New neighbors with a horny sixteen year old daughter
My wife and I served as liaisons for some friends who had a small cabin for sale around the corner from us, on a dead end road. Ours was the closest house to theirs so we kept an eye on things for them anyway.
Rick and Jean only used the place on occasion to entertain clients and friends. We knew about a couple of orgies they’d hosted, but had never been invited to one. (I didn’t think Carly would go for it, anyway.) The evidence was apparent when I would set their trash out for Monday pick-up. Used condoms, soiled panties, torn clothing and plenty of empty alcohol containers were common.
We got a call from a young man who owned an auto restoration shop. He was very interested in the cabin and made an appointment for his family to look at it. Will, his wife, Rene and their daughters, 5yr old Amy and 15yr old Chris were in awe when they laid eyes on the pretty little place and gave me a check for the down payment. I called Jean and told her not to advertise it anymore.

“Thank you so much, Don. You and Carly have been a blessing. I just don’t see anyway we could have done all the running to show the place… we owe you, big time.”

I explained that they didn’t owe us anything, we just hated that we wouldn’t have them for neighbors anymore. She agreed and said she was sorry we hadn’t spent more time together as neighbors, “I have something in mind for you two sweet people, though. Uh… Don? How would feel about having a weekend with me at the lake? Just you and me? We have a nice houseboat and wouldn’t have to even get dressed… if we didn’t want to.”

‘FUCK!! Did I just hear what I thought I heard?’, my mind was racing. Jean had just offered me a weekend fuckfest. How in the hell was I gonna approach this with Carly? Shit yeah I’d like to get naked with her pretty little ass all weekend….

“Uh…. Jean? You do realize I’m almost sixty, don’t you? You probably wouldn’t really want to even see me naked, much less spend the weekend with me. God, yes, I’d love to do that, but you can’t be serious… and if you were, I’m not sure how I’d handle it with Carly.”

“Yes, I’m serious. We’ve always liked you two a lot, and Rick has some ideas about how to get Carly on board. She’s so sweet. She’s the only reason we never invited y’all to one of our party weekends at the cabin. We figured that a big group fuck session would really not be her cup of tea. I think you might enjoy it, though… right?”

Rick came up with a three day cruise ticket for Carly. I told her that I got motion sickness easily and that she should go, anyway. It didn’t take much convincing and the date was set. What Carly didn’t know was that Rick would be on the same trip… with a supply of aphrodisiacs and alcohol. He intended to fuck my wife while I was on their boat, fucking his.

Four weeks later, Rick dropped Carly off in our driveway. He got out of his car, politely opened hers, and gave her a long, passionate kiss.
She had a sheepish look on her face as she came to the front door.“I guess you saw that?”

“Yes, I did. I take it that you and Rick must have enjoyed the trip?”

She put her purse on the small table by the door and hugged me tight, “My God, yes, Don. I didn’t think it would much fun without you there, but Rick made me feel very wanted. He told me that you and Jean were spending the weekend on their boat. How did that go?”

No need to pull any punches, so I told her the truth, “We never got dressed for two and a half days. Every time she bent over, I fucked her. When we laid down, I fucked her. When we showered, I fucked her. In between all that, I was either eating her pussy or she was giving me blowjobs. Let’s go to the bedroom, I’m getting a hard on just thinking about it.”

Once Carly and I, both, got through cumming, she told me about her sexual adventures with Rick, “There were dozens of younger, prettier women on that ship. He could have had sex with plenty of them, but he stayed right with me. The first time we fucked, he got me a little drunk and gave me something. My pussy started tingling right away and I needed to rub it. I excused myself to my cabin, but Rick was there in minutes. By that time, I was so horny, I nearly dragged him to bed and tore his clothes off. We fucked like rabbits all afternoon. By the time the drugs wore off, I didn’t care. I don’t know how many times he made me cum, but I knew I wanted to spend the whole trip fucking and sucking… so that’s what we did.”

Rick and Jean still send us invitations to their three day orgies, but we only went to one. As it turned out, being available to several men wasn’t appealing to Carly. I had no problem with it… pussy is pussy in my book.

Now, back to the new neighbors… Will had told me that they wouldn’t be using the cabin as a home. Weekend trips and campouts were the purpose for them buying it. He left us a key and told us he’d pay for our time to look after the place, mow the grass, pick up dead limbs, etc.
We rarely got in a visit with them, but they would honk and wave as they came and went. Once in a while, his wife Rene and their youngest girl, Amy, would walk and pick wild flowers along the road. Usually, if Carly saw them, she would step out and visit with them a while. The only time we had seen the 15yr old was when they were buying the cabin.

About six months after Will’s family bought the cabin, I happened to be in my shop, looking out the door when a tall, young girl went down the road jogging. She saw me and waved. I wondered how her big tits could bounce that much without getting sore.
I had forgotten about her and was getting some tools from the back of my pickup when I heard, “Hi, Don.” It was the same girl… with the same big tits.

“Well, hi, yourself. Do you live around here?”

She nodded her head toward the turn that goes down the dead end road, “The cabin… dad is the one who bought the cabin last winter.”

Surely this wasn’t the teenager who had been all bundled up in a camo jacket and pants. This was a 5ft 8 woman with D cups on her chest. The tank top exposed a lot of that supple flesh, too
“Your dad? You mean Will?”

“Yep, I didn’t think you recognized me.”

“Wellll, I don’t remember you being this tall.” She knew that her breasts were attracting 85% of my attention.

“Actually,” she smiled and leaned over to re-tie her shoe, which didn’t need re-tying, “I hit a teenage growth spurt and grew a little over six inches in seven months.”

‘I have a little over six inches growing in my pants right now’, I thought to myself.

“Yeah, girls do have growth spurts.” … ‘and if you lean those babies toward me, I’ll have to spurt, too.’

“Not only did I get taller, these plumped up, too,” she lifted her tits to make them more comfortable in her sports bra, “I’m getting used to the height, but sometimes these get in the way.”

Wait a minute… this girl was fifteen, maybe sixteen. She’s standing here talking to this old man about problems with her awesome, fucking breasts. Something is definitely wrong with this picture. I’m wanting to slam her cute ass over onto the tailgate and give her a good tit fucking… maybe more.

“I’m sorry, sugar, I don’t remember what your name is. I’ve seen Will and your mom, Rene, and Amy several times. Have you been here much?”

She was still adjusting her bra and contents, “Nope, I don’t come out with them much, lots of things going on with my friends and school. I think I’ll come a lot more often, though. I just got my drivers license and I love it out here in the woods.” She finally quit fucking around with her top and pronounced it ‘better’.
“Chris, my name is Chris. Looks like I’m not the only one that needs to adjust their clothes,” she looked downward and giggled, indicating she’d noticed the bulge in my jeans, “Gotta run… see ya.”

I told my wife I had to shit and went straight to the bathroom. Thirty seconds after I closed the door, I emptied my nuts. Visions of Chris’ big tits, and small ass, was all it took pump about eight streams of cum into the toilet.

I was watching the news a couple of weeks later when I saw Chris through the window, jogging down the road and glancing at our house every couple of steps. I found the loosest pair of shorts in my drawer and headed outside. I removed the air cleaner from my lawnmower, scattered the three or four parts on the ground, and went back inside to wait. When I saw Chris walking back my way, I went back outside and pretended to be working on the mower.

“Hi, Don. I didn’t see your truck and thought y’all were gone.”

“Carly’s babysitting our grandkids today and tomorrow. She’s gone to Summerville. You need something cool to drink?”

“Sure, some water would be good.”

I invited her inside and gave her a cold bottle of water. The first thing she did was slip it down her sports bra, between her tits, “Ooooh, that feels so good.” She unscrewed the lid and took a long swig, pushing her chest out as she chugged it down. “Ahhhhh… that’s better.”

My cock had already made a tent out of my shorts and she made a point to observe. “You have some tools in your pocket?”

I looked at my tent, smiled, and told her, “Just one tool, but it’s a good one. It fixes everything it works on.”

She pulled the bottom of her top away from her chest and made an effort to ‘fan’ some air under those boobs, “You wouldn’t have a cool wet washcloth, would you? There’s a lot of heat under here.”

I gave her the wet cloth and offered to ‘do the honors’. She quickly pulled the blue top over her head and tossed it to the floor. Her hands held her melons up as I cooled her ‘undercarriage’ and down across her stomach.

‘SHIT!’, I thought, ‘this luscious little bitch is only sixteen. My ass could be sent to jail for molestation. All it would take is for her to tell Will.’

“Don… did you hear me?” I was so lost in my thoughts, I hadn’t. “I said you can wipe the upper side, too, if you want. You act like you’ve never seen a girl’s tits before.”

“Chris, you’re only sixteen and you’re right, I’ve never seen boobs like this on someone so young. I’ve already done more than I should. I really don’t want to spend the next fifteen years being somebody’s bitch in prison. You should probably get your top back on and head home, before I do more than just cool these things off.”

“Are you kidding me?” She tweaked her nipples with her fingers, “We both know how you couldn’t take your eyes off my titties last time. I came by myself this weekend. Mom and dad took Amy to Six Flags in St. Louis.”

She giggled and hooked her thumbs in the top of her own shorts. Pushing them to the floor and stepping out of them naked, she said, “If Carly had been home, I was gonna figure out a way to get you over to our cabin… Don, I’ve been fucking since I was thirteen. For two years before that, Dad was fingering me to orgasm. Only one friend of mine has been in my pussy… most of the time it’s been Dad or his friends, or uncle Dean. I love sex with older men. They appreciate it so much and take the time to show it. C’mon, let’s get those shorts off so I can see that ‘really good tool’.”

She dropped to her knees and took my shorts to the floor as she went. My dick almost hit her in the eye as it flopped out of its confinement. She jerked her head back and smiled, “Well, I did say I wanted to see it… looks good, too.”
Her experienced mouth took charge and I swore I was dreaming. There was no fucking way I could have a pretty sixteen year old, built like the proverbial ‘shit house’, naked and on her knees, sucking me off… but I wasn’t dreaming.

She pulled away, leaving my brain screaming, ‘WAIT! DON’T STOP NOW!!’

Chris stood and told me, “Don’t worry, I’ll give you a really good blowjob later, but right now, I need fucked.”

My conscience kicked in again, “But you’re only sixteen…”

She stepped to the couch, put her knees on the cushions, and stuck her ass in the air. Her shaved pussy was staring at me from between her smooth thighs. “Does this look like I’m just sixteen? Or does it look like a beautiful, delicious, young cunt that needs to have a cock in it? C’mon, Don, don’t make me beg.”

Two steps later, I was at her entrance. Superman’s rod couldn’t have been any harder. I wanted to jam all I had in, as far as it would go, and give this girl the fuck of her lifetime… or maybe, MY lifetime. Then I remembered, ‘I’m not gonna be able to get more than a couple of loads, at my age. I need to pace myself’.

I eased ol’ Fat Boy into Chris’ steaming pussy, taking five or six strokes to get all the way in. The girl moaned “Oh yeah, yeah, mmmmm.” She felt tight enough to be virgin, but her cunt muscles were milking me each time I drew back, “God, Don… I like your size. Mmmm, Dad and Uncle Dean are both skinnier that yours. Oh, yeah, that’s good, good, good…”

I felt I was about to bust my nuts so I told her it was coming her way. She smiled over her shoulder and told me to ‘turn it loose’.

Rarely do I make more than a few grunts when I cum, but my mind, my cock, my balls and my mouth were all coordinated as my load blew the end of my dick off, “OH MY FUCKIN’ GOD!! OHHHH, SHIT, GIRL! UHH.. UHH.. UHH.. OHHHHHHHHH… OHHH, FUCK YEAH! GOD DAMN, YOU’RE SO FUCKIN’ GOOD!”

“Don’t stop, Don! I’m gonna cum, toooooooo… Oh, YESSSSSSSS… KEEP FUCKING MEEEEEE… OH, OH, OHHH… YEAHHHhhhhh!!”

Her pussy was sloshing with juices, both hers and mine. It was dripping out her hole, onto the couch cushion and down to the floor. For a second, I was concerned about explaining it to Carly… then I just didn’t care. I kept my piston stroking until it was flaccid and fell out. As Chris pushed backward, cum and pussy juice gushed to the floor.

“Whoa! We made a pretty good mess. Show me where the paper towels and a little spray cleaner are. I’ll clean this up after I check out your bathroom.”
She washed herself and cleaned the fuck juices up. All I could do was sit in my recliner and watch those awesome tits sway, and wish I was seventeen again. Every time she’d pass my chair, she would reach down and pat my soft dick, and say, “Good boy.”
We heard a tone from her cell phone, “Well, I’ll be damned. Uncle Dean is on his way out here, but just for an hour or so. Gee, I just can’t imagine what he wants. Usually when he’s in a hurry, he’s not in a good mood. Sometimes he even gets a little mean. Him and Aunt Kim probably got into an argument.” She winked and said, “When his pickup leaves out, I’ll come back over, unless you don’t want me to.”

“Well, if you don’t have anything better to do,” I answered, “I do have a little blue pill in the bathroom… think I’ll take one in a few minutes.”

I popped my Viagra and laid my naked ass down on the couch. When I awoke, Chris’ sweet lips were on my stiff cock, again. She raised her head and smiled, “Have a good nap?”

“Yeah, I was dreaming about a beautiful, young girl named Chris. I was thinking about how great it would have been to have her in my life forty years ago.” I lifted her chin and kissed her soft lips, “I’ve only spent very little time with her, but she’s amazingly talented. I’d like to spend lots more time getting to know her, what she likes to eat, what kind of movies she likes, what she likes to do for fun…”

“That’s sweet, Don. Usually, nobody cares what I want or like. Just like Uncle Dean. When he got here, he started chewing me out because I still had my panties and socks on. Then all he wanted to do jam his skinny dick in my ass. It took him all of three minutes to cum, then he slapped my butt really hard three times, jerked his clothes on and left. I’m getting tired of his shit. He has no clue, but I recorded it all on my webcam. If he doesn’t straighten up, I’m ready to tell Aunt Kim that he raped me. What do you think?”

“I think you need to tell Uncle Dean he needs to get his shit straight. You’re a very pretty girl, willing to make a man happy with sex. Nobody should be rough with you. If you want, I’ll have a talk with him… I’m good at explaining things to assholes.”

“Naw, I think I can handle him. I have some more videos. I can cut them into one, with the worst scenes. Yeah, I can handle it, and thank you for offering, that’s sweet.
“But… speaking of assholes,” she pulled her clothes off, again, “his little dick didn’t give me any pleasure at all…

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