Her daddy punished her for taking the car
My daddy has been spanking me since I was old enough to act up and make trouble. He wasn't mean, vicious or abusive, he believed that if his child did wrong then a few swats on the ass would bring me back to proper behavior. After every paddling, he let me cry for a few minutes then he would hold me and tell me that I really was a good girl and he loved me like no other person in the world. Those were the best times, being held on his lap, close to his heart that I could hear as he talked to me. On those days I didn't miss having a mother so much, daddy was all I needed.

The older I got the fewer times I had to be spanked. I remember getting whopped when I was 12 then the next time I was 14. In all the time between I didn't do anything my daddy thought I needed spanking for but I missed sitting on his lap after he punished me. I had to find other reasons to be close to him and sometimes I just cuddled with him but it wasn't the same, he wasn't telling me how much he loved while I dripped tears on his chest.

When I was 16 daddy started to teach me how to drive a car. I never told anyone except my best friend that learning to drive turned me on. The first few times I drove the car I tickled between my legs, my nipples got hard, making me glad I was wearing a bra so daddy wouldn't know how I reacted to driving. I got excited in a sexy feeling way, I liked it a lot. Five times during my first month of lessons I played with myself until I had an orgasm while thinking how grown up I was to be driving.

One day when I was feeling free spirited and wild I called my best friend over and talked her into going for a ride with me. I knew I was a good enough driver that I could take the car to the beach, we wanted to hang out and find some boys to flirt with. Belle and I jumped into daddy's car while he was golfing with his friends and took a joyride.

At the beach we cruised the ocean-side street and soon attracted the attention of three really cute guys in another car. Flirting turned into a meeting by the water so Belle and I spent the afternoon playing coy but interested. They invited us to a party that night and we said we would go but had to go home first. She and I were excited for the night, talking about how far we might let them go with us when a dog ran into the road. I panicked and swerved out of the way but ran into two bicycles parked in someone's yard. I was terrified that I ran over some little kids but Belle calmed me down by saying there was no one in the yard, just the bikes.

A man came out of the house to talk to me, I gave him my name and address and assured him I would pay for the bicycles. The car was scratched a little but still ran fine so he let us go without asking for my drivers license, I was so glad because I didn't have one. It didn't occur to me that my dad would be mad until after I dropped Belle off and she asked me if I was going to be okay with him. That's when I got really worried.

I was never afraid to tell my daddy about getting into trouble, he might spank me but he never went into a rage and abused me or anything, but this time I knew I'd screwed up big time. The party was out, I knew that even before he got home. I called to ask what he wanted for dinner then worried the whole time I was cooking.

After he complimented me for the good food and had his beer I told him I needed to show him something; we went outside where I showed him the little damage on the car. He asked me how it got there and I told the truth. Daddy asked “How much money do you have?” When I told him he said “I have some cash too, lets go pay for the bicycles.”

He wasn't mad, he didn't yell or anything. I got my money then went to the car where he told me to drive. I was puzzled but happy he let me, I thought driving would be out for a while. We went to the house where I crunched the bikes, daddy took my money, added some of his then talked to the man for ten minutes. The cash was exchanged and after shaking our hands the man was satisfied.

It was only on the way home did the lecture start. He asked “Do you know how fucking lucky you are little girl that you didn't run over some kid or get hurt when you ran off the road. You and Belle could have been put in the hospital then where would I be? Girl, I don't give a bad fuck about the car, I can always buy another, but I can't ever buy another daughter. What would you say to Belle's parents if you hurt her by causing an accident? I'm not mad at the damage to the car or the bicycles, I'm mad at the poor fucking decision you made, you don't have your license and that alone could have caused you major problems even though nobody got hurt.”

I knew in the first sentence that I was in deep trouble. My daddy never says anything like 'fuck or fucking' unless he is truly pissed off. When I heard him say it three times I knew I was going to have a sore butt for a few days. In spite of the impending assault on my ass, in spite of the money I just had to give out, in spite of the fact that I was in deep trouble, I started getting turned on again as I drove home. I had been feeling sexy as hell while driving and flirting earlier and now for some reason the entire day's events caused my tummy to churn deliciously. My body tingled with anticipation of being in my bed where I could use my fingers to free the sweet tension building inside me. The impending spanking was not going to deter me from a hot climax.

“You know what's coming honey” said my dad as he pulled the leather belt off his pants, “bend over the table.”

I pushed the dinner dishes to the side and bent over the kitchen table, my feet were on the floor, my stomach and tits flat on the table top. I was wearing a skirt and felt it ride up my legs, the hem of it lower on my legs than my butt so my yellow cotton panties were still covered. As I waited for the first swat I was surprised by a brief thrill in my chest, it was almost sexual the way it shivered through me. Dad brought his arm around and the first crack of the belt fell across my butt, I jumped from the smack but it didn't hurt. “One” I called out. I was 16 so I would get 16 swats and I had to count them out as he stroked me.

The second smack “Two” was a little harder but not hurtful. “Three” tingled.

He stopped strapping across the twin cheeks of my butt and hits “Four”, “Five”, and “Six” alternated left then right on my ass. The next two, “Seven,” and “Eight,” were much swifter and harder, daddy was warming up, my backside was starting to ache and get hot. The entire time he was spanking me he was telling me how wrong I was to take the car without permission, without a license. I turned my head to look at him and he saw that I didn't have any tears yet.

“I'm sorry to have to do this baby, but you have to learn.” Daddy pulled my skirt off my legs and folded it up my back. He put his hand on my ass and rubbed it lightly, smoothing out my undies for the next series of hits. When I felt his hand smoothing my panties my stomach did a flip and a big butterfly walked across the delicate tip of my clit. I felt my thighs tremor under his hand. It flashed through my mind that if I didn't cry, he would hit me harder and for some reason I wanted him too.

The next two, “Nine,” and “Ten,” were loud slapping strikes that must have left imprints. The two inch wide belt lashed across my panties again, “Eleven”, before I started to sob. “Twelve” hit me lower, on the bare flesh of my upper thighs. Not only did it sting the most so far, the butterfly on my clit was calling her friends. When “Thirteen” landed I flexed my hips which ground my pelvis onto the edge of the table I was bent over. I felt tears leaking from my eyes but the growing carnal awareness between my legs overpowered any other feelings I had.

“Fourteen” ripped from my throat as a sob of agony when he swung the belt as hard as he could, my skin burned and the tender feelings that had been getting stronger were smashed under the weight of the blow. My daddy leaned over my ear and said with a hushed deep voice, “I love you baby, please don't hate me for this” then rolled my panties off my butt and swatted my naked ass hard with his hand.

The sound of his bare hand hitting my bare skin echoed off the walls as I yelped “Fifteen” then he landed the last and hardest slap of all, “Sixteen!”

I cried as he walked away, I laid across that table and sobbed until the ache of the last two hits faded. My daddy is strong, broad shouldered and muscular and the hard blows on my bare butt with his hand surprised me, he'd never done that before and it hurt in a different sort of way.

I pulled my panties up then went to my room to start the next part of the ritual, I cried out the shame of making my daddy mad, I laid on my stomach with my face in my pillow until the pain faded. After about an hour of recovery and reflection on why I got spanked I examined myself in the mirror, I could see welts from the belt but also the hazy red outline of his hand on my right cheek. I went looking for reassurance that my daddy still loved me.

He was tilted back in his recliner watching something on TV when I approached him silently. He opened his arms and let me crawl up and sit on his lap, I rested my head on his chest, curled my legs up to almost a full fetal position and put my arms around his neck “I'm sorry daddy.” I looked down and saw that my skirt was riding high up my legs.

He stroked my long brown hair from the top of my head to where it ended at my lower back. “It's okay sweetheart, I have to confess I stole my dad's car when I was fifteen, only it had more than scratches when I brought it back.”

I reached for his left hand, took the remote from it then pulled his arm to me, I put his hand on my thigh then hugged him close. He was stroking my hair and the fingers on the left hand were touching my skin lightly. The butterfly came back and I could hear his heartbeat, it sounded stronger, faster than normal.

“The last two hits really hurt daddy, why did you pull my panties down this time?”

He tilted his head back and looked into my upturned eyes “I wanted to make sure you felt how angry I was, what you did was wrong, what I was thinking was wrong.” As soon as he said that he burned red in the neck, his eyes wavered, he looked like he wanted to take the words back.

“What were you thinking daddy?”

Abruptly he spit out “Never mind! Just don't take the car again without permission.”

I rested my head against him as he continued to play with my hair and lightly caress my leg. I thought about what he said, what he might mean when out of the dark regions of my mind the answer floated across my awareness. My daddy was thinking about me, not about what I did but about -----

------was he having sex thoughts while he punished me?

I asked him. “Daddy, were you getting turned on looking at my butt while I was laying over the table?” I felt the answer rather than heard it. His cock elevated quickly from his lap and pressed against my thigh. He turned his head away and tried to push me up but I held tight. I didn't want to leave him, I liked what I had just done to him. A swarm thrills quivered across my nipples and my pussy began to warm. I twisted my hips slightly so the bulge in his pants fit into the junction of my thighs.

He groaned softly then urged “Don't move like that baby.”

My heart thudded as I rocked my hips again, slowly, feeling the pressure of his erection on my ass, I put my lips next to his ear and teased quietly “Why not daddy?” I was getting hot, my blood was rushing loudly in my ears. “Do you remember when I got little hurts and you used to kiss them away?

“Yes, you would get a boo-boo and I could make it better with baby kisses.”

I got off his lap and stood over him, looked directly into his deep brown eyes, “I have boo-boos on my bottom daddy” then walked away from him slowly toward my room.

I was lying face down on my bed when he came in. Daddy sat beside me, reached under my skirt and tugged on my panties. I lifted my hips so he could pull them down my legs. He put his hands under my skirt and started rubbing the twin cheeks lightly “Did I hurt you little girl?”

“Yes.” My heart was crashing in my chest, my entire body was shaking. I turned my head to the side to watch him but he was concentrating on my backside as his fingers traced the tracks made by the belt. “Daddy, please kiss the hurt away.”

He glanced up at me “I don't know sweetheart, maybe I shouldn't” his lips formed the words but his eyes told me something else.

I rocked my hips, moving my body for his viewing pleasure then urged again “maybe you should.”

Daddy bent over and put his lips on the bare skin of my bottom, hesitant at first but after a couple of light caresses from his mouth he started kissing the welts and marks. My skin was burning, from his lips or from rush of blood I wasn't sure but it was a good sensation, hot but not hurtful. I gasped for air and pressed my groin into the mattress when he squeezed my thigh with a strong hand.

He kissed away the hurt with soft moist lips, covering every place his belt had hit. I was squirming, rocking my hips, my legs moving as the pressure of arousal built higher in my gut. Daddy's hand slipped between my legs and I felt fingers explore the warm, wet crack of my body. The touch of his hand on my sex forced me to moan into my pillow and I reached around and put a hand on his leg. As the pressure of the hand between my legs increased I felt for the bulge I knew would be there, I wanted to be there. I grabbed my daddy's erection and started pulling on it, stroking him through his pants. Daddy grunted and rocked his body as I played with it.

It started in my womb then exploded outward as a cloud of hot plasma that enveloped me. I cried into my pillow “Oh daddy! I love you daddy!” as the orgasm ricocheted inside me. I seized his erection and held it hard in my grip then felt it pulse as he blasted his desire into his pants.

Daddy leaned over and rested his cheek on my bare skin for a moment then licked the crack of my butt. “I love you too baby.” He got up and left me lying face down, bare assed, enjoying the afterglow of his love.

I slept soundly and woke up rested and feeling happier than I had in years. It was still early so I got up and made a big breakfast for my dad. When it was done I put it on a tray and took it to him in bed. He roused from sleep, looked at me with wary, blurry eyes “What is this sweetheart?”

I sat on the edge of the bed and looked from his broad bare chest to his eyes “Breakfast in bed, my apology for scratching the car.”

He sipped from the coffee and nibbled on toast but he didn't have much of an appetite. After a few minutes he told me “You better leave, I have to get up and pee.”

“Okay, go” I replied.

“Get out, I'm naked under this blanket.”

“I can sit here daddy, I won't look” I turned my head away so he could get up but I could see him in the mirror hanging on the closet door. He stood then stretched his arms over his head, twisted the kinks out of his muscles then padded away to the adjoining bathroom. I was awestruck by his body. Even at 39 he was trim, solid and chiseled like a marble statue. His tight round ass captivated my eyes as he walked away from me; thrills and tingles swarmed back to my tummy.

I was still sitting away from the door when he came back. He looked into the mirror and saw my reflection looking back. He stopped for a moment, looking directly into my eyes then came up behind me. I was staring at his cock, it was hanging limply from his groin but the size of it shot me full of adrenaline. Daddy gripped my sleeping gown in his fingers and pulled it up. I stood, raised my arms and let him pull it off me. The reflection of his penis grew, and in seconds it was no longer pointed at the floor, it was pointed at me. I bent over to move the breakfast tray and he grabbed my hips then put his erection against the crack of my butt. My head was resting on the bed when daddy put the end of his long thick cock between my legs and slid it up and down my sex. He slipped gently into the entrance of my body then pushed into me until his groin stopped him.

I spread my legs wide then he started rolling his hips, thrusting in and out. I was tight at first but the longer he fucked me the looser and wetter I got. My heart was filled with joy because my body was filled with daddy. As he bent over to kiss my back and put a hand over a breast I realized that what we were doing was something I wanted; I knew in my heart I needed my daddy to fuck me.

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Comments Are hotter than the story

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Say what you want and want what you say. That's much harder when what you want is taboo in today's society. but more looming is the fear of ruining the love between you and in this case my daughter. So many conflicting thoughts. Admittedly many deep dark desires that I find startling when they surface and my little head rules my big head. The fear of rejection, the fear of possible arrest, the fear of losing my daughter. All good reasons to keep this a fantasy. BUTT in reality given an opening, an invite of some kind from your sibling that she loves you and wants me as much as I want her. Regardless of all the reasons you have resolved yourself to keeping this a fantasy, at that moment when your sibling has openly displayed their desires for your physical love. Any man that is being openly honest, would have a HARD time resisting what is before him. It may take repeated open invites but really in the end your little head will win out over the bigger one. When that day comes rejoice and

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I love being spanked on my cum filled pussy, legs spread wide.

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My mother spanked me with a belt, HARD! Leaving welts galore. My father spanked me bare handed. After the spanking he would caress my butt to sooth out the pain. So I loved gettin' spanked by daddy dearest. But dreaded any spanking I had coming from my mother. Years later I told my dad that my butt was his anytime he wanted it. Then one afternoon he called and asked if I really meant what I said, I told him yes. We met at a motel just outside of town, where upon he fucked me for four hours straight. I walked bow legged out of that motel room. To this day we still meet up and fuck like teenagers on first date. He's an awesome lover. If every man fucked his woman as well as he fucks me when we get together, there wouldn't be any divorce in the world. I'm going to show him this story, to see if he likes it as well as I did. I'll give it 6 out of 10 only because it wasn't long enough. It would have been fun to hear of them fucking every night for years to come.

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