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A riveting story focusing on many protagonists.
Chapter 1- Oral

Lexi looked out the bedroom window of the modest suburban style home. Watching small children ride bikes and play in the streets. Couples were close together on park benches, and middle aged women were jogging in the afternoon sun. Yep, life was good for this community of Shopsburrow, or as her brother Chris called it; Trendsettersville. And Lexi's life, like everyone else's, was good. She would be going to college in the fall, studying human anatomy and biology. Although her parents had the money, she didn't need a penny from them, she would be getting a full ride to the prestigious Princeton academy. Her entire family was proud of her, even her fuckup of a brother Rick had taken time out of his " Job" in the city to come back home and properly Congradulate her. Instead he ended up fighting with her father about gettin a real job, and stormed out of the house, cracking the glass panel of the door as he slammed it shut. Her father had sulked for weeks after that. Lexi was basically perfect, Smart, strong demeanor she inherited from her father, Slim, toned waist and legs from days of track and soccer, C sized breasts and an angelic face, all given to Lexi by her mother, who was still a bombshell in her late forties. But, Lexi wasn't HAPPY. No, she would be up late at night, squirming and needy and wanting..... to have sex. Sex sex sex. She wanted to fuck hot guys with ripped abs and scream as pain and pleasure rocked her body, like she had seen in the pornos. But she just couldn't muster the courage to go all the way with a guy. Lexi was still a virgin.

Lexi knew that she could call up any guy and he would rush over to her place like it was a bomb shelter. Every man and boy wanted her, even some women. She had even caught her mother once, staring at her glistening wet body as she climbed out of a pool. But she had no desire for these men, she wanted her prince charming, her knight in shining armor, to come by noble stead and whisk her off her feet with his sexiness, and charm. Unfortunately she could only find one guy sexy enough, Carson Tenner. She'd be damned if he wasn't the sexiest man alive. Square jaw, six pack abs, baby blue eyes and shiny blonde hair cut military style, he resembled a David Beckem, only thicker. Lexi remembered the days she had spent drooling over him, before they had broken up. Physically he was perfection , but his attitude sucked. Ultimately it was his character and lack of charm that pushed Lexi away, also the fact that she wasn't quick to let him get some, and he wasn't used to waiting. So when they had fought about sex for the hundredth time, she gave him a reason not to wait. And left. She never imagined they would talk again, which is why, Lexi was startled that night when she saw her phone vibrating on the nightstand, and upon answering, discovered his name in the caller ID.

Having been sitting at her window for quite some time, Lexi was surprised he was calling so late, so she picked up, hoping the call would at least be a bit interesting.

" Hello?" Lexi asked into her phone.

" Heeeeyyyyy babe!" she heard from the other line, and winced at the loud annoyance.

" Don't call me your 'Babe' Carson", she said dangerously. " I'm not one of your whores"

" Come on Lex, lighten up", he said. " "I'm just callin to say hi".

" Carson you never call anyone unless there's something in it for YOU, what do you want?"

" Well now that you mention it-"

" I didn't"

" Even so.... I think we should talk. I really miss you Lex, I miss us, we were like, so totally perfecto you know, and...,and I want that again beautiful"

"Awwww Carson that was really sweet... Go sell it to some other skank!"

" But babe you gotta see me"

"Ugh.. Why moron?"

" Cause I'm already here sexy"

" Eww.. And your ALREADY started. Where are you anyway? I don't see you."

Which is when Lexi heard, " Down here babe! Look"

And there he was in all his glory. All Lexi could do was just STARE, it wasn't fair that he was so beautiful, he just was. She wasn't mad either.

That's when he started climbing up the tree next to her window. " Carson be careful!", she hissed, trying not to alarm her parents, " Your not Jacob Black, your gonna kill yourself!"

But by the time The words escaped her mouth, he was climbing through her window. " Babe, do you know what the difference is between Jacob Black and I?"

" No, what?"

" I look better", he stated with just the right amount of confidence, flashing his brilliant smile her way.

Lexi couldn't fight with that logic.

Even so, Lexi scolded him as she folded her arms, which caused her breasts to rise. " So what is it that you want Carson?"

" Hey Baby you know me.. All I need... Is.. Some of.. You."

As he was saying this, Carson was using his finger to play with Lexi's bottom lip, sensually flicking it, he used his other arm to draw her closer, and Lexi went without protest, mesmerized by his eyes. Then, as he always did, Carson went in for the kill, he slowly started to kiss and nibble past her earlobe, down to her lips, where her's found his, and their tongues started to frantically dance, their bodies melding together. With Lexi melting in his arms, Carson took this as his only chance, he used his left hand to unclasp Lexi's bra with an expertise only a man-whore could have. With a gasp her breasts fell free, spilling out in her shirt.

" Carson you horny bastard!" Lexi exclaimed. " What is your problem, I SAID NO!"

He then grabbed her shirt and ripped it clear off, he took her breasts in his hand, kneading them back and forth, pinching and twisting her nipples, as he pushed her onto the bed.

" Well I'm tired of waiting ' Babe', it's always wait for the right time with you, well NOW is the right time"

" No Carson!-"

" Shut up bitch!" he yelled a little too loud, loud enough to almost wake her parents.

" Scream and I'll have to use this", pulling a switch blade from his pocket.

He really had come to rape me......Lexi thought..Well I won't let him have the satisfaction.

" Baaabe, no need for that, why don't you sit back and let me give you the best blow job you've ever had." Lexi partly pleaded

" Hmm... well I've had some pretty good head so you have your work cut out, and you better be good or I'm tapping that sweet ass."

Scared of losing her cherry to this dickwad, Lexi got up from the bed and exchanged spots With Carson, he had his pants down past his waist, and now all that was left were his boxers. But Lexi couldn't move, she had never seen a penis upfront before, and she had never imagined them to be so BIG.

" Well go on sugar tits don't be shy", he mocked.

So Lexi moved up into his lap, Kissed her way up his stomach, than slowly smooched back down to let her head rest on his huge cock, she took her teeth and used her mouth to slide his boxers all the way to his shins. She slowly lifted her head, mentally preparing herself to please a man orally for the first time.

" My god you're big!"

" Hell yea I am", Carson said. " I can't believe that you never noticed when you were dry humping the shit out of me, clueless whore"

Carson's dick was that of a grown man's, the head was almost purple from how turned on he was.

Lexi decided to do What she did best, tease. She blew her hot breath up and down his shaft, making him shiver, she would almost make her lips touch him but not quite, doing so had his eyes out of his sockets. Then she finally took his cock in her hand, slowly jerking Carson off, causing him to gasp in pleasure. He did more so when Lexi started to spit on his huge piece of manmeat, Lexi jerked with one hand, than two, spitting on his cock every few moments, then she slowly tilted foreward and engulfed his head into her mouth.

" Oh shit!" He murmured

Lexi started to suck and pull at his fat cock, using all the spit she had, making it shine, she banged her head up and down ferociously on his shaft, gagging herself.

" Come on sexy you could do better", Carson exclaimed. He took his rough hands and started smashing her head onto his cock. Over and over again. She would spit, and gurgle, and choke.

" God what a beautiful face you have baby", he gasped, the pleasure proving to much for him.

This is how I die, Lexi thought. I'm going to choke on a mouth full of musty cock.....

Lexi started to count the seconds he would hold her down, each time longer than the next.,, 25.24.23......, and so on until at 45 seconds, Lexi's throat could take no more abuse, and with a large choking sound Carson pushed her nose into his belly button, Causing an eruption of cum blasts after cumblasts. Carson came so much he felt like he was being drained, Lexi was taking so much cum that some had dribbled out her nose.

Being down on all 8 of his inches, Lexi had an eruption of her own, as soon as Carson released his grip, she vaulted off of his cock, puking spit, and cum, onto the floor.

Lexi was panicking. She was out of his reach but her throat still felt full, she couldn't stop the coughing.

All of the sudden Carson grabbed his clothes and jumped out the window, oblivious to the night....

Commissioner Samuel Plants burst through the door of his daughters bedroom, to find his daughter on the floor sobbing, drenched in spit and cum.

" Baby!" Samuel said, " Baby who's done this too you???!!!"

End of Chapter 1


2013-07-04 14:06:03
Great story line and form, but a little short. I hope her dad catch's the SOB and hang's him from the tree limb outside her window. Bring on the next chapter.

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