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A young girl's passage to adulthood but her mother's remarriage changes the whole game
Another Day of education.

Another Day of tears in the bathrooms.

Another slammed bedroom door when I get home because my mother doesn’t care.

Welcome to my world!

My name is Lucy Lattimer, I’m 16 and I live in Surrey. The living in Surrey as what has become the problem! We used to live in a tiny village that nobody has heard of in Yorkshire, but Mum decided to both remarry and relocate, and guess who didn’t get a say in the matter?

I was so happy for her when she started dating John and to be honest, I was only 13 at the time and I had a bit of a crush on him myself but that waned over the next few years. He commuted up to see us every weekend but as things got more serious, the talk of moving down South came up more and more. I hated the idea and at every opportunity, I let mum know this!

The wedding happened in the spring (naturally)that I was 15 and I stayed with my aunt while Mum and John went on honeymoon. My aunt asked me the question which nobody had even thought to ask me at this point which was whether I was going to take John’s name. At that moment, I felt a little alienated and left out of things and even though my own father was a useless, alcoholic waste of breath, I decided then that Lattimer would stay.

During the last few days that my Mum was away, I actually scored my first boyfriend. He asked me to go to the pictures with him and as I got dressed up for the date, I suddenly felt like a real woman. I guess I was one of the last in my school to be asked out because I was also one of the last to stop looking like Olive Oyl! I reached 5ft 1 when I was 11 and stopped dead. Puberty hit me very late and the previous year was the first that saw any form of shape hit my body. It hadn’t hit me too hard and I barely filled an A cup bra, but it didn’t matter, I was going out on a date!

The date went really well and as we parted at the end of the street he kissed me quickly but gently on the lips. I smiled as he pulled away and thanked him for a lovely evening. He asked if we could do it again and with the excitement of the kiss, I thought he meant another one, so I leant in and our lips met again. We were both obviously nervous and he giggled as I broke from a slightly longer peck.

‘I meant can we date again?’ he said and obviously trying not to embarrass me, he added, ‘But thank you for the other kiss!’

We both laughed at our nerves and I agreed to meeting again. With a third peck, we separated and I practically skipped back to my aunt’s house.

Now, it is odd in a story to not mention someone’s name and a first romantic kiss should be something special. The kiss WAS special but all the tingles, the warmth and the joy was blown away the very next morning as my Mum and her new husband returned.

I had barely asked them how their honeymoon had been when the bombshell was dropped. We were moving in with John. No discussion, no compromise and no questions. I tried immediately to protest, to rationalise using the argument of school, friends and family but all were quashed before I even drew breath. It was a short but heated debate and I knew I was beaten. I had less than a week before my life was ripped out from under me.

The following week was one of very smeared eye make-up. I cried my heart out at school despite friends promising to keep in touch. I cried long into the nights at friends’ houses and my new boyfriend had a second date, but it was spent with a pathetic girl crying on his shoulder. He also swore to keep in touch. He didn’t and I don’t blame him!

None of my protests were heard with any sympathy and I was told with every response that I was being unfair, unreasonable or selfish and that I should look upon this as an exciting opportunity for the future. I disagreed, quite loudly on most occasions and slammed my bedroom door many times. We entered the story at one of those door slams. Tomorrow was moving day.

The truck arrived early to transport all of our worldly possessions to Hell, or Surrey, depending on your viewpoint. I remember wondering how the three fat blokes moving our gear could smell so bad, so early in the morning. I skulked in the only way a moody 15 year old can skulk and made myself scarce. By 2 o’clock, Mum came down to the bottom of the garden and sat on the old bench next to me and put her arm around me. I knew I was beaten, and as she softly spoke to me, I felt the tears welling up again. I could hear the cracks in her voice as she spoke and I suppose that was the point I realised I had been a little hard on her too, but my petulance didn’t let me give that away too much.

‘Lucy, I know this is all a big upheaval baby, but life here has not been good to us as a family and this is a whole new life for us. I know it sucks right now but don’t I deserve some happiness too?’ I remained silent, staring at the floor as I felt the tears begin again. ‘I love you with all my heart Lucy and I love John dearly but he will never come above you in my life. All I am asking is to give this a chance. You are 16 in a few weeks and I respect that you are becoming a woman now, but please just give this a chance, for me, please Lucy!’

I hugged my Mum hard, we were both crying by now and I just said, ‘OK’

We dried our eyes and silently walked to our car. The truck pulled away, my Mum started the engine and I looked up at the only home I had ever known and I whispered my goodbye as we drove away for the final time.

When we arrived at John’s house, I was quite pleasantly surprised at how beautiful it was. A large detached house with a huge garden, surrounded by countryside. Ours had been a nice house but this was pretty gorgeous. Without realising I found myself smiling. John came rushing out and hugged me and said softly in my ear, ‘Welcome to your new home Lucy, please treat it like your own!’ and then kissed my cheek. I still felt bitter but I accepted his offer of the guided tour.

Downstairs there were two living rooms, one much smaller than the other, which John said was a ‘no adult zone’. There was also a big study, a massive kitchen and a beautiful conservatory. Upstairs, John showed me the Master Suite which overlooked parkland. Then we looked into the two guest rooms, then my room. It was twice the size of my old room, had an en-suite bathroom and views over the perfect gardens of the house. I did smile a little and said thank you to my new step-dad and gave him a hug. That certainly eased the tension. I then asked him why there was a second door at the end of the bathroom. He said that the en-suite was also part of Michael’s room and showed me through to the last bedroom in the house.

Michael! I had pretty much forgotten about him. When Mum first met John, he came to our house one time with his obnoxious son Michael. He was 16 at the time, long greasy hair, a bit tubby and rude as hell. My heart sank again when I thought he would be living with us now but John pointed out that Mike had turned himself round a bit, got himself into University and was rarely here so not to worry about it. I put it to the back of my mind and began to unpack some things.

The next few months went past quite uneventfully, I turned 16 and got lots of expensive gifts, started a new school where they all hated me because of my accent, still didn’t grow in height or breast size but somehow I still managed to lose most of my bitterness towards the move. The only bit that was pissing me off was the lack of any male interest. I did consider becoming lesbian when a girl at school made a move on me and I was genuinely interested, right until the point when her ex smacked me in the mouth with a basketball and told me to back off. She was a foot taller and at least 3 stone heavier so I agreed with her point of view. Lucy’s first rule of life. Never pick a fight with a Neanderthal!

Well, that is enough history! There is no point of a story being here if there are no sexy bits is there? Well, it is hard for a virgin to have much of a sexy side, but soon after my move here, I truly discovered masturbation. Yeah I had played with myself back in Yorkshire, but shortly after arriving here, I had to step up the game a bit, resigning myself to being a virgin until I was 50. I managed to acquire two dildos! The first was a slim, smooth five inch job which was the first to go past my hymen, and a second, jet black, lifelike, black, bendy eight inch beast!

My toys were my best friend and I spent many hours in my room, fucking myself silly with those toys! I even practiced anal regularly until I could take my big toy quite firmly. Every morning had a similar routine where i would stand in front of my full length mirror, slowly stroking my skin, staring at my small but firm breasts as my hands moved higher, imagining they were the hands of my faceless lover. I would watch the hands gently stroke the mounds on my chest and then pinch my nipples hard until I yelped a little, then one hand move down to my blonde pubes and begin a teasing of my clit. The rubbing would become more intense until I was properly wet and then I would reach for my dildo, my big dildo and I would plunge it deep inside me. I never tired of seeing my tight pussy stretch wide around the dark latex toy, nor of the noise of my wet pussy as I fucked myself faster and harder until I felt the tremors of my orgasm bring me to my knees in front of the mirror.

Other times I would imagine my lover presenting his cock to my mouth and I would suck on it passionately, each time managing to open my throat a little more until I finally managed to get at least seven inches inside without throwing up! Yes, I did vomit once or twice trying!

So my life was all about my solo sexual activity, reading every erotic stories online and dreaming of sex in the future. That side was pretty bleak, but I could swallow a big plastic dick and that had to be a bit of a bonus!

It was almost 6 months after moving in that John announced that Michael was coming home for a few weeks. I wasn’t over pleased, remembering the gobshite that I knew to be Michael from last time. I was, however, in for a bit of a surprise.

I came home from school on the Friday and came into the house as normal. As I entered the kitchen, I saw, who I assumed to be, John leaning over the sink. I called out a ‘Hi’ as I opened the fridge for a juice but as I closed the fridge, the person at the sink had turned around and was now smiling at me. There stood Michael, taller, slimmer with shorter hair, smiling at me with his hand held out to mine to shake.

I stood there for an age, mouth agape, just staring at his deliciously handsome face. I had to shake myself to respond as I saw his mouth moving but didn’t quite catch a word he was saying.

‘Errr sorry, I didn’t catch that!’ I mumbled at him, inwardly cursing myself for being so pathetic

‘I said Hello Lucy, it’s so nice to meet you again, although I don’t think I left such a good impression last time!’ His voice was so soft and smooth, I felt like I was melting on the spot, I felt tingles throughout my body and I thought the butterflies in my belly were having a party!

I managed to find some composure and began to talk a little more normal but had to keep stopping myself from staring at him. This guy had done an amazing job of growing up and was almost unrecognisable from the brattish slob that I remembered! By the time Mum and John arrived, I realised that we had spent nearly two hours just chatting in the kitchen. Of course they were delighted that we got on so well and the rest of the evening was spent telling stories about our life in Yorkshire and Mike’s new life in Uni. By 1am I was exhausted and excused myself and went to bed.

I decided to take a shower before bed and as I stood under the hot water, my fingers soon made their way to my pussy but this time, they weren’t an imaginary hand’s roaming, they were quite definitely Michael’s strong hands caressing my most private area. In mere minutes, I felt the rush of hot juices which accompanied one of my best ever orgasms and I felt quite light-headed as I shut the water off and stepped out of the shower. I stepped onto the mat smiling at myself in the mirror as I padded my body dry. I could hear the voices of the others as they were making their way up to bed also. I finished drying myself, threw the towel into the hamper and padded a little talc over my body. As I bent over to pick up my discarded clothes, I heard a noise behind me so I straightened up and turned around to see Mike, stood in the doorway from his bedroom. I yelped and covered myself with my dirty laundry as a stunned Mike pulled the door closed, apologising profusely. I ran to my bedroom, slamming my door as I went.

I felt so embarrassed as I pulled on a pair of panties and put on my night shirt, which was like a blokes shirt, buttons all the way up front. How could I face Mike now after he had seen me like that? I didn’t have long to wait. Still sat on the edge of my bed, there came a gentle knock on my door. I called out to whoever it was to come in. Mike sheepishly poked his head round the door.

‘Hi Lucy! Err I just came to apologise, I should have knocked. I just wanted to make sure you weren’t pissed at me!’

I waved him in, ‘It’s my fault Mike, I should have locked the other door! It’s just that you haven’t been here since we moved in, so I didn’t think about it and now I probably put you off women for life!’ I don’t know where that last comment came from, but Mike just laughed it off and came over, sat next to me and hugged me close. I felt my right breast press hard against his chest and he just held me there for a few moments. It felt good. He then kissed the top of my head and wished me goodnight. Only after he left did I realise that my top three buttons were still undone. Did he just get another eyeful of my little tits? Part of me really hoped he had. The idea he had seen me naked was about to become my fantasy fuel.

I managed to not expose myself to Mike again over the few days of his stay, but I did make sure to hug him at all the appropriate moments. He stood a good foot taller than me so whenever he hugged me, I made sure his groin was close to me and I revelled at the feel of his groin pressed to my belly. It was nothing distinct but my imagination was that his cock was hard when it was next to me. I also refrained from wearing my bra (not that I did very often anyway) so that there was just a little cotton between our bodies when my boobs were pressed against him. I was becoming a little obsessed!

On his last day, he took me out to a McDonalds and we chatted some more about everything and nothing and my warped mind decided that this was our first date. As we made our way home, I thanked him for the best day since we had moved to Surrey. His face was one of concern.

‘Has it really been so tough?’ he asked, genuine concern coming through

I nodded, ‘But it can only get better if my new ‘Big Bro’ is around’

He laughed and then leant over and kissed me on the lips, a big bro kind of kiss, but the electric was there for me and I think I blushed as he pulled away. My instinct was to pull him back for a longer kiss but even in my confused state, I knew I couldn’t. We drove back and he bade his farewells to us all.

As he was going out to his car to leave, I gave him a final hug and I am sure I heard him do a long sniff as his nose was buried in my hair. Did I imagine that? Then he kissed me again. Wasn’t that a longer kiss? Did Mum notice that? Did John? Was I imagining it all?

My masturbation sessions intensified, fuelled by my over eager imagination and the sweet emails I was getting from Mike. I read for hidden meanings in them but didn’t find very much which was conclusive except for more kisses each time at the bottom. But this could have been down to the fact that I was putting more each time too! But it wasn’t too long before I could see that he was becoming an obsession and tried to curtail my imagination just a little. It was working well, right up to the point that John announced that we were going on holiday, all four of us, to Greece. My mind did backflips but I managed to reason with myself that nothing could ever really happen!

John had rented a two bedroom Villa and Mike was going to be sleeping on the sofa in the lounge. This was a great plan until we arrived and saw that all of the settees were two-seaters and this would be impossible for him and I should sleep out there, but as quick as a flash, I pointed out that the second room had twin beds and if Mike didn’t mind my snoring, I didn’t mind sharing. Mum and John, both happy that we were getting on so well, quickly agreed. John pulled Mike aside and I overheard him telling Mike to make sure he was decent at all times etc. So it was set, a whole week sharing a room with the object of my desires, even though I had never seen more flesh than his hands and face, yet he had seen me in all my glory!

The first day, I decided that I was going to lounge by the pool as Mum went with John to get the groceries for the week. Mike opted to stay with me and have a swim. I was first down to the pool and I dived in and swam a good twenty lengths before Mike arrived poolside. I was just climbing out as he walked out of the villa in his swimming shorts. I had hoped for speedos but I wasn’t complaining as i saw his smooth hairless chest with just a little definition walking towards me. The water dripping from me probably hid my drooling and I quickly made my way to a lounger as I watched him dive into the pool.

I quickly found my sunglasses which would hide my eyes from his view. They were focussed on his lithe form, gliding through the water so effortlessly. I sat, applying my sun cream, thankfully undetected as I lingered, rubbing the lotion on my breasts, feeling extra moisture gathering in my already wet bikini. Finished with the cream, I lay back on the lounger as Mike hauled himself out to join me.

As he approached, I was once again thankful of my shades. The thin material of his wet shorts clung revealingly to his crotch and the clear outline of his flaccid cock must have made my eyes bulge. It looked so nice, about five inches and seemed quite thick. I so wanted to reach out to it but managed to resist and pretend my eyes were closed. Then, I looked down at my own body, checking that I looked OK for him in my mind, and I realised that he wasn’t the only one who had a problem with thin material. My excitement was showing quite clearly as my nipples were rock hard, and although small, were pushing clearly through the moist red material. I glanced over at Mike, undetected and pretending to have my eyes closed, and he was quite clearly looking at my chest. Did he like it? I lowered my eyes to his crotch again. Had it grown some? Did I excite him? It happened too fast and Mike fluffed out his shorts and lay down as well. He applied his cream and we set about getting our tans.

We lay there for about half an hour, not really talking, merely taking in the sun and I felt myself slowly drifting off. My semi-dozing was interrupted by Mike nudging my arm.

‘Hey Lucy, here’s a Diet Coke’

I sat up a little blearily, ‘Thanks!’ I took the can and took a long slug from it.

‘We had better be careful that we don’t burn Lucy’, Mike continued, ‘Would you mind putting some cream on my back for me? I’ll do yours too if you like?’

Well, he didn’t have to ask twice! I put my can beneath my lounger, took the bottle of sun cream and sat beside Mike as he lay on his front on his own sun bed. As he got himself comfortable, he rolled up the legs of his shorts and folded over the waistband so it looked like he was wearing, my hoped for, speedos! As I looked down at his smooth body I had to stifle a gasp and calm my shaking hands. I was about to rub and caress my first man and to make things even better, the rolling down of his waistband had revealed the smallest amount of the top of his bum cheeks. I was in Heaven.

Without realising it, I started to apply the lotion to Mike’s shoulders but not in the way you would normally. I started to massage his shoulders like my Mum would do it to me if I had hurt myself in a sports event. I worked my fingers in quite firmly and Mike groaned an approval. When he said how good it felt it suddenly dawned on me what I was doing and quickly added more of the white liquid to his back and spread it around. My fingers were so happy as they felt down the muscles and flesh, moving closer to the exposed globes of his bum. As I reached those, my heart skipped a beat and I had to stifle a gasp as I flicked over the top of those cheeks. I even allowed my hand to go inside a little to touch just a bit more. I’m sure I heard another little groan as I touched down there, but I couldn’t be sure.

Reluctantly then, I stood and moved to the bottom of his legs and run a squirt up each of them to just short of his rolled up trunks. With a hand on each leg, I smoothed the cream into each firm calf and I glanced up to the shadowed area inside his shorts. Could I see the flesh of his balls, it was hard to tell but my imagination, once again, gave me all sorts of images and outcomes! As I moved higher, his legs were too big for my tiny hands so I used both on each leg, moving higher so no area was left unprotected. The left leg went fine but when I did the right leg, my left hand strayed a little and bushed inside the shorts, and for the briefest moments, brushed his naked ball sack. I felt him flinch a little but pretended not to notice and not a word was said.

Mike then told me to get myself laid down but oddly, he didn’t seem to be making any move to get up. I lay on my towel, put my head on my pillow and closed my eyes. Well, almost closed them. I watch through the slits as Mike stood from his lounger and there it was. His shorts were tented obscenely and it took all of my self control to keep my face emotionless. I had given him a hard on and he was about to rub his big manly hands all over my little body. I just hoped it wasn’t over too quick as well as praying that the moisture I could already feel in my pussy didn’t show through my bikini bottoms. The anticipation was killing me.

With my eyes now fully closed, my heart pounding so hard, I thought it would pop out of my chest, I waited for Mike to begin. I heard the cap open and a squirt of liquid, obviously into his hand and then divine pleasure as he gently began to caress my shoulders with the cream. His movements were slow and firm and I couldn’t stop the purr escape my lips which brought a chuckle from Mike. His fingers pushed the lotion into my neck, my shoulders and all over my back. His hands went under my bikini ties to make sure no skin was missed and they were still under the straps as he drew his hands down my sides and the tips brushed firmly down the side of my boobs which were pressed hard into the lounger. I bit my lip hard to prevent the squeal that was building inside me. I bit even harder as his hands massaged the lotion into the top of my bum cheeks and I believe he went deeper inside my bikini than I had dared to do with him. I could feel a flow of juice emanating from my pussy and I honestly believe that I was on the brink of an orgasm. This was killing me and the confusion of the situation was overwhelming. My mind was such a fog, I barely noticed that he had started to rub the sun cream into the backs of my legs. My body was in sensory overload but I was brought back to earth with a crash as his massaging application reached the top of my legs and the side of his hand came in contact with my pussy lips for the briefest of touches.

BANG! The first touch was like a 2000 volt electric shock through my body
BANG! Just a few seconds later, the shock seemed just as big and I bit hard into my towel as the familiar feeling began to course through my body. I was praying that he didn’t do it again. I knoew I was about to cum.

BANG BANG!! Not once, but twice and my body went over the edge. It was killing me not to call out and I was thankful that Mike got up, finished with his application of sun cream and he made his excuses and ran back up to the house.

Once I was sure he was gone, I allowed the shakes to take over my body and reached down to find my bikini bottoms to be absolutely soaked through on the front. I guess I wouldn’t be turning over for a while yet. As Mike returned, I was still trembling and more confused than I had ever been in my life. Being around him was fantastic but it was going to either kill me with the torment or I was going to make a complete fool of myself.

Adam had sat with his back to me when he returned and he reached again for the lotion bottle. He remarked that it was waterproof and he took off and dived into the pool. As he launched himself in, I could see that he was still tenting his shorts and was obviously using the cool water to ease his problem. I waited until he was swimming away from me and I made my dash for the pool and dove in behind him.

We swam for 10 minutes and then both settled in the shallow end where there was a little shade from a large palm tree. We sat in silence for quite a few minutes, neither even looking at the other. It was a time like now that I wished I could read minds. What was Mike thinking? He was the first to speak, but the conversation didn’t leave me any wiser.

‘That was a bit intense!’ he said softly

Unsure of how to respond, I just said, ‘Yeah it was a bit!’

After a long pause he asked, somewhat nervously, ‘Are we good?’

I just nodded and he then swung an arm around me and hugged me and kissed the top of my head. I melted into his hug and this obviously was going to head towards another potential ‘situation’ so Mike broke the embrace and we resumed our swim. We carried on for another half an hour and then decided to go and make some lunch because Mum and John had returned with our supplies.

Mike told me that he would help our parents in with the groceries and I should go and use the room first to get changed. I decided to take a quick shower to remove the remains of the lotion but as soon as the warm caress of the water hit my body, my mind soon relived our sensual session and my fingers became a blur on my rock hard little clitty while my free hand massaged my boobs firmly. All the time my memory of Mike’s hands stroking and touching me came flooding back. I quickly peaked and had to sit down in the shower base as my legs gave way and I allowed my body to convulse in the way I had denied it earlier. I found myself smiling like a maniac. God knows why because I was confused as hell but I realised that Mike had given me my first orgasm at the hands of another.

Eventually, I managed to finish my shower and made my way to our room. I picked out a brightly coloured summer dress and slipped it over my head. I looked in the mirror at the tightly fitting outfit and smiled to myself. I never really needed to wear a bra but I always felt sexy in an outfit like this because the top bit was quite open and it was always a bit of a tease outfit if I leant over! As I was putting gel into my short blonde hair and making it a little spiky, there was a knock at the door and a call to see if I was ‘decent’. I laughed at the question, told the person to give me a second as I pulled up a pair of white panties, give myself a final check in the mirror, I was good to go!. I called out, ‘Decent!’

Mike walked in with his big, friendly and heart warming smile leading the way. He closed the door quietly and then walked up to me and took both of my hands into his own. I looked up into his big blue eyes and I felt the flutters beginning. I could see there was something eating away at him so I decided to be the bolder one for once in my life, ‘What’s up chuck?’ I said as lightly as I could.

‘OK Lucy, without errr .... putting it all into words, I just errr ...... wanted to make sure we didn’t mess anything up between us before!’

I smiled at him, ‘Yeah, I don’t think I could really talk about that either but I think we are cool’

He seemed very relieved at my words and it gave him the nerve to carry on, ‘It’s just .... it’s just that you are so cool and fun to be around and I don’t want to screw it up!’

‘WE won’t mess it up Mike, I promise! You are pretty cool yourself and I love hanging out with you!’

The relief was even more visible and he flung his arms around me again. His bulge pressed into my belly felt quite hard and he pulled away as fast as he had hugged me and bent down to plant a little peck on my lips. The usual tingles ran through my body and the goosebumps all lined up down my arms. As he pulled away, I went onto tiptoes and caught his lips again and by accident or design, both of our lips were a little more relaxed as they met. It was only a brief second kiss but I felt more softness and a little moisture in that briefest of contacts. Mike looked a little surprised at the second kiss, but not a word was said. In fact, the silence made things a little awkward again. I decided to break the tension and swatted his behind and told him to get ready as we were all waiting on him again! He grabbed a pillow and threw it at me as I left the room, commenting on my ability to take an hour in the shower. Tension was well broken and I absent mindedly touched my lips as I made my way downstairs, reliving those two tiny kisses. Did they mean something? I was obviously oblivious to the rest of my family when I entered the kitchen and my Mum commented on my touching my lips.

‘Are they chapped with the heat Lucy? You have to be careful out here! Look in my bag and you will find a chap stick!’

Even though it wasn’t needed I found the stick and put a tiny amount on. All the time my mind was telling me, my lips wanted something else on them. They wanted more of Mike!

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