Part III

It was a simple text from Carl. It said, “7pm on the corner”. It was yet another Thursday and time for me to meet him on the nearby corner. I waited. He was late. He explained that his delay was caused by his wife demanding he take his four daughters to a school event. She would pick them up later.

Still echoing in my head was the dramatic event of the prior Thursday in which we had been interrupted by two sleazy men who demanded my mouth and my cell number and my agreement to meet them when they called in exchange for not putting pictures of me sucking on Carl’s cock all over the city.

Carl drove to a new location. On the way he asked me if I had heard from Bud or Ted and I shook my head and said I hoped they wrote my number down wrong and I would never, ever hear from them. The thought of them fucking my mouth gave me shivers.

“Well, we can only hope,” Carl said as he unzipped his pants and reclined his driver’s side seat. “For now, let’s put them out of our minds and do what we came here for!”

I smiled. My hand stroked his very hard cock and my head went to his lap and I took his erection into my mouth and, like every time before, its hardness nearly made me pass out. I suckled the head. He moaned. I went down two inches and slid slowly on those two inches. He patted my head and sent shockwaves of lust through me when he called me “such a good little cocksucker”. I moved down another two inches and after a few minutes of head-bobbing, I pushed down on it until my throat opened and I took it all the way in and then sucked the entire length while Carl groaned and encouraged me. I sucked deep-throat with slow movements for nearly fifteen minutes, just the way Carl liked it, before building up speed and sucking on the top half while my fingers stroked the bottom half.

I was sucking and stroking and I knew he wanted me to keep at it until he ejaculated in my mouth. I sucked and stroked and he groaned and his hips moved and he fucked my mouth with a few upward thrusts, then grabbed my head and his cock jerked and then, I felt it; his cock shot a rope of jizz to the back of my mouth; then another and another and another. He was ejaculating right into my queer mouth and I was holding still and taking all of it.

“Swallow! Swallow! Swallow, Bryan. Swallow this time. Swallow! Swallow this time, Bryan!” he pleaded and his lust for it caused me to throw off all of the great inhibitions I had ever had about doing such a nasty thing and I complied with his urgings and I . . . I . . . I began swallowing Carl’s semen. I couldn’t believe it! I had held out on swallowing because of the crazy notion that as long as I didn’t swallow, I wasn’t really a cocksucker. It was the last haven of safety between me and sheer queerdom and yet, there I was, giving it up the very first time he told me to do it! I was alarmed with my lack of control and how impulsively I went to the task.

It was awful! It had come from his . . . his . . . his cock, his penis, the thing he peed with. And there I was swallowing what it was giving me. It was nasty and I felt like a filthy whore, but I couldn’t deny his command so I swallowed and swallowed and swallowed Carl’s semen.

For the first time ever, I didn’t open the door and spit because there was nothing to eject. It had all gone down my throat where I could feel it oozing like some slimey and thick slug. It was awful and I felt completely queer and afraid of what kind of Pandora’s box I had opened for myself. Yet, I was turned on and loved the sense of slutiness and whorishness that overwhelmed me. I was proud that, at last, I was truly a cocksucker yet I was gravely concerned that I had crossed a bridge I had never wanted to cross and there was no way to ever go back. My head spun with dynamic conflicts and I almost felt nauseous from it all.

He made small talk before dropping me off but I could scarcely speak. I was dazed and confused by the sheer magnitude of having finally relented and swallowing a grown man’s semen. I was queer to the max but wanted to run away and denounce it all. Yet, I felt so much like a wanton and depraved bitch and I couldn’t deny that it excited me greatly.

When Friday and Saturday passed with no contact from Bud and Ted, I was certain they had indeed gotten my number wrong. But that changed on Sunday when Ted called and demanded that I meet them that evening as darkness set in. I told them about the corner near where I lived and they pulled up in a thirty-year old car. They told me to get in the back, andt that became my first surprise. There was a younger woman, overweight, reddish hair, simple face, no make-up. They said her name was Janelle, she was Bud’s wife and she was there “to help you do what we want you to do”. His wife? I couldn’t believe it! A man would really bring his wife to watch a queer suck on her husband’s cock? Did she not know? It was all so strange.

My nerves quaked. I had no idea what they had in mind. They repeated their threats of exposing the pictures of me sucking on Carl’s cock to the world if I didn’t do as I was told and how that would bring about great ruin for both me and Carl. The thought of it made me shudder.

Janelle leaned to my ear. “Don’t worry, they won’t do anything outside of the realm of cocksucking, so you can do it. They’re just very horny men and they really like queermouth. Buddy has video of you with that man in the car. You are a cocksucker so just do it good and all will go well.”

The car turned onto a rural, dirt road between two fields and then turned again to stop behind an unpainted shed that seemed aged and abandoned. They motioned for us to follow them to a place behind the shed and they pointed to a cement pier for me to sit down with my back to a shed wall. Both men were instantly before me with Janelle on her knees beside me. They had their cocks out and were stepping closer.

“Suck it bitch!” Bud commanded. He pushed it to my lips then into my mouth and I did what he required. I sucked on this cock. When he told me to do it better, Janelle whispered, “Do it good, Bryan. The best way to make this work is to be the best cocksucker you can be.” I knew she was right. My hand joined my mouth and I sucked in earnest.

Bud pulled back and Ted jammed his thicker, darker, uglier cock into my mouth and I began fellating him. Bud replaced him and his meaty hands pinned my head to the shed wall and he began slowly fucking me I in the mouth, going a half-inch deeper with each thrust. Ted replaced him and did the same. They repeated that cycle one time while Janelle told me to just hold still and let “the horny dogs do what they gotta do. They’re going to do it anyway so you might as well just give in and let them”.

I knew she was right and I felt the air of resistance deflate within me. I resigned myself to my fate and just let him fuck my mouth, going deeper each time until he was slow-fucking all the way down my throat. I was accustomed to deep-throating cock because I had done it many times with Carl, but these were nasty and vile men and, while I despised letting men like them use me, there was no sense in resisting them.

Ted pulled his cock from me suddenly and knelt before me, his ugly face just inches from mine. His meaty right hand grabbed my jaw and he leaned closer. “Now, we’re going to do something a little different cocksucker. We’re going to turn our pretty little bitch-boy into a pretty little girl. You won’t never be the same after this,” he sneered. “Janelle, put that blanket on the ground. Let’s get this cocksucker on his back!”

I had no idea what they had in mind but with Janelle and Bud pulling on my, I soon found myself laying flat on my back looking straight up at the stars.

“Yeah baby,” Ted continued. “Gonna show you what it’s like to be a pretty little cocksucking girlie!”

Both men removed their clothing from the waist and Ted held my head in place, still looking straight up, while Bud straddled my face while facing my feet. His smelly balls were an inch from my nose and his wide back was like a tower to the sky above me. He slowly leaned forward until he was laying on top of me and his great weight was pinning me to the ground. He arched his back upward and he grabbed his rock-hard cock and placed the tip solidly to my unwilling and closed mouth. He lunged and pushed and then pushed again and with Janelle telling me to “give it up”, my mouth relaxed and Bud’s nasty penis entered my mouth. He drove down to my throat and wedged his cockhead there and pushed and then pushed again.

“Gotta open him up from this new angle,” Ted observed. “Fuck him, Bud. Fuck him!”

Bud lunged down even more and I felt my throat giving way and then, I just gave up completely and let him drive his shaft all the way down into me until his massive and smelly balls surrounded my nose. He pulled up slowly and then went back down all of the way. He repeated his slow-fucking for perhaps a minute before Ted announced “he’s ready. Aren’t you girly-boy? You’re ready to get fucked just like a girl!”

Bud reset his knees for better leverage and I felt more of his weight crushing me into further submission. Then, he began moving rhythmically although still somewhat slowly. He went all of the way in and then halfway out and then plunged all of the way.

“Fuck him, Bud!” Ted cried. “Fuck this bitch! Make him a girl!”

Bud began fucking me, not with the same slow strokes, but like a man would do with a girl—plunging and pulling and thrusting and grunting and fucking and fucking and fucking me until my head was dazed, then dizzy, then senseless. Yet, But didn’t stop. There in that rural place on that dark night, Bud fucked me like a girl and with Janelle and Ted telling me to give into the “girl within”, I realized they were right: I did know what it was like to get fucked like a girl; sexually used like a girl; my throat a tight and deep pussy for Bud’s pleasure.

He went faster and harder and Janelle cooed with lust while Ted encouraged him to “seed the bitch! Seed her!” and Bud humped and plunged and then he drove his hard cock all the way down into me and his hips shook and quaked and his loins quivered and his cock jerked and then . . . just like men do to girls . . . Bud began inseminating me. He shot rockets of seminal fury deep down inside of me and I . . . well . . . I just held still and let him do it. It seemed right, like it was suppose to be that way for me; that I was supposed to be jizzed by horny men needing “their selfs some girlie throat pussy”. He spent himself entirely in my throat and then he went idle on top of me.

Bud lay on me for what seemed like an hour but was probably no more than a minute. His body quivered as his cock oozed jism in my throat. And, I just lay there and let him do it. I was disgusted with my queerness but somehow had the realization that it was where I belonged and it was what my throat pussy was for.

Ted yanked on his friend and when Bud rolled off, his eyes dazed and only semi-visible, Ted straddled me quickly and drove his bigger and harder and nastier erection down into me. He didn’t need to open my throat nor give it time to adjust. He just began fucking me deep. It was more like make-love sex; like he was on top of a girl and making love to her. It wasn’t as fast or as hard as Bud; it was a man making love and I understood that I had become the replacement “girl” with the deep throat that horny, nasty men like them desired.

He thrust in me until the stars I saw were not those of the night sky. He began going a little faster and a little harder and he sped up and drove deeper and then he was just out-and-out screwing me; fucking my head into the ground and grunting and screwing and moaning and jerking until his hips drove down harder than ever and he held himself deep down my throat and then he ejaculated in me while I lay helpless underneath him and just let him do his business deep inside of me. His cock jerked harder than I had ever felt and the spunk he shot into me was massive, like some thick oyster and it seemed it would never end – he just kept shooting and shooting and spurting and spurting until he finally went limp on top of me.

In time, he rolled off of me and that is when I had yet another surprise.

Janelle straddled me the same as the men had. Then, she sat on my face. She said it would soothe me and calm me and help me relax and reorient my wits. Her round butt covered my face and my nose was in the very crux of her rear-end. I wanted to push her off but, like before, I realized it was all part of my evolution into the queerdom ordained for me.

When she got off of my face, I hated the odiferous residue of her departure. I wanted to swab my face but I sensed that would be rebellion and somehow offensive. Even so, I didn’t have long to endure the stench of her butt because Bud was on top of me again and telling me to just lay still and let them fuck me. I didn’t resist. In fact, I complied. It was as if I was completely willing even though I was not yet completely decided that I was born to be replacement “girl” for horny mouthfucking men. Bud took his time, perhaps ten minutes in all, before he began humping me to get to the finish line which he did by once again thrusting deep into me and depositing his seeds of lust in my throat.

Ted didn’t need to tell me to lay still while he mounted me. I let him get on top. I let him enter my mouth. I held still when he pushed down my throat and I lay still like a street whore while Ted fucked and fucked and fucked me until he emptied his mammoth sacs with more cum than most men have in their first ejaculations.

They drove me back and dropped me off. Carl called. I explained everything. He agreed I could not escape doing it with Bud and Ted any time they called. Carl said he wasn’t interested in being on top of me like the others had done. He liked getting sucked off and sometimes pinning my head to the passenger’s seat to fuck me that way. The only thing that changed for Carl was that he sometimes ejaculated down my throat although most of the time, he wanted to cum in my mouth and have me show it to him before swallowing his semen.

Until I left town for college eight months later, I was regularly fucked like a cocksucking queer by Carl and like a “cocksucking girly-whore” by Bud and Ted. Carl fucked me once a week; the other two fucked me twice a week each. By my calculations, in those eight months, I had been fucked in the mouth by three horny older men at least 160 times and I had swallowed their semen (or had it force-fed down my throat) 160 times.

Is it any wonder that my first night in my new college town, I found a nightly haunt where older men went looking for deep-throat, submissive, effeminate, college queer-girls?


2014-12-30 23:54:25
awww a unhappy ending, but still a good story, thanks for sharing.

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