I met an old friend of mine and we wanted to try new things that we both only fantasied or dreamed about. We sat up a time for when we can satisfy both of our needs. As I set out to meet I think of what I want him to do to me and wonder what he wants me to do to and for him. As I make it to the spot, I park my car and get out my small goody bag for all the fun that is for the both of us.

As I make it the room where he is, he opens the door and ask me if I am ready for today? I tell him more ready than you ever will think. As I step in the door there is a big bag setting next to the bed. I look at him and he reads my look and say remember I asked if you were ready. I asked him exactly what is your fantasies, he tells me relax you will love what I have in store for you.

He walks over to me and leads me to the bed, slowly starts undressing me saying how hot my body is and how bad he want's it. Just hearing those from his mouth he started me going. My mind just running thinking about what is going to happen tonight, so I just smile to myself and think to myself I am here.

He looks into my face and tell me baby I am going to fuck like you see and want to in your dreams. I tell him please do I want and need it. He says that is why we both are here. He first starts kissing me making each kiss hotter then the last.

My pussy hungry for what is to come my way. Each second making me hotter an making my pussy full of it's juices. He eases down my body starting from my breast to my tummy down to the middle of legs. But now he has my clit in his mouth pulling on it with his teeth. Making me feel my pussy drip from excitement.

He feel my excitement in my actions and my desires. He tells me tonight is just beginning and down my throut. I can tell he is enjoying by the noise that is coming from his mouth. Not to say how much harder his dick is getting, Ooh how I want to fill hid dick deep in my pussy. It makes me suck it even hard just thinking about feeling him in me. I take his dick and sliding it in my mouth going up and down making his dick go deeper down my throut while wraping my thoung aronnd it. With his moans getting louder he tell me he is ready to show me how much better tonight is going to get.
He lifts my head to remove his dick from my mouth and tells me he has some things in his bag for me. He lifts up and grabs his bag. The first thing he brings out of his bag is a large bottle of oil. I look at him and he tells me it is just the tip of the Ice berge. The next thing is a blindfold and that makes me jump. with the look on my face he tells me I will love every moment, and some.
He reaches for my hand and pulls me to him, and tell me how much more he wants from. I tell that I want the same. We kiss but not just a simple kiss it is a deep I want you kiss. He put the mask over my eyes and tells me that I will love what is in store for me. He lays me on my back and starts kissing and making me want him even more. The next thing he does is reach for the bottle of oil. Pouring oil all over my pussy soaking my pussy taking a few of his fingers and driving it deep into me, and me loving it.
The more finger he puts into my pussy the hotter and wetter I became. I could not beleive all of his finger could make it into my pussy but he was going to give it a try. He continued pouring the oil every time put another finger into my pussy until he had all of his finger were nearly in. My body started bucking as to say please slow down, but my pussy was gushing and seem to be crying for more. He continued giving it to me.
With all of his finger inside and me thinking the bottle must be empty. He starts moving his finger around inside my pussy and it was feeling extremely good. `This seems to be the hidden play of this fantasy, but just as I think it is about to end I feel more oil being poured on and around my pussy telling me that it is not over. He ask me if I am ready for more? I as more of what? That is when I feel him pushing more of his hand into my pussy and he seems to be playing as he goes. The next thing I know my pussy starts cumming and it is feeling so good that I yell at him please give me more and he keeps going and my pussy keeps pouring. After he sees that there is know more space for him to go he slowly starts removing his hand from my pussy. After all of his fingers are removed my pussy feeling so good and me wanting more.
He ask me what is my fantasy or dream that I want to see come though?

Pt 2As we lay in each others arm resting from our first and very satisfying adventure. My pussy is feeling like it may take awhile for it to get back to it's normal size. But that is ok , because what i have in mind is not going to require my pussy.
We talk about what one of many fantasies I have in mind. I told him that I always wanted to feel his long hard dick in my ass and I want to feel every inch. I want it to feel so good that it makes my ass scream for more.
So as we prepare for my adventure in our in my ass. I dig in my bag to pull my ass lube. He pulls me down to him kissing me more passionate than before getting more hot all over again. As I climb on top of him I feel his dick getting hard all over again. Taking my body and rubbing it up against his hard dick. That is when he flips me over on to the bed taking his hands and grabbing my ass cheek and squeezing it with both hands.
As he squeezes my ass he lays me on my stomach with one of his hand going towards the opening of my ass. But ass he reaches my ass he grabs the oil and pours it all over my ass. Without hesitation he slides two finger into my ass to see how tight my ass is. Only to see it is going to be a very tight fit . That is when he tells me am I sure this is what I want. I ask why? He says baby this dick is going to love opening up this tight ass and we maybe using all of this oil. I tell him I want it all. He tells me he will give it to me with pleasure, every inch.
He tells me baby as the best way for you to start to take this dick in that tight ass of your is to lay on your side, than we will get the head in and some of my big dick in that small hole than i will turn you on your stomach and fuck you real good. How does that sound? I told him I love the way that sound so let's do it.
As he starts kissing me he turns me on my side. With the oil in his hands he pours it in his hands and starts rubbing my as making me very slippery and wet. The next thing he does id lay his dick next to my ass rubbing it against my hole. It scares me a bit and he says baby you have to relax or it will hurt more. That is when I tell him I will try and he proceeds try to put more pressure to make it go in. That is when he tell me baby I have to try harder and it may or will hurt more to get it going. I look at him and nod my head. As he lean forward and he push it more the head start to make way and I grab ahold of his arms to say please it is starting to hurt and the look in his eyes tells me he know but still keep going.
I reach for him to stop but he tells me he has to put the head in for the pain to go away. I tell him to wait and he say it is almost there and than he will wait. But as soon as I am an=bout to say no he gives it one more push and the head is in. My body starts shaking and my pussy starts juicing up as to say it will get better. He keeps me on my side and rest as he said he would. He tells me that if he would have stopped when I asked it would have hurt more so I understood. He hands me a pillow and says this is for you because you will need it. As I am about to ask why he proceeds to start working his thick dick into my tight ass making me feel how thick his dick is.
The more he puts in me the better it was feeling. I could feel my pussy juicing up more and my ass seem like it was having a orgasm and it was feeling so good that I ask him to give me more and that is when he start going deeper into my ass and I was loving it. The more I grabbed on to the pillow the more excited he became and the more he was driving it deeper into my ass. My pussy was creaming like it has never done before and i was loving it.
The more he drove it into me the more i ask for and he was enjoying as I was. I could not believe how much my ass was taking and he said the same. Just as he said I got it in all the way my pussy just start flowing with desire and I am loving it all.
That is when he said baby I am going to turn you on your stomach and show you more of what this dick can do for your ass. That is when it seems his dick grew a few more inches and he drove it in deeper and my pussy flowed even more. But that was the ending.
It seem that once he got me on my stomach he was loving more than I was. He started going in and out driving me crazy and as always I was loving it. The next thing I know he start going even faster a sign that i was going to get a very big load in my ass. That is when he tells me be ready baby I can't hold it. My ass was so ready and he does just that. My ass loved it so much that all of his cum did not stay in. But I got most if not all of what I wanted and was very satisfied. As I lay on my stomach he starts kissing me saying there is still more to come. Than ask me am I game?
I tell him more that you think.

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omg...that feels soooo goooood my first time with gary wow!!! 14 wf

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omg...that feels soooo goooood my first time with gary wow!!! 14 wf

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