As my baby has brought someone in to join us in our fuck fest it has me up in the air about how it is going to work out. But than again we are up in the air on what is going on now.My baby has my pussy right now and has stop pumping me right now. But his friend has his dick ready to try and put his in my ass. I do not know will happen this time. For sure my ass has had it share of forced entry and do not know if it could possibly take another dick but I will be finding out soon.
With his dick at the opening of my ass my baby stops pumping me and the other start to trying to work it in. At first I start fighting it making it impossible to do. That is when his friend whispers in my ear saying I will be careful but you have to help me work it in. I tell him he looks to be very thick and i am afraid. He than starts kissing me on my back and neck and that felt very nice and he immediately felt me relaxing. As he could see I me relaxing with every kiss. He takes his dick and starts trying to open my ass with his now very hard dick. My baby dick has slowly still moving in my pussy and with the combination of the two I could feel progress being made.
With a dick in my pussy and one trying to make it in my ass I was feeling a cross between fear and satisfaction. That is when I feel a few more dabs at my ass and he has made it my opening give in. THat is when he start giving me more passion in his kiss and more pressure in my ass. I felt his head of his dick enter my ass and I grabbed my baby and squeeze his arm. He ask me am I ok and I tell him I am trying but let's see how much more i can take. As his friend gives me more of his dick I start making sound of enjoyment and wanted more of his dick. As he could feel me wanting more he picks up his pace. I could feel his dick going deeper into my ass and I was wondering if his dick would ever make it all the way inside yet I was loving it. The louder I became the faster he became. That is when I could feel his balls hit the back of my ass which was telling me he was there. That is when my baby picked up his pace and start driving his dick deeper in my pussy . With them taking care of my both my pussy and my ass. I knew I could hand just about anything they could do to me.
Than all of a sudden his friend lift up and starts power driving my ass and it made me make gushing sound that I never thought would come out of me. My ass became on fire and he did it again making me beg him to give me more and he continued making me plead with him. With my baby in my pussy and this man in my ass I felt my pussy and my ass flowing just with the movement. Just than I could feel him about to cum in my ass. I beg him not to yet. My ass is still hot and I need more. He tells me my ass is one of the best he's ever had and that is not the ending but just the beginning. With my baby still in my pussy pounding away and hearing what I am saying he smiles and tells me he knew I would love it. That is when they both cums in both my pussy and my ass and me excepting it all.

After having my ass fucked by one of my baby's friend and my baby. Now I lay here trying to relax after being fucked so good. We said that is was an experience that all three of us will remember for a long time. My body feels like it can't take anymore but as I still am willing to try.
I lay on the bed trying to recover and gather my strength, wow my body feel so good and I know I will be feeling this for a long time. Don't get me wrong there is not a single piece of regret my way. The next thing I feel is my babie's hand reaching across me to turn me over on my side. He ask me if I am too tired to go on? I tell him as long as I am able we can continue.
He looks into my eyes and could see that I am still willing to keep going as long as I can. He ask me if it will help if we take a shower to recharge us all? I said all? He said yes. He is still here and want's to help us forfill all of our fantasies. I said baby that is going to a very tight fit for all of us to get in there. That is when he tells me we can all try together or we can take one and he will take one after we are finish with our's. So as I lift up off the bed to walk towards the shower I loose my balance and could feel someone run to catch me. I look over my shoulder and he tells me I will help you. As we make it to the shower am amazed on how big the shower is. I could feel his eye's on my body and he could tell that I still needed his help. That is when my baby comes into the room and ask if all is well? I tell him that I am weak and he may going to need help taking care of my body.
We all look at the size of the shower and say it will do. As we all get into the shower they both help to steady my balance. But that does not stop them from taking advantage of my weakness. One get's in front of me and the other get in back. Each on having there own thoughts on what to do to me. The best part of it all to them is that I was loving what they were doing to me.
I could feel someone going for my pussy and it was feeling very good but I still needed help standing . He bends me over as the other holds me and starts working that dick into my pussy making me come alive and telling him to go deeper and to put every inch into my pussy because it may be tire but it is still very hungry. As he keeps beating my pussy my baby tells him I told you she is a hot firecracker. That is when he says back to him. Well i am going to help you fill all her needs.
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