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There are historical truths worked into this story. although as I have said depending on the flow of the story there maybe some sex. byt basicly it is non erotic
The Way of the War pt 5

I really hate these last second changes I had boarded the plane thinking I was on the way to occupied France. Now I find my self floating beneath a black silk canopy preparing to land in Germany. It can't get much worse than that...When I heard Louise's voice in my mind 'Watch out it for that tree.' Since she was in the middle of briefing me on the orders change, it only half sunk in...

I looked ahead and could see what looked like a giant Elm tree with the huge branches reaching out for me. I lifted my legs a bit and sank right into the leaves and branches. If you must land in a tree an Elm is the best. Large branches and a lot of cushioning leaves and small limbs to land on.

The only problem was … I was supposed to bury my parachute... it was impossible the black silk was spread out over a large portion of the tree. All the lines led into the interior of the branches. There was no way to untangle it ... I had to leave it. That meant I had to be a long way away by dawn.

I had noticed a road to the North. I was thinking if I landed in Belgium I had the additional problem of having the border. The pilot had called out when we crossed the Meuse River which means it is close either way. By Dead reckoning I had seen Mountains off to my right, the pilot said they would fly over Cologne, so that placed me … Between Eupen in Belgium and Brand in Germany.

If that is correct the road ahead would be the road to Dusseldorf . I made it to the road and turned to the East. I heard an engine, multiple engines, I dove in to the road ditch. A command car and two deuce and a halfs loaded down with troops headed in the direction where I had landed. I have to assume the parachute was spotted.

I would have to be even more careful I had never tried to control more than five people at a time... and that was during training. I decided to go due north cross country I knew that the road from Aachen to Cologne was in that direction.

It appeared that this area of Germany had been spared from the on going war. But I knew that wasn't true. In May of 1940 Germany had overwhelmed Belgium. This was the path they had followed in doing so. But what I was seeing was fields planted with grain and vegetables. Well I was seeing this in my mind since it was January it was mostly snow I was seeing.

It was just the fields looked like they would be producing soon. I crawled over fences and avoided farm houses and had my little pipe dreams. And... finally I found the road. The rest of the first night I had spent in a hay loft. The second in the bushes under a fence rail. Now I was on the road walking toward Cologne. My cover story ...I lived in Aachen and was on my way to a factory job in Cologne.

I heard a vehicle approaching I did not look around, 'Dotty get ready' The car stopped I kept trudging forward looking down. Out of the corner of my eye I could see it was a Major in the SS. He said [halt... your papers] I looked up at him and his driver and said Now dotty. I knew my cover story would not work with them/

Both of them froze. I mentally instructed them. That I was Military Intelligence returning from France and they were transporting me to head quarters in Cologne. They had been waiting for me after a night drop in Liege. My rank was equivalent to his. He introduced him self as SS Strumbannfuhrer Heintz. His Driver SS Strummann Shultz.( Cpl )

Heintz actually tried to pick my brain as to the results of my mission. But mostly he talked about his job in the SS. He was very proud of his searches for the dreaded Jews. I nodded and made the appropriate noises at the right time. By the time we reached Cologne, Heintz acted like we were old friends.

They Let me out in front of Headquarters Hientz offered to treat me to dinner. I begged off I told him I would be tied up in debriefing. By dinner time Major Heintz would have completely forgotten the Oberstabsartz (Major) In Intelligence. And would not remember me if we ran into each other face to face.

I went in to the Personal Office, Dotty and Louise did their thing and I walked out with an Id Card A set of Orders and a Requisition for new uniforms. I toured the building until I found an empty office. I looked around and found a Maintenance Sgt gave him and order to have my Name and Rank painted on the door.

I went back to the Personal Office, soon I had my own staff. My name and rank was Oberstleutnant Oskar Steiner, Abwehr( military Intelligence ) My staff consisted Of Feldwebel Schmitt, Schutz Erica Dormer and my driver Gefreitr Marfa.

Now I ask you what better way to be a spy than to open an Office in German Headquarters. Well I guess having a bit of mind control helps. But still lets them come to me. I was sitting behind my new desk when my staff began reporting.

First to report was Staff Sgt Johan Schmitt, all 6' 8” 280 pounds of him. He snapped to attention and saluted. I returned the salute and stuck out my hand. We shook and I told him salute first thing in the morning the rest of the day in the office no salute.

There was a knock on the door and in walked Corporal Donald Marfa, hair to long, and body thin as a rail. About 5' 6” tall. The only thing big about Donald was his hands and his brown eyes. We went thru the Saluting rules. I gave him the requisition for and automobile and told him to get his haircut and a better fitting uniform.

There was a knock and the door opened ...there was dead silence in the room in walked a vision in Wehrmacht uniform. 5' 8” of beautiful woman perfect hour glass figure with well formed boobs about a 36C and an ASS to die for. As she snapped to attention and saluted all three men almost choked on their own tongues. “Private Erica Dormer reporting as ordered Sir.”

I finally gathered my composure and returned the salute. I explained the saluting rule one more time. There were two desks in the front office and one in my private office. I had Staff Sgt in search for three typewriters and four phones. I wanted a small table with a phone on it and a comfortable chair for Cpl Marfa. Later I would want another phone on my desk with a direct line to Abwehr main office on the third floor.

Three days later I had a visitor Colonel Brice who under normal circumstances would have been my boss, Head of the Abwehr in Cologne. He stormed in to my office I stood and saluted. He demanded who are you and what are you doing.

I told him I was LT Colonel Oskar Stiener and handed him my orders. I nodded to my staff, out and to close the door. When Colonel Brice saw the signature on the last page of my orders he seemed to calm down. With a little help from the girls back home. I explained to the Colonel my sole job was running the Agents in America and Britania and in no way would I interfere with his operation. My reports are sent directly to Canaris. Although if there is any info you need I will pass it on to you. Brice smiled and said he would do the same. By the time he left my office we were old friends.

Now all I had to do was visit the main Office and I would have a conduit in to a section of German Intelligence. Although I intended to keep things on the Q T. I wasn't here for the run of the mill information.

Day by day information passed across my desk most of it was useless but occasionally there would be something . Late in 1941 I received information that there was six or seven German agents in the aluminum industry sent there for sabotage this was before We (the US ) joined the war. The information proved to be good . After the US entered the war in 1942 six German agents were captured and executed trying to sabotage the Aluminum Plants which ended Operation Pastorius.

The SS did not trust the Abwehr at all and we spent many days on pins and needles SS officers were really underfoot investigating all the members of the Abwehr. I knew they would find nothing in my office I had sent my information Mind to Mind.

My Staff had meshed into a good, well oiled machine and we had become close. I sometime felt bad that the trust they placed in me was not altogether returned. But I did know I could trust them. One day an SS Oberstrumfuhrer (LT) did not seem to like my answers and pulled a pistol and shoved it in my face. Before I could even use my mind control... Staff Sgt Schmitt had grasped the pistol hand and all crushing it and Cpl Marfa had him by the throat. And Erica was at the door locking it.

I hated to use mind control on them but it would be tough to explain (after straightening this mess out) why the SS Officer didn't report the incident, and how the bones in his hand got broken. I convinced the SS LT that he had his hand on the door when Sgt closed the door catching his hand. The medic who treated the LT kept a smile on his face but never contradicted the story. My Staff also backed up the story. No one seemed to noticed the LT's hoarse raspy voice nor the bruises on his neck.

After Pete had had me flying before this all started I got the bug. I began going out to the Luftwaffe air field and made friends of a German Flight instructor. Twice a week he had been training me on a four seat Luftwaffe trainer Messerschmidt BF 108. It was a fine plane and was known for its long range abilities. Hans said after almost a year of training I was as qualified as I would ever be. He still allowed me to take it up every week alone. Some time I would take my staff up for a flight.

More and more I flew, not just for fun but in the course of Intel work. With careful maneuvering I managed to get the Bf 108 assigned to the Abwehr. Since I was the qualified pilot of record. I flew not just my missions but for others as well.

Twice I flew Colonel Brice to Berlin for a Meeting with Canaris. Once I accompanied the Colonel into Canaris Office since I was supposed to be Canaris direct operative … a momentary tweek and... Canaris arose from his desk and came around it to shake my hand and comment, Colonel keep your eye on this one he will go far.

The Abwehr was divided in to three Divisions, 1. Foreign Branch. 2. Sabotage. 3. Counter Intelligence. The Central Division which included all the administration and the Foreign Branch was Led by GeneralMajor Hans Oster. This was Abwehr I The Central Division also held the purse strings. All mission funding was supplied by them. Abwehr I was our Division.

You guessed it the Next man to stand was none other than Hans Oster I was worried but all he did was smile and offer his hand … Which I took and shook while telling him it was an Honor to meet him. He said he was pleased that I had learned to fly to better carry out my duties. This was scary I was becoming noticed by Berlin... Not good...

These flights often allowed me to send information to Louise when an agent was dropped into England.. Once I was the pilot who dropped the agent into England. He was used without his knowledge to funnel useless information back to Germany. The leaks was never traced to me.

I often picked the brains of my staff it became obvious that when they were assigned to me it was the bottom of the barrel. They had all been in trouble at one time or another. But because I treated them with courtesy and closer to equals they had learned to trust me.

At first they had been leery of a Lt Colonel that didn't look dry behind the ears as yet. After I took up for them and backed them up. That's when the trust began to emerge. I gradually drew them out.

Staff Sergeant Schmitt because of his size was never given the credit for having brains. I found him to be a very smart man. He had proven himself in battle but when he refused to kill an unarmed prisoner he was transferred and I got him.

Corporal Marfa would have fit right in with the knife wielding neighborhoods of LA and New York that I have read about. He had gotten in to an argument with another soldier. His opponent whipped out a knife and Donald took it away from him and sliced him up. His Sgt told their LT what had happened and he was transferred ahead of a court martial.

Pvt (once sgt ) Erica Dormer had been stationed in Hamburg as a secretary to a heavy drinking womanizing Colonel . One evening when she was on duty the Colonel came in very drunk. He grabbed her arm and attempted to drag her into his bed room. The other officers that were in the office were afraid of the Colonel so they did nothing.

She was pulled inside his room and raped... She had been a virgin... he didn't care he forced his way in her dry vagina causing her to bleed heavily. He blew his load then passed out. Erica looked over to see him laying there splayed out with the offending member laying there in plain sight. She took his Luger and fired 6 shots into his cock and balls.

The other officers that were there ran in, one of them called the medics and he was rushed to the Hospital. Sadly to say … he survived but never was able to rape any one else.

Major Strauss of the Military police arrested Erica. He reported to the Adjutant General with copies of all the officers statement. The General said he was familiar with the brute. But he had to do something... He reduced her to private and shipped her out to a different District, Cologne.

That is my group of misfits and they get stuck with a spy. Me! What will come of them when I head home. I am truly worried about them. They have begun to feel like family Here it is nearing 1943 I have been skating on thin ice the whole time.

Some days the ice seems to really be thin. November 1942 a Luftwaffe Major walks into my office and asked to see me. Erica knocked on my door and I said Enter. She told me a Major Stubben wished to see me. I said send him in...

He was very impeccably dressed even to the flying scarf a lot of the fighter pilots were wearing. We exchanged salutes and he stuck out his hand. “Have you heard from Louise.” I quickly looked at the was closed . I hit the inter com button ..Erica call the airfield and have them get my plane ready. Donald get my car and meet me out front. Johan handle any thing that comes in I'll be gone all afternoon.

We arrived at the hanger having spoken rarely. Donald tried to make eye contact in the rear view mirror. I could sense his unease. I just smiled when our eyes met. Donald have the car back here by 1530. and Call LuSettes for dinner reservations for 1900.

I donned my flight suit and we boarded the ME – 108. I spoke with the tower and was granted permission to take off. We leveled off heading west. I took off the head set and looked at the Major. Okay who are you? I also mind linked with Louise... I heard her laugh... 'Chad meet my Husband of two years Ralph Grant' How's he doing.'

“She wants to know how you are doing and I want to know what you are”

“For her I am alright, For you I am here to warn you. The SS is gathering info on all Abwehr, Canaris is treading on thin ice Hitler has plans to bust the Abwehr. I give it 6 months and all military intelligence will pass thru the SS. I am on my way to North Africa but felt you should know this. You need to get out as soon as you can.”

Louise passed on a few love words then we signed off and I just flew around for awhile then returned to land at 1520. We dropped him off in front of an older Hotel and returned to the office. Johan and Erica seemed to breathe easier when I walked in the door. Seems I now had Three old Mother Hens in the office.

I arrived at LuSettes at 1900 sharp I was seated at my usual table which was divided from the large table, usually occupied by General Staff, by a thin opaque curtain. I placed my order and begin to enjoy my meal. I tuned in to Louise, Carol and Dotty just in case. The whole Conversation at that table was being recorded in Washington DC. When the conversation degenerated to drunken chatter, I paid my bill and departed.

The Gist of the conversation was, Ralph was correct. This group of generals were a bit upset about it since they were not members of the Nazi party. They also felt Hitler was Paranoid. And they hated the SS. I arrived at my room a little after 2140.

I unlocked my door and opened it and stepped back in shock. There stood Erica in nothing but Panties and bra. I stepped into the room and closed the door and the bra dropped at my feet. Wow her breast were amazing when encased in her bra and uniform. Free they were not only amazing but awesome and heavenly. I stammered wha what are you doing here.

She smiled and said “You wouldn't come to me so I have come to you.” Then she stepped forward reached up and pulled me down to her lips. They were sweet and tasty. I slid my tongue in to her mouth and she pressed her body into mine.

I began to caress her back and the globes of her butt through her panties. I could feel her nipples boring into my chest but they would have to wait. I slipped my hands into her panties and stroked her luscious butt cheeks. My hands traveled up her sides to cup her wonderful breasts then back to her butt which I cupped and lifted carrying her to my bed never breaking the extra long insatiable Kiss.

I broke the kiss as I laid her back on the bed. I moved down to draw one of her nipples into my mouth while mauling the other with my hands. Stroked , swirled , twisted and sucked all over her beautiful boobs. I was in Heaven I had been in love with her for over two years and this was our first intimate contact.

I kissed down her stomach to her belly button I kissed around and into it then I was at the elastic of hr waist band. I licked along the band then kissed and licked across to her mons. By the time I raised my head her panties were soaked. I grasped both sides of her panties and began to pull them down and licked each area of newly exposed skin. Her blond hair was see thru almost like there was no hair at all. By the time I moved it was all wet hair and well strained as well.

I raised my head just high enough to admire the perfection of he pussy lips. I sniffed and smelt the freshness of her velvet glove. I let my tongue drift over her pussy lips just on the outside. I could feel her hips barely moving side to side the wait was over. My tongue entered her slit and went from end to end then I sucked her lips up into my mouth and sucked it in and chewed then to the inner lips like the petals of a flower I caressed them with my tongue Erica 's hips began to bounce and her head flopped back and forth as she had her first climax. I continued loving on her pussy I moved up to her Clitoris I sucked and rubbed til she had her second climax.

I guess you could say I was in a hurry, I was still fully dressed, we both laughed about that as she helped me strip once I was nude there was no waiting I entered her. This was the greatest feeling I had ever felt. She kissed me on the ear and whispered that she was in love with me. We moved together like we were synchronized, our movements choreographed it was a beautiful feeling. I could feel the tingling begin in my toes and move up my body. Then the same feeling began in my scalp and moved down til the feelings met just in time. Erica began gasping and hollering I'm cumming , I raced to catch her and we exploded together.

We lay there together not wanting to let the other go. She kissed me on the cheek. I asked her what brought this on why now. She said they had been hearing rumors and was afraid for me. When the Major had arrived and the look on my face scared her. Then I called for the plane to be readied. She was afraid I was leaving. Then I had walked in to the office at 1630 she decided she couldn't wait any longer.

Then she threw me a curve, Johan and Donald are also worrying that I will leave them also.
Neither are members of the Nazi party and both are sick of the war. I told her we would talk about it later. We got under the covers and snuggled together and made love twice more before the alarm went off at 0500.

We bathed together and got dressed . We went down to the curb where Donald was waiting. When he saw Erica with me he smiled and never said a word. At the office Johan also was beaming from ear to ear. Seems like there was a conspiracy going on behind my back.

I told them to lock the front door and to meet in my office. Once they were all inside, The Major brought me some news...and … it was not good. The SS is getting ready to destroy the Abwehr and no one is sure of what will happen to the people in Intelligence after that. Rumor has it some will be executed.

Now I am going to put my life in your hands... I am thinking about the Me 108 and its range. I am thinking about flying to England and I am offering to take the three of you with me. Think about it.
And I shut up.

Donald asked, “Wouldn't the British shoot us down?”
“No I have a contact they would meet and escort us.”

Johan asked, “ How long have you had this contact? “
“ Before I arrived in Cologne. “
“ What are you Englander?”
“No, American.”

Johan asks, “What if I decided to take you down and turn you in?”
“You could try.”
“My size doesn't bother you.”
“ Nope not at all you have heard of the American Battalion called the Rangers.”

Erica asks, “I only have one question what about language difference.?”
“I learned German, you can learn English.”

They all huddled together and turned to me and asked in one voice when do we leave.

“Friday. Erica you will call the airfield and tell them to have them gas up the plane and ready for a long trip for Sunday. We will depart at 0900 and keep going each one of you will carry a lunch and a clipboard. You will carry no extra clothes, we will be on a one day outing to review installations along the coast .”.

Okay lets open up and go to work. I have to get our working orders for Sunday. I went to the third floor Colonel Brice' s office. He wasn't busy so I was ushered right in. I talked for a few minutes and led him around to the coast. When was the last time it had the installations evaluated from the air. I said I didn't know but they probably needs to be checked. I offered, I planned to take my crew on an outing Sunday I could join the two together. He wrote out the order and Sunday was a go. The odd thing was I only had to tweak him twice.

Now we wait for Sunday...


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