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Remember this is a work of fiction if you didn't like the other chapters then don't read this.
Aunt Meg pt 4 Prune and Peach

I pretty much hid out after School Friday. I hated to say it but I needed a break I went straight home. I made me a sandwich and Tater Tots for supper. I called Mother to see how Grandma was doing. Mom said she was doing alright. She asked if I was at Aunt Meg's I told her no to many girls means to much noise. Mom reminded me of my tutoring for Saturday.

I watched a movie, in the middle of the movie Lori and Keri called to see if I wanted some company. I told them no. When the movie went off I went to bed and right to sleep. The next morning I arose, showered, dressed and ate breakfast. I got my bike out of the garage and rode it to Ms Barnes.

I arrived 10 minutes early, I knocked on the door and Ms Barnes opened the door and smiled. She ushered me in and said do you know my Daughter and pointed into her living room. There sat the Peach, Miss Mary Josephson. Then I did a double take... she was nude...I mean completely nude.

She smiled and motioned me to come to her... I walked up to her she reached out and grasped my belt and began unbuckling it. I let her have her fun and I reached out to her luscious boobs. Her nipples were hard and stood out like the armor of the Amazon women. They were so pointed if she stood up and ran into the wall I think they would pierce the sheetrock. I began to stroke them they were smooth and round and I vowed to taste them.

I felt my pants fall and lifted up my feet one at a time for them to be removed. She stroked Wee Willie a couple of times then began on my t shirt she lifted it up and over my head. My hands came back down to her tits. Now that clothes were no longer an issue my mouth followed my hands and I slurped up one of her nipples.

I twirled the nipple around and sucked while one hand played with the other nipple. The other hand went exploring, sliding down her stomach and caressing her skin lightly. Until I reached her full glossy black bush. I shifted nipples with my mouth and with my hands as well.

I combed thru her pussy hair with my fingers occasionally dipping the tip of a finger inside. By now my Peach was leaning back allowing me free access to her body. I pushed her back and began kissing down her stomach. Her stomach rippled as I neared her belly button I allowed my tongue to rim it.

I continued to move down not entering her with my fingers, just stroking her lips. I licked thru her black silky bush. Finally reaching the source of my desire I place a chaste kiss on her nether lips. I hear the intake of her breath. Her legs flew open.

I am slightly startled when I feel lips engulfing Wee Willie... the Prune has made her move. Somehow it felt different. Then ... I think I figured it out... she had false teeth and had pulled them out and was gumming my pecker felt good.

But back to the business at hand I slid my tongue in to her slit and slowly licked its entire length. I had already rubbed all over the out side now it was licking time I licked over her outside lips and all around it. I felt her clitoris peeking thru I licked across the top just brushing her clit. It was time to divide and conquer . I divided her pussy lips and conquered her clit by biting down on it. She went wild grabbing two hands full of my hair and smashing my face into her snatch.

When I was able to get my breath back I began an all out exploration of her pussy. It really wasn't very easy. Ms Barnes was heating up things and setting Wee Willie on fire. Now it was a race The Peach was was going for third release and I was reaching for a dynamite explosion. Mary's butt was swinging side to side and curling up and down at the same time. She was close but it was all I could do to hang on. She screamed and I blew my load.

I licked the Peach juice from her pussy while the Prune was still sucking me so hard there couldn't be anything left. I slipped to the floor and out of her mouth I was drained. Ms Barnes stood up and headed for the bathroom rinsed her mouth out and put her teeth back in her mouth.

I stood up and made a bathroom run my self. We gathered back in the living room and Ms Barnes served us drinks they both had coffee I opted for a bottler of water. We began to talk and I asked why no-one knew they were Mother and Daughter.

Ms Barnes began her story, When she was sixteen five members of the football team had cornered her near the field house and had repeatedly raped her. She had told her Mother who was outraged, then her father who blamed it on her and beat her for being a whore. A few weeks later she tested positive for pregnancy. She was shipped off to her Mothers sister and lived with her and had Mary.

Mary was raised as her Great aunts daughter. Ms Barnes, Tracy, had returned home and Graduated and attended City College and earned her Teaching Certification. She would spend her summers with Mary.

After she had returned home she let her self go and within 6 months she went from an object of desire to an object of ridicule she gained so much weight she had ballooned to almost 400 lbs, Her face was so fat her eyes were squinted. She remained that way for years. She had not much incentive to do otherwise. She was mentally and physically abused by her father.

Ten years later her Father was killed by one of his employees that he had been abusing for years. She could no longer stand it and shot him six times then took her own life. When Tracy's mother was told she had a heart attack and died. Suddenly Tracy was alone.

Now Tracy was a Teacher, owned her own home and also owned a business she had no ides how to operate. The combined life insurance netted her over a million. Her parents joint account at least another million, Rather than sell the business she promoted one of the Veeps to President and her account had over two million gross per year. Her net worth was about 100 million dollars.

She was 28 years old on her own, and rich. She took a year off and went to a fat farm She lost over 300 lbs. It was done slowly and her skin tightened thus no plastic surgery was necessary. The only problem was her face wrinkled. Now she is just 44 but because of the wrinkles she looked over 60.

Last year Mary had Graduated from college and applied for a teaching position at her Mothers school. They were glad to hire her. Still no one knew that they were mother and daughter. It was just assumed it was just an odd friendship, that Ms Barnes had taken the younger teacher under her wing.

Mary had been talking to her about having Plastic Surgery to get rid of the wrinkles. She had finally agreed … This is to be her good by party. She was flying to Beverly Hills to night, the top Plastic Surgeon in the USA was ready to operate on Tuesday . But for today...

Ms Barnes, Tracy, grabbed her dress and began to pull it over her head as her body came into view I was amazed. Her body was that of someone in their twenties. Unlike her face, no sags no wrinkles. It was smooth and tight I moved to her and pressed her body against mine.

I ran my hands down her back till they were in position to cup her butt cheeks. Ooh they were nicely rounded . I ignored the wrinkles and pressed my lips to hers our tongues wrestled back and forth, while I backed her toward the sofa.

The back of her legs came in contact with the arm of the sofa and she fell back. Her hips raised up by the sofa arm. I slid down and licked her slit from one end to the other. Since the classroom incident she had shaved and had the smoothest pussy lips...certainly not a prune,

I licked every nook and cranny I could find before entering her pussy with my tongue. My tongue slipped inside to caress her inner lips of her delicate flower. I licked up and around her clitoris . This contact made her go wild. And she had her first orgasm I kept licking.

Although my tongue was driving her wild, Wee Willie was hungry and wanted inside this delicious pussy. I spun her around so her butt was on the cushion, pulled her hips toward me and entered her. The feeling sent chills over my entire body. I reach for her tits which I realized were bigger and better formed then I had thought considering the baggy dresses she wore at school. I guessed they were at least 34 C.

I played with them and kissed them, Unlike Mary's nipples which were large, Tracy's were tiny almost nonexistent...but extremely sensitive. As I sucked on them her hips went into high gear nearly bucking me off. I left willie buried deep and continued to suck her nipples. With the hip action this generated I let her do all the work.

I slid my right hand between our bodies reaching for her Clitoris. I began rubbing my finger rapidly in a circular motion I could feel her clit getting larger. Suddenly she moaned and her legs went straight out and her hips bucked so fast I couldn't hang on and onto the floor I went. She continued in the throes of passion her orgasm reaching new heights on her own.

I was flat of my back on the floor when I felt Mary's pussy engulf my manhood. I had not cummed in Tracy and the need was still there. Mary began riding me like a bucking bronc. I reached up and grabbed two hands full of tits and stroked her nipples while I tried to match her stroke for stroke.

While I had been screwing her mother, Mary had been in the chair playing with her self. Thus when I hit the floor she acted instantly and had mounted me. I knew neither of us were going to last very long. At the pace she was moving she was looking for release and that was just what I needed.

Mary screamed and slapped her hands over mine holding her tits and leaned back grinding her hips into mine I could feel her orgasm which set mine off and I released stream after stream deep into her love canal. Then Mary fell forward and kissed me and whispered thanks.

My Parents returned Sunday evening, Grandma came out of her surgery alright. Mother and Aunt Meg's oldest sister my Aunt Irene would be staying with Grandma for a couple of weeks then either Aunt Meg or my mother will take care of her.

Monday it was announced that Ms Barnes would be out for a month or more and would be replaced by a substitute Mrs Owens. Mrs Owens had retired three years ago and now only worked as a Sub. She was 66 years old.

Miss Josephson had called my mother and told her Ms Barnes had asked her to take over her tutoring of my English. It was fine with me he he he. I was sure I would make the grade under her tutelage.

My sex life seemed to slow down, Keri and Lori were dating Tony. The cheer squad seemed to busy but each one tried to slip me in during the week. My main source of sex became Miss Josephson and Aunt Meg. Two weeks later that all changed.

The Door bell rang, I answered the door there stood Lori and Keri with their overnight bags. They smiled It's mothers turn to go to Grandma's. We are staying with you, I showed them to the guest room. I told them the basic schedule. Mother gets home at 5:30 , Dad at 6:00 and we eat at 6:30.

Darn Lori says, “Not enough time.” I glanced at my watch it was 5:15.. A few minutes later
my mother arrives to be greeted by the twins Hi Aunt Sue. They rushed to give her a hug. Then they began to help her make supper.

After supper was over my parents retired to the Den to watch TV. The twins and I went down to the game room in the basement. We played a bit of pool and some video games. At 10:30 mother told us to go to bed. We took turns showering then went to bed.

The Master bed room was between my bed room and the guest bedroom which took away all the chances for the twins and I to get together.... My mother slept very lightly so we couldn't take the chance.

We arose, got dressed, ate breakfast and started to school. School seemed to drag by but finally the bell rang...Freedom... and 2 hours to play. We rushed home and headed for the game room. By the time we made it to the sofa Lori and Keri's clothes were gone and their they stood in all their splendor.

I grabbed Keri's left tit and Lori's right and twisted their nipples. They decided the sofa was to small so they drug me to the over sized Chaise Lounge. Lori pushed me back and sunk her pussy into my mouth. Keri pushed my feet and legs onto the Lounger and slipped her pussy down on Wee Willie.

I munched on pussy while stroking into another It was wonderful. I don't know which end was having the most fun. Then Lori raised up and said switch...I was mystified... Keri pulled off me, Lori crawled on WEE Willie and Keri 's pussy was in my mouth. This had the makings of a fun two weeks.

Tomorrow was Friday with no school it was a Teachers work day.


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"Aunt Meg - Part 4 (Peach And Prune)" - Twelve Year Old Nephew and Cousin, John; His MId-thirties (Mother's Sister) Aunt Meg, and Her Fourteen Year Old Twin Girls, Keri and Lori; and John's Teachers (Mother and Daughter) Forty-four Year Old Ms Tracy (Prune) Barnes and Her Twenty-six Year Old Daughter, Miss Mary (Peach) Josephson.

With all the pussy drawn to John--almost as if he's magnetized--it's nigh impossible over the past several months that not one female in "his stable" has confirmed herself pregnant by him!! Bummer!

About the only females young "experienced" John has not yet fucked is his Mother Sue and her older sister, his aunt Irene. He has--finally--just very recently as this chapter ends, fucked his twin cousins, Keri and Lori. Masybe, hope springs eternal and there is soon an incestual pregnancy, either his aunt Meg, or her twin fourteen year old daughters, Keri and Lori. Better yet, all three of of his blood-relatives should have incestual babies!!

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