Part II

Carl called a few times but I refused to answer my cell. I couldn’t face him, not yet. It had all been just too big of a situation for me to deal with. I mean, what in the hell was I doing? I was a skinny kid; he was a 40-something year old man with horned him glasses and a hard cock. He was my aunt’s boyfriend yet I had blown him in his car in a remote and dark area just two days before. I couldn’t let myself become a cocksucker. There would be too much shame before the family and gay-bashing was not something I wanted to endure.

Yet, I had always been effeminate and had wanted to suck on a man’s cock since the first time I heard about it. Actually doing it was exciting; the feel of Carl’s hard cock in my mouth and that awful and terrible ordeal of letting him cum in my mouth. Yuck! I hated that! Yet, for some reason, those were the very things that pulled on my queer strings and made my resolve for straightness a losing battle.

I didn’t even listen to his first two messages on my cell. No way! I was done with it! No more cocksucking! I would not become a cocksuckers! But, after two days, I could no longer deny that I wanted to know what he thought of our parked-car tryst. I was completely seduced—by a cell phone! His messages were lecherous and he praised my cocksucking skills even tho I was a novice. He craved my “pretty little mouth”. He had to have more. He wanted it more than pussy; more than fucking my aunt in exchange for a pint of liquor. He flattered me as the “best cocksucker” and he pleaded for more and he wanted me to meet him the following Thursday and he wanted me to call him back at 7 pm that very day.

I struggled with the decision to call or not to call and, eventually, I gave in and my nervous fingers dialed his number and my voice was unsteady as we talked and in a four minute conversation, I caved completely to Carl and agreed to meet him again and suck on his cock in that damned car; in that damned dark and secluded place.

It was the same every Thursday until I no longer argued with myself about being a queer cocksucker. It was almost as if I had to have his cock, that hard thing going in and out of my mouth. If you were there on any Thursday, you would have seen a 40-something man with his seat reclined a bit and a skinny faggot young head bobbing up and down on his lap until he held my head, fucked upward into my mouth, then released his thick gobs of jizz between my snug and obedient lips. I still hated the thought of how queer I was to let a man ejaculate in my mouth, but at least he let me spit each time.

Then, he changed things and wanted more. He wanted deep-throat, something I had not imagined. He said I would be a great cocksucker if I would take it and after working for 20 minutes, his cock went down my skinny faggot throat until he was ready to release at which time he kept his agreement to let me spit—he pulled out of my throat and creamed my tonsils and I spat it out as soon as he released my head.

Not long after, he wanted even more. He had me suck his cock and then he had me sit back on the passenger’s seat and slide down halfway. He straddled me with his knees, put his hard, hard cock into my mouth, leaned forward, held my head, and fucked my throat until he pulled back and ejaculated in my mouth. “Okay Bryan,” he said after he recovered himself somewhat, “I don’t want it that way very often. I want you usually to suck me off, but you can’t call yourself a cocksucker if you can’t do deepthroat. I did all of that just for you.”

As August approached, I went with Carl every time he called. I went down on him in his car and I sucked and sucked and sucked until he came in my mouth, every time. And, I spat every time. Carl was one who didn’t care if a cocksucker spit or swallowed but it was imperative that he cum in the cocksucker’s mouth. It was a fair exchange for me.

Carl had told me from the beginning that some men would rather fuck a hot mouth than a pussy and he was one of those men. When I first saw Carl, he was coming to our place to fuck my aunt every Tuesday and Thursday, but after our first cocksucking encounter, he was only seeing her on Tuesdays “for the sake of appearances and so no one gets suspicious” and he was doing it in my mouth every Thursday. He said that the time would come when he would feel okay in cutting things off with my aunt and then just fucking me in the mouth and never fucking her. The sheer hedonism of that drove me crazy with lust and sluttiness and desire, not to mention I felt highly flattered and greatly honored, as if he was saying I was the best cocksucker ever. He also assured me that no one would ever know. Being a married man, he sure as hell wasn’t about to tell anyone.

My aunt drank too much to quickly catch on, but I am an ultra-submissive so it is out of character for me to tell “the man” how he should do things. If I had learned one thing that summer about being a submissive it was that men rule and cocksuckers serve—with our mouths. I had fallen so far into cocksucking queerdom that I suspected that any man could put his cock in front my face and tell me to suck on it and I would do it until he ejaculated in my mouth.

Then, the unthinkable happened.

Carl and I were in his parked car and I was slowly moving my mouth up and down on his cock and swirling my tongue and slow-stroking with my hand when there were six flashes of light followed by deep-chested laughter. “Well, now what do we have here?” came the voice of a shadowy figure with another to the side of him. “Looks like we caught us a couple of preeverts in the act, don’t it.”

Carl had jerked to attention and pushed my head away and he was pulling his pants up and his shirt over it. “I . . . I . . . we . . . “

“No need to explain to us. You got yourself one hand on a cocksucking boy and the other with a wedding ring. Me and Bud here think this oughta be fun, don’t we Bud?” His friend laughed. “And we got us six pictures of your dick in the boy’s mouth. Don’t look good for either of ya, no does it?”

Carl recovered enough to say, “Look, we weren’t hurting anybody. We’ll leave and that will be the end of it.”

Then Buddy spoke, “Don’t think it will be that easy, do you Ted?”

“Naw, won’t be all that easy. I mean, we might be convinced to let you both ride off into the night, that is, if you make it interesting for us.”

“Well, how ‘bout you let the boy give us some of that pussymouth? Huh.”

“No, you can’t mean that. There must be something else because that won’t do.”

Ted laughed and rubbed the front of his pants. “Oh, I think it will do nicely. You see Mr. Preevert, we all got your license plate number so you’re gonna help us get what we want.”

Carl stalled. They threatened. Then, they looked at me. “You don’t want your lover boy behind bars, do you? Besides, we run him into the police and guess what, you will be called up as well and then everyone is gonna know you’re a cocksucker. You don’t want that, do you?”

Panicked seized me. I was greatly frightened of anyone ever knowing. And, they had pictures. Carl started to argue. I put my hand on his forearm. “We . . . maybe . . . I mean . . . They’ve got pictures.” Carl asked if I wanted to do it and I shook my head but said it didn’t seem there was no choice.

“Listen to the boy,” Bud advised. “Seems like he’s gotta a good head on his shoulders.”

“Yeah, and gives good head too,” Ted laughed.

“Ain’t gonna hurt him ‘Carl’,” he mocked. “Just want some of that pussymouth you been getting’.”

“Get outa the car bitch!” Ted demanded as the two came to my side. “And give your keys Mr. Preevert.”

I did as I was told. They pushed me to my knees. Bud was heavier-set than Ted although both were overwight and over fifty years of age. Bud yanked his hard, hard cock out and put in front of my face. “Suck it bitch boy. Suck my dick. If you know what’s good for ya, you’ll suck it reeeeeal nice!” He pushed it to my lips and my mouth opened and he pushed forward and my mouth engulfed it and it began sucking without my conscious permission.

“Ahhhh yeah boy, suck that dick. Do it good if you know what’s good for ya.”

Ted opened the right side rear door and sat spread-legged in the back seat. He commanded Carl to sit on the left side of the rear seat.

After several minutes, Bud grabbed my head and began fucking my mouth, pushing ever forward to my throat. He braced my head, held it in place, and slowly pushed his nasty penis down into my throat. I nearly gagged, but not from his cock. His body odor was awful. He fucked slowly for a couple of minutes then, thankfully, he pulled his cock all the way and grabbed my hair and dragged me to the backseat.

“Suck his dick!” he commanded and he pushed my back hard until I was between Ted’s legs and my mouth was sucking on Ted’s cock which was longer and thicker and had a vile looking head. He too pushed my head down until his cock was all the down my throat.

“Now, you just watch Mr. Preevert while your boy sucks my cock. Nothin’ you can do about it. Suck bitch boy! Suck”

I did as he commanded, sliding my mouth smoothly on his shaft, hoping that I could give a brief sucking that would make them both go away. But they had other plans.

Ted pushed my head away and told me to sit on the rear passenger seat and slide down halfway. He put knees on both sides of me and lifted until his cock pushed into my mouth. He lay over the top of me with his head near the back window.

“Now Mr. Preevert, I’m gonna fuck your boy in the mouth and there’s nothing you can do about. Watch Mr. Preevert. Watch!”

Carl squirmed as Ted began slowly thrusting deep into me, then pulling back out almost all of the way, then driving hard into me. He fucked me like the sleazy bastard he was and after a few minutes, he rolled off of me and Bud took his place.

“Yeah man, watch me fuck your boy!” Bud said. “Watch me fuck your boy right in the mouth!”

He pushed all of the way into my throat and my nose was pressed firmly to his abdomen with his curly and wiry pubic hairs covering much of my face. He began fucking in long and slow strokes before he went in deep and then fucked in half-strokes going a little faster. He held my head in place and fucked my mouth deep and then faster and he groaned and Ted told Carl to “keep watchin’ us fuck your boy!”. Bud went harder and faster and after no more than a four or five minutes, he rammed his cock deep into me and then he pulled back and held just the head between my lips and then . . . then . . . he braced my head tighter than ever and he . . . he . . . he ejaculated in my mouth and told me to hold still and take it. My body jerked with involuntary rebellion before I forced myself to hold still and just let the horny man empty his balls right in my mouth.

When he was done and he released me, I jammed my head past Ted and spat Bud’s horrible semen to the ground. Ted grabbed me by the hair and pushed me back into position and then he straddled me and slowly pushed his cock into my mouth and down my throat and then he began fucking me . . . fucking me like some wild dog with a bitch in heat. He thrust into me with the thickest cock I had ever had and he humped me and fucked me. In perhaps five to six minutes, he pulled back and held my head and then his cock jerked and he told me to hold still and then he jizzed . . . right in my mouth. He pumped and pumped and it was too much. My mouth couldn’t contain it all and some seeped from my lips but he kept jizzing in my helpless mouth, stopping only when he had busted his balls.

He released me and, like before, I dove for the outside and spit it out violently and swabbed my tongue with my fingers, trying to get all of their nasty semen out which was, of course, not possible. I felt defiled and used and raped and even worse, it had been done by two brown-toothed heathens who smelled like mountain brew.

Bud pushed me back into the car told me to sit up next to Carl. They got in the front seats and looked back at us.

“Now listen here, Mr. Preevert,” Ted began, “we want us more of that boy pussy. Not enough to just get our rocks off in him this one time. And you boy . . . “ he said looking at me, “you’re gonna meet us once a week and we’re gonna show you a gooooood time. You like dick? We’ll give you dick. We’ll give it in ways you never dreamed, all in that pretty little mouth of yours.”

They demanded my cell phone and they recorded my number. They told me they would call and make arrangements and “you better not fuck around boy or we will make your life and Mr. Preevert’s life a living hell. You got that? You take good care of us and we’ll take good care of you.”

After further admonishment, they laughed, high-fived each other, and disappeared into the dark night.”

With the mouthfucking ambitions of Bud and Ted, my life as a cocksucker was about to change dramatically. I could never have imagined what they had in store. I thought they would fuck my mouth like they had in that car on that dark night, but that just wasn’t so. I hated the thought that I had to take mouthfucking from two horny, smelly, mountain-type men, but I had no choice. Either I did what they wanted or those damned pictures would “out” me as a cocksucker and damage Carl, the man with the cock that I had come to crave.

I knew when they called, I would go to them and I would be a bitch-mouth for them. What else could I do but suck when they told me to suck and hold still for mouthfucking when they demanded. Neither Carl nor I could see any options. My fate was sealed. It was hopeless to think otherwise.


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