Beautiful young teens get a little drunk and i have to help them with their bites.
What should have been a quiet night at home ended up with a pretty good story.

I am a 40 year old divorced man. I was married to an Italian woman, but things just did not work out. I remained loyal and frustrated for many years and the divorce was freedom. I am 6’4” tall with hazel eyes and brown hair with a bit of grey. Somewhat fit from playing sports all of my life, but no six pack or anything like that. I have a strong body and a well proportioned penis. I am a grower as they say, so it is not like I would feel really comfortable on a nude beach unless somewhat aroused. I would say that when hard I am probably between eight and nine inches long, but have never measured the girth.

I was hanging out around the house just having a welcomed restful evening. It was about 10:00PM and I had decided to read out by my pool. It was cool for a summer night in Italy and I thought that I would take advantage of it. I was in a pair of shorts and a sleeveless shirt just starting to read. There was a lot of noise sounding like one of my neighbors was having a party. I thought back to the days when I used to hang out like that and the trouble I would get in. My daydreaming was broken up by two little voices calling for me “Mr. Tony” and then finally my gate buzzer rang. I went to the gate to be greeted by young Barbara and Amy dressed in what looked to be pajamas.

Barbara is a cute little girl with dark hair and dimples. She is 13 and her body is growing quickly as displayed by her puffy nipples on her well budding breasts pushing against her thin almost transparent night shirt which is kind of pre-teen type lingerie and her plump butt cheeks hanging out the bottom of the matching shorts. Barbara is caught in the middle of the change from a tomboy to a girl as her body is developing into all woman, but she still wants to play with lizards and bugs as well as getting dirty.

Amy is a beautiful young girl around 12 or 13 with reddish blonde hair and a thin athletic body. She is big in gymnastics and her body showed it. Her breasts seemed to be budding faster than Barbara’s, but it may be due to the thinner frame. She had on a sleeveless t-shirt cut down the sides showing the sides of her breasts when she turned, the shirt stopped about the middle of her butt and she had on some thin pajama pants with hello kitty on them. Amy was the quiet one out of the two but maintained a crooked smile most of the time and seemed to always be practicing her gymnastic moves, which seemed to annoy the less coordinated Barbara.

Barbara starts “Mr. Tony, our sisters and Maura went to that party and were not supposed to since my parents aren’t home this weekend. We snuck over to see what was going on and they seem to be drunk and getting in trouble. The Italian boys have them doing things and they are the only girls at the party.”

“OK, Barbara. You guys get to your house and call your parents. I will go get them.”

Amy piped up while leaned backwards with her hands on the ground arching her back, I noticed that her breasts were both now out of her shirt and I could see her pink puffy nipples on her firm B cup breasts. “Don’t I wish we could!”

Barbara added “Amy, your tits are showing and Mr. Tony just got an eyeful!” Amy slowly stood up watching me eye her breasts as she covered them up. Rather than being embarrassed she smiled from ear to ear. “Anyway, what she is talking about is that we propped the door open, but the wind closed it locking us out with no keys. Hopefully Bailey has her keys, but we won’t know until you go get them.”

“Ok then, I guess you should just come with me.” As I started walking towards the party each girl grabbed a hand.

When we arrived at the gate to the house it was open with a party sign on it. We walked around back to find Maura and Autumn wrestling in a small above ground pool. They seemed to be somewhat dressed. I found Bailey on the other side of the yard seemingly passed out in some guy’s lap who was groping on her. Telling the girls to wait where they were I walked over grabbing Bailey and kicking the guy’s chair backwards making him fall. A bunch of young guys came towards me as I eyed them walking to the pool telling the girls to get out of the pool. Paolo, the 20 year old that lived there with his parents, came out telling the other guys to stay back. “Leave him alone, he will fuck all of you up without even putting the girl down.” Eyeing the others watching as they obeyed “Sorry sir, we were just having fun. The girls came over uninvited and ended up drinking way too much. No one has done anything to them other than to watch the show they are putting on. I told them to leave about an hour ago, but they didn’t listen.”

I nodded turning as the guy I kicked over started to get up cussing. Paola went over slapping him hard on the back of the head “You dipshit, shut up before you get killed.”

All three girls were wet and muddy as we helped them towards my house. I carried Bailey whose shirt was totally transparent showing her firm D cup breasts and she had on spandex shorts. Autumn and Maura were dressed much the same except they had spandex body suits on under their wet t-shirts so that their breasts were not on as much of display as Bailey’s. If she had worn a bra, then someone took it off. “Do you guys know if Bailey had her house keys? These two locked the door without them.”

Autumn said in her slur “None of us had any pockets, so we figured that Barbara and Amy would let us in when we came back.”

Maura jumped in “I guess we are in trouble?”

“We will talk about that later. Let’s just get you guys cleaned up and make sure that Bailey is ok.” I had the two younger girls hold Bailey as I opened the gate. Bailey then puked all over herself and it splattered all over the two.

Maura is young around 14 with strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, a seductive smile, D cup breasts on a swimmer’s muscular frame. Her smile is seductive as she has great lips and is yet the innocent “looking” type.

Bailey is a tall thin 15 year old brunette with braces and DD breast that really stand out on her thin model type frame. Even though she is kind of the geeky awkward type she is a very beautiful and sexy looking girl with her long thin legs and big breasts.

Autumn is 16 with olive skin, dark hair and bushy eyebrows. She is Amy’s sister and just as attractive with a thick womanly athletic body with breasts about the same size, but not as predominant on her frame. A nice thick bubble booty that she had started to realize was an asset she wanted to show off.

Once we got into the gate “well, we are not going in my house like this. Who is clean and dry enough to go in and get us some towels?”

Amy pulled off her pants standing there in just her little t-shirt. I can go, my shirt is long enough to cover me up. I watched her muscular ass that was only half covered as she went up the stairs and into the house.

Autumn and Maura sat quietly by my pool looking at the ground. Maura pulled her legs of the spandex back “that hurts showing Autumn. It looks like a bite with two small holes.”

Autumn stood and turned “I hurt on my butt” pulling her shorts up exposing her cheek.

Maura looked “you have one too! I bet that snake was real, I thought it was rubber the way that guys grabbed it out of the pool and threw it over the fence.”

I asked “What snake? Did you see what it looked like?”

Autumn answered almost crying “no, I didn’t see it. It was dark and I thought it was fake too. We were wrestling and I did not feel it bite me.”

Barbara picked up my IPAD “Let me see what we need to do.” As Maura and Autumn went to my outdoor shower to clean off.

Bailey reached back to catch herself groping my crotch as I moved her to keep her from vomiting on me. She settled once she understood that I was still holding her, yet did not move her hand that was holding my semi erect penis. Amy came out with an armful of towels. The towels had her shirt pulled up showing me that she was not wearing anything under it. I got a good look, then looked away realizing how wrong that was.

Barbara was still reading the IPAD as she sat it on the chair stripping down and putting a towel on. Either not realizing that she showed me everything or not thinking she had anything that anyone would care about. I guess it was the tomboy thing. Amy said “Barbara, what are you doing getting naked in front of Mr. Tony?”

She kind of blushed and then blew it off “I am sure that he has seen plenty of naked women.” She did not realize that she now had decent sized breasts and a nice chubby booty. She also had a dark tuft of unshaven hair above her little slit.

Amy responded “I guess you are right” turning to take towels to the other two. As they came out I took Bailey to the shower.

“Why don’t you guys wash Bailey off?”

“I think we probably had too much to drink. We need to sit down before we start puking too. We also want to see what has to be done about these bites.” Replied Autumn.

“There is only one towel left. Please send someone in to get another one for me.”

I took Bailey into the shower pulling her shorts and shirt off. She had nothing on underneath it giving me full view of her beautiful long body. Bailey had a flat yet soft little pooch belly and a shadow of dark hair stubble where it looked as though she normally kept a landscaped landing strip with a beautiful slit that seemed to be a bit swollen. Her nickel sized areolas puffed into nipples and were hardening from the breeze. I held her up washing her off groping her breasts and running my finger into her slit. I turned her around holding her against me as I washed her back off. As I pressed her against me my now full erection poked between her legs as she let loose pissing all over me. I ran the water over her to clean the piss off of her legs moving her to the sitting position in a nearby chair and covering her with the last towel.

I then pulled off my piss soaked shorts and took off my t-shirt washing off. I turned as I heard Barbara just outside “I told them that we need to suck the poison out of their bites just in case” stopping mid sentence as she was looking at my erection. “Oops, I am sorry. I should have waited until you were done” eyes still locked on my cock.

Amy came up handing me a towel “Om my god, that’s what a real one looks like!”

Barbara added “Yep and I would guess that it’s a big one” Letting Amy know that she saw it first. I grabbed the towel drying off and covering it up.

“I guess we might as well stay since we already saw it” said Amy with a big smile on her face still fixated on my erection making it harder. “It looks swollen, does it hurt?”

Barbara added “I guess that’s a boner. I have heard Bailey and her friends talking about playing with them.”

“Oooh, can we play with it?” asked Amy.

“No, just go back over there while I finish drying off.” They huffed and walked away.

I put the towel around my waist and picked up Bailey taking her over to the lounge chairs. I laid her down with the towel wrapped around her, then she adjusted opening the towel so her breasts were out and her pussy was showing.

As I turned around Amy jumped on me with her legs wrapped around me giving me a hug. My hands caught her by her ass and her legs kicked off my towel. “Thanks for helping us Mr. Tony” sliding back down so that my cock was pointing up between the cheeks of her ass. I bent down with her light body in my arms picking up the towel. Standing up my erection moved between our bodies as I put her down wrapping the towel around me.

“OK now, let’s see the bites you are talking about.”

Maura and Autumn said in unison “Barbara wants to suck the poison out of them, but we won’t let her.”

Autumn continued “Mine is on my butt and I am not letting that girl suck on my butt. Maura’s is on her thigh close to her privates and she does not want it either.”

Barbara comes over with the IPAD sitting on my leg “look, it says that there is a little poison in every bite even if not fatal. They can get infected and then they will get really sick.” I could feel her naked ass and warm little pussy on my leg. She was rocking on my leg as she talked which pushed my towel open enough for my erection to peek out resting against the outside of her thigh. She moved the IPAD looking down and seeing my cock against her leg placing the IPAD back over it, but not moving her leg.

I was getting overly excited “Ok, I guess I should look at them to see if they look like the ones in the pictures. That is unless you can check them yourselves and are comfortable that they are ok.”

“Well, we want you to look at them, but they are in places that we are not sure that you should see” answered Maura.

Barbara jumped in “I am sure that he has seen them before. Plus, you guys were almost getting naked for those guys you did not even know for no reason.” My cock twitched against her leg and she jumped a bit then pushed her leg harder against it. When she jumped her towel became loose half falling off, but she did not seem to notice. I could feel heat coming from her little pussy against my leg and she was starting to squirm a bit more.

Amy jumped in “He has seen Barbara and Bailey naked, it was no big deal.”

Maura gave in “I am scared, so I would like for you to look at it.” Autumn then gave in “me too, I guess”.

I picked Barbara up to the standing position and her towel fell off, but she just left it there. I rubbed the warm spot on my leg and felt wetness, looking between her legs I could see that her labium was swollen around her puffy slit that was glistening in the light. She blushed and picked up the towel covering her pussy up but leaving her top uncovered with her puffy little nipples now hardened.

Maura stood in front of me opening her towel. I couldn’t see, so I picked her foot up putting it on my thigh. I reached up pressing my thumbs on both sides of the two holes. Her body quivered as my left hand brushed against her naked slit as one of the holes was only about an inch from it. “It is red and starting to swell a bit” taking her foot and putting it back on the ground. Autumn came over lifting her towel a bit with her back to me. I pushed her shoulders down a bit to bend her forward. The two little marks were on the bottom of her right cheek almost at her crack. As she leaned forward it gave me a great view of her bubble but and I could see her swollen camel toe up between her legs. I reached up placing a thumb on each side which placed my fingers all over her ass. As I pushed it opened her cheek up enough that I could see her anus “yep, her bite is the same.”

Barbara moved sitting on my lap “Let me see” and Maura leaned over my other shoulder looking. Autumn jumped a bit when I placed my thumbs back up there pressing to show them. With the angle of my arms around Barbara my finger was now resting on her anus.

“Let me see my sister’s bite” as Amy pushed her way between my arms. My towel had opened and the head of my cock was now poking up between Barbara’s legs. She started to fall back and I jerked catching her by her ass and my other hand shot between Autumn’s legs grabbing her thigh just below her slit. Amy’s ass was pressed against my face and the head of my cock was now pressing against Barbara’s clitoris and she shivered a bit as I held her ass pushing her up off of my lap. “Oops, sorry about that. I just wanted to see.”

I covered up “so what do you guys want to do? Do you want one of us to try to suck the stuff out or do you just want to wait to see what happens?” I know damn well that there are not any poisonous snakes in the area, but hell if I can put my mouth that close to Maura’s little pussy and on Autumn’s ass I might as well play along.

“Well, I don’t want to wait, but there is no way for this not to be embarrassing. Even though I have drank a lot I am still embarrassed” stated Maura.

Realizing my hand was still between Autumn’s legs and that she had not moved away, I pressed it up against her slit and then pulled it out. A bit flustered “yeah, me too or me either” Autumn added.

“So do you want me to call your parents to see what they want to do or have them meet us at the hospital?”

“No way, we would be in so much trouble for drinking. Plus they would be pissed for having to come home early from their trip!” responded Autumn.

“We will have to call them anyway to get into your house.”

“No, the neighbors have an emergency key. It is too late now, but we can get it in the morning if we can stay here?” Autumn asked.

“Ok, well someone needs to suck out the poison then we need to clean the bites up.”

Barbara jumped in “I’ll do it, but then we have to keep pressure on them for a while until the blood clots. It says that the venom causes the blood to thin in the area so we have to push on it once we get it out.”

Maura jumped in “I know this is too much to ask, but I would feel more comfortable if you would do it.”

Autumn agreed “Me too, I know that it is weird, but would you mind?”

“I guess there is no other choice.” I said as if I was giving in. “Maura’s was the reddest, I should probably start with her bite”

Maura sat on the lounge chair and I tried to get in position. “Lay her head back” and Autumn laid the chair flat. This pulled Maura’s towel open exposing her beautiful pussy. She had reddish orange hair above her pussy in a big V. “I guess the carpet does not match the drapes” trying to lighten the mood.

Maura turned bright red “I put blonde in my hair because I do not like how bright red it is” covering up.

“Don’t worry, pulling her hand away. I think it is beautiful” I could not believe I just said that out loud and figured that they would all now run from the pervert.

“Really, you like it?” Smiling ear to ear as I nodded in response.

“I am not sure how to get a good angle without just diving between your legs” She smiled again at that thought.

Amy chimed in “just grab her ankles and put her feet behind her head! I can do it!”

Autumn jumped in “it is amazing, she really can! Let her show you.”

Amy sat with her legs up and spread fully exposing her beautiful little pussy “grab my feet and push them behind my head” I followed instruction “Now push up on my bottom and they will lock in” I reached my hands under her ass looking face to face with her sweet little pussy placing a thumb on each side of it as I pushed up.

“I see that you really have red hair too” I said with a smile.

“Really, where?” she asked.

“Right here!” as I laid my hand on her pussy and pulled on a few little red hairs. She reached down between her knees grabbing the hairs while looking down.

“Oh yeah, I do.” Then she ran her finger down across her slit.

“Amy, stop that! Sorry, ever since she broke her own hymen in gymnastics and the doctor checked her out she won’t quit frigging herself.” Autumn stated.

“What? She broke her own hymen in gymnastics? How the hell did that happen?” I asked.

“Yep, the doctor said it is normal when girls get really flexible or do the bar and saw horse stuff. The doctor got way up in there and it felt awesome, now I love the way my fingers feel inside.” I looked over seeing that she was knuckle deep and shaking my head. “It’s true, do you want to feel it for yourself?”

Autumn jumped in “Just stop you little horny slut!!!”

Amy added “Ok, maybe later” pulling her legs back down. Her breasts now exposed from her movements.

I went back over to Maura who now had her towel open exposing her belly and red pubic hair like she was proud of it. I could now see her washboard stomach. “Damn, a six pack too?” she blushed proudly and smiled as I moved down between her legs.

As I got closer I could see that she had swollen up and her little lips were poking out of her glistening little slit. “I broke my hymen during swim team last year” Maura added.

I turned looking directly at her pussy as my head was already down there “how the hell does that even happen? I did not know that swim team and gymnastics were such extreme sports!” Maura laughed placing her hand over her slit I placed my left hand under her ass and my right hand on her thigh as I moved in and started sucking on her bite. My left thumb was resting on her fingers that covered her slit and she raised her ass up off of the lounge as I started sucking. I shifted a bit closer to her slit and my goatee was tickling her inner thigh. She wiggled a bit moving her hand to lift herself up and giggled which moved her pussy across my lips and then she pushed back so that my thumb was directly on her slit. She froze there and I put pressure on her increasingly wet pussy.

I pulled back checking out the bite. “It is still a bit red” as I moved my finger off of her honey hole and under her ass pulling her up higher to be more comfortable. She dropped down onto her shoulders and her towel fell all the way open.

“Oh shit!” and she started to cover up.

“Don’t move, let me get this done!” as I shifted under her body looking between her legs now holding her ass with both hands much like I would be if I was going to be eating her out. I looked up her body from between her legs across her six pack and her firm D cup breasts with nice bright pink dime size areolas and hard little nipples. “Holy shit, this seems so wrong but right at the same time. You have a sexy ass body.”

“Thanks, it is strange but I kind of like it.” She smiled from ear to ear. I could smell her sweet pussy and noted that she had now fully bloomed. I started sucking the bite again moving a little to the left so that my mouth was on the left of her labium moving my left hand so that the palm was on her pussy. I placed some pressure on it and she actually moaned a bit. I finished pulling my hand off her now more visibly wet pussy. I could smell her on my hand with wetness on my palm. Without thinking I licked my palm. “Ewwww, why did you do that?” dropping her body down on top of me. Her ass pushed my towel open and my cock sprang out sticking up between us just an inch from her pussy. “Holy crap that’s a big cock, I mean boner, I mean penis…” I reached down to cover up, but my towel was stuck under her ass. Trying to move off of my towel she pushed up with her hands which scooted her down pushing her wet pussy against my rock hard cock. I wiggled as I pulled the towel. This rubbed my cock up and down her slit pressing through her swollen little lips. Her body shuddered when the tip hit her swollen nub. She reached up pulling herself up on my lap with the shaft of my cock pressed against her pussy. “I have never felt one like this and it feels awesome. I have only given handjobs, but not to something that big. How is it so hard? Did I make it like that?”

I could only nod in response as I knew I could blow any minute. She smiled reaching down and feeling the head of my cock. To my surprise she started to direct it into her wet little pussy. I pulled her up covering my cock. “Whoa, although I would love to I need to work on Autumn’s bite.”

“You mean that you want to or you will let me?” she asked surprised.

“Does that surprise you or something?” she answered with a nod. I whispered in her ear “it took all of my strength not to eat you when I was that close to you without tasting what smelled so sweet.”

She kissed my cheek “I wish you would have, I am so turned on and no one has ever done that to me, just my boyfriend fumbling around with his finger.” She reached down coming back with a wet finger putting it in my mouth.

The other girls were looking at the IPAD and talking. I went over and sat by Autumn, My balls and cock were throbbing and I was so damn horny I had lost my inhibitions. When I sat down Amy was sitting next to me and Barbara was sitting across from me. I opened my legs letting my towel open enough that my cock popped out from the cover. Autumn couldn’t see it as she was facing the other direction and I left it out as if I did not know it. Amy looked down and Barbara looked over locking their eyes on it.

As I positioned my self to suck on Autumn’s bite I gazed at her amazing strong bubble butt. I could see her camel toe down between her cheeks, I guess what she saw me doing to Maura and the thought of me sucking on her ass must have gotten her excited as her labium looked swollen and slick with wetness. I could also smell the sweet musky odor of her sex. This made my cock twitch and some juice to flow from the tip.

Autumn placed her hand over her slit bending over and I rested my fingers on top of it with my thumb just to the left of her bite. I couldn’t help it and let my thumb slide to her anus as I started sucking on her bite. I felt her hand start to wiggle under mine as I went to work on her bite and massaging her anus letting my hand be moved by her movement. I pulled away to check the bite “Let me see” yelped Amy leaning forward brushing my cock as she used her hand to prop herself up with her hand on my other thigh. As she did the towel slid with her hand off of my leg and I had to catch her. Grabbing quickly I ended up with one hand holding her breast and on grabbing her ass. Her other hand grabbed by cock and gripped it tightly. I tried to pick her up still holding her breast sliding my hand under her ass. I could feel her wet little pussy under my fingers and decided to take advantage of it sliding my finger through her little slit and rubbing her swollen nub. I hooked my finger as I slid her back up so that it slid back between her swollen little lips and pressed down to one knuckle into her slick hole. She pressed down trying to get more in her tight little twat, but I pulled it away.

My cock was still fully exposed and in Amy’s hand. “Oh my god, I am so sorry. I just wanted to see. I grabbed your boner by mistake.” I cut her off.

“You can let go now. You almost broke it, it is not a handle.”

Autumn turned around “Damn it Amy, holy shit that is a big one. Let go Amy.”

“Well ok, did I hurt it?” she stroked it softly “It has juices coming out”. Now Maura even got up to take a look. Amy swiped some up on her finger smelling it and then tasting it. “Ummm, not bad” so they all followed suit touching the head of my erection.

“You guys need to stop or it is going to blow” they all looked at it again “Let me finish with Autumn so I can go take care of it.”

“What does he mean “blow” and how will you take care of it?” asked Amy. Autumn bent down whispering in her ear. “Oh, so you frig yourself too?

Maura piped up “he gives himself a handjob, frigging is what we I mean you do” I turned looking at her and she turned beat red yet was still smiling. “Maybe he will let me help him.” Autumn then looked at me and smiled and then they all laughed. We heard a moan from Bailey.

Autumn then got a mischievous grin “We shouldn’t leave her out. Let’s let her taste it as well.”

“How do you plan on doing that?”

“Well, she was the one that had the idea to go out and then started all of that shit over there. Let’s put it in her mouth like she is giving you a blowjob.” I was game for anything and stood up walking over there.

“Blowjob? What is that?” asked Amy. Maura then laughed and whispered in her ear. Barbara then gave Maura a look and she told her too.

Autumn walked up next to me “Let me help” reaching out grabbing my cock and placing it on Bailey’s lips. She stroked it a little so that the lubricant was flowing like a river out of the tip. Bailey’s mouth actually opened a bit so I pushed forward feeling her tongue then pulling back.

Barbara came up “Let me do it, it is my sister” she grabbed my cock pushing it back towards her sister’s lips. This time she rolled over away from it so Barbara leaned in and licked the lubricant from the tip.

“Hold on, your going to get a face full!” sitting down to finish on Autumn even though I knew she did not need it. I loved having her beautiful ass in my mouth. We got going again in the same position and then I noticed that Autumn actually had a finger in her pussy. I reached forward grabbing her hand and she let up moving her hand. I replaced her finger with mine and she bent over further to give me better access. I moved my mouth over tonguing her ass while I buried a finger as far as I could into her sopping wet pussy. The others came back by and she stood back up a bit making me pull my finger out and lick back to her bite. Autumn’s legs were still open enough that I could rub her clit. Her body started to shudder as her orgasm hit and her towel dropped off. She was still shaking as she bent down at the waist to pick it up and I could not help myself. I pressed my face between her legs and licked her pussy causing her to press back against me and moan as this intensified her orgasm.

“Autumn, are you ok?” asked Amy. Autumn nodded and Maura laughed. Once her orgasm settled and her juices were all over my face I licked the rest of her amazing ass.

I stood up and she hugged me “Oh my god that was great! I hope you will do that to me again sometime” kissing me on the lips as I cupped her D cup breasts.

I let go and Amy said “look it is dripping again” and then she latched on sucking the head of my cock into her mouth. Damn that felt great. She continued licking it like an ice cream cone and then sucked it in again. It all happened so quick and I needed it so bad that I had not stopped it and boom I shot a rope of cum on her face. She licked her lips and was ready to hit it again until Barbara pushed her out of the way licking it and taking a rope into her mouth causing her to gag. Maura reached over pumping the rest out with her hand and then licking it clean.


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