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"See, I told you we could do it. Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am.
Oh, I just love sales - almost as much as sex," Marlene Sanford gushed
with youthful enthusiasm. Marlene always gushed.

Carol Wilson and her girlfriend had camped out for an hour waiting
for Bonwit's to open, and true to her prediction, they had been the first
ones in the store, the first in the swimsuit section, the first in the
changing room, and the first out the door. Now, in Carol's bedroom, they
hastily began to strip off their clothes.

As usual,Marlene led the way. She shrugged out of her blouse; she
wore no bra and her full, youthful tits were hard-tipped from the cool air.
Carol glanced at her girfriend with envy. She wasn't exactly a stick, in
fact, she had a good firm body, but Marlene, as the boys would say, was
stacked. And she was a real blonde.

"Ow, that smarts," Marlene said, as she wiggled her pert ass into
the bikini bottom and pulled it snug against her mound.

"What's the matter?"

"My pussy's still sore from last night. That good ol'boy had a big one!"

"Mar, you're horrible," Carol said, laughing.

"Horrible and horny. That's me. Love those big ones," she said with
a smile. "Which brings us to you, dear girl. When are you going to loosen
up and have some fun? That one big time of yours doesn't make you Marilyn
Chambers, you know."

Carol Wilson just shrugged. She was well aware of Marlene's sexual
appetite, and her own limited experience. The truth was: she was afraid.
Fucking had triggered all her erotic fantasies and her response had been
instant, immediate, and completely wild, filling her with strange and
wonderful sensations. But losing almost total control had frightened her
beyond belief. Yet, she remembered the feelings - all of them - vividly!

Carol shrugged again, and tried to change the subject.
"Talking about big ones, what would you say if I told you that I know
someone whose ... prick is bigger than any guy you've been with?"

"That's alot of territory, girl," Marlene said, turning away from her
original question, "Don't shit me, Carol. I take my dicks seriously.
Is this a real person, or just a figment of your overactive imagination?
Talk, child."

"Would you believe my kid brother, Gordy?"

"Oh, bullshit! Boy Brain? Com'on, Gordy's just a fourteen year old kid.
Good-looking, true. My kid sister will probably jump his bones someday, but
we're still talking about a K-I-D. And besides, how do you know what size
dick he has? Do I detect a deep dark secret?"

Carol was squeezing into her bikini bottom. "You have a sick mind, Mar.
Gordy and I share the same bathroom," she said, pointing at a closed door.
"Last week I walked in and guess what? Voila!"

"Voila, my ass. What happened?"

"Well," Carol said, warming up to the story, "he must have been playing
with himself, 'cause he stood straight out, like a flag pole. He was so
embarrassed!" she said, smiling at the memory. She didn't mention how
flustered she had become or the strange feelings that started in the pit
of her stomach, or how she had actually become wet - down there. And she
didn't mention the dreams she had had about Gordy's dick ever since. Hell,
he was her baby brother!

Marlene looked out the window into the backyard, Gordy, was there lifting
heavy hand weights. "Do I have to pry it out of you? How big is it?"

Carol put her hand about ten inches apart. "'Bout this big."

"Oh, be still my foolish heart. Are you shittin' me?"

"Honest to God, Mar.'

"This I have to see," she said, turning to the open window. "Hey, Gordy,
come on up here. We need you."

"Mar, what the hell are you doing?"

"Finding out if you're bullshitting me, girl. If this's for real I'll
stop calling him Boy Brain and start calling him Boy Wonder."

"You're crazy. Nuts. What're you going to say, 'Hey, Gordy, show me
your pecker'?"

Marlene smiled. "Yeah," she said.

Carol threw up her hands in exasperation. "You're crazy," she repeated,
now sorry she had started this conversation.

"Relax, Carol, this's a goof. Gordy's a pledge at Alpha Beta, right?
Well, we're Alpha's sister Sorority, right? And a pledge is supposed to obey
all orders from his Brothers and Sisters, right? Com'on, let have some fun."

Before she could respond, Marlene was at the window again. "Where the hell
is that kid? Hey, Gordy," she yelled, "come on up, willya. We haven't got
all day."


Gordy Wilson heard Marlene call his name, but made no move to respond.
Instead, he concentrated on lifting the heavy hand weights. The constant
repetitions were a balm. He needed private time, not Marlene Sanford fucking up his
head. Marlene: California blonde, tall, big jugs, and a real cute ass. Girls
like Marlene were part of Gordy's problem. He was afflicted by a malady peculiar
to teenage boys: perpetual horniness. And his horniness was the root of a very
bad two week period. Twice he had almost been caught whacking off. Once by his
stepmother, Joanna, and the other by his sister, Carol.

Damn broken, fucking bathroom lock!

Maybe, he thought, just maybe, his stepmother hadn't
caught on, but he remembered the strange look on her face,
the way she had grabbed her chest and sucked in her breath
when she saw him step from the shower, his rod half stiff.
Both of them turned beet red and his dick had fallen like a
rock. He didn't even have the presence of mind to grab a
towel. Stupid geek, he thought.

Carol was another story. She had barged in, without
knocking, just after he had cum, and he still had his
rockhard cock in his fist! Shit! He didn't know who was
more flustered. But she knew! He could still hear her
giggling after she slammed the door. Shit!

For Gordy, these were the latest incidents in an
incredibly bad year. First, they discovered his IQ - 152 -
something he had tried very hard to hide. He saw how
eggheads were treated and he didn't want to be different.

They told his father that he needed a special school, one
that could challenge him. That's how he found himself at St.
Charles Academy, a prestigious prep school with ties to the
State University, where Carol was enrolled.

That was a year ago. Then his father died of a heart
attack, but Joanna, his stepmother, had kept him enrolled.

"Your father would have wanted it", she had said.

Actually, school was okay. Scholastically, he could
hold his own with any of his classmates, but at fourteen, he
was, socially, light years behind. That's why he was working
out. He was trying out for the wrestling team. He'd even
pledged Alpha Beta Phi. They were assholes, but acceptance
was his goal. He heard Marlene call him again. Shit, he
thought, there was no way to get away from her.


The door to his sister's room was closed. He opened it
without knocking. Piss on them! he thought. Carol and
Marlene were in bikini's; high cut French jobs that left
little to his imagination. Aw shit! He felt his cock
stirring. Down, you sonofabitch, he commanded.

"Well, what do you want that's so important?" he asked
sharply, trying to sound more annoyed than he really was.
Hell, Marlene's tits were almost overflowing her bra, and
Carol's weren't all that far behind. How annoyed could he

"You know, we're Sisters' to your Frat, and a Pledge is
suppose to jump when he's called."

"Get real, Marlene. What do you guys really want?"

The whole idea struck Carol as ludicrous. She started
to giggle. "Marlene has something to ask you," she said,
still giggling. It sounded just as it had when he heard it
outside the bathroom door, and it grated.

"Yeah, your sister told me you have one big cock, and I
want to see it for myself."

"Aw, shit," Gordy snapped. Carol had opened her mouth
to Marlene, of all people. "You're a real bitch, Carol," he
yelled, "a real, fucking bitch!"

"Don't get on your sister's case. As a possible
national treasure it's your duty to share your good fortune
with us."

"This is a joke, right? When do the guys jump out of
the closet?" He jerked the closet door open. Empty. Then
the bathroom. Also empty. "Okay, where are they?" he said,
breathing hard and flushed with anger. This was the last

Marlene came up close. Without success, he tried to
keep his eyes off of her great tits; the nipples could be
clearly seen through the light material. "No joke, Boy


Reaching behind, Marlene unhooked her bra. Her full
breasts leaped free, and Gordy caught his breath. "Does this
look like a joke? ... Take off your bra, Carol." It was an

Carol gaped in stunned surprise. A joke was one thing,
this was another.

"Do it, Carol!" Marlene commanded and without really
being aware of it, Carol unclasped her bra. When it fell to
the floor, she couldn't believe she'd actually done it.

Gordy could feel the pressure in his groin. Marlene
pushed her boobs up towards his face. The nipples were
large and hard. "We've showed you ours, now you show us
yours," Marlene said softly.

"Aaaaah, shit," Gordy moaned. Faced with two sets of
beautiful, young, naked tits, he got an immediate, rip-
roaring hard-on. The tip of his cock was actually sticking
out of his shorts. Marlene looked down.

"Well, what do we have here?" she gushed. Kneeling in
front of him she ran her hand over his rigid cock, her eyes
wide in wonderment.

Swiftly she pulled his shorts down springing his cock loose.
She still couldn't believe her eyes when both hands gently
encased it; one on top of the other, and still his purple
cockhead showed. "Holy shit, you were right, Carol. This is
a monster!"

Gordy was powerless to stop her, not that he wanted to.
Her touch was like fire, but it was also the greatest feeling
in the world.

Carol hadn't moved. She stared at Marlene and her
brother's enormous erection. It had to be nine or ten inches
long, and seemed even bigger than she remembered. The few -
very few - cocks she had seen could not compare to this
magnificent instrument: long, hard, slightly curved, and
heavily ridged. It pulsed with a life of its own. She felt
a warm glow spread through her loins. Instantly, her pussy
was hot and wet.

Marlene was gently stroking his prick and rubbing his
balls. Gordy felt like he'd shoot his load any second, then
a warm, moist feeling surrounded his crown. He opened his
eyes in surprise. Marlene was sucking his cock! He threw
his head back and sighed. Now this was the greatest feeling
in the world!

Cock-happy Marlene couldn't believe her luck. This
kid's dong was the best tasting prick she ever had. She
didn't even care that her girlfriend; his sister, was
watching; in fact, it added spice to the scene. Her tongue
flicked over the purple cockhead. It tasted musky.
Delicious. With a deep breath she opened her mouth and
surrounded the fat head. Relaxing her throat muscles, she
slid the whole shaft in as far as it would go, then,
automatically, she began to suck.

Agape, Carol stared in wonder as Marlene's red lips slid
up and down her brother's stiff prick. Her knees shook and
her chest heaved; hot juice filled her pussy and she covered
her mound with her hand to keep her insides from flowing out.
The pressure of her trembling fingers sent chills up and down
her body. She hardly realized where she was.

"Yeah, oh, yeah ... suck it, Mar. Oh, Christ, that
feels good," Gordy choked, oblivious to everything except
this great sensation. Unbelievable, he thought. Nothing
could top this. His swollen cock glistened with Marlene's

Quickly, Marlene stood up and stripped off her bathing
suit. Naked, she pulled Gordy by his cock to the bed and
fell backwards. Gordy move clumsily, but with a swift, sure
adjustment of her hips, his young fuckpole penetrated her
dripping cunt. "Awwwwwwwww," she moaned as his prick spread
the walls of her juicy box, sliding deep. Her cunt was on
fire; a furnace; a lava bed, and the strong pussy muscles
squeezed him tightly.

"Ugh ... aaaaah ... ooooh ... oh, God, that's so, soooo
good," she cooed. "Ram it in, Boy Wonder!"

"Shit, I'm cummin'. I'm cummin'!" he yelled.

"No!" she screamed, "No, not yet. Don't!"

In a few, quick, overheated strokes he flooded her, his
hot spunk splashing deep inside her cunt. She flushed in
anger, but to her surprise he stayed hard, and kept stroking;
slowly at first, then faster and faster. She marveled at his
staying power; smiled and began to guide his hips. Long,
smooth strokes. Short, quick ones. He was a fast learner,
and her horny body responded, hungrily.

"Oh, Gordy. Yes, yes. That's it. Fuck me hard. Now
I'm going to cum ... oh, shit, I'm cummin'. Oh, God, oh,
God. I'm dying! OOOOOOOOOOO!"

Churning lewdly, her body convulsed and twitched, as
deep multiple orgasms ripped through her brain. Her cum-
juice mingled with his, seeped out and down her asscrack.
She couldn't remember ever cumming so much. And he was still

Carol moved like a sleepwalker. She was naked, but had
no idea of how she got that way. She had climaxed just by
watching the hot scene. Warm pussyjuice ran down her thigh,
but she wasn't conscious of it. Her mind was concentrating
on the fucking duo, no longer aware that one of them was her
brother. She crawled beside them, her hands roaming Gordy's
buttocks, his back; massaging Marlene's tits. Her lips found
Marlene's and their tongues entwined.

With his sister's naked loveliness so close, Gordy was
galvanized. His prick went rigid inside Marlene, filling her
up, making her moan with renewed passion. He was consumed
with young lust; lust for the girl he was screwing, and an
even greater lust for his naked sister. Gordy raised his
body, giving Carol room to straddle Marlene's face.

Instantly, she felt a feather softness touch her clitoris and
plunge into her swampy cunt. She jumped, moaned, leaned
forward and kissed her brother passionately. Her tongue
explored his mouth, his neck, circled his nipples, and traced
a wet trail to his stomach. She pushed him gently, and his
cock flopped out of Marlene's dripping box as he slipped off
the bed. Reluctantly he let go of Carol's hard tits.
Quickly, she bent forward and took his hard prick in her
mouth. The tangy flavor of mixed cums assailed her senses,
turning her on even more. She began to suck eagerly.

Gordy was in Heaven! Carol was sucking his cock. His
own sister!

Marlene's tongue ran rapidly over her friend's clit;
her cuntlips, fueling her young passion and this encouraged
Carol's cocksucking action even more, but try as she might,
she couldn't get all of Gordy's long, thick shaft in her
mouth. Not like Marlene. She felt cheated.

Marlene's leg went over her back, forcing her head down.
Gordy's prick slipped from her mouth, and she found her face
buried in her girlfriend's blonde pubic hair. It was sticky
with cum and the musty aroma was overpowering. Hardly aware of
what she was doing she parted Marlene's cuntlips and started to
lick her big juicy clit. It was almost as good as sucking her
brother's cock.

Gordy stood there with his cock in his hand; his mind
awhirl with the turn of events. He tried to concentrate,
but lust still controlled him. Marlene motioned for him to
get behind. He saw Carol's cunt being furiously sucked; it
stood out, pink and pretty. Marlene had her thumb in his
sister's pussy, and was probing her asshole with her index
finger. It was the most erotic thing he had ever seen.
Marlene shifted her head, and pulled Carol's labia apart.
Gordy understood. He squatted down, placed his cock at her
slit and let Marlene guide it into her butterslick cunt.
Marlene licked it as it slid by.

Carol's young cunt was spread wide by her brother's huge
rod. She could feel it push against her pussy's walls,
stretching them wonderfully. It was fantastic! Her voice
was muffled by Mar's wet cunt, but she oohed and aahed as
Gordy pushed his dick in up to the hilt. She couldn't
contain herself any longer; each stroke sent explosions of
pleasure coursing through her body and she erupted in a
blinding, shivering orgasm, her shrill scream of passion
filling the room. Gordy followed moments later. Marlene
came too.


The morning was a kaleidoscope of sounds, and pairing,
and ever new sensation. He lost count of how many times he
fucked each girl; the double blowjobs, the multiple cums.
He couldn't remember all the positions that they'd managed to
get into. It didn't matter. All that mattered was their
young, animal lust and the fantastic sensations each was able
to give and receive.

The girls praised the size of his cock, his stamina,
his never-ending hard-on. He couldn't believe that they
never lost their desire, not for his rod, or for the others
willing pussy. He couldn't believe this was his sister, his
usual pain in the ass sister, sucking his cock, bouncing her
hips on his rigid shaft, offering her virgin box to his
eager mouth. No matter how good, fucking Marlene was,
fucking his sister, Carol, always made him harder and

They fucked and sucked until they couldn't fuck and
suck anymore. Finally, he lay between the two beautiful
girls, not daring to move. If this was a dream he didn't
want it to end.

Carol lay quietly, her eyes closed. Marlene sat up
and stretched, pulling her big tits up towards the sky, her
lovely hair was a wild mess. Gordy found this erotic and
stimulating. The lovely blonde stretched again, then got up,
blew him a kiss, and started to dress. He could feel his
cock rising again as he watched. "I've gotta run," she said
smiling, "You were something else, Boy Wonder. Really, you
were." She looked at Carol, now awake. "You both were
something else. I envy you girl, you have your own stud.
Christ, how lucky can you get. Have fun, kids." With a wave
she was gone.

Carol turned away, her eyes bland. Her back went rigid
when Gordy tried to touch her. The room was suddenly quiet.
He was aware of his own nakedness and was suddenly
embarrassed as the full implications of the morning came to
him in a rush. "Carol," he asked, "are you okay?" She got
up and pulled the sheet around herself. There were tears in
her eyes. "Gordy, I want to be alone."

"Carol ... we should talk, I ..."

She turned on him viciously. "Dammit, don't you hear
good, I said I want to be alone. Get out, dammit, get out!"

He grabbed his shorts and ran from the bedroom. The
door slammed behind him. Sitting on his bed, he tried to put
things into perspective, but memories kept flooding back. He
kept seeing Carol's cunt and tits; his cock pumping in and
out of her; her legs tight around his ass pulling him deeper
into her juicy depths. Shit, he thought, everything's all
fucked up. For a moment he wished he could reverse time and
change things, but even as the thought passed his mind he
knew he was lying. He wouldn't change what had happened for
all the money in the world.


Like her stepson, Joanna Wilson was into fitness.
Jogging made her work up a good sweat; tired the body, thus
controlling it. More and more she had to resort to this
tactic, especially when that little Imp tried to take
control of her body. She was at the midpoint of her usual
five mile run around the lake but today, she knew she'd have
to do more. Drive the body to the max!

Joanna was 36 years old, with soft, very dark brown
hair, lovely gray eyes, and a good taut body. She had
married young - she had had to - but after her daughter,
Carol, was born the marriage turned bad and she found herself
divorced before she was 20. She always had something of a
wild streak in her; flirting, daring, thrill-seeking, but
when she found herself divorced she had gone a bit crazy,
trying to make up for the time she thought had been lost.

She fell in with a fast crowd - older - and ran around with
several different men, some married. Even though she tried
not to think about that year, the memories were still sharp
and vivid. Sometimes she couldn't believe she had actually
done some of the things she remembered. But when the Imp was
in control, the memories came flooding back: strong, young
bodies. Sweat! The sweet smell of sex! The wonderful
thrills - her body bursting with pleasure.

After one particularly wild party, she had awoken to
find herself in bed with two men. Neither was familiar.
Her sore pussy and asshole told a vivid story, and the
crusted droplets of cum on her face and body were the
punctuation marks. The experience scared the hell out of her
and she vowed to take control of her life. From that point
on: Miss Prude!

She met her second husband, Don, the following year.
His wife had just died, leaving him with an infant son:
Gordy. Don was fifteen years older, more stable; square, in
fact, and his taste in sex was old-fashion and predictable.
She had felt safe. Now Don was dead, and even that safe,
predictable sex had been taken away from her. Her body
threatened rebellion.

The image of her teenaged son's cock came to her. So big,
so young and strong. She fought the image down. If she gave in,
the Imp would make her fingers find her soft, silky mound, and she
would give into her wicked cravings. She couldn't help it, the image
kept coming back. How could a young boy have such a big prick?
Alabaster white - hard ridged - thick, purple head! Even
semi-erect - yes, she thought, it had been only semi-erect! -
it was bigger than her husband's; and almost all the other
men she had known. What would it be like fully hard?


What would it be like to fondle it, caress it, hold it
in her mouth? Taste its' tangy flavor? She felt the hot
rush in her pussy. The Imp was threatening again. So Joanna
ran. And ran. And ran.


Serena Duncan put the phone down. She was 18, black -
actually tawny, in color, very lovely and, now, quite horny.
Marlene Sanford had just told her the most fantastic story
about little Gordy Wilson. Little? From Marlene's gushing
deion, he qualified as the Eighth Wonder of the World.

"Serena? Didn't you hear me call you?" It was her
mother, Cecilia. "Oh, sorry, Mom. I was on the phone."

Her mother never ceased to amaze her. She always looked
like she just stepped out of Vogue - chic and sexy, all at
the same time. Mrs. Duncan looked very much like Diahann
Carroll, the actress, and Serena favored her mother.

"Keep that music down. Your Uncle Max flew in from the
coast and arrived very early this morning. He's still
sleeping. I don't want him disturbed. And for God sakes,
child, put some clothes on. You're almost naked in that

"Okay, Mom," Serena smiled, "I'll keep things cool."

"Good. I have to run. I have a luncheon at the club.
The Ladies Auxiliary."

So, Serena thought, as she watched her mother leave,
Uncle Max is here. The black sheep of the family returns.
Like her father, Max Duncan was a Rhodes scholar and member
of Phi Beta Kappa, and a former college football player.
Unlike her father, who was a full college professor, Max had
gone to the big city after school and became a pimp and porn
producer. Not to mention, a porn star. Captain Midnight!

She wondered if her mother knew she had seen her and
Uncle Max fucking. She had been only five or six at the
time, but even now she could still relive the scene vividly:
her mother's ass bouncing up and down; Max's big cock plowing
in and out, sticky with cum.

Fascinated, she had watched in wonder as that huge black
pole slid into her mother's body; surely it would hurt her.
His cock was enormous! Then as she watched a strange feeling
took hold of her, in the pit of her stomach; a pleasant warmth,
that she'd never experienced before.

Her mother was far from being hurt. She took that whole
massive shaft in her pussy and slid up and down on it with ease.
Her mother's body contorted, bucked recklessly and wild, passionate
words poured from her mouth: "Do it! . . Fuck me! Oh, yes, Max,
that's the way ... deeper! Christ! Put that big prick in me,
all of it! I'm dyin'! Please!! MORE!! OH,FUCK MEEEEEEEEE!"

And all the time, Uncle Max just laid there, gripping her ass
tightly, a self-satisfied smile on his face.

That scene had a profound affect on young Serena. Sex
became a very big part of her life, but she never forgot her
Uncle's big cock. Now, she sat on the bed and let her mind
carry her back to Marlene's conversation. Gordy Wilson and
his own sister! Now that was kinky, she thought.

Serena pictured Gordy erect; long and thick. She could see Carol
and Marlene naked, her mind adding herself to the entwined
tableau. Then she added her uncle to the scene. Uncle Max!
Big, Black! Thicker, longer! Serena's forbidden fruit. She
could touch it, caress it, feel it growing even larger. A
literal black club. Her mouth couldn't encircle it. Her
cunt couldn't accept it. Her body demanded it. She'd do
anything to get it inside of her. She could feel Gordy's
cock in her cunt. She could feel Max's prick stretch her
anus. Pain and pleasure mixed together, going deeper,
stretching her more and more until she felt as if she'd
burst. They were killing her, tearing her apart. It was
wonderful! She screamed.

The sound of her own voice woke her up. She had climaxed
and her shorts were dripping with her juices. She took several
deep breaths, and then reached
for the phone.


Gordy rode his bike up the wide driveway of the Duncan
residence. It was a lovely Georgian home with a large, well
landscaped lawn. He was still a bit peeved about the Pledge
Master's phone call sending him on another useless errand,
but it did give him a chance to get out of the house and
clear his head. Carol was still locked in her room. He had
heard her crying, and he knew the reason. Incest was a heavy
load to carry, and Carol was having trouble with it.

He was surprised at his own mild reaction. Perhaps it
was because he viewed his stepsister more as a woman than a
sibling. Perhaps he was just oversexed, and didn't give a
damn. A stiff prick has no conscience, he thought, and was
immediately sorry for the thought. He parked his bike and
rang the door chimes. There was a long pause then a female
voice called, "Be there in a second."

Serena Duncan opened the door and Gordy sucked in his
breath. She was really lovely - long legged, lithe, and damn
near everything of her lush, young body showed through the
skimpy shorts and tank top she wore.

"Hi. You must be Gordy Wilson. The Pledge Master said
he was sending you."

He marvelled at the soft, seductive quality of her
voice. "Eh, yeah. Hi. Michael sent me to pick up some
stuff, but he didn't say what."

"Great. It's upstairs," she said, licking her lips

His cock twitched. He had to be seeing things, he
thought. Serena led the way upstairs and Gordy was treated
to a spectacular view of her heart-shaped ass. Her asscheeks
overflowed the shorts she barely wore. Quickly, Gordy pushed
his growing erection to the side.

"Where are they?" he asked. They were in her bedroom.
It was all done up in white, a great contrast to her tawny

"Er, to be honest, I've sorta misplaced them. Of course,
you could look for them."

Shit, he thought, another fraternity prank. "Okay," he
said, in resignation, "where do I start this treasure hunt?"

She unbuttoned the top button of her tight shorts and
slowly slid the zipper down. She wasn't wearing panties.

"Maybe you should start searching this bush. Never can
tell what might be hiding in the forest." Her shorts slipped
to her ankles.

Gordy stood wide-eyed. His cock was now rock hard and
straining to get out. He looked frantically around the
room. They were really alone. This was for real. Serena
sat on the bed and raised her legs. Her bush looked like a
black jungle. "Come on, Boy Wonder. Aren't you even a
little curious about Black pussy? Once you go Black, you
don't go back." Her voice was liquid sex.

Without a word, he fell to his knees and buried his
face in her crinkly cunt hair. His tongue stabbed her slit
and she moaned loudly as he began to tongue-fuck her. He
found her clitoris; she jumped and gasped. Her hands gripped
the sheets and her toes curled as she gave herself up to the
pleasure of his mouth.

Gordy sucked and licked wildly. The taste was great.
He didn't care if the world barged in on him, he wanted this
to last forever.

"Oh, yes! Yes! Eat me! ... So good! ... faster! Yeah!
There! ... ooooooooooo, shit, YES!" She bit her hand to
hold back the scream in her throat. Then she grabbed his
head and jammed it, hard, into her gushing pussy. She came
in a rush, her cum squirted in his mouth, ran down his chin,
and into her ass crack. He slurped greedily. She had come
like a man, and the sheets were very wet. Gordy stood and
dropped his shorts. His rock-hard prick sprang to attention.
Her hands reached out to him, and she drew his cock to her

"Oh, man, that's a great cock," she said, huskily, "You
really do have a big one." Kissing its whole length, she
dragged her tongue along the hard base ridge, oohing and
aahing as she caressed and fondled his balls. Gordy squeezed
her tits through the tank top she still had on. He felt a
furnace encircle his cockhead. He watched, unbelieving, as
his swollen dick vanished into her warm mouth. She was
better than Marlene! Her lips were right up against his
pubic hair and her tongue messaged the base of his rod.

A barrage of colors erupted in front of his eyes. He
couldn't think. He couldn't talk. He couldn't hold back.
He exploded in her mouth. She gagged and swallowed
frantically, not wanting to lose a single drop of his sweet
nectar, but it was too much. Cum dribbled down her chin and
she licked at it, greedily.

"You're still hard," she panted in amazement.

"Lay down," he ordered. He had to get his prick into
her beautiful black cunt. He mounted her and she guided his
cock to her wet pussy. It parted her cuntlips and began
sliding down her pink passage. A thin film of perspiration
covered their now naked bodies.

"Oh, Gordy, yes. Stick it in ... AGHHHH!! OOHHH!!
It's so big. Oh, easy. Please, easy."

He was beyond her plea. He stroked back and rammed it
all the way in. Serena screamed and came in a rush as he hit
bottom. Cum washed over his prick. Her body convulsed, out
of control, and her hips beat urgently against his. "Oh,
fuck me, fuck me!" she cried. Gordy moaned and humped

Time lost meaning. They were just two young, healthy,
passionate animals trying to devour each other. Neither was
aware of the man in the doorway. He was big, flat black,
and, when the occasion called for it, he could look very
threatening. Right now he wore a smile and pajama bottoms.
He turned the smile into a scowl and slammed the door against
the wall.

"What the hell's going on here. Motherfucker, get your
dick out of that girl!" he yelled.

Gordy jumped back, terrified. The man looked like he
would gladly tear his legs off. Serena moaned as his cock
left her body. The big man looked at the naked girl, her
legs were spread wide, and her pussy gaped at him.

Through half-lidded eyes she saw the huge bulge in his
pants. Uncle Max! The fantasy come true. Her arms reached
out to him. "Fuck me, Uncle Max, please fuck me," she
whispered. The man chuckled deeply. He looked at the scared
honky kid. Poor bastard, he thought, he's about ready to
shit his pants. He reached for the pajama drawstring.

Gordy Wilson watched in terrified fascination as the
big, thick black cock sprang forth. Christ, he thought, what
a rod! It had to be twelve inches long.

With another deep laugh, Max Duncan spread his niece's
thighs and rammed his rod into her wet, pleasure-raw cunt.

"AAAAAAAH", she screamed, "No! It's too big! Stop!"

"Com'on, little girl, fuck! All the way, sweetness,
you're gonna love it," he huffed, and Serena bucked up,
impaling herself on the massive shaft. Max smoothly slid his
fuck-tool in and out of her dripping box and her voice became
a purr.

"Oh, stop ... don't ... oh, don't stop," she cooed and
began to undulate her body in unison to him.

"That's it, baby, fuck your Uncle Max. Com'on, honey,
move your ass."

Serena thrashed wildly. "Yessss. Yessss ... fuck me,
Uncle Max. Do it! Dooooo it!" she yelled then wrapped her
legs tightly around the big man's ass, desperately pulling
him into her. Gordy stood with his mouth open. One moment
he feared for his life, the next he was getting another hard
on watching the incestuous fuck scene.

"Don't just stand there, boy. Stuff her mouth! Can't
you see she needs another cock."

"Wha ... I ..." Gordy hesitated. Serena squirmed
around and moaned, her body wracked with pleasure. Her hand

"Move!" Max yelled.

Gordy pushed his cock against Serena's mouth and she
began to suck it with gusto. She was in an awkward position,
but she still tried to get it all down her throat. Gordy
moaned as the pleasure engulfed him again. Eagerly, he
pumped and felt her body convulse in another orgasm. A
scream caught in her throat as Max filled her cunt with a
monstrous load. The scene was too hot for Gordy. Grunting
with lust, he splashed his cum in her eager mouth. The hot
jism spilled down her gullet, and she milked his cock to get
every drop.

When they pulled their dicks out of the girl's
delectable holes, cum ran down between her legs and dribbled
off her chin. Her face was flushed, her breathing ragged.
But she was sated.

"Lay down, boy. Time this bitch really got screwed."

Still alternately intrigued and terrified by this man,
Gordy did as he was told. Max turned his niece over and
positioned her over Gordy's still erect dick.

"You ain't half bad, young son," Max said as he pushed
her hips down. Gordy's cock slid in easily. Serena was
sopping wet.

"Ooooooooh, yeah," she moaned as the warm friction
began to build up again. They started to move in unison.
Gordy was suddenly aware of the contrast in color; black on
white. It made his cock even harder.

Max spread Serena's asscheeks apart. "Lookee, lookee,
lookee," he said, "Virgin territory if I ever saw it."

He licked at her asshole. Serena felt the touch of his
tongue. It was a different sensation. The tongue was
replaced by a wet finger. Slowly, it penetrate her anus.
There was very little pain. Even in her whirling mind, she
was surprised. The finger went deeper and began to rotate.
Her ass muscles tightened automatically. Max felt the
tension and gave her butt a resounding slap. She yelped and
lunged up. "Relax, sweetness. Uncle Max is going to make
you a three way broad. A real fuckin' machine."

Gordy stared as the big man positioned his huge, fat
tool at her asshole. No way could she take that, he
thought. She's going to be split wide open. Serena yelled
as the fat slug slowly entered her butt. Her eyes rolled as
the pain flared, then, slowly, magically, began to subside.
More of his cock entered. He began to move very cautiously.

A new, more intense, sensation took hold of her. Her
face was jammed in Gordy's neck; his hands kneaded her black-
cherry tipped breasts. "Yessss, yesss," she hissed, "fuck my
ass, fuck my ass! Move, Gordy ... Oh, yes, Uncle Max! I love
it! I love it!"

Gordy matched Max stroke for stroke. Each one sent
new waves of pleasure through her nerve-raw body. Little
orgasms hit her in succession. One! Two! Three! Bam!
Dirty words poured from her mouth. She was nearly
incoherent. Max called her, "bitch, cunt, slut, whore." She
loved it. With an ear splitting scream, she got hit with the
big one.

" ... cumming ... cumming. I'M CUMMING!"

Wildly, she bucked herself off Gordy's slick dick just
as he came. His cum splashed on her stomach, her tits, and
her face. Immediately, a dark cloud of euphoria engulfed
him. Max, with a deep groan, plunged his huge dick into her
ass without mercy. She screamed again as she came and for a
split second she hung in midair, impaled on his steel-hard,
black cock, then she collapsed.


Gordy came out of his sex induced stupor slowly. He
didn't know where he was. He was aware of a voice calling
him. It was insistent. "Come on, young son. Wake up."

Gordy eased himself up. He remembered things in a rush
of graphic scenes. Serena lay beside him; sleeping or
unconscious, he didn't know which. A big, Black, very
muscular man stood beside the bed. He was naked. His thick
club-like cock hung limply between his legs. Shit, Gordy
thought, it was nearly as big limp as it was erect.
Incredibly, the man was smiling.

"Come on, boy. You'll feel better after a shower." He
motioned towards Serena. "Let her sleep. She's had a busy

Gordy showered in Serena's bathroom. He did feel
better. After drying off and dressing, he went downstairs.
Max was waiting for him in the living room. He was dressed
in tan slacks, a polo shirt and loafers. He looked very

"Care for a drink?" he asked, holding up his own glass.

"Er, no, thank you, sir."

Max laughed. "Sir? I think two guys who just boffed
the same chick should be on a first name basis, don't you?
I'm Max Duncan, Serena's uncle; but I guess you know that.
What's your name?"

"Er, Gordy Wilson, sir ... I mean, Mr. Duncan. Max."

"You'll do, young son." He paused and looked at the
boy. "Wondering about Serena and me? The incest bit?"

There was that word. Incest! Gordy realized that for
the second time in one day he had been party to an incestuous
relationship. "Well, I ... Hell, I don't know what I mean."

"Good! Then you should have an open mind. Incest
sucks, kid. It's just a word. You enjoyed yourself? Then
that's the only thing that counts. All the rest is
bullshit. Serena wasn't hurt, and she sure as shit didn't
mind, I can assure you."

Gordy didn't know what to say, so he said nothing. He
was still ill-at-ease with the big man. Besides, it wasn't
everyday you participated in an orgy and blithely discussed
it afterwards over cocktails. "Mr. Duncan. Max. Maybe I
should be going."

"Okay, kid. Take off and get your head together. If
you think right, you'll see I'm making sense. By the way,
how old are you?"


Max laughed his deep laugh. "Fourteen! Shit, you're
going to be hell in a few years. Goodbye, Gordy Wilson."

Gordy picked up his bike and pushed it down the driveway.
One part of his mind relived the afternoon, the other part
sort to find some rationale for his own behavior. For
people's behavior, in general.

He had fucked his own sister- stepsister - this morning
and had been party to a man assfucking his own niece in the
afternoon. All had been willing participants, although, Carol
was now hiding in her room, feeling a burden of guilt that neither
he, nor Max Duncan, felt. Why? Why Carol and not me, he thought?
Was Serena Duncan now torn with shame? She certainly was
shameless this afternoon. And Max? He had no remorse
whatsoever. Gordy couldn't put the puzzle together.

"Hey, boy genius. Whatcha doin' here, with the niggers?"

Gordy turned, startled. It was Billy Crawford, the
school asshole, and three of his stupid friends. "I asked
you a question, boy genius. You a nigger lover now?"

Gordy cursed his luck. If he hadn't been so lost in
thought he would have seen the bully and his friends
standing at the end of the drive. He stammered, foolishly.

"What's the matter, boy genius?" Billy taunted, "The
niggers steal your tongue? No talkee?" The others thought
this was incredibly funny.

"Let me get by, Billy. I'm late."

"Fuck you, Pledge. You haven't told me what you're
doing in the high falluttin' nigger's joint? Getting some
black pussy, maybe? I hear Serena likes white cock. Maybe
she likes young white cock. Whatcha say, boy genius?"

"I say you should let him pass." It was Max Duncan. He
had seen the confrontation from the window and had walked
unnoticed down the drive.

Billy Crawford hesitated. He didn't like blacks, and
this was a big one and he was carrying some sort of case on
a strap. Hell, it was still four against one, he thought.

"And if I don't," Billy swaggered, "whatcha goin' do
about it - boy." The word hung in the air. Max smiled
genially, then his foot lashed out and caught Billy in the
balls. Crawford gasped once, fell on his face and began to
vomit. The big man pivoted and swung the small, heavy case
in an arc and smashed the nose of the second boy. He wailed
like a banshee as the blood spurted from the ruptured
capillaries. The other two were already running away when
Max turned to face them.

"You have some very interesting friends, young son."

"Christ, Max. That was great! Fantastic! I've wanted
to do that for over a year."

Billy Crawford was still retching.

"Come on, young son. I'll drive you home. Throw the
bike in the trunk."

Gordy smiled gratefully, and pushed the bike to the BMW
parked in front of the garage. They left Billy Crawford
laying in his own bile.


"Who are you? What are you doing in my house?"

Gordy stepped into the living room. "It's okay, Mom.
This's Mr. Duncan. Max. Dr. Duncan's brother. He saved my

Joanna Wilson gasped. She was still unsettled from
finding a very large, black man in her home. She was also
strangely excited.

"It really wasn't that dramatic," Max said.

"What happened, Gordy? Are you all right?"

Her son quickly related the incident with Billy
Crawford, and how Max had handled the situation, omitting
the reason he had been at the Duncan's in the first place.

"... and you should have seen them go. Max scared the
hell out of them."

Joanna put her arms around her son and hugged him tight.
Her first reaction to this black man was fear, now she was
full of gratitude. She reached out her hand to him. His
touch was electric. "Er, won't you stay for dinner? Please?"

"Thank you, Mrs. Wilson, but that would be an
imposition. I just wanted to make sure Gordy got home

"Aw, com'on, Max, stay. We're having Roast beef."

"We insist," Joanna said with finality.

"In that case, how can I say no?"

Max proved to be a charmer. Even Carol, who had been
brooding most of the day, was captivated by him. His stories
were humorous and just a little risque. It was obvious, even
to Gordy, that both his mother and Sister were really
enjoying themselves.

Joanna was surprised and embarrassed by her own reaction
to this stranger. He emanated a powerful presence, a
maleness that seem to fill the room and push everything else
out of the way. In the recess of her mind, the Imp was
trying to flood her being with pictures of sexual fantasy.
Forbidden fruit! She didn't see Max watching as she squirmed
in her seat or notice his sly smile.

Gordy suddenly jumped up. "Hey, I have to get to the
library before it closes. It's almost seven."

"Carol," Joanna said, "give your brother a ride."

Carol shifted in discomfort. "Er, I was planning to go
to Marlene's," she lied.

"Drop Gordy off on the way."

"The library's out of the way. Marlene lives ..."

Joanna looked sharply at her daughter. She'd been
acting strangely all afternoon. This wasn't like her at
all. "Carol, please. We have a guest."

"Com'on," she said sullenly to Gordy.

Joanna thought that Gordy looked almost as uncomfortable
as his sister and she didn't know what to make of it.

"Well, I guess I had best be running along, too," Max
Duncan said.

"No!" Joanna forcefully. Her own voice surprised her.

"I mean, please stay and have another cup of coffee.
It's good to have another adult to talk to."

Max smiled his brightest smile. You little minx, he
thought. I was right about you. Body language. It never
lies. "Thank you, I'd love another cup."

Joanna had trouble concentrating on the conversation.
She wanted Max to stay, but she wanted him to leave. His
presence was upsetting, yet exciting. She felt a tightening
in her groin, a sudden shortness of breath each time they
accidentally touched. She could feel her juices begin to
flow. The Imp had the door almost opened. She knew was on
very dangerous ground.

"It's getting late," she said, standing up abruptly.

Max stood beside her, filling her vision. "Yes, it is,"
He said pulling her roughly to him. "So why don't we stop
playing games."

She tried to pull way. "No ... I don't know what you
mean ... I ..."

His lips closed on hers and his tongue slipped through
her teeth and found the soft, inner warmth of her mouth. His
hard, black body pressed against hers; the heat flowing to
his loins. His cock rose and pushed against her crotch. She
pulled back, hard, but his grip was viselike. The exquisite
heat flowed between them and she felt her sex-starved body
respond. The Imp came crashing through the door. Fiercely,
her arms went around his neck, and she pulled his head down
to hers.

She was lost.


Gordy was pissed. He realized the strain that Carol was
under. Incest was a dirty word, a major violation of
convention but no one was really hurt, not physically. She
didn't have to leave him in the middle of no where - she just
stopped the car, ordered him out and drove off.

Still a mile from the house, his mind was full of the
days events. If Carol hadn't walked in on him when he was
jacking off she wouldn't have told Marlene; Marlene wouldn't
have wanted his cock, and he wouldn't have wound up screwing
Serena Duncan. Three women in one day! It boggled his mind.
From Lily Palm and her five daughters to three beautiful,
young, juicy pussies - one black. Christ, what luck! But,
what a fucking mess with Carol. He just wished she would
come out of it.

Gordy knew it would never happen again. It just
couldn't. It would be a lifelong, dark, secret, but he
wasn't going to let it fuck up his mind, and he hoped that
Carol would come around to the same thinking. Like those
people lost in the Andes, who turned to cannibalism to
survive; it happened, but it wasn't going to be an everyday
event. And, Carol was actually his step-sister, not really
blood related. It wasn't as bad as screwing his mother, or
anything like that.

Even as he rationalized his behavior, he knew he would
always remember his sister's lovely body; her tight pussy,
firm tits, and warm mouth. He felt like a shit, but he was
sorry that it wouldn't happen again.

At the door to his house he realized that Max Duncan's
car was still in the driveway. Good, he thought. Maybe he'd
have a chance to talk to him about Carol without mentioning
her by name. After all, Gordy reasoned, he did have
experience with handling incest.

There was no one in the dining room and the table hadn't
been cleared, which was strange. He heard a muffled noise
but couldn't place it. Some instinct kept him from calling
out. He started up the stairs cautiously. The noise was
definitely coming from the second floor. He was suddenly
afraid. His Stepmother's door was ajar. The noise was
coming from inside.

Joanna's room was dominated by a stand-up, three sided
mirror; an antique. From the doorway it gave a panoramic,
three dimensional view of the entire room, especially the
bed. Gordy peeked, then stood rock still. The noise was
coming from his stepmother's mouth; a strange mixture of
moans, half words, and grunting sounds. She was naked! And
she was straddling an equally naked Max Duncan! His thick
black shaft was sunk deeply into his stepmother's white cunt,
and she was bouncing on it as if her very life depended on it.

Gordy's first reaction was to scream at them; shout his
outrage but the sight of her bouncing ass, her voice, and the
very erotic blending of their colors held him mesmerized.
Obviously, she wasn't being forced. Max had his hands behind
his head and was quietly encouraging her, just as he had his
niece, Serena.

"That it, baby!", he said, "Get it all in. Suck my cock
deep in your pussy. Your pink pussy wants my big ol' black
dick. Com'on, you white cunt, fuck harder!"

"Yes, Max, yes! Give my your black cock! God, it's so
big. So good. Oh, Max, I need it so much." Joanna turned
abruptly, reversed herself and quickly put Max's huge dong
back inside her, sighing in relief as it slid back in. She
was now facing the mirror, leaning back, exposing herself to
Gordy's full view. Max started moving his prick in and out
of her quicker. It glistened, stickily. Gordy realized she
had already cum, probably more than once.

Why hadn't he noticed what a beautiful body his
stepmother had? Her full tits didn't bounce very much, even
with her wild gyrations; her stomach was almost totally flat,
and her legs were long and shapely. His erection was almost
painful. He envied the older man, and was immediately
ashamed. This was his mother, albait stepmother, but she was
the only woman who ever filled that role. And here he was
with a hard-on for her. He knew he should leave, but the
latent voyeur in him kept him rooted to the spot.

They had shifted again, and now were in a "69" position.
The mirror showed three 'Joanna's' trying to swallow three
thick black pricks. Gordy rubbed his own cock through his
pants. His mouth was dry. He knew he'd spend the night
jacking off, reliving each scene. And he really had no
intention of leaving.


Carol pulled her car into the driveway; in such an
agitated state that she never noticed the BMW that was parked
there also. Her mind still churned; confused with swirling
thoughts. She had fucked her own brother! Her own baby
brother! And she had liked it. No! She had loved it! His
cock, his awesome cock, had filled her and she had revelled
in it. How could she have done such a thing?

She felt disgust and anger. Her anger also ran to Gordy
and Marlene; especially Marlene. She was furious at her. At
both of them. They had revealed a side of her that she never
knew existed. She was depraved! She had even eaten
Marlene's pussy while Gordy fucked her. And she had enjoyed
that, too. Oh, I'm such a monster, she thought. She walked
up the stairs with a heavy heart, a lost soul; oblivious to
everything around her. But, God, she thought, it felt so
good, why is it bad?

Neither Gordy or Carol saw one another until she walked
into him. Startled, he jumped and turned just in time to
see Carol's face as she caught sight of the images in the
three-sided mirror. Her body went rigid and his hand shot to
her mouth to keep her from screaming.

Her mother was being fucked! By a black man! Her most
forbidden fantasy leaped to her mind. She saw his slick
black cock buried in her mother's pussy, and her mother
bucking up and down yelling her pleasure. "Yes. Yes.
Yesssssss!" Joanna screamed as another climax shook her body.

Carol eyes bulged, her mind whirled and something
snapped inside of her. Pleasure! Sex! She wanted it!
Her cunt flooded with hot pussy juice and wanton desire
filled her. Her body begged to be fucked again.

Gordy stood behind his sister, his hand still over her
mouth. He didn't realize that his cock was pressing against
the cleft of her ass. Suddenly, he felt Carol relax, the
resistance gone from her body. Her hands reached around and
found his stiff cock. He groaned at her touch. The pain was
exquisite. She turned in his arms, her hand still holding
his rod. Short of breath, his legs trembling, he heard his
zipper come down and felt her hand groping inside his pants,
searching. Their lips met. Softly, at first, then more
urgently. Tongues entwined. She pulled his cock free.

In one motion, he pushed her up against the doorjam,
picked up her leg, pulled her panties aside and slid his
rigid, hot dick into her swampy pussy. She groaned and
sighed as his thick rod filled her. Oh, how she needed this,
she thought as she pressed her back tightly to the jam and
wrapped both legs around her Gordy's waist. She slid down on
his shaft even more and her cuntal muscles went tight around
his prick. She was filled again! Squeezing her legs
together she transported both of them to Heaven.


Max pulled his dripping cock out of Joanna's throbbing,
pussy. She tried to stop him, but he pushed her back on the
bed and listened again for the strange noise he had heard.

"Well, well. What do we have her?" he said, opening
the bedroom door wide. Joanna gasped; she felt light-headed.
Gordy! Carol! Fucking! Her own children! It had to be
some horrible dream.

A full five seconds past before Gordy and Carol realized
that there was a naked person standing in the doorway talking
to them. They jumped apart. Carol almost fell. Her clothes
were disheveled. Somehow Gordy had gotten her blouse off and
her bra hung limply off one arm. She heard her mother crying
and immediately started to cover herself. Gordy's erection
went limp.

Carol ran to her mother. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry," she
sobbed. Mother and Daughter were repeating the same words.

"I couldn't help myself. I needed it so bad!" they

"It's alright, baby, it's alright," Joanna cooed as she
embraced her daughter. Carol's skirt slid to the floor. She
was almost completely naked now. Joanna realized as she held
her crying child that her mind had registered the whole
scene, like a recorder, and now played it back frame by

In her mind's eye she saw a hard, young body with a
cute set of buns, pumping a big, beautiful cock in and out of
a slippery cunt. Long, smooth strokes. Oh how she envied
the girl whose legs were wrapped tight around that body. Her
facial expression was one of pure joy, fulfillment, and
ecstatic wonder. Her eyes were closed and her head bobbed in
rhythm to the pulsing prick inside her. The girl was lovely
and somehow familiar. Then she realized it was her own

Instinctively, she knew that the throbbing cock
inside her daughter belonged to her stepson, Gordy; the same
cock that she had seen just days ago. The same cock that had
been tormenting her, pushing the Imp to gain control of her

The same cock that she craved.

Max had Gordy by the arm. Otherwise he would have
stumbled over his pants. He didn't know whether to pick them
up and call attention to himself or just stand there with his
cock hanging at half mast. Max pulled him forward and,
Gordy, to keep from tripping, stepped out of his jeans and
haltingly, followed Max to the bed. His sister and mother
were still embraced, rocking back and forth. He thought he
saw a strange look in his stepmother's eyes.

Max gently pulled Carol away and put his arm around her
for support. His hand found a way to encircle her right
breast, sending a shiver through her body. Gordy was nudged
forward by the smiling black man. Joanna wiped her eyes.
She saw her son, but her eyes were drawn to his semi-erect
cock. Tentatively, she reached out and touched it. His
erection was immediate and uncontrolable, fueled by the
erotic pictures of her and Max, and now she was actually
touching him.

"Mom ... I ..." His voice failed as Joanna wrapped her
hand around his hardened shaft and put her finger to his
lips. She drew him to her, and in a blinding light he found
his cock buried deep inside her juicy box.

"Aggggggghhhhhh," he moaned. Her cunt was liquid fire!

Her aroma filled his senses; his hands reached for her
ass as her legs encased him, and he gave himself up to the
most exquisite pleasure he had ever known.

Time stood still.

Her cunt was sopping. Images of him as a child flashed
through her mind. Waves of pleasure engulfed her body. She
was a mother! Complete, and full of love - for her son!

The world was hers! Somewhere in the back of her mind
the word INCEST flashed on her brain, but the Imp ran and
slammed the door on it.

"Fuck me, Gordy. Oh, yes, please fuck your mother.
Hummmmmm. Oooooooo. Ahhhhhhh."

"Mom . . .Mom, I'm in you! Yes. I'm fucking you, oh,
God, yes! Fuck me back! Oh, Mom, you feel so fuckin' good."

"Yesssssss!" she hissed and as she gave herself over to
wanton lust, she caught sight of Carol and Max at her
dressing table. Carol sat astride the table, her legs
obscenely wide. She was completely naked. Max knelt in
front of her, his mouth buried in the wild tangle of her
pubic hair. Joanna could almost feel the feather-like touch
of his tongue on her daughter's clit. She smiled in her mind
and began moving her hips in unison to Gordy's enthusiastic

For Gordy, the night was a kaleidoscope of sound, smell,
taste and feeling. They changed positions again and again.
Again and again, they came. Gordy seem to stay perpetually
hard; Joanna, ever horny. Flashing lights periodically
filled his mind. And each time was new and exciting, and
pushed him forward a bit more.

"Yeah, yeah, that's it! Keep sucking my cunt. Don't
stop ... oh, Gordy, stick your finger in my cunt ... oh,
shit, that's wonderful ... ahhhhhhhh ... more, more! Oh,
Christ, stick your finger up my ass! Fill me up. Make me
come, Gordy, make me come ... I'm cumming, oh, Gordy, my son,
I love you ... I'm cumming!"

When did they change? He didn't remember. Sometime
later he found himself fucking his sister. Her body
glistened with sweat and smelled of desire. She showered him
with wet kisses, and stuck her tongue deep in his ear.

"Oh, Gordy, your cock is great ... wonderful. Don't
stop. Don't ever stop ... yes! I can't stop cumming ... I'm
going to die. Yeahhhhhh. Kill me, Gordy, kill me!"

They changed again and again. Carol and Max, Joanna
and Gordy. Gordy and Carol, Joanna and Max. Back and
forth. He found his still rock-hard cock deep in Carol's
warm mouth. His mother's cunt was over his mouth and she was
competing with her own daughter for his prick. Joanna
finally won when Max pulled Carol away and started to fuck
her doggie style. Gordy rolled his mother over on her back,
and straddling her shoulders, stuck his cock deep into her
throat. She tried to moan, but couldn't. Max deftly
maneuvered Carol until her face was inches away from her
mother's cum stained bush. When she was directly over it, he
forced her head down. The tangy female scent assailed her
nostrils, exciting her, and she began to suck her mother's
cunt as if it was the most natural thing on earth.

Joanna pushed her box forward. She wanted to be
completely filled. It was somehow different. Lighter. She
opened her eyes. Carol! For a moment she was appalled and
tried to pull away, but Gordy had her pinned, and Max was
relentlessly pushing Carol forward. The magic feeling
couldn't be denied. Her body glowed, responded and the wild
thrills electrified her. She gave in to the wonderful
feeling of her daughter's tongue.

The girls were going "69" on each other when the
flashing light lit the room for a moment. More coherent now,
Gordy saw it was Max taking Polaroid pictures; he'd forgotten
about the camera case. Joanna lifted her head and was facing
the camera just as Max took a close-up of her face smeared
with Carol's pussy cream. She yelled, jumped up, and
snatched the developing print from his hand.

"Oh, Christ, what're you doing?" she demanded.

"Recording for posterity," Max said, with a smile,
"Tonight's very special, and it should be saved."

Horrified, Joanna watched the picture develop, then
surprisingly, she was intrigued. She had never seen herself
have sex. "Where are the others?"

He showed her as her naked children joined them. Carol
was immediately enthusiastic. "Oh, Mom," she said, "this is
great! Let's take some more. Do we have enough film?"

"We sure do, sweetness," Max said.

Joanna tried to be reluctant, but she had discovered a
streak of voyeur in her, and sometime during the night she
became the group's official photographer.


Gordy and Carol lay in each others arms. Max was
fucking Joanna one more time, doggie style, right beside
them and they watched in fascination as his long, thick,
black prick, slimly with cum, pistoned in and out of their
mother's ever-juicy white pussy. The color contrast was
still a hot turn-on for both teenagers. As they watched,
Gordy caressed Carol's tit, rolling the nipple between his
fingers while she stroked his inner thigh. Max suddenly
pulled his meaty shaft out. "Time for something new, you
sweet honky bitch," he said as his rigid cock parted Joanna's
asscheeks. Joanna loved dirty words, they stimulated her.

"Oh, shit! He's gonna fuck her up the ass," Gordy
exclaimed. Joanna tensed as she felt her anus part. She
gripped the sheets tightly and clenched her jaws.

"Oh, God. Max. No! No! It hurts! You'll kill me . .
pleaseeeeee ... don't!"

"Relax, pretty cunt. You'll love it. You want it and
you know it, so open up your shitter, honey, 'cause here it

Carol jumped up, hugged her mother and kissed her.
"Hang in there, Mom, you can do it. You can take anything
this bastard has to offer."

Max laughed but Carol was hyped, her blood was pumping
again. She jumped up and found the camera. She wanted this
on film. Joanna was blinded for a split second and groaned
loudly as Max's slimy cock slowly began to sink into her ass.
Pain assailed her. She took deep breaths, and tried to
relax. He had stopped pushing for a moment and suddenly the
pain abated. Relaxing her ass muscles some more, the pain
became an ache, and the ache gave way to a strange, almost
forgotten, pleasure. Her groans turned to moans, then to
pleasurable purrs as a wholly new sensation took hold of her.

"Oh, my God. Yes! Ooooooooh, yesssss. Fuck my ass!
Oh, you're so big and it feels sooooo good. Oh, Max, stick
it deep! Deeper! Oh, Christ, I love your black cock in my

Gordy had a birds-eye view of his mother's assfucking.
His hard-on was painful. He leaned close and kissed her.
Her tongue roamed his mouth. "Fuck me, Gordy," she
whispered. "Fill me up. You and Max. Fill me up, please.

It took a moment to reposition everyone. Gordy got on
his back, his cock stood straight and hard. His mother
guided it into her steaming, cum-filled cunt; settled it in
deep, and leaned forward to give Max room to pump his dick
which never left her ass. There was no pain, only pleasure
and when she climaxed, it was so intense, she lost consciousness.

Carol took pictures of the whole episode, experiencing
a twinge of jealousy. She wanted a cock in her ass, too.
And she wanted Gordy's cock to be the first.

It was almost midnight when Max nudged Gordy and
motioned him to follow. His legs were like rubber amd he was
surprised he could even move. The rest of the night had been
even more intense that the beginning. He had fucked Carol in
the ass, aided by some Vaseline, and the urgings of her own
mother. She had even helped push his dick in all the way,
and had held her daughter tightly as the pain and pleasure
rippled through her young body. Gordy then fucked his
mother's ass. He and Max had alternately fucked each woman
together, ass and cunt; changing places as the night
progressed. Now, Joanna and Carol lay in each others arms,
finally sated.

"Go take a shower. You'll feel like a new man, young
son," he said chuckling, "I seem to tell you that alot, don't
I?" The black man laughed and headed for the Master bathroom.

He was right, Gordy thought, after he finished. Still
damp, the men walked downstairs and out onto the porch. The
night air was cool and felt refreshing on their bare chests.

To be continued



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Great story. Loved Marlene and Carol.

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