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This is my very first story, I can assure you it is 100% true.
Okay, so this is my very first story so please don't expect any thing very special but I hope you enjoy it.
First I am going to tell you a little about me. I a college student in the uk. I have longish blonde hair and a skinny body, blue eyes and stand just over 6 ft. I consider myself to have an average size penis although a friend of mine once walked in on me pissing and said that it looked big and even went and told to some girls I knew. I am a virgin and live at home with my mom and dad. I will try my best to write this so both British and American guys will understand. Anyway that's just a little intro to who I am so lets get cracking.

At the start of this summer, just after my exams were over, I was invited next door for a BBQ as we had a rare spell of decent weather. Now my next door neighbours are close friends of ours( me my mum and dad) so we often got together to celebrate new year or birthdays. They are a family of a mother, farther,a 19 year old boy who I get along with and best of all, a fit blonde girl two years older than myself.

Since I was about 11 I started to find her attractive, she is about 5ft 7, beach blonde hair, blue eyes, not the biggest pair of tits but they complemented her fit body nicely and lovely round ass. I have no idea about her sexual past but I'm pretty sure she hasn't slept with many guys if any. She is a lover of life and has the kindest most caring personality you could wish for. She also has a great seance of humor. When me and her were very young, and by that I mean, way to young to have any sexual fantasies at all, we would often play around each others houses or out in the street with a ball or something with her older brother. We are not that close but I feel we have a nice opinion and respect for each other.

Anyway, when I was at the BBQ, I overheard a conversation between my mum and her mum. Her mother said that they were all going away for two weeks on holiday or vacation as you guys in the us call it. This seemed a bit disappointing as I would not see the daughter for 2 weeks in the hot weather, but what she said next, got me very very exited. She told my mother that she would be giving us a key to their house while they went away so we could go and get any footballs that flew over the fence while they were gone. Now I think at this point I the thought that would come to any teenage boy at this point came to my head. HER UNDERWEAR DRAWER. I have always fantasised about finding a hot girls pair of knickers and jerking off with them wrapped around my cock.

So the week after, they left. I had my plan in place, as I had the summer off waiting for results, I was in my house a lot and my parents were both working. So I planned to wait for them to go to work, perposely kick a ball over the fence as an excuse to go over. What I mean by this is, if any other neighbours saw me enter the house I would have an excuse to go into the house and out the back door to get my ball. But of course I had other ideas on my mind.

So one day about lunch time I was playing with my football in the back yard. My dad was still home so my plan wasn't ready to to be executed yet. But I really did accidentally kick the ball over the fence into next doors back yard. So I told my dad. He said take their keys, go through the house out the back and throw the ball back over and come straight back. I had to do what he said. So I took the keys and headed over. Once I entered I was walking through to the kitchen and I looked up the stairs. I knew I could not go And find a pair of panties to jizz in because my dad was expecting to come straight back, so I had to resist.

A few days later, I was home alone, both parents in work, no brothers or sisters and not pets. This was my chance. So I went out in my back yard looked around to make sure there wasn't anyone looking through windows of other house and softly licked the ball over. Oh shit I shouted sarcastically just I case there was a sneaky pair of eyes somewhere. I now had butterflies in my stomach I was so exited. So I grabbed the keys for next doors house and went over there.

My cock was rock hard at the thought of what was about to happen. I entered the houses and was hit by the distinctive smell of their home. I was shaking with exitment as I was a virgin and had never had sexual contact with a girl before. I took my trainers off to keep the floor clean and set off upstairs. I found her bedroom, it did not have a lock so I walked straight in. She had I pink room with a small bed and t.v loads of Teddys and storage for clothes. I felt like blowing my load already. So the hunt was on. I pulled back the first drawer, a few hats scarfs and gloves, pulled back the second which contained coats jackets and jumpers. I pulled back the third drawer and seen probably the best sight I had ever seen. As they were on holiday she had taken most of her underwear with her but she still left me one hell of a treat. First thing was a load of bra's I didn't think to see the size, but they were not what I was looking for. Under them was a pile of little panties. There were black Lacey ones, pink Lacey ones and few hello kitty ones which got me real aroused but then I hit the jackpot, a pair off stretchy blue panties. I was in heaven and it got even better. With my dick throbbing, I noticed a patch in her panties so I sniffed it. Well that nearly knocked me out, she had definitely creamed herself wearing these before. I could not wait any longer, I pulled my dick out it was extra erect as I had not jerked off for days as I was waiting for this to happen. So I wrapped them around my dick and started stroking. By far one of the best moments of my life. I held my cum back as long as I could, I was also sniffing on A pair of black Lacey ones at the same time. My dick had never been so hard. I imagined that she was there watching me do it, saying" yeah that's right, stroke that dick and shoot a load in my panties". My cock was bursting now as I lay on her bed naked imagining I was fucking her. I could not wait any longer so I made sure my rock hard dick was firmly wrapped in the panties. So I loosened up felt the huge wave of cum surge down my sick and exploded everywhere, rope after rope of thick white cum flew into her knickers and all over her room. I had never cum so much in my life. Her blue knickers were soaking wet with my cum. I cleaned her room up and put the soaking wet panties back in the drawer. The thought of my cum rubbing up against her pussy when ever she wore them next was awesome. I returned home for a much needed rest.

Please leave a comment on how I did thanks

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2013-07-06 00:35:35
I thought the story was pretty good. I love jerking off and cumming in panties. Please write a second story with more panty cumming in it. Also maybe let her catch you.

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2013-07-05 13:32:19
Well i will give you 5%

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2013-07-03 06:08:03
just when you think these stories cannot get more infantile..........

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2013-07-02 01:06:21
If I was you, I would of take the underwear, I wouldnt put them back! story!!

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2013-07-01 21:32:39
Well it was a good plan just one problem... You left the ball.

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