Annabelle Horan was my best friend. We practically told each other everything. What she didn't know was that I had a huge thing for her older brother. He was that sexy college boy from down the street. Annabelle always had fake friends, people who would use her to get to her brother. So when I realized I liked him I didn't tell her. Anyway, back to today. My parents are going on a 3 day cruise. Of course they didn't want me to be home alone so naturally they arranged for me to stay at the Horan's.

Annabelle and I were searching the cabinets for a snack when her brother walked in. There stood Niall. He had these amazing blue eyes and blondish brown hair. "Hey do y'all wanna come watch a movie in my room? Niall asked.

"Sure, as long as you have snacks." Annabelle said while jumping around. Niall popped in the movie while pulling some twinkies out of his secret stash. "Y'all can come lay on my bed if you want." He said patting his full size bed. Annabelle and Niall laid next to each other while I laid in Anna's lap with my head on Niall's shoulder. Within the first 10 minutes I was knocked out. I felt a hard object pressing into my lower back, when I looked to see what it was I noticed the position I was in. I was laying completely on top of Niall, my back to his chest. And that hard thing pushing against my back, was his boner.

I stared at the blank television screen for a few minutes before I built up some courage. I slowly flipped my body around so we were chest to chest. I was careful not to wake Annabelle. I closed my eyes before having second thoughts, and slid my hand slowly down his chest. I grabbed the hem of his shirt and dragged it up past his belly button. Even in the dimly lit room I could see the delicious happy trail he had. I turned my face into his neck and squeezed my eyes shut. My hand crept to his sweat pants. I slowly tugged those down to his knees. I inhaled his sweet scent before lifting my head and glancing down. His hard cock was straining against his tight boxer briefs. Instinct took over and I brushed my hand up against his shorts. A small moan escaped his lips and I instantly became wet. I rubbed a little harder enjoying the moans that came out of his mouth. Then suddenly his hand was on mine stopping me. I looked up to see the biggest grin on his face. "Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, I always knew you liked me."

"Shut up and enjoy it." I shot back. Even though I didn't know what the hell I was doing.

"As much as I'd love to do this we can't. You're my sister's best friend, you're 5 years younger than me, and my sister is right next to....."

That's when I stuck my hand into his boxers. I pulled his hard, thick cock out of the hole in his briefs. I licked my lips at the pre-cum that was oozing out of the head of his cock. I smeared his pre-cum with the tip of my thumb. "Mmmmmm, baby don't tease me."

"I....I've never done this before."

"Just follow your instincts." I slowly slid my hand down his length and saw his back arch as he grunted. I began a motion of up down up down. I looked next to me to make sure Annabelle was still sleeping. I applied more pressure and Niall began to whisper in my ear. "You can kiss me you know." I moved my face and pressed my lips against his. He licked the bottom of my lip begging for entrance. I denied him and he started thrusting his hips into my hand. I moaned feeling his hard cock flex against me. He took that as his cue to stick his tongue in my mouth. Our tongues fought a battle that he effortlessly won. I sped up my hand and he broke the kiss. "Pu....put it in your mouth." He panted.

I kissed him on his plump lips one more time before crawling down the bed. I got right inbetween his legs and kissed the tip of his dick. I grinned up at him and he started rolling his hips begging for some kind of action. I grasped the part right above his scrotum and licked a line all the way to the tip of his shaft. I opened up my mouth and started lowering myself down. I rolled my tongue around and around his deliciously salty member. He pushed his hands in my hair urging me. "Put it all in." I stretched my lips around his cock and pushed my head down as far as I could. I choked as I began to deep throat him. I'd pull my head up until just the tip of his dick was in my mouth. Then I would slide all the way down until my mouth was filled to the brim with his delicious cock. "Ugh." He groaned over and over while tightening his grip on my hair. I dug my nails into his thighs and sped up my pace. There was slight slurping noises throughout the room. Niall pulled my hair particularly hard and I moaned into his dick. This was enough to set him off and he shot spurt after spurt of delicious cum into my mouth. I swallowed most of it and when I pulled my head completely off of him the rest leaked out onto his belly. "You better clean that up." He pushed my head back own and I licked all around his happy trail collecting the rest of his delicious cum. Mmmmmm. I moaned letting his cock slip out of my mouth. "Who's a good cock slut?"

"I think that would be me." I smiled crawling up his body and giving him a kiss on the mouth. I cuddled into his arm and fell asleep.

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that it will help keep people wonikrg. If you analyze the budget it may help fill a void with low skilled jobs but CEOs will be making all the profits from winning the few contracts that are available.Canada is an export nation and we are exporting MUCH less than we were. Everyone needs to ask themselves, how will infrastructure jobs that are created from this budget help the IT guys, sales, retail, export manufactures etc? We aren't building houses here, we are building roads, bridges and new buildings.You may or may not like this one Mike:As for real estate in Vancouver many Realtors are saying we are close to the bottom and now is a great time to buy. If you think that we are at the bottom then, sure mortgage rates are low, and prices are at 2006 pricing.BUT: If you have read the news lately you'll see job losses EVERYDAY and in the masses. Now these aren't just in the US (which own many Vancouver companies), but they are local jobs that do ANY type of exporting. IMHO, Vanco

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Good start. Don't stop now!

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Good start. Don't stop now!

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