With me laying on my stomach and feeling the after affects of his dick beating my ass real good has got me thinking that the fuck date is something that will not easily be forgotten.

I lay there looking as resting thinking what we can do next. But it seems like he already knows what we will be doing . I must have dozed off and went into a good deep sleep because when I woke up my legs were in straps and my pussy was wide open. I looked at him and asked what do you have on your mind. He tells me he can show me better than he can tell me. So I guess I will have to find out that way.

When he see's that I am waiting for him to show me what's on his mind. He takes my legs and tightens the strap until I can't move them. Which means he is in total of this round and I have way of moving without his say so. I am not sure if I am going to enjoy this one. Never done been where I been out of control, but let's see.

He first goes down to my pussy and starts sucking my pussy and driving me wild and of course I am loving it. But I know this is not the main thing that is on his mind. But at this moment I am still enjoying the here and now. He takes his finger and start playing with my pussy while is his still sucking it and now he has started my pussy juices flowing again. When he see's this he say yeah, now that is what I want.

That is when he lifts up with his dick pointing straight toward my very open pussy. He moves even closer to the bed and sliding it into my pussy. With me not being able to move he see's that am wanting it as much as he wants to give it to me. That is when he tells me baby this pussy feels so good wrapped around my dick and I am going to show you how much I am here to please and need you.

He loosen the straps to turn me over and tell me he know how much I love doggies and he wants to give me my fill. I reach t ot ell him to wait but is too late, He takes his dick and slides it deep into my pussy and that is when I feel how thick and long his dick is. Yes i knew before but the way my pussy is getting it's fill today it feels like I should not want anymore for awhile.

( But remember I am still me, I always want me some dick).

He continues driving it into my pussy what seems like the best position there is in sex. He keep giving it to me in a way that I never thought I would get it this good but he is doing it and some. With my pussy open wide and as wet as anybody would ever want he says it is almost there and he is going to wet it up some more. He grabs ah old of my ass and pulls my pussy even closer he releases his load and being so deep he makes me feel every drop hitting the wall of my pussy making me cum right along with him.

Needless to say I am loving it. It has gotten so good that my body is getting all of it's desires met today Thank you.

I do not know what condition I am going to be in when I leave this room. He has me and my pussy going so wild that I can hardly stand as it is, let alone walk. But I guess I will deal with that when the time cum.
As for now I am going to continue fucking until his and mine fantasies are worked through. So as we lay in each others arms resting and recuperating I have an Ideal what I want next but first I have to be sure I can handle it first. But before I could tell him what I have on my mind he's says he knows what is next. So I guess I will do mines after wards .
As he turns me around to face me in the bed. I could feel his dick starting to get hard again. It made me wonder with all this fucking how is his dick keeps going . But on the other hand I am loving it. So with me turned towards him, and him looking at me I could tell he was thinking something and wasn't sure if I would go for it. I look at him and say what is on your mind.
That is when he tells me he wants to do something that you may not want to do but it is one of his fantasies. I ask him what does it Intel's? That is what do you want to do to me. That is when he ask me do I trust him? Wow let me see, you tied me up and that turned up very good with a smile. So yes I guess I do. That is when he ask me to trust him some more.
That is when he tells me that he has someone coming over to help with this next fantasy. I look at him with you did what? He start to say it again and I stopped him. I tell him baby i have never had two dicks before. He tells me it will be okay I been knowing him for awhile and I already told him that he has to do as I say at all times. I just looked at him with amazement and fear.
That is when we hear a knock on the door. He ask me if it is ok for him to let him in? I ask him will he keep control and he tells me for sure. Remember trust is earned. As he opens the door I look at the man and he is at least 6.1 and weigh about between 200/225 or so. He is wearing baggy pants so I did not see his equipment. I look at my sweetheart and he tells me it's all good and your in good hands. His friend walks over to me and shakes my hand introduces himself. I look at him and say my name. He than walks over to my baby and ask him is everything good. He tells him yes than goes over the rules with him and he said he understood.
I sat there looking at the both of them and wonder what is next. That is when my baby walks over to me and tells me to relax and enjoy and at any time i say no more that is what it will be. He takes me and starts kissing me to help me relax, and as always he starts getting me hot all over again and as usual I am loving it. He lays me on the bed and starts kissing me on my breast. Slowly moving upwards he kisses me and ask me if I am ready for another on of his many fantasies. I said I think I am and let's get started.
That is when his friend come and start playing with my tittie and feeling down towards my pussy, after seeing that down there it is real wet he say this is going to feel real good . He looks me straight into my eyes and says that I am going to enjoy what he is going to be doing to me. While my baby is sucking on my titties and making even more hot . His friend takes his finger and starts playing with my pussy. I think to myself if this is just the beginning what am I really gotten myself into.
That is when my baby say we have got to get the party to really get started. He lifts up off my breast and taps his friend on the shoulder and tells him let's see how much this pussy and ass can really take. He tells me he want my pussy and his friend can have my ass. I look down at his friend's dick and it locks like it is way to big for me to handle. I look at my baby and say I do not know about this one. He looks at me and say you can do this. We can start and if it hurts too much we will stop.
When I say it is okay to try his friend goes into his bag and pull out more oil and start putting it on his dick. But my baby has already started fucking me in my pussy and got me flowing again. With me feeling so good and my mind on cloud nine. I feel I can do anything. That is when I feel this hand on my ass and he must love how it feels to him. He takes the oil and pours it on and around my ass . he slides his finger in first to feel how tight is and says yes it is a tight fit.

That is when he to climb on top to get to my ass and my baby notice that I have tighten up feeling that I am worried and not sure. He turns my head and gives me a it's okay kiss saying I am in good hands. The friend continues preparing to invade my ass. He pours more oil and is about to start working it in. But before he starts my baby stops and Let him mount me to put his dick to the opening of my tight ass.
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