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Lucy's tory of discovery continues
Part Two

The rest of the day passed quite normally. Well as normal as it can when you have discovered that you have the hots for your 19 year old step-brother! To be fair though, neither of us had declared undying love for each other, we had only had a few cheeky kisses! Oh and a ridiculously horny session of applying sun cream! I had no idea what to expect next.

As the evening progressed, I was the first to flake out and made my excuses and went to bed. I lifted my pretty sundress over my head and checked myself out in the mirror as I stood topless in my plain white panties. I grabbed a T-shirt, threw it on and climbed into my bed which was the one closest to the window. The light from the street lights illuminated my bed a little and I settled down for sleep.

I must have dropped off quickly but I awoke with a start and heard Mike cursing in the room. Although the lights from outside illuminated my body, my head was in the shadows and I secretly watched Mike as he prepared for bed. The heat of the Mediterranean evening had obviously been too much for me and the covers had been kicked to the bottom of the bed and my t-shirt had ridden up just a little so Mike’s view of his step-sister was me laying on my back in cotton panties and a belly exposed.

He walked over to my bed and whispered, ‘Lucy, are you awake?’

My breathing was steady and slow so he crouched next to me and leaned over my face and did that long smell of my hair again and softly kissed the edge of my lips once, twice and then a third time. Our lips barely touched and it took every inch of my willpower to stop myself from gripping him tightly and kissing him back. Well, it wasn’t just that, I was also terrified of all the ‘what ifs’.

The back of his hand then gently stroked my belly and I couldn’t help the soft whimpering moan escaping my lips. Mike froze and I saw a shocked look come across his face. He seemed to be fixed to the spot forever, his hand hovering above my belly. It was only a matter of second and I knew I had to say something.

‘That was nice!’ I said in a very nervous and faltering voice. Mike smiled and silently stood up. My heart sank as I thought I had scared him off. He stood next to my bed, removed his t-shirt and kicked off his sandals. He just stood there in his shorts looking at my face in the darkness and occasionally glancing down my semi exposed body. Then silently I slid closer to the wall, making a space which I hoped he would accept. He did.

Mike lay down next to me, lay on his side and moved his face so close to mine that I could feel his breath on my cheek. I couldn’t bear it any longer and moved forward to accept our first, proper kiss. Our lips locked immediately and his tongue pushed urgently at my lips and I was not going to deny its entry. He pulled me close to him, his hand caressing my back through my shirt and my hand stroking his smooth, strong back, so grateful to be feeling his soft skin.

As I pulled myself closer to him, I was suddenly aware of his very hard tool stretching the front of his shorts, pushing angrily into my belly. I didn’t dare move my caress from his back and besides, This kiss was blowing my mind and every single nerve ending was like a fireworks display. If I died now, I wouldn’t care!

Our kissing marathon grew and grew in intensity until Mike realised that our panting may be overheard and he broke the kiss. I flopped back onto the bed and covered my mouth to hide my giggles. Mike shushed me and rested his hand on my belly and gently stroked from side to side. The tingles much lower told me that my whole body wanted caressing and I was silently praying for Mike to roam a little with his touch. He was lay on his side facing me and almost like I was sending a subliminal message to him, my arm closest to him bent upwards and my fingers slowly brushed against his chest, just brushing against his hard nipples. As this happened he leant in again and kissed me softly as his still hard cock pressed into my hip. We both smiled a guilty smile and our gentle kisses resumed, Mike’s hand moving so slightly further up my belly, occasionally grazing the very edge of my breasts, driving my passion even further, my nipples so hard, they were actually stinging like being caught in too little clothes on a bitter winter day. I was just about to pull his hand higher when the kissing suddenly stopped and Mike removed his hand from under my shirt.

‘We have to stop Lucy! If my Dad or your Mum were to come in now, they would kill us both!’

I was gutted but I knew he was right. I stroked his face and kissed him one more time before he lifted himself from my bed. His hard cock was clearly outlined from the perspiration soaked shorts and I so wanted to pull them from him, to touch him, to taste him! I felt empty as he clambered silently onto his own bed, knowing that the majority of this holiday was going to be torture!


2014-01-22 17:48:29
You are building up the tension like a true master, I feel like I'm a teen again, right there in the middle of it. It's a miracle the erotic tension hasn't shorted out my computer!

anonymous readerReport

2013-07-07 04:23:58
fucking hot. love the writing, the sentualness

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2013-07-04 08:13:15
Amazing writing style, you're wonderful. Thanks

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