You stand out in the crowded room, I cannot help but glance your way time and time again, the party continues around me, happy people, drinking and yelling loudly in each other’s ears trying to be heard over the music. I mingle amongst friends and begin to feel a slight buzz even though I have only consumed one alcoholic drink, my eyes wander once again in your direction to find you glancing my way, our eyes lock and I feel a charge between us, a party goer bumps into me and the moment is broken as apologies are screamed in my ear. Composure resumed I look up in the hope of catching your eye again, but you are in conversation with a lady seated next to you.
Whilst enjoying the flow of conversation with friends I spot you on the dance floor, your movements so fluid and natural, I cannot help but stare, our eyes meet again, this time my body reacts, surprising me, my body heat rises, my pussy begins to pulse, I feel my face flush and you smile at me in a way that makes me think that you know what my body is doing, but that is ridiculous right?
As the night draws to a near, I decide to call a cab and make my way back to my motel, I am tiring and glad that I had decided to stay in the city the night rather than try to get home at such a late hour, a quick cab ride and I will be not long out of bed., I say my good byes and make my way to the exit, I glance around hoping for one last eye contact with you, but you are nowhere to be seen, feeling a little disappointed, I walk out into the warm night air, My Taxi cab pulls up to the curb and as I walk toward it a flash of someone hurries by me and opens the door, at first I think someone is stealing my cab but I quickly realise it is you standing there holding the door open for me, I approach, step beside you as I hear your deep sexy voice, ‘may I share your cab with you?’ I shiver and nod politely, not trusting my voice, I climb in and you slide in beside me, ‘where to?’ you ask, I give the driver the name of my motel and you chuckle, I look at you questioningly, I do not have to wait for an answer as you tell the driver that it is also the same motel you are staying in.
The short ride is intense as no more words are spoken but our inability to stop looking into each other’s eyes says more than words could explain, once more my body heat rises only this time it is more like a smouldering flame, my pussy begins to throb with desire, but surely this cannot be happening, I do not even know your name, before I know it you are paying the cab fare and opening the car door, I slide over and you take my hand to assist me out of the cab, an electric shock runs through my veins at our first touch, once out of the cab you do not let go of my hand, instead you lightly pull me closer to your side, ‘join me for a drink in the bar, I would love to look upon your beautiful face a while longer without us being distracted’ I blush and let you lead me inside to the bar, your strong hand placed lightly on the small of my back, we settle into a quiet corner, you sit close and order us both a liqueur. Your sexy scent arouses me and I unconsciously shift a little closer, your warm sweet breath tantalizes my skin as you speak, ‘I have been trying to get your attention all night, I have not been able take my eyes off you’ A thrill runs down my spine with your words, ‘I found myself constantly searching the room for you,’ finally I have found my voice, it sounds much more calmer than I feel, your lips brush along my ear and I softly moan, your hand comes to rest on my leg just below the hem of my dress, the small little kisses from my ear down along my jawline are exquisite, I hold my breath as you teasingly run your lips over mine, finally you crush your lips against my own, our kiss is passionate and deep, we both linger not wanting to stop, still kissing me you gently rise to your feet pulling me with you, I am unaware as I am intoxicated by the way you kiss me, our kiss breaks and we make our way to the elevators, once more no words are spoken, our bodies and the need to be close to each other says enough.
In the elevator our kissing and petting becomes a little more frantic, your hands slide up under my dress, pushing it up higher revealing the tops of my thigh high stockings and then up over my bottom, out bodies pressed up hard against each other and our mouths and tongues explore and dance, the doors open and you lead me to your motel room.
The longing in my groins is exuberated as you push me up against the door to your room, pinning me as your wet mouth devours mine sending exhilarating tingles through my veins as you casually unlock your door, I feel the absence of the door and step backward as we continue to kiss, using your foot to gently close the door behind you, your hands roam all over my back, down my arms and back up again, one hand comes up and holds the back of my head as your other hand squeezes my firm bottom, I am entranced by you but to soon you pull away, you smell my hair and tell me I smell good enough to eat, I want your lips back on mine I want to suck on your lip, nibble it, instead you take my hand in yours bring it up and run it across your cheek, your lips part ever so slightly, the fire inside me begins to burn even brighter, I watch mesmerised as you open up my hand turn it over, kiss my palm, then each of my fingers in turn, I moan as you suck my middle finger into your mouth, your tongue circles my finger and you suck so gently, I moan as pleasure curses through my tummy and fuels my fire further, my other hand till now has been motionless, trapped in the spell you have me under, I reach up with it place it on your chest fiddle with your buttons on your shirt trying to undo them with one hand, you look deep into my eyes, release my hand and undo the buttons of your shirt, exposing the muscles of your chest and stomach my hands push your shirt to either side then run up over your chest, your excitement straining in your jeans grabs my attention I push up against you hard as you lift my chin and kiss me, your hands slide down my arms as I push your shirt off, it falls to the ground as our kissing becomes more hungry, your hands move around to my back, follow the zipper of my dress then slowly un zip it.
My dress unzipped your hands come up and brush my long hair behind my shoulders, then as you kiss my neck you slide one strap off my shoulder your lips trailing where the strap had been, I moan as you kiss my neck on the other side and slowly repeat the process, my dress floats to the ground, you gasp when you realise I am not wearing a bra, now clad in only a black g-string, suspenders, thigh high stockings and heels I wait for the feel of your caress on the flesh of my breast but instead you kiss me so tenderly that I forget to take a breath when the kiss ends, suddenly you scoop me up into your arms like an infant, my arms fly up around your neck as I let out gleeful giggle, you walk over to the side of the bed and gently lay me down, I shift up a little and smile as your eyes wander over my body, placing both hands on my thigh you slowly run them down over my stockings, down my leg picking up my foot so you can remove my black pump, my foot still and your hand you begin to kiss from my toes back up my leg, lowering my foot as you go, when you reach the top of my stockings you look into my eyes and say ‘you are so beautiful’ all I can do is blush, you place your hands on the top of my other thigh and as you make your journey down my stocking I cannot help but think I must be dreaming. Once my other pump is removed and placed ever so neatly with its partner on the floor, I watch as you remove your jeans, left in boxers I get to take in your powerful legs, you have an amazing body, your muscles ripple as you move about the room, dimming the lights and going to the mini bar fridge and returning with a bottle of wine, two glasses, some strawberries and a black cloth draped over your arm, I am mesmerized as you sit down beside me on the bed, you pour wine and I sit up as you offer me a glass, I take a sip then place it on the bedside drawers.
I am feeling very impatient as my desire needs to be quenched, I reach for you pull your head down into an urgent kiss, you respond as eagerly but then confuse me by pulling away, I go to speak but you put a finger to my lips ‘close your eyes’ you whisper softly, I look up into your face hovering above me, I close my eyes, your lips brush mine then your words breathe into me ‘keep them closed’ I feel the bed shift, smell your scent, a moment after I realise what the black cloth is for, you bind it around my head just tight enough for it to stay in place, ‘now babygirl, let me provoke your senses’ you lay me down and I wait for your touch, an almost inaudible soft whisper reaches my ear on a current of your warm sweet breath ‘ it’s like a dream having you here with me,’ then in a clearer whisper ‘taste’ you say this as I smell a strawberry then feel it on my lips, my mouth opens enough to take a small bite, the flavour erupts on my tongue, I have eaten many strawberries but this taste is the most exquisite I have ever encountered, your finger runs along my lips , they part and I taste the wine, you must have dipped your finger in it, my tongue licks at the tip of your finger, my hands reach out searching for you, you gather them up in one of your hands, bring them over my head , then you are kissing me so deeply , our tongues in a slow dance, My impatience grows again and I whimper and try to twist my body closer to yours, your other hand pushes my hip down firmly on the bed as you continue our kiss. The heat between my legs is demanding, I want so much to place my hand on my crotch and feel the heat radiating from my own lustful body, you kiss down my neck, your tongue flicking across my skin leaving behind burning flesh, your body shifts onto the bed beside me and I can’t help but rub my body against yours where I can as you continue to tease my skin, you must know just how torturous this is, I can smell my wetness, I am sure you can too, but you avoid all areas that need to be caressed, I struggle with your hold on my hands and manage to get them free, I reach up to remove the blindfold but you are to quick, my hands once more prisoners in yours, ‘please, please, I need you, I want,’ your lips on mine cut my sentence short, I can feel your erection on my leg and a guttural animalistic groan emanates from deep within me, you lift off the bed still holding my hands, I could cry! So many emotions and feelings raging inside me.
You flip me over onto my tummy, immediately bringing my arms behind me and securing them, then the feel of silk on my wrists, brings forth a little fear, but a fear of more waiting more longing before you finally will touch me, how long?
your kisses and petting continue, down the nape of my neck, light feathery touches over my back and spine I feel you straddle my legs knead my bottom cheeks with your hands making my g-string pull tight up against my wet swollen pussy, it feels good and I moan, the sound of the garter being unsnapped, the pull on my stockings as the tabs are unhooked all heightened by my lack of vision and fiery body and mind, I am pleased you are moving faster your need seeming to grow stronger as you quickly removes my g-string, nibbles to my bottom, hands roaming my hips and inner thighs, the weight of your body on my legs lift and your off the bed before I can protest I sigh in resignation and lay waiting for you silently, I hear you moving about then you say ‘babygirl sit up on your knees for me’ eager for you to return to the bed I do as you request awkwardly and I am rewarded with you joining me once more, sitting behind me seemingly also on your knees, oh yes , you have removed your boxers, your erection pressing into my lower back I gasp as the magnitude of its length and width becomes evident to me, my bound hands encircle the shaft as you cuddle into me from behind , gently pulling me back onto your torso, you kisses my neck and finally cups my breasts in your hands my juices flow forth in a gush as you flick my nipples and I get to finally enjoy touching you.
My movements become frantic as it dawns on me that you are only giving in to part of what I crave, I am certain that you too are craving the rut just as much as I? Why do you tease me so, torture yourself as well? I feel your pelvis pull away from my body taking your love muscle away from my restricted hands, a pleading groan very audibly relays my frustration, your response to my groan is to lick up my spine to my hairline at the base of my neck, my whole body shudders violently and I hear the lust in your voice as you say ‘yes’ but more to yourself than to me. A moment passes in silence , the sound of my heartbeat thunderous to my ears, fluttering touches of your fingertips at the back of my head, I suck in air as you tenderly undo the blindfold and nibble on my neck, I do not bother to open my eyes as the only thing I am interested in seeing is you but you are behind me out of my vision.
I lay my head back on your shoulder as your nibbles make their way up and down my neck, your arms encircling my body your hands once more reaching up and playing with my breasts, I am unable to stay still, my desire, my hunger becoming painfully frustrating, the thought of you just thrusting into me hard with no mercy on my small body makes me groan, I need it, I want it, My fingers search for you in vein, you move from behind and slide off the bed, I take in your naked form , my eyes hungrily taking in every inch of your form, you motion for me once more and I move to the edge of the bed, swing my legs around and stand up, you kiss me quickly and push me down so I am sitting on the bed, you step closer, spreading my legs with your own, your beautiful erect cock standing proud inches from my face, I look up at you and smiling you take yourself in your hand and slap your cock against my lips, Slowly with my mind in a cloud of pure bliss I open my mouth, you slap the tip of your cock on my bottom lip and my lips close around the bulbous head, my tongue licks at it covering the head in saliva, I begin to suck and am enjoying hearing your slight moans as my mouth envelopes your cock more and more.
My thoughts are of nothing but devouring your hard member, your hands reach down and grab my head on either side, you start to thrust in and out of my mouth, your movements gathering momentum I try to keep in rhythm but your strokes are reaching further and further down my throat, my lips stretching in an attempt to accommodate your width, I relax and stay still allowing you to take over, you keep thrusting harder and deeper until I am gagging on your length and am desperate for air, finally you stop and before I can really catch my breath you man handle my body so that I am lying on my back, you spread my legs wide and your mouth descends and sucks my clit hard, As you part my legs further, my hips rock, your fingers stroke me and enter my drenched pussy, I already am so close to orgasm and my hips rise and fall with the attention your fingers and your mouth to my clitoris you withdraw your fingers and replace them with your tongue, A warm gush of cum covers your mouth as my body shudders, like a feather you flip me over onto my tummy, my feet touching the floor, you grab at my hips and bring them up higher, I buck wildly as you rub your cock up and down my slit over and over, the head pushing up over my clit, I cannot take any more, pure animalistic lust takes over and I cry out to you, please, please no more, just take me, please fuck me now……..
You rub your cock once more over my stiff button and then down my wanting slit and apply slight pressure at my opening, with my hands still bound and my face buried into the sheets, I groan louder than ever, your hands holding my hips up high, my wet pussy clenching at your head, all driving me crazy. Fast and hard you thrust into me so very deep, I cry out in pain but also with the pleasure of you finally being inside me, the lips and walls of my vagina being stretched wide by your enormity, my mind screams NO he is way to big, it hurts to much, but my body is paying only attention to the pleasure, you thrust in harder and faster, your grunts extracting another gush of fluid from me as I cum quickly lost in the moment, the warm fluid running down over your balls spurs you on and sends you into a frenzy until you are digging into my flesh with your fingers and pounding my body, your own body tightening, I know you are about to cum and this knowledge sends a pulsation from my womb down through my pussy and as your warm fluid explodes into my depths I cum again in waves of ecstasy. You collapse on top of me, your body crushing mine.
After a few moments you stir, kiss my neck, free my bound wrists and whisper in my ear ’come baby, come take a shower with me, our night is just beginning’.

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