Part 2 of 3
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The next day I thought mam would treat me more like a boyfriend instead of a son, but she didn’t. I was expected a morning blowjob or a handjob at-least.

She told me she was going to take a shower, I asked, “can I come?” “NO!” She said, I think I upset her.
I waited on the sofa until she was finished. She came out in a short towel. It could barely fit around her breasts. I asked her to come and sit with me for a minute. As she sat down I put my hand on her leg and ran it up her towel, just touching her pussy.

“No!” she said
“Why not? Last night was amazing” I asked
“I am your mother, last night was a birthday present” she said

She stood up and walked to her room. I was crushed. A few hours later she came out of her room with her bag, “I’m going to work” she said.

We hardly spoke to each other over the course of the next two weeks. It didn’t take a genius to know she had regretted our night of passion. I didn’t regret it, my mam is the one who has been there for me no matter what, and she is the one person I love most.

I wanted to make love to her again, scratch that, I needed to make love to her again. I decided to take action. My plan was to cook her a nice meal and try to seduce her. She walked in the door and saw the candle lit dinner, “baby, this is beautiful” she said. “I wanted to surprise you” I replied.

As we sat down to eat I decided I should ask her about our night of passion.
“Do you regret it?” I asked
“Regret what?” She said
“Our night together” I said
“Oh. No, but I can see why you think I do the way I have been acting lately. It’s not you, its work” she said
“Work? What’s wrong at work?” I asked
“I just don’t enjoy it anymore. Talking to idiots on the phone, and being watched by pervert cameramen.” She replied
“They don’t cross the boundaries, do they?” I asked in an angry tone
“No. It’s just, I don’t really feel comfortable working there anymore” she said.

We finished our dinner and went to watch some TV. Coronation Street was on. Mam caught me looking at Michelle.
“Do you think she’s a MILF?” she asked me
“Yeah, those breasts are incredible” I replied
“More of a MILF than me?” she asked
“What do you mean?” I asked
“Is she sexier than me?” She said
“To me, no. No woman is sexier than you to me, mam” I replied
“You’re sweet” She said

I could tell that she was flattered. It felt good to cheer her up a little. We watched TV for a few more hours. I started to think about how unhappy mam said she was; I really wanted to help her. Then I realised, I’m good with cameras and I know how to set a website up.

“I can do it” I jumped up off the sofa shouting
“Do what?” She asked
“We can set you up with a website, have people pay for you to make them a custom videos” I said
“What?” She asked. She sounding very surprised.
“There’s a lot of money in it. Cut out the middle man. I could make a website for you, get your name out there online, build you a fan-base and then have people pay, oh, I don’t know…say £500 for a custom video from you. We could make a fortune.” I told her

She could tell I was passionate about my idea.
“You would know how to do that?” She asked
“Of course I do” I told her
“I could be the cameraman too.” I added
“What type of videos would I have to do?” she asked
“Whatever the customer asks for. Various forms of role-play. Some guys like to be dominated, you could be their mistress. I don’t know something like that” I told her

I could see she was starting to warm to the idea.
“I have only ever done topless before, would it have to be full on naked?” she asked
“It’s up to you. If someone offers a lot of money for a video that involves you taking your knickers off, it’s up to you if you want to do it.” I told her.
“Let’s do it.” she said.
“Great.” I said.
“I’ll start work on your website tomorrow.” I added.
“How much will it cost?” She asked.
“We would need a good camera and we want the site to look professional; I would say £2,000.” I replied.
I thought the price would put her off, but she surprised me,
“I have faith in you” she said.

The next day I bought a good quality camera online, and started work on the site. I had the layout done I just needed some images to put on it. I went to mam and asked her if she had any images from her old photo-shoots. She said she didn’t have any and besides, she won’t have the copyright rights to them.

I decided we would have to do a photo-shoot. We had to wait a few days for the camera to be delivered first. Mam said she has never seen me this passionate about anything before.
A few days later the cameras arrived. I was like a little boy at Christmas. Mam come into my room after I finished setting all the equipment up and said, “Come with me”, so I did. I walked into her room. She had given the place a makeover. She had given the place a sexy feel.

“I was thinking we could do the shoot in my room, on my bed” she said.
“Good idea” I said.
She asked me what I think she should wear. I told her to pick what she thinks her sexiest bra and pantie set is and told her to wear that.

I went back to my room and waited for her to tell me she was ready. I could barely contain my excitement. Just the thought of seeing my mother’s tits again had got me hard. Just as I was about to pull my shorts down and have a wank I heard her shout “I’m ready”.

I walked into her room with the camera. My plan was to record her and just take snapshots from the video and use them for some images for the site. I walked in and saw mam in her pink dressing gown.
I positioned the camera on the tripod and told her to remove her dressing gown. She slowly pulled it apart and let it drop to the floor. “Wow” I said. She was wearing a black lace thong and bra with a black see-thru top over the top of them. My dick was busting inside my shorts. It was so hard it felt like it was going to put a hole through my shorts.

I went and stood behind the tripod so she wouldn’t be able to see it. I didn’t want to distract her. I told her to get on the bed and asked her to do what she had done on previous photo-shoots. She started to do some very sexy poses. She put her finger on her lip and looked into the camera seductively.
It wasn’t long until I suggested to her “maybe you should take your bra off”; unbelievably, she did. She was a natural, it didn’t bother her at all. I got loads of great shots of her tits. There I was in my mother’s room recording her topless. I was in heaven.

As much as I was loving it I wanted to see more. I wanted to see her pussy. “You know, the site would make a lot more money if you took your knickers off” I suggested to her.
I could tell she was thinking about it. “Topless is great, but people want to see more these days. They want to see pussy” I told her.

I could see her hands slowly reach the side of her waist, and she began to pull her thong down. She slowly exposed her bald pussy to me. I began to sweat. My heart was racing. Out of nowhere mam began to lick her own nipples. Her poses got raunchier and raunchier. I didn’t know how far she was going to take this. My erection was bigger than ever; I was having my own private show with my own mother.

Then she got up and put her gown on. She said that I should have enough content to finish the site. I went straight to my room, locked the door and watch the footage back. It didn’t take long for me to start masturbating. I was looking into my mother’s eyes on my laptop screen as I came. Cum went all over the screen. I could tell that wouldn’t be the last wank I had whilst watching the videos.

It was a long night but I finally got there; the site was done. I called mam in and showed it to her.
“Wow, you did all that by yourself?” she asked.
“Yeah” I replied.
“Wow, I forget how smart you really are at times” she said.
I told her that the site had only been live for a few minutes and that I would check back in a few hours to see how much traffic we got.

I went and watched a movie, all I could think about was the site. I just had to check on it. “Mam” I shouted, “Come here” I added.
“What baby?” she said as she came running into my room.
“Look, someone has made a request” I told her
“What do they want me to do?” she asked
“They want you to pretend to be their mother” I said
“Pretend how?” She asked, sounding worried
“They want you to masturbate pretending you are fucking your son” I said
“He is willing to pay £2,000” I told her
“£2,000? That is good money. How long does the video have to be?” She asked
“He says 8-15 minutes. He wants a strip-tease at the start and then you start to masturbate” I responded
“Wouldn’t that be uncomfortable for you? Can you handle that?” she asked
“Of course I can, I have seen you naked before, remember?” I told her

I tried to play it down and act like I wasn’t really too bothered. I really didn’t want to scare her off.
“Okay then, let’s do it” she said.
The customer had requested that mam wears a dark blue bra and blue crotchless panties.
Mam had suggested we make the video tonight. I thought it was a good idea. It meant that I would have more time to edit the video. She told me she was going to take a bath and she would shout me when she was ready.

It was 20 minutes later when she shouted for me to come in her room. Again she had set her room up to make it have a sexy kind of feel to it. Luckily she had a pair of blue crotchless panties, but they weren’t dark blue. I don’t think the customer will mind once he saw mam’s body.
Again mam was in her gown waiting for me to get set up and then we could begin filming. It didn’t take too long for me to set everything up.
“Ready” I said.

Slowly mam began to take off her robe. My eyes went straight to her pussy. The way the light in her room beamed of it made it look amazing. Words cannot explain how much I wanted to walk over there and be inside my mother’s pussy again. I wanted to feel the warmth and the tightness.

She lied down on the bed. I was completely unprepared for what happened next. “Do you want to fuck mommy?” she said. For a second I thought she was talking to me but I soon realised she was talking to the camera. She had written her own lines, she had her script.

“That’s it son, take you cock out of your pants” she said
“Show mommy your dick, she wants to see how her boy has grown” she added
It was like she was talking to me. I expected her to be camera-shy, but she wasn’t. I could tell she was enjoying the role-play.

It was then she took the bra and panties off. She slowly opened her legs and showed the camera her bald pussy. She began to rub herself.
“Ooooooh, look what you are making mommy do” she moaned
“mommy is wet for you son” she screamed

I was expecting mam to fake her orgasm but she didn’t. She really was going for it. “Mommy wants her boy now” she screamed. “Come and fuck mommy” she added.
It was then I realised something was wrong; she wasn’t talking to the camera anymore, she was talking to me.

She got up off her bed and walked over to me and said, “mommy wants her boy now”.
She grabbed my hand and walked me over to her bed. I left the camera recording. I guess I was making a porno with my mother. She pulled my shorts down and began sucking my cock. Her lips were nice and soft. She started to lick my balls, putting one in her mouth before slowly pulling it out.

“I have to have you” she moaned
I slowly parted her legs and put some spit on her pussy. I slowly inserted my cock inside her. I could feel her inner muscles clench up.
"Oh, yesss! I'm cuuuuummmming!" She screamed. Our eyes locked in an intense stare down.
“Mam, you're so wet," I could feel the juices from her pussy flow. Suddenly she said, “Pull out, I want to taste my pussy on my boy’s cock.” She began sucking my cock, tasting herself. “Hmmmm” she moaned. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

It wasn’t long until she guided me back into her pussy. Mam was very intense during sex, she would scream things like, “Son you are giving the place where you entered this world so much pleasure.” When she would scream things like that it would turn me on. I thought it was kinky. When I was born I must have caused her so much physical pain, now I am giving her some pleasure.

“Mommy loves the way you feel inside her” she screamed.
Mam wrapped her legs around me, and then began to grab my buttocks, I could tell she was using all her strength pushing me inside her.

Mam had a small operation a few years ago that mean she couldn’t get pregnant. "Come inside your mother. It’s okay. Come in my pussy, Luke." She screamed.
“Fill me up. Fill your mother’s pussy with your cum." She moaned.
Suddenly I exploded inside her pussy. My cum mixed with her juices made her pussy feel like it was filled up nicely.
We both climaxed together at the same time. It was a thing of beauty. I looked into her eyes and grabbed her face. We kissed passionately. Both of us began to breathe heavily. As I pulled my cock out of her pussy I could feel a mixture of cum and pussy juice drip out.
I laid next to mam all night. The bed soaked from our juices, the smell of sex overpowering the aroma of the room. I held mam in my arms as we fell asleep.

Part 3 of 3 to follow.
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