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We have more foursome fun with our massage partners
Mike was resting after giving me my first fuck. Now the two girls wanted their bit of me...

Maria bent over my cock, sucking me up again after I had been lying on my front while Mike fucked my ass. Her warm mouth soon got me growing and hard. She rang her tongue expertly round my head. Do you want me spurting in your mouth, I asked, because I shall do if you keep that up.

I want to taste you before you fuck me, said Maria. She pushed my legs up and back then her tongue ran down over my balls to my ass where Mike’s spunk was running out of me. Mmmmm, tasty, she said. Want some too, said Sarah, joining her. I said I would lick Mike’s spunk out of your ass, she continued. I felt her tongue taking over from Maria’s, licking me then pushing into my well used ass.

Come on girls. I want both your hot cunts, I said. Ride me, both of you.

They both obliged, Sarah letting me see Maria as she came up then guided my cock into her pussy. I felt her hot cunt wrap itself round me. Then Sarah settled her own pussy onto my lips. I sucked her clit, licked her slit then fucked her cunt with my tongue. She was hot, wet and tasty. Oh, I loved eating that girl’s pussy.

I could feel Maria moving on me, round and round, grinding her clit into me and my head rubbing all around the inside of her cunt. I was working on Sarah’s clit now, flicking her nub with the tip of my tongue.

I saw Mike standing over me, his fingers reaching for Sarah’s nipples as he kissed her, his tongue fucking her mouth. He leaned over me to her, his cock half erect resting on my shoulder - Lick my nipples, he said to her, offering his left nipple to her mouth. She started to lick him and suck him, caressing his other nipple. We were all lost now in an orgasmic mist of our joint making. All giving and taking. I could see Mike’s cock stiffening as Sarah got to him, one hand wanking him. Maria was moaning as she got closer to her cum. You enjoying Andy’s cock baby, said Mike. Does it feel hard and big in you?

Yeah, it’s good baby, she said back. His cock is doing me, the way you would like it to do you too. Would I like it up my ass, he asked. Yes Mike, you’d like to feel it up you and I want to watch it fuck your ass the way you fuck mine, like Sarah watched your cock fuck Andy’s ass. And I want Sarah and me to lick his spunk out of your ass the way we licked your cum from Andy.

I slipped my thumb into Sarah’s ass whist we were listening to Maria’s moaned conversation with Mike, and fucked her with it. That set her off and she cried out and stiffened as she came and I fucked her cunt with my tongue again. God I want a cock now, she said. She got off me and kissed me, offering her beautiful backside to Mike’s erect cock. Go on Mike, she said. Fuck my cunt hard with that big cock of yours.

I watched as Mike slid straight in and started pumping, his hands round both her tits. Now he was fucking my girlfriend again and I was fucking his. Sarah bent over me and started kissing me again as she was getting fucked. I reached out and felt her clit, then slid my fingers back over Mike’s cock fucking in and out of her, leaving my thumb on her clit, rubbing it gently.

Maria was next to come – Aaargghh, she cried as she arched back then slumped over me, shaking still from the after jolts of feelings. She stayed like that for a minute then looked up at me and her guy still busy fucking Sarah. You haven’t cum yet, she said. Mike’s been wanting you to fuck him and spunk in him. He wants to feel you spurting in his ass and have your juice running out of him.

Seems only fair, I replied. He did me, and I enjoyed it. He took my virgin ass and gave me my first load of spunk. He can have my virgin cock up him too and take my first guy-guy load of sperm up him.

She smiled and got off me, my cock very wet and still hard, ready for action. I got off the massage table and went behind Mike with Maria. She got some massage oil and squirted it onto her fingers and his ass, then slipped first one, then two fingers up him. He moaned, still pistoning in and out of Sarah. Like that baby, Maria asked. Want something bigger up you, Andy’s hard dick?

Yeah, said Mike. I want it hard up me. Give me your hard cock, Andy whilst I give your woman mine.

Maria rubbed my cock with her oily fingers, wanking me up even harder. Go on, fuck him, she told me. Push it straight up him and fuck him hard.

I moved my cock to Mike’s ass, pushing my head into him then the rest of my prick right up to my balls in one steady thrust. He was tight and hot and slippy. My first male ass. I was fucking my first guy. My ass was still feeling used and sore from his cock taking my virginity and my first load of another guy’s spunk was still lubricating my ass cheeks as it dripped from me. And now my cock was in another guy’s ass for the first time and about to shoot my spunk into him.

Mike paused with his dick hard up Sarah’s cunt and groaned, Oh Jesus, yes. That feels good.

Then he re-started his fucking movements. Maria left us guys and climbed back onto the table, opening up her legs for Sarah to start licking her pussy out again. Do you like my pussy, girl, she asked Sarah. Do you like licking it out while my guy fucks your cunt and your guy fucks his ass? Sarah moaned a reply, her mouth full of Maria’s pussy and her cunt full of Mike’s big prick.

Mike seemed like he was enjoying being in bi heaven. Fucking a hot pussy bareback and taking a hot naked cock up his own ass at the same time. He was going back and forwards, fucking himself on my cock and having my girl’s cunt suck him off too.

His ass was doing a good job on my cock and I could feel the sensations rise. Oh yes, I said. Your ass is sucking my cock off Mike. Like mine did yours.

I love you fucking me Andy, said Mike. Your cock feels great fucking my ass. I want your jizz in me. I want to feel you hit me with your hot cum while I shoot my cum into your girl’s hot naked pussy.

Oh yeah, fuck him Andy, said Maria. Shoot your hot spunk into him. And suck me girl, oh yeah fuck me with your hot tongue. You’re bringing me off agggaaaaiiiinnnn.

Maria’s cry tipped Mike over and he pushed hard into Sarah, clearly spunking into her in several thrusts. Oh god, cried Sarah, releasing Maria’s pussy from her lips, as she came hard too. You’re filling me up with your cum Mike. God, that’s good.

I couldn’t stop either. Everybody cumming, on top of Mike’s ass sucking me off was too much for me. I shoved my bareback cock hard into Mike and shot my first big spurt of the night right up his ass. Took my cock almost out then thrust up again for the second, then again for the third and fourth times, emptying my balls into another guy’s ass for the first but I am pleased to say not last time.

We all lay there in a heap, three of us still joined together and Maria with her legs wrapped around Sarah. Then Maria said, Cleaning up time. She got off the massage table to go behind Mike. She grabbed my cock as I slid it out of Mike, licked and sucked it clean then slipped her tongue into Mike’s ass to lap up my cum pouring out of him.

Sarah pulled off Mike’s softening cock, turned round and sucked him clean of her and his juices. Then she sat up on the table with her legs open for me. My turn baby, she said to me. I knelt down and licked her out, tasting her juices and Mike’s spunk all mixed up.

Then we all collapsed for a while, cuddling each other. Wow that was good, I said. A night full of firsts for me.

Well, I hope you have seconds left in you, said Maria. I haven’t had anybody spunk in me tonight yet…….
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