A new plant and my little sister!
So here it is, Plantlife Part 2!!!
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My eyes flickered open and I realised I was still in the forest, still naked and I felt exhausted from the events that took place a short while ago.
I managed to pull myself up a little and crawl over to my clothes, the plants had moved away now and seemed to be like normal plants once again.

Before putting my clothes on I reached into my bag grabbing a bottle of water to quench my thirst, the water was warm and hardly fulfilling.
I took a moment to check myself over, I had sun burn over most of my body and I was slightly dirty but all in all I am ok.

Now I stumbled to my feet and slipped my clothes back on and grabbed my bag before heading for the treeline where I entered this oasis of strange and wonderfull plants.
I stopped before leaving for a moment and turned around to take one last look at the paradise I had found, after a minute I turned back and headed on back to home.
By the time I made it out of the forrest, the sun had gone down and a refreshing breeze filled the land which soothed my burnt skin.

I made it home by 8pm and noticed the lights were not on and moms car wasnt there, I hurried on to the front door to let myself in.
I walked inside and flipped the light switch on and went straight upstairs to the bathroom for a nice cold shower, I took my time and cleaned carefully around my burnt skin.
Afterwards I climbed out the shower and grabbed a towel and some ointment for my skin and stumbled into my bedroom.

Once again I took my time and dried myself slowly to avoid irritating my skin, once finished I grabbed the ointment and flipped the cap open and poured some in to my free hand, I began with my feet and legs rubbing ointment softly into my sore burnt skin.
Next I applied some to my legs and thighs before pouring more in my hand and slowly and very gently began caressing my inner thighs and sore pussy.

I applied more and more ointment all over my body before deciding to climb in bed and call it a day, I slowly slid under the sheets and turned my lamp off and driffted into a deep slumber.

My dreams were filled of images of the strange plants I had found, the shape and size of them, the wide array of colours they came in and of course the way they groped and fondled my young body.
Flashs of pleasurable visions filled my unconscious mind, the way the vines slowly restrained me and the huge plant filling my tight cunt, the thousands of massaging leeves and tentacles that made love to me.

Suddenly my eyes strained open as the morning light filled my room, I turned my head towards the clock to see the time which was a little after 6am.
Now fully awake I became aware that I was rubbing my little wet pussy with furious speed as I noticed my cunt was burning up from the fire deep within my belly that filled me with lust.

My pussy was dripping wet as I relentlessly rubbed and fingered myself, with my other hand I released my young tits from their fabric prison and began pinching each nipple hard with tortuous intent.
I began moaning out in pain and pleasure as I continued twisting and pinching my nipples while pushing two fingers into my tight wet cunt, with each small thrust my fingers created sloshing sounds as my pussy juices leaked out and pooled on my sheets.
My breathing became heavy and my moaning louder as my hips bucked againts my fingers causing shudders of agonising pleasure to surge through my body, my legs began to spasm and my stomach convulsed and the orgasm that had slowly built up inside me exploded.

I was now thrusting my hips into the air and smashing my fingers deeper inside me as I rode the waves of pleasure that surged through me, finally the orgasm reached my young cunt and burst into a stream of sweet juices that dribbled out of my tight hole.
I pulled my fingers free from my wet pussy and lifted my hand to my face where I slipped my fingers into my mouth and tasted myself for the first time, it tasted slightly tangy but sweet.

My tongue swirled around each finger cleaning the juices off when out of the corner of my eye I noticed my door was slightly ajar with a small figure peering into my room.
Was is my little sister? I thought to myself, I continued to lick and suck my cunt stained fingers while keeping an eye on the door.

I started to hear tiny moans coming from the door and was shocked to see my little sister was rubbing her tiny pussy while spying upon me as I masturbated.
I let myself grin slightly as I decided to give my little sister a show, I pulled my saliva coated fingers out of my mouth and pushed them back down my body towards my soaked pussy and began slowly rubbing circles around my now hard clit.

My breathing once again started to get heavy and I let out moans of lustfull pleasure, I started rubbing my tits again and squeezing them hard as I rubbed my clit faster.
A new orgasm was building up inside me so I pushed my wet fingers lower sliding past the lips of my cunt reaching for my tiny tight asshole, I slowly circled around leaving a trail of saliva and juices which lubricated my tight hole nicely.

I pushed a finger slowly inside my ass causing me to moan out loud, my finger slid inside up to the knuckle before I pulled it back out ready to insert a second finger, I gently pushed both fingers against my tiny asshole repeatedly untill they managed to slip inside.
Before I had chance to explore the inside of my little asshole I felt my body begin trembling once more and my hips again started to jerk into the air, a long low groan slipped out my mouth as this climax sent waves of ecstacy through my body, my pussy felt like it was melting as molten pleasure exploded from my hole.

I lay there with my eyes closed while I slowly regained my senses, when I finally opened my eyes I noticed my door was closed again and the figure of my little sister had gone.

After a few minutes I managed to climb out of bed and stretch out, I slipped on a pair of panties and long baggy t-shirt and headed for the bathroom for a nice early morning shower.
As I walked down the hallway to the bathroom i heard a slight moaning sound from Tara's room and decided to investigate, I creeped up to her door and slowly turned the handle letting the door open an inch, just enough to peer through.

Tara was lying back on her bed with her legs spread wide giving me an awesome view of her young cunt, she was sliding her middle finger up and down her moist crack letting little whimpers slip free as she increased her speed slightly.
I felt my pussy start leaking a small trail of juices that dripped down my inner thigh slowly, while tara continued sliding her finger around she began to rub her small chest which was still covered by a tight t-shirt.

I watched on as she traced her fingers around the tips of her nipples through the fabric, she let out louder moans now as she started rubbing her clit with her palm, this was driving me crazy!
I had never thought about girls before but watching my little sister writh around her bed masturbating sent new desires into my mind and I knew that I wanted to taste her, but shes my sister I thought to myself.

My body shivered at the thought of licking her young tasty pussy and drinking her cum, my legs began to shake as my trembling knees could barely support myself.
Overcome with lustfull desires towards my little sister tara I walked into her room closing the door behind me, she didnt hear me enter and continued to pleasure her young cunt, I moved slowly accross the room and sat on the end of her bed before leaning down and flicking my tongue over her tiny clit.

"HOLY FUCK!!! wha..what are you doing sis?" she muttered in surprise as my tongue lashed around her wet pussy.

"MMmmmm, awwwww, urrmmmmmmmm." I gargled back in response.

"No please, your my sister, URGGHHH." she protested.

I lifted my face up and stared into her eyes as juices dripped down my chin, "you taste amazing tara." i said.

"But, but this is wrong, we cant, you shouldnt be doing this." she said while breathing heavily.

"I saw you tara, I saw you at my door watching me, I know you enjoyed it."

"Wha, wait, no i can explain." she replied trying to defend herself.

I lowered my face again and pushed my tongue into her young wet slit, "Please no, arrrgh, mmmmmm."

She pushed her hands against my head trying to make me stop but it was too late for that, I needed her pussy, my tongue flicked and lashed accross her tiny clit before sliding it up and down her juicy slit making her cry out, "Oh my god, oh my god, URGGGH."
I pushed my tongue harder and slipped inside her tiny hole, my tongue wiggled and snaked around exploring the walls of her wet cunt, i moved my hands slowly up her slim legs untill they reached her inner thighs where i spread her pussy apart and allowed greater access to her cunt.

Her hands were no longer pushing me away but instead she gripped my hair and pulled my face harder against her making me mash my face into her pussy, "OH JESUS, I'M CUMMMING!" she yelled out as her body trembled.
I clamped my mouth down hard and began slurping on her cunt as she released a small stream of juices that flooded my eager mouth, i gulped every drop down and slowly moved up her body untill i was staring at her straight in the face.

I leaned forward and pressed my lips against hers and pushed my tongue into her mouth, she moaned slightly and flicked her tongue around mine as we shared an intense kiss that lasted only a moment.

As we broke our sensual kiss i was pleasantly surprised by her hands sliding up my back removing the baggy t-shirt that kept my big breasts hidden, she pulled it up and over my head revealing my tits to her.
I sat there still as her eyes moved over me, her hands began to explore my flesh as she leaned in and flicked her tongue over my right nipple, "Ohhhh, mmmmmmm." I moaned.

Her right hand gripped my left tit and she squeased hard while licking my nipple slowly, her left hand wrapped around my body holding me still while she teased my firm young breasts with her soft little tongue, she began sucking slightly making me moan out in pleasure.
The way her young tongue licked my nipples and her constant groping and squeazing was sending shockwaves of ecstacy through my body, I began to slowly hump my damp pantie covered crotch against her leg.

She responded to my humping motions by sliding her free hand down my body, her small fingers softly caressing my burnt skin as she went lower and lower untill i felt her push her hand inside the back on my panties, her thin fingers dove straight into my soaking slit where she took long strokes up and down.
The way she teased my wet cunt was driving me insane, I could no longer sit still and let her explore me.

I pushed her away from me and pulled my damp panties down my thighs, once they were off I tossed them on the floor before moving myself between her legs pushing my wet pussy against hers.
Slowly I began to grind myself against her making us both moan out in agonising pleasure, I gripped her left leg alowing me to gain stronger control over my grinding action.

Tara's eyes began closing as she was nearing her first climax, I increased my speed and mashed my dripping wet pussy harder and harder into her, she was gasping for air now as her body went into a trembling fit, her slim legs shook violently forcing me to lose my grip as her young pussy released a river of juices that washed againt my grinding cunt.

Tara lay still while i continued mashing myself against her still running pussy, the sound of our cunts smashing together filled the room as i felt my orgasm inside me ready to explode and fill my entire being with extreme pleasure, my clit began to tingle and my legs trembled, my orgasm was smashing its way down my body towards my cunt.
As the climax shot to my cunt and erupted into a waterfull of juices that squirted out of me and splashed my little sisters body, I had to bite my lower lip to keep me from screaming the house down.

I fell back panting as my pussy continued spilling juices.

"I have never felt like that before, I didnt know it could be so good." tara said.

My only reply was a combination of panting and groans, tara slid beside me planting a kiss on my cheek and ran out of her room towards the bathroom leaving me on her bed out of breath still feeling the heat of our incestous session.

I lay there for a while thinking of my plans for today, it didnt take me long to figure out though, I was going back to that oasis of strange plants.
The fire in my stomach was burning hotter than this morning, my pussy was contantly leaking from the warmth that came from within and i knew that only the plants could help me now.

An hour later i was down stairs in the living room watching the discovery channel, I had showered and dressed early on and was waiting for my mother to wake up and come down.
Another 30 minutes later my mother finally strolled down the stairs yawning as normal, she made her coffee and sat on the sofa next to me.

"Morning sweetheart." she said.

"Morning mom." I replied.

"I had a call from work yesterday telling me i need to go in today and take care of a few thing, so i need you to look after your sister today." she told me.

"Ok mom, no problem." I replied.

As my mom left the house to go work I found myself stirring in my seat, the burning desire in my cunt filled me with lustfull thoughts sending images of my sisters cute young body through my mind.
Soft moans escaped my mouth as I ground my hips againt the soft fabric of the sofa sending spikes of pleasure up my pussy, "Hey sis, what ya doing? tara asked.

"Oh hey tara, I have an itch ya know, anyway mom's out at work all day so I thought i'd take you to this really cool place I found yesterday." I told her.

"What place? she replied.

"I was walking through the forrest yesterday looking for new plants and I found this enclosed area, its like an oasis and its so beautiful, its such a paradise there." I said.

"Hmmmm I dunno sis, your plant stuff bores me to death, cant we go hang out at the mall instead?" she pleaded.

"How about we go to the place I found first, and if you dont like it which you totally will, I will take you to the mall after." I told her.

"Ok then!!! its a deal" she replied.

I looked over at the clock noticing the time was 9:30am, "Ok tara, get some water for us and i'll go get the sun lotion." I said.

Tara nodded in response as I ran up the stairs to the bathroom for some sun lotion, I was back downstairs shortly finding tara putting her shoes on, I grabbed the water she got for us and packed it into our bag before putting my shoes on.
A moment later we were ready and left the house in a hurry towards the forest, like yesterday I made sure to stop as we entered the forrest to apply some sun lotion and have a quick drink.

After 20 minutes we were ready to start walking again and I knew soon enough we would be there with all the wonderfull strange plants.

"How much further sis? i'm really bored..." tara complained.

"Nearly there now tara." I replied as I saw the flickering light in the distance that led me to the oasis yesterday.
I grabbed tara's hand and pulled her along with me as i began to run towards the light, it wasnt long untill we reached the treeline surrounding this paradise and that sweet scent in the air once again filled my lungs.

"OH WOW!!, its beautifull here." tara burst out with.

"I told you!!, lets go for a walk and look around." I said, we strolled through the oasis taking our time as we looked at all the strange plants but this place was pretty big, it would take me weeks to fully explore this paradise.

I noticed the huge plant that fucked me yesterday, it was standing proud catching the rays of sunlight that shined down upon it, there were other plants too that I didnt see yesterday, all seemed really intresting.
After around 30 mins of walking and exploring this amazing place I noticed an area on the ground filled with small weeds that massaged and caressed my body yesterday, "Lets sit down here and take a rest for a bit tara." I told her.

"Yeah ok, i need a drink anyway, this place really is amazing sis, thanks for bringing me here today." she replied with a wide grin across her face.
I decided not to tell her about what these plants can do and hopefully will do to us today, we sat down and drank some water before I pulled my t-shirt over my head revealing my tits to my little sister, "Whoa, what ya doing sis." she gasped as my tits bounced free.

"Might as well get some tanning in while were here tara." I told her.
She smiled and lifted her top up over her head allowing her soft little tits loose, I slipped my shorts down and off my ankles and lay there with only a small blue thong on.

Tara also slipped her shorts down revealing her soft smooth pussy to me, she wasnt wearing any underwear at all, "wow you little slut." I giggled out.
"Haha, like you said, might as well get some sun." she giggled back as she lay down beside me staring into my eyes, "can we fool around again?" she asked.

I leaned into her and flicked my tongue over he lips, she groaned in response and opened her mouth allowing my tongue inside, my arms wrapped around her body as my tongue was met by hers and we engaged in a long sensual kiss as our tongues danced around inside each others mouths.
A moment later I felt her hand sliding over my skin as she groped my right tit and teased my nipple between her small fingers, suddenly I felt something shuffling beneath me and I knew the weeds were finally starting to massage my body.

The sensasions of massaging leeves and my littles sister groping my tits made the fire in my cunt burn hotter, then one by one I felt vines creeping up my legs swirling and twirling around as they made there way up my body, tara didnt notice as her attention was fully on my tits.
The sweet scent in the air grew stronger and once again I began to feel light headed, "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT???, something just touched me." tara screamed as she jumped up off the floor.

Her eyes immediately focused on the vines that had spiralled up my legs as i lay there being molested by the weeds and the vines, tara continued to scream and panic as she watched me let myself be assaulted.
"WHATS GOING ON?" she shouted.

"Shhhh tara, its ok." I moaned out as more vines wrapped around my arms retraining me to the ground.

"I'm scared sis, i wanna go ho... Uurrrrgh." she gasped out.

I lifted my head finding a huge red mass of a plant behind her with with long yellow flexible stems that wrapped around her body lifting her from the ground, her screams were muffled as a large plant tentacle like stem was firmly lodged down her throat.
This plant looked horrific, its large hulk of a plant body was at least a meter wide with long yellow flexible brances sticking out, the head of the plant was large like a traffic cone which leaked copius amount of sticky sap that dripped down its long flexible tentacles.

I watched on as the huge beast of a plant groped and molested my young sisters body, her eyes were wide with fear as a long thick brance appeared below her body aiming for her tight unused asshole.
She was pulled back against the huge plant as long thing rubbery appendages spawned from its center mass and wrapped around her body holding her firmly still, its long traffic cone shaped head split in two and draped down her body splashing her with a load of thick sap that trickled down her restrained body.

As I lay there restrained and watching I felt hundreds of small slippery tentacles like things lashing accross my thong covered pussy, a few of them wrapped around the sides of my thong and began to tear it apart as I felt something huge pushing against my cunt hole.
This too was a new plant that was attacking my cunt and I looked down to find a small plant maybe one foot long sliding its large bulky head into my burning pussy.

I returned my sight towards my sister, the massive head of the plant that split into two had attached itself to each of her tiny tits and I could make out bulges of something being pumped into her, her restrained body shook in agony and pleasure as this plant tormented her.
The massive branch below her shot upwards straight into her anal passage which caused her stuffed mouth to muffle agonising screams as this thing fucked inside her ass without mercy.

The small plant that was sliding into me was fully inside apart from its roots which slithered around outside my cunt teasing and lashing my clit, the fire in my belly grew hotter as a molten stream of pussy juices bathed the plant that stuffed my pussy.
I was in totall ecstacy riding waves of agonising pleasure as multiple orgasms coursed through my shaking body, I looked over at tara as the plant continued to pummel her asshole.

Her tits were growing larger and were about a c-cup at the moment but the things attached to her tits continued pumping into her filling her tits even more with every passing second.
The head of the plant inside me was poking through my cervix into my womb where it poured sticky hot sap that filled me up to bursting point, the heat inside me caused more orgasms to burst deep within sending pleasure crashing through me.

My lustfull screams echoed through the oasis as my body was in a state of never ending orgasm, tara had now passed out as the huge branch inside her ass erupted copius amount of warm sticky sap, her belly expanded rapidly to accomidate the huge load.
I then noticed a large pouch or sack on the side of the plant that twitched and trembled, the plant let tara fall to the ground in a puddle of sap and cunt juices as its body convulsed and shook.

The plant that was in me had now left and made its way off elsewhere as my body twitched as spasmed from the multiple orgasm that thrashed my body.

I lay there gasping for air still restrained by the vines as the hundreds of tentacles beneath me started sliding up my slit coating themselves in warm sap that leaked out of my gaping hole.
I looked up and noticed the pouch on the side of the huge red plant had ruptued letting a long black rubbery thing that looked like a eel fall to the floor, it wasted no time as it slithered across the floor to taras helpless bloated body, it snaked its way inside her juicy cunt and I watched as its tail disapeared inside her.

I felt my eyes strain shut as my mind went blank, my twitching body continued to leak sap and juices as the vines and weeds kept up there assault on my body, I drifted off to sleep as I still trembled from the pleasure being forced upon me...

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2014-07-19 02:51:56
wyhoR0 Say, you got a nice blog.Much thanks again. Want more.

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2013-12-25 07:02:32
Really great story but with Tara it felt like in Part 1 she was so naive and then in the 2nd part she was fingering herself like she does it all the time. Just my personal opinion was that her experience was vastly changed in just 1 day

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2013-08-03 10:41:07
Maybe it is just me, but I hate the word "cunt" used in an erotic fiction except when it applies to dirty slut/whore scenerios where the girls are called that word to demean them. In your story it is used as part of the story in such a non-nonchalant way that it is a bit of a turn off. Use pussy, hole, slit, slot, pleasure palace, love tunnel, or another creative way, but "cunt" just doesn't fit in your story. I really liked your first one, the second one seemed more rape of the sister than letting her slowly enjoy the pleasure of the plantlife. Sorry to be so critical because I really enjoy how you write.


2013-07-08 04:55:57
Kingcrazy: yes i did mention in part 1 her age is 12 :)


2013-07-07 19:12:24
A fine continuation to a great story. although I have never understood the appeal of making breasts bigger. most likely because I love pettanko and not because of any aversion to injecting fluids into breasts. also about what age should I be thinking of Tara as being? I've just been thinking of her as about 12, but you might have said her age before and I have simply forgotten.

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