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trapped in the zoo, Susie shows her worth
After the vet left her, Susie slipped into a foggy sleep, her body still strapped down to the large exam table in the ape exhibit. She awoke sometime later, who knows how long it had been, but the sun was up, and gathered in front of her were two people. Adam, her vet rapist from the night before, was standing next to an elegant looking woman. She was dressed in the same khaki attire that Adam was, similar to what you would find on safari, but had a bearing that was extremely different. Tall, slender, with white hair, but few wrinkles, she was beautiful. Adam stood there, looking down at the floor, as the woman approached.
"I am Dr. Elizabeth Stone, chief zoologist of the park here. I understand that one of our more, shall we say, excitable vets brought you here last night and took advantage of you." As she spoke she unhooked Susie's bindings, letting her sit up on the exam table, still naked. "I am so sorry about this. Rest assured that he will be punished, if he even remains in his position here." At this, Adam looked grim, and turned to leave the room altogether. Once the door shut, Dr. Stone looked at Susie. "Did he hurt you much?"
Susie shook her head, "No, he made me suck his... suck him off, if you know what I mean. Then he put me on the table and let Charlie have his way with me." At this, Dr. Stone became more intrigued.
"You mean Charlie had sex with you?" Susie nodded. "And he came inside of you?" Again, a nod.
"Well, that is extraordinary. You must be a special lady, as Charlie is notoriously difficult to please. We have had several mates brought in to mate with him, but he has shown a distinct lack of interest." She walked to the exhibit door and opened it, letting Charlie back into the vet room. The great shaggy ape wandered into the enclosure, sniffing the air until he recognized Susie's scent, and immediately became hard as a rock. He approached the bench where she was tied down, but Dr. Stone held him back with a firm gesture. He sat back, sulking. She turned to Susie. "You are special. I wonder if you would work with some of our other problem animals?" At this, Susie started to struggle violently, tugging on the bonds that held her to the exam table. But the leather straps were firm, and she could barely budge. Her struggles made Charlie angry, and he started to howl his displeasure. Dr. Stone quickly grabbed a tranquilizer syringe and plunged it into his arm, shooting half of it into him, making him go drowsy. Turning to Susie, who was still pulling on her restraints, the vet punched the needle into her skin and pushed a tiny amount into her. Susie stopped struggling as her eyes dimmed, the world turning to a soft haze around her, and she gently drifted off to sleep with Dr. Stone standing above her, smiling.
Sometime later Susie awoke with a start. She was able to move some, with her arms liberated from the table, which was a welcome relief from her earlier entrapment, but as she looked around the room she felt nervous. It was the office of the director, and she was on a large plush couch. Dr. Stone was sitting there, watching her, waiting for her to awaken, apparently. As Susie roused, Dr. Stone looked up at her, "welcome back. I hope you slept well, and that you're a bit more rational today."
Susie shot her a dark glare, "more rational? You had your intern rape me yesterday, and I was also raped by an animal. How am I supposed to be rational?"
Dr. Stone looked her over, "I didn't mean to make light of your ordeal honey. But you must understand..." she was cut off by Susie's smirk. "Don't call me honey."
"If you're not going to cooperate, then we'll have to try our experiments without your consent." At these words Susie froze. "What consent?"
The zoologist laughed, walking across the room and unsnapping Susie's bindings. Suddenly freed, she didn't know what to do, but her choice was quickly taken away from her by the doctor, who grabbed her and shoved her across the room, maneuvering her towards a door to a second cage, not Charlie's like had been opened earlier. In one motion she shoved Susie through the entryway and closed the door behind her. Susie stood in the shade of the enclosure, unsure of where she was. And then she saw them. Two adolescent male Bengal tigers, Alexi and Yuri. Their muscular bodies rippling as they walk through the cage, immediately picking up her scent. Susie tried to move slowly, but it was no hope. The tigers were stalking her, and she wasn't sure what they would do with her once they found her. She didn't have to wait long to find out.
Alexi rounded on her as she hid behind the tree. Susie turned to run, but Alexi was on her in a second, knocking her to the ground with a swipe of his large paw. Susie fell forward, landing on all 4s with her ass high in the air, still naked and covered in the cum of Charlie. The tiger prowled up behind her, sniffing at her delicate sex, and she felt his large tongue scrape across her pussy and asshole. She shuddered, though the roughness of his tongue also made her a bit excited. She screamed inwardly at herself, DO NOT ENJOY THIS, but she couldn't help her own involuntary reactions. The large cat continued to lick her, and could taste her getting wet, as Yuri watched from a close distance. As Susie began to half-close her eyes, succumbing to the pleasant scratching of his tongue on her privates, the thoughts of where she was and who was doing this to her faded. Her breathing came in shallow, ragged gasps, and Susie knew she was close to cumming. Alexi could smell her excitement, no doubt, and stopped short of letting her orgasm. Whether this was a tiger thing or just some cruel joke, Susie couldn't decide. But she felt Alexi moved forward, standing over her. Feeling 500 pounds of animal towering over her, Susie didn't move, but what she felt next she should have expected. Something hard poking at her rear, it could only be a tiger penis. Trapped, and still wet from the licking that Alexi delivered to her, Susie knew she had no choice in the matter. Susie sighed, resigning herself to this latest invasion, and reached back to guide Alexi's hard cock into her waiting vagina.
As soon as she touched the head of his cock, Alexi let out a sharp yelp, followed by a growl. She felt his breath on her neck as he bared fangs, one even touching the skin, clearly a warning not to touch him with her hands again. Susie lowered her head in submission, raising her ass up higher in the hopes that his cock would find its place naturally. Instead, the angle was too great, and she felt his large cockhead poking at her asshole. She tried to wiggle her hips to move him down to her pussy before he entered her, but another warning growl told her not to move. With a groan, the cat started to force his cock into her tight asshole. As the head pushed into her, Susie felt a pain more acute than anything she had ever felt before. She screamed out, wailing OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW as the head slipped inside. She had never had someone fuck her in the ass before. Even her ex boyfriend David, who had suggested such play was ok when she was 'on the rag', was denied access. But now she could only cower there and hope it would not last long. The tiger slid his hard cock into her, and she could feel the barbs of the baculum rubbing her stretched asshole, pulling the tiger closer to her, until the entire cock was buried in her ass. He felt as long as a human would, maybe 8" or so, but as he pulled out slightly the barbs pulled taught against her, causing her even more pain.
Locked into sex with the tiger, Susie's vision blurred from the pain of his fucking her ass. The tiger seemed not to know the difference, and made soft chuffing sounds as his hips worked in short, powerful thrusts, each time slamming into her ass. She cried, tears flowing down to the dirt of the enclosure, as the tiger exerted himself onto her body, his own saliva dripping onto her as he fucked her like a tigress' pussy. With a long, low growl, the tiger shoved deeper into her, almost knocking her to the ground, and Susie screamed anew as the tiger came, pumping his penis into her ass as a torrent of cum splashed inside her anus. It leaked around the base of his cock, dripping down her asscheeks and legs. The cock softened slightly, allowing the barbs to retract and the tiger moved on, uninterested in his latest conquest any further.
Susie slumped to the ground, crying, her ass feeling like it was on fire from the hard fucking the tiger had delivered. Behind her, a door opened, and Adam and Dr. Stone called to her from the vet room opening. Susie turned, looking at them with a fierce hatred. She tried to stand to escape the enclosure, but her legs were too weak from the encounter, and she buckled, crashing back down to the dirt. Humiliated, she crawled from the tiger paddock on her hands and knees like an animal herself, dirt covering her legs and tangled in her hair, mixed with tiger spit. She crossed into the vet room and slumped down. Vaguely, as she slipped into unconsciousness, she felt Adam use the same vacuum syringe to remove the tiger's sperm from her ass, as Dr. Stone sat on the floor with her, stroking her hair and whispering, "you did wonderfully honey. You're going to be the greatest asset to this zoo in our entire history..."


2017-09-09 13:31:40
Big pussy missed the pussy.

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2014-12-15 13:49:38
Great story, don't listen to the nay sayers. Would love to read more natural artificial semen colection from a great many zoo denizen.

Ps Though I'm not a fan of anal. Still, gj.

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2013-08-11 01:46:38
The first couple were light and silly, but worth the suspension of disbelief, and obvious errors. This one just got ridiculous. Lame!

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2013-07-08 10:48:33
keep going! but she's got to belong to Charlie at the end

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2013-07-04 08:45:34
Quite carelessly done. She's untied then still bound. The good/bad doctor switches unconvincingly. The layout is poor too. Sloppy. Pity as the series started well.

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