them down on the bed side by side. It was a wonderful sight to see my two naked ladies in my bed again, especially since they were both tanned from the trip to the Caribbean. I was so tempted to just jump on them and work them both over. But I do have a heart. I left them there to sleep while I unloaded the car. I was just glad all of them were back.

To her credit, Erin helped me get the last few bags out of the car and start the laundry. In Kaykos’ carry-on bag, aside from her personal items, I found a large bundle of papers and documents in an envelope. Just out of curiosity I looked at the documents, wondering why she would have kept these papers so close at hand. The top copies were in Japanese while a translated version was held on to their backs with paper clips. The very first document held the answer to what Kayko wanted to talk to me about. Although the wording was a bit odd from the translation of Japanese to American, it was a letter handing permanent custody of the twins to us. Hirito had finally done something right in his life. He had, more or less, given the twins to us when he had realized that he could no longer care for or support them. There was a ton of legal talk included in the letter, but it all said the same thing. The twins were legally ours.

I carried the bundle into my office and sat down at my desk. We would have to send in the legal documents to permanently ‘adopt’ them, but for the most part it was a done deal. I was happy as hell. Nothing would please me more than to call the twins my own. But I still had and itching feeling that there was more to this story than what appeared on the surface. As I flipped through the pages and did my best to interpret the legal jargon, Saki walked into my office. She looked sleepy and was wearing a loose fitting T-shirt, but for someone who had just traveled for the last 16 hours she looked none the worse for wear.

“Hi Uncle Mike,” she said as she walked in the door.

I dropped the paperwork and turned my chair to the side so I was facing her. “Hey there my little pet,” I responded with a big smile and open arms. “Why aren’t you sleeping?”

Saki walked across the room and climbed up into my lap, taking a seat with her legs off to either side of me and flattening herself against my chest. “I’ve missed you,” she said as she hugged herself against me tightly.

“I’ve missed you too darling,” I said as I stroked her hair with my hand.

“What’s all of that?” she asked as she looked at the bundle of papers I had just set down.

I was not sure if I should tell her what they were yet because I had not spoken to Kayko about it. “Oh, it’s just some legal stuff for me and Kayko,” I said, doing my best to avoid the topic. “Are you ok?”

“Yea,” she responded with a sigh. “I feel like I am really home again.”

That statement made me feel really good. In the back of my mind I had always wondered how the twins felt about being sent here to America, away from everything and everyone they knew. We had never really talked about it. Now with all of the events that had just taken place over the last two weeks, my curiosity was up.

“Don’t you miss being in Japan?” I asked.

“Not really,” she responded with a little shrug of her shoulders. “I like being here with you.”

The next question I had was sitting on the tip of my tongue. I wanted to ask it, but feared I might pull up some emotions in Saki that she might not be ready for. I thought for a moment but could not hold it back. “Don’t you miss you dad?”

Saki froze in place for a moment before she gave me an answer that almost floored me. “No,” was her simple answer.

Her answer really surprised me. I had expected her to start crying into my chest when she thought about her father being gone. But she showed almost no emotion at all. “Why not honey?” I asked as I coaxed her to sit up and look at me.

Saki thought for a few seconds before she laid it all out. “He wasn’t very nice to us,” she said in a very flat tone.

“What do you mean sweetie?” I asked with raised eyebrows.

“He never spent any time with us like you and aunt Kayko do,” she retorted. “He was drunk most of the time and always sent us away with a nanny.”

“That’s not cool,” I said as I looked her in the eyes.

“The only time he would spend with us was when he wanted to have sex with us,” she said as she lowered her head and looked into my lap.

“WHAT!” I responded out of instinct.

“Yea,” she said as she played with the hem of my shirt. “He started when we were six. But he never hugged us or told us that he loved us. He would just get on top of me and do it to me until he came inside me. Then he would go and do Shiori. And if we didn’t do what he wanted,” she continued as she looked up into my eyes, “He would beat us.”

My opinion of Hirito had just reached rock bottom. That son of a bitch had raped his own girls at the age of six and used them, beating them when they would refuse him. I was so mad I could not even respond to her statement. I looked down at her as she continued to play with the hem of my shirt. “I am so sorry honey,” I said as I pulled her against me and hugged her very tightly. “I had no idea. And I definitely don’t want to make you do anything that you don’t want to do,” I said as I stroked her hair, “ever.”

Saki pushed herself away from me so she was sitting upright again and looked me in the face. “You have never ‘made’ me do anything that I did not want to do,” she responded with just a touch of anger in her voice. “You have been the most wonderful guy I have ever met in my life and I love you with all of my heart!” A small tear formed in the corner of her eye before it gently rolled down her cheek. “I loved you from the moment I saw you in the airport,” she continued while starting to show real signs of genuine emotion with even more tears rolling down her cheeks. “I don’t ever want to leave you! I love you so much!” she exclaimed before she threw herself into my chest and began crying really hard.

The lump in my throat was almost overwhelming. Saki trembled and sobbed into my chest as I put my arms around her and held her close. Her words were genuine, and I could tell that she did really love me just by her body language. “I love you too sweetheart,” I said as I again stroked the back of her head. “I promise sweetheart,” I said as I looked across my office at Kayko standing in the doorway with tears in her eyes, “I will never ever do anything like that to you or your sister.” I pushed her away from me a little so I could look her in the face. “Ok?”

Saki smiled at me and wiped the tears from her face as Kayko walked across the room to us. “Go ahead Mike,” she said as she looked at the papers on my desk. “Tell her.”

Saki spun around in surprise to see Kayko stand there with a smile on her face. “Tell me what?” she said as her gaze shifted from Kayko to me.

“The paperwork I was looking at when you came in gives me and your aunt legal custody of you and your sister,” I told her as I picked up the papers and brought them over to her.

“What does that mean?” she said as she glanced at the paperwork before looking into my face again with a changing expression.

“It means,” I said as I took the papers from her and tossed them back onto the desk, “That you and your sister are ours, permanently. You guys are now legally a part of this family.”

The emerging smile on her face started to light the entire room as she realized what I had just said. “You mean I can call you dad now?” She asked inquisitively.

“If you want to sweetie,” I said as I smiled at her, “You can call me dad.”

Saki clamped herself against my chest and tried to hug herself through me. She was squeezing me so hard that I almost couldn’t breathe. And then, in a move that not only shocked me but shocked Kayko as well, she turned and looked at Kayko and said, “Mom.”

Tears exploded from Kaykos eyes before she quickly leaned down and hugged both of us. “Yes sweetheart,” she said as the river flowed from her eyes, “Mom!”

WOW! I felt like I was going to explode at the seams! The emotions surging through me were so intense that I began crying as well, hugging both of them against me in a powerful embrace. Our family had just grown by two. Now the only thing left to do was to file the paperwork with the correct departments and make it a legal thing here in the US.

Kayko stood up and looked down at me and Saki. “So I guess you two are ok with this,” she said with a bit of a sarcastic tone to her voice.

I looked from Kayko back into the eyes of my pet. “Definitely.” I responded.

“Ok then,” Kayko said as she looked down at our ‘new’ daughter who was still straddling my lap. “Now all we have to do is tell Mark, Shiori, and Erin.”

“I’ll do it!” Exclaimed Saki as she clambered off my lap and bolted out the door.

“You know,” Kayko said as she took Sakis place on my lap and began messing with my cock through my shorts, “I’ve missed you too.”

“Oh have you now?” I said with a smile as I reached around my wife and grasped her by her ass.

“Umm hmm,” she hummed a she unsnapped my shorts and pulled the zipper down.

“Well then,” I said with a grin as I pulled her T-shirt over her head, “don’t be bashful.”

I really didn’t have to tease Kayko because she was already smoking hot. In the time it took me to throw her shirt on my desk she was already in the process of kneeling down between my legs. I lifted up a bit as she tugged my shorts down, revealing my rock hard boner. As soon as my ass came back down in the seat Kayko was deep throating me. Her mouth was so hot, and she knows just how to swirl her tongue around my shaft to drive me absolutely nuts. I leaned back in my chair and stretched my legs out stiff as she began bobbing her head up and down while she hummed. It was magnificent! My knuckles turned white as I gripped the sides of my chair in an attempt to not blast a hole through the top of her head instantly. Kayko was hell bent on pleasing me in a big way.

“Slow down honey,” I gasped as I placed my hand on the top of her head to get her to quit moving. “You’re going to make me cum really fast if you keep that up.”

Kayko lifted her head up, leaving my saliva coated dick standing at attention. “Well then,” she said as she stood up and straddled my waist, bringing her soaking wet pussy down on my shaft, “I don’t want to waste this.”

As soon as her crotch came to rest on my groin she started milking me with her pussy, switching from my favorite rippling action to squeezing me from top to bottom. I leaned forward and took her left breast in my mouth, closing my lips over her hardened nipple I began sucking hard. Kayko let out a moan and started riding up and down on me while she continued milking me. She is truly fantastic when she sets her mind to something, and she was set on pleasuring me to the fullest.

“You are so wonderful,” I said as I ran my hands up the smooth skin of her back. “I love you so much.”

Kayko brought her face over to mine and kissed me very tenderly as she squeezed me inside her really hard. “Well you’re a wonderful man,” she said as she sat upright again and began riding up and down with a more determined approach. “And I love you too. Now, are you going to cum in me?”

I placed my hands on her hips and pulled her down on to me as my cock began to swell. “Oh yes!” I said as cum fountained up into her. Kayko let out a pleasant sigh as the first splash of cum coated her insides, bringing about a very warm smile from her. At that same moment all of the kids poured into my office.

“Is it true, is it true?!” came the questions from Erin, Mark, and Shiori as they ran across to where I was cumming in my wife while sitting in my office chair.

“Yes it’s true,” I said as I held Kayko firmly in place. All of the kids jumped up and down and excitedly began chattering back and forth amongst themselves. Our family was now complete.



School started a few weeks later and we got into a well-rounded routine. The girls did their exercises with Kayko every afternoon after school followed by homework. Mark and Shiori grew closer and closer every day, and after some discussion, Kayko and I allowed Eric to come back over to the house in late October. We sat the three of them down and laid out some very strict ground rules. If they were going to have a three way relationship then it was going to be under our terms. To give them some privacy we let them use the guest house when Eric would come over on Friday nights. It worked out well and everyone kept quiet. I stayed busy with my work though I did manage to cut my traveling down a bit. I averaged being home every other weekend till the end of November.

December 1st turned out to be the darkest day in our family’s history. Kayko had taken Mark, Shiori, and Eric to the mall to shop for Christmas gifts. It was on the way back, and less than 5 miles from the house when they were hit head on by a young 18 year old girl who was texting her boyfriend. Everyone involved was killed. I have never pursued her family because there is no point. I might have lost half of my family, but they lost their daughter due to her own stupidity. And harassing them over it would solve nothing, the damage was done. I was actually sitting at home writing chapter 17 of this story, with Saki sitting on me while I typed, when the call came in from the highway patrol. At the time, it felt like my world had just ended.

(Do not even bother to try and find the accident report. As I have said on numerous occasions, names, dates, ages, and locations have all been changed. So for my reader who has spent hours trying to find us, good luck. You’re wasting your time.)

After the funeral and a fair deal of discussion with my boss, I took Erin and Saki to Fiji where we stayed for the remainder of December and a bit of January. None of us, including me, had ever been there, and it was just about as far away from home as we could get. We did our best to cope.

I took the partnership at my firm. With Kayko now gone, I am a single parent and can’t leave the girls at home alone. It was a bit of a tough transition around the house, but everyone pulls their own weight and the house has continued to function. We cleaned out the house. It just seemed a bit easier to store everything than to have old memories twist us all around. We did keep some things that were special to us. Kaykos’ Tonkori still hangs on the wall in the bedroom, and some of Marks models still sit on the shelves in his old room. But everything else was packed away and stored. The gym is still fully functional and both Saki and Erin still practice every day. Saki has really taken the exercises seriously and works herself hard every session. When her twelfth birthday came around she performed the same Japanese ritual Kayko had done so many years ago. She essentially gave her mind, body, and spirit to me, vowing to be mine for the rest of her life. Erin sat and cried while she did this, happy that my life would be filled again.

During the cleanup of the house I found Kaykos’ diaries. The stack of books chronicled her life from the time she was very small until the day before she died. I am using these diaries to write my next story line, The Story of Kayko, with the help of my pet. She is interpreting the first several books from Japanese to English and I am making notes. Hopefully you guys will get a little more insight of what the Japanese culture is like, but you will definitely know how devoted my wife was to me and what she put herself through just to please me. And Saki seems to be following in the exact same footsteps.

The three of us all sleep together in my bed with the girls taking turns making love to me. I never have to ask them for anything they just do it of their own accord. But it has always been that way. They have never been coerced or forced to do anything of a sexual nature. Their own curiosity and desires have been the fuel, while Kayko had provided the instruction and guidance. But when I look at the grand scheme of things, and how my life has turned out, I have to come to one irrefutable conclusion. My life now, and the history that I have, would not be the same if the twins had not come to America. That one fateful act by their father has changed my life forever. And I am going to do my best to ensure that the future for the girls is bright and fulfilling.

The End of Twin Japanese Nieces

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