I wake up early this morning looking at my husband waking
up from his sleep. He turns to me and whisper in my ear telling
me he wants to fuck me good before he leaves for his trip.
I am ready when you are I tell him. He begin by caressing and
sucking by breast which starts me to getting moist. I start
wiggling in bed want more of him. His finger makes it to my
open pussy going in and out sending me to a frenzy. We are
kissing and getting wild in bed with uncontrollabe urges
and my pussy opens wider for all he has to offer. He moves
down to suck my pussy and it's juices. I grab his head
as to lead him to a better spot which he was already there.
As he continue I cum even more. He tell me I want to fuck you
now. I say no let me suck your dick baby I want to suck you good.
I move to hold his dick in my hand and put it in my mouth and
suck him so good that say baby I feel like I am going to cum.
please don't not yet baby I need to feel your dick in
me. He climbs on top and put his Dick inside me and moves it
inside and out fucking me so good making me cum back to back.
I start to moan so loud he places his hand over my mouth as
to say someone is going to hear me. He turns to look at the
time and says Oh my, we have to hurry baby time is a ticking.
I tell his no I need more. Just as I say that He starts to cum
with me saying no not yet. After that I new it was over as always
with me needing more. I smile saying to be continued.

He starts getting dressed saying It's a good thing
we got things packed last night. Yes it is gritting my teeth.
I reminded him that my brother is coming to town and would
be staying here while in town. He says that is good he doesn't
have to worry as much. After dropping him off at the airport,
I drive to the store to get some things. On the way home I looked
at my watch and I could remembered what time my brother was
to arrive, I was late. So I hurried home to see someone setting
on the doorsteps. As I got closer I realized it has been awhile
since I seen him. He looked very handsome to me.

I run up to him smiling and hugging him saying how nice it
is to finally see him. Same here sis he says with a strange
look in his eyes. Just than I rememberd that I did not have
a bra on. Since I was just dropping my husband Off and thought
I would have more time to get home before he arrived. He help
me bring in the groceries in the house. We set and talked
about things we did as we were growing up as kids. Just than
I friend calls me and ask if I was still coming to the party?
I told her I forgotten and that my husband was on a business
trip. She says that is ok. Knowing it was an adult party I
told here my brother was in town if he could come also? The
more the merrier she says. As I get off the phone I mention
it to him he say most definitly.

As I excuse my self to go get a quick shower, I show him where
his room would be. I prepare myself for the pary what I would
wear to the party and and what I would change into at the party.
Getting ready I yell to my brother I will be out in a bit so
you can take yours. I go into the bathroom start running
the shower wanting it to get to right temperature nice and
hot. I start getting undressed getting ready to step in.
Out of the corner of my eye I see a shadow which scared me and
remember my brother was here, realizing the door was not
closed all the way I stepped out to close it and he was standing
right there.

He tells me he was sorry for looking but could not help it.
He says that his little sister has grown into a beautiful
shapely women. He opens the door more and takes my hand leading
me to his room I tell him no when inside I was saying please
yes. He lays me on the bed looking at my body. He starting to caress
my nipples slowly making me moan leading to licking and
sucking my breast. I could feel his dick getting bigger
between my legs. He says sis are you ready for this Dick I
tell him yes. He leads his dick into my wet pussy going deeper
each time he goes down. I tell him brother we should not be
doing this, but it feels so good. Yes I tell him.

We continue for a little longer remembering the party we
hurry to take a show yes saving water we take one together.
We get dressed and are on our way to the party. The drive is
very quit we both think about what just happened. We both
knowing that it must not happen again.

As we pull up in the driveway he says to me between me and you
right sis? Yes between me and you. As we make it into the party
it seems like a big turn out. Everyone is talking and smiling
introductions are made and we go our seperate ways. I start
mingling with past hook ups that were at last parties and
wanting to feel them again. Trying to remove what happen
today from my mind.

Everyone starts taking partners doing what they want to
each other. But I wanted to give it a try. AS I make it acoss
the room I notice this nice looking brother looking as though
not knowing where to start. I walk up to him and ask is this
his first party, he tell me yes. Since the party is just beginning
would you like me to show you the ropes. He tells me yes with
that equipment that you have. Sounds good to me. We search
for a space in the room to start making each other happy.

He takes his hands start moving all over my body which feels
very good. Mind on his which feels even better. I lay back
as he moves to my breast and starts caressing them, moving
his lips to licking my the nipples , making me swarm. My body
feeling things that under normal feeling I haven't
felt in a long time. From my husband of many years. He sucks
my nipples even harder making me moan as I feel myself getting
ready to cum within seconds. He moves his hands down my body
leading to my Pussy, as he reaches the opening he takes his
finger and stick it in my pussy sayin it is going to be a very
tight fit. I tell him I am game if you are. But first I want
to feel your dick in my mouth to get an ideal on what I have
in store for my pussy.

Not before I suck on that Pussy while I am down here. He lifts
my ass up off the floor and takes his head to where the opening
of my pussy is and starts licking my clit making me moan to
the point of almost screaming. He suck me like no man before.
sticking his tougue into my hole feeling him suck my juices.
I feel my body shaking from it feeling so good. I tell him
with my struggle breath please it feels so good. I want to
suck your dick now, I want it now. give me a few more please
he says your juices taste so sweet. He continues I grab my
legs to try to keep control and just as I think I have it he
pulls something to make me release that control. All of
a sudden he releases me and says bring it on.

Wow I hope I can make you feel as good as you made me feel. I
know you will he says. I go down to his already big dick and
take it in my mouth yes it already is a tight fit in my mouth.
I start sucking it feeling him tightening his body with
each suck that do. He says yes baby it is feeling very good
to me. I am very happy I said. But is just starting. He moves
his body so I could get more in my mouth (if possible) and
I suck even harder making him moan moving his dick to where
he wanted it. I feel him getting bigger and loving ever inch
in my mouth. Going in and out making me gag and wanting more.

To my surprise he removes my mouth off his Dick and tells
me he can't wait anymore he need my Pussy. He looks at
his Dick and say do you think you can take all this Dick? I
really want to try. Well as wet as you are going to be after
I am finish sucking that Pussy again that is a good start.
He reaches down to my Pussy again he was right my Pussy just
started flowing again, like it new he was back again. I was
dripping wet when he moved to take his Dick and put into my

The head started moving into my Pussy as he said slowly going
in and out. My Pussy has never felt something so big coming
into it. Going in and out he was making slow progress he says
baby are you ok? Yes was my replyed you can work it more baby
I want to feel you go into my Pussy alittle more, as soon as
I said that he pick up making moan open my Pussy wider and
yes it felt so good. It was going in and I was taking each in
as he takes to the spot. He feels me moving to take it whispers
in to my ear is it going now catching my breath I say yes. I
am so full of Dick right now baby give me more I want it all.
I felt him go even deeper into my Pussy thinking there was
no more room but damn was I wrong. I let out this moan that
I have never heard before and he said I am there.

From there on he worked my pussy going in and out. he whisper
in my ear saying baby it is coming can u handle my load it is
going to be like thunder. Like your Dick I want it all. So
bring it to me. He takes me and turns me on my stomach and says
I want to give you this load on doggy style can you take it?
I want it all I said. He led his Dick into my Pussy with me on
my stomach and saids lift that ass I am going to work this
Pussy out. In my mind I said Damn I thought it could not get
any better. He starts going in /out making his way back in
going faster and faster. My Pussy starts grabbing his Dick
hoping it can handle the thrust that was coming it's
way so far it is going good. Just than he grabs my ass and slams
my Pussy with great force to let me know that it is on it's
way. He keep going with each thrust being more harder and
me loving it even more. All of a sudden he grabs me even harder
and his load is released into my Pussy feeling every drop
going into my Pussy. He holds my ass as to steady himself.
When we both opened our eyes we could see everyone lookin
at us.

Wow I guess it was as good to them as it was us. I look to the
crowd to see if my brother was around having as good of a time
as I was. I did not see him which made me wonder where he was.
I looked to the hunk he could tell that I had enjoyed myself
more the the law allows. He says that he appreciate the intro to the party and he hopes
to see and feel me again, For sure.

I dressed myself up to see what is going on with my brother
just to make sure he was enjoying himself as much as I was.
If not more. I walked around looking at all the Dicks and
Pussy hitting each others. People having what looks like
a great time. I looked around to what seems to be my brother
in a corner of the room. I look and see the person that is enjoying
herself is know other than the host of the party. It seems
that they were having a great time. So I left them alone.

I went to the bathroom to wash up. After washing myself and
feeling fresh again. As I was walking though the rest of
the house looking and wondering what I could get myself
into again. I keep walking and find a seat to sat at out of
the way. I make it to where I think I am going to sat. But just
As I am about to sat, a nice looking man taps me on my shoulder
and ask If I am free for round of very good Dick. I tell him
yes I guess I am. I tell him where will we go for this good Dick?
He tells me yes it is pretty full. He tell me why not here since
we are here. Yes that is fine. I enjoy his his touch which
has made me feel relax again sucking on my nipples. He me
down going towards my Pussy and me feeling fresh and wand
wanting more dick in my Pussy again. Anyways he takes his
head and goes down to my pussy and starts licking my pussy
making it come alive again.

I take my finger to my clit rubbing it making myself hotter
with each rub. He sticks his finger deeper into my pussy
making me ask for more. Know problem he says. He moves his
finger even deeper into my pussy making me moan even more.
I reach my hand down to feel his Dick in my hand and loving
each inch. I turned myself so I could suck his and he could
continue suck and playing with my Pussy. I lick the tip of
his Dick feeling his dick thicken in my hands. I start sucking
him even harder feeling him about to cum. I ask him can u work
my Pussy now? Yes I can he says. I climb onto his Dick leading
it to my Pussy. I opened wider for his Dick to make it into
My Pussy letting it Slid deeper into me. I say to him ride
it deeper I want it all.

He lifts me up to get a better angle turning me so his Dick
can go deeper. Slide more deeper inside me making me more
satisfied. He turns me sideways riding me harder making
me feel every inch he has. It was feeling so good. He tells
me baby I want you to get on top so you can ride me so we can Cum
together. That will be different I said, I lift up and staddle
him and put his Dick inside me and start going up and down.
Feeling my pussy Cumming I start moving faster and Cumming
more. He grabs me by my hips and starts lifting me and bring
me down with a slam. The faster he moves me the more I Cum.
My Pussy could feel his Dick getting thicker and hard meaning
he is getting ready to release his load. He times my Cumming
to meet his release and it does with avengence with my Pussy
holding on.

I lay there trying to gather my strength which takes a few
minutes. I get up and make my way to the restrooms to was my
pussy and think this is one of the best paties that I been
to in awhile. My Pussy has had it share today feeling veryt
relaxed. As I make it to where everyone is gathered I see
there is a game being started. They are just starting placing
couples with blindfolds meaning you have a mystery partner
with everyone involved. I put my blindfold on not knowing
who it will be.

Some takes my hand and leads me to a location on the mat on
the floor. I lay there wondering what is going to happen
and who is this person that I am about to have sex with. The
next thing I know is that he is sucking on my Clit and moving
to my Pussy it is feeling good to me. I am loving every thing
that is happening to me. He gets up and places his Dick into
my mouth. I suck him good feeling his Dick rising in my mouth.
Loving it all.

I play with his Dick hands licking the tip with my thong suck
as I go. He takes me and lay me down on the mat. He leads his
Dick to my Pussy and start handling me real good making wonder
who this wonderful Dick belongs too. He continues riding
me harder make me cum. I open my Pussy wide making it easier
for all that Dick to work my Pussy. I could feel his getting
ready to release in me and he does, it felt great.

As I lay there catch my breath, I start taking the blindfold
off to see who was taking care of my Pussy. As I turn to look
at him My mouth opened wide with amazment It was my brother.
I was surprised to say the least.
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