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Young man continues to dominate his older slave.
I called Tammy that afternoon to give her instructions on how she was to dress for the night and to let her know that I would be arriving at 8 sharp. I then made reservations at a local restaurant and picked up a few things for the evening.
I arrived a few minutes late and let myself in. She was standing in the front hallway in a short, slinky black dress. She was obviously excited judging by the way her braless nipples were pointing through the material of the dress. Her eyes were fixated on the floor in proper submission.
“I thought you were going to be here at 8 sharp, master?” She softly said.
SLAP! The sound of my open hand connecting with her cheek echoed through the house.
“I arrive when I arrive.” I sneered. “and it is not the place of the whore to question her owner.”
“Please forgive me master.” She whimpered.
“You will pay for this failure later.” I said as I moved next to her. I place my hand on the back of her bare leg. Moving my hand up her leg I reached her pantyless ass and spent a few seconds fondling it. I lightly moved my fingers into the crack of her ass and without warning shoved my middle finger up her asshole to the second knuckle. Her only reaction to my invasion was a slight flinch and a short intake of breath.
“Very good” I smirked. “You’re not a completely useless cunt.”
“Thank you master.” She breathed. I withdrew my finger and stepped directly in front of her.
“Kneel before my slut. I have a present for you.” She quickly fell to her knees. I withdrew from my pocket the beautiful, high-quality, black leather dog collar I purchased earlier in the day. I attached it around her neck. Then I stepped back to view my possession.
She was a vision of beauty; on her knees, black dress, raven hair piled on top of her head, black leather collar around her throat and hanging from her collar was a single word spelled out in Sterling silver…Slave.
“Lovely” I murmured. “Come slut we have a full night ahead of us.” I gestured for her to rise. “Where are your daughters?”
“They are spending the night with friends’ master”
“Oh good,” I replied as I grabbed her keys and led her out the door. When we got to her SUV I stopped and turned to her.
“Bend over and grab the hood of the car.” She complied immediately by grabbing the hood and walking her legs back until her ass was sticking out and her body was braced against the hood. I stepped behind her and kicked her legs into a wider stance. I then place my hands on her thighs and slowly slid them up her legs pushing her dress higher until it was gathered around her waist. I freed my cock from the confines of my pants, and in one swift thrust I buried myself to the hilt in her soaking wet cunt. I plundered her drenched pussy for 10 minutes in the twilight lit driveway. Knowing that her subjugation was visible to any of her neighbors that might looking out their windows at that moment drove her over the edge and moaning like a whore she shuddered through her first orgasm of the evening. I grabbed the hair on the back of her head and plowed her with all of my might. Finally I filled her well fucked hole with my cum sending her into another orgasm. I then pushed a remote vibrating egg into her pussy forcing some of my spunk to run down her leg.
“On your knees and clean me up slut.” I snarled while slapping her on the ass. Without hesitation she turned and fell to her knees. She kneeled there in the rapidly dying light and cleaned her cum off of my hard cock with her tongue. Her dress was still pushed up around her waist and my cum continued to run down the inside of her legs. “That’s enough, put it away and lets go.”
She tucked my cock away and climbed to her feet while pulling her dress back in place. I opened the passenger side door for her and then took my place behind the wheel. We left for the restaurant with plenty of time to spare.
At the restaurant the hostess led us to the corner booth that I had requested while making the reservations. We gave her our drink orders and began looking at the menus.
“Give me a handjob.” I ordered. Tammy didn’t even miss a beat, she simply reached over unzipped my pants and fished my cock out. I hardened rapidly under her expert ministrations. The waitress approached the table bearing our drinks. Tammy started to pull her hand away. “I didn’t tell you to stop whore!” I snapped at her.
“I’m sorry, please forgive me master.” She pleaded as she resumed stroking me under the table. The waitress couldn’t see under the table due to the long tablecloth , but she definitely noticed the rhythmic motion of her arm. She stared quizzically at Tammy’s arm, until her eyes began to widen with dawning comprehension.
The waitress, Angelina according to her name tag, just stood there and stared dumbfounded at Tammy’s arm and my imagined hard cock. She was a plain, Hispanic teenager, and a little on the chubby side. The scene was having an effect on her as I could see her nipples hardening noticeably under her blouse. After a long and drawn out handful of seconds she shook herself from her daze and awkwardly set our drinks on the table while her face flushed to a deep crimson.
“Are you two ready to order?” Angelina awkwardly stammered out.
“Yes I believe we are.” I repled casually. Then I gave her my order. After finishing I turned to my slut. “You may order for yourself slave.”
“Thank you my master.” She whispered meekly. It was about halfway through her order when I hit the power button on the remote vibrator nestled in her twat. She gasped and grabbed the table edge with both hands as she shuddered through yet another powerful orgasm.
As the slut next to me was cumming, I kept my eyes firmly on Angelina. She was breathing heavily with lust, she was squeezing her legs together and chewing on her bottom lip. I had no doubt that if I were to brush her neck with my lips she would have climaxed then and there.
When Tammy finally came down from her orgasmic bliss the only sound to be heard was the heavy breathing of the two slits and the soft droning of the vibrating egg buried in my slaves cunt.
“Once again I did not tell you to stop pleasuring me whore.” I stated flatly. “For your repeated failures this evening you shall be severely punished later.”
“Of course master. It is this slaves only desire to please and serve her master in every way.” She replied with properly downcast eyes while once more taking my erection in hand.
After taking our orders Angelina scurried away. No doubt she would soon be looking for a private spot to release some of her “tension”.
The rest of the dinner proceeded without incident and even was generous enough allow Tammy to eat with both hands. As we were preparing to leave I wrote a note that stated. “If you would like to help me discipline my slave sometime contact me.” I then wrote my cellphone number at the bottom. I then handed the note to Tammy and ordered her to hand it to Angelina and tell her “My master wishes for me to give this to you.”
I watched her read it and saw her eyes widen and her mouth drop open. She shot a glance first at my slave and then at me. Lust burned in those eyes. She stammered something and hurried away, but I noticed that she slipped the note into her pocket as she left. I had a feeling I would be hearing from her sooner or later.
Outside I steered Tammy into the alley and stopped her by the kitchen entrance. I pushed the top of her dress down around her waist, grabbed her by the hair and forced her to her knees in that dark, filthy alley. I craned her head back and forced my cock down her throat. I viciously throat-fucked her for several minutes when suddenly we were bathed in light as the kitchen door opened and 2 mexican kitchen workers stepped into the alley holding bags of garbage. “Perfect” I said to myself.
“Mios Dios” One of them said as I pulled my dick from her mouth and bathed her face in my cum. I stepped away while putting my cock away.
“Would you two gentlemen like to face-fuck my worthless whore?” I asked genially.
One of the men dropped his bag of trash and moved in front of the kneeling slut while fishing his cock out of his pants. The other man yelled something in Spanish into the kitchen. I presumed it was to let the rest of the kitchen in on the fun going on in the alley. While that was going on I leaned over to my slave and whispered in her ear. “This is your punishment for the evening,” causing her to moan softly.
The man standing in front of her roughly grabbed her head in both of his hands and brutally fucked her mouth. After a few frenzied minutes of this action he pulled out and painted her tits with his spunk. As he was moving away I turned the vibrator on again.
“You can fuck her mouth all you want, but leave your load on her face or tits is all I ask.” I informed them.
For the next half hour cock after cock used her as a cum dump. First the kitchen staff, then the waiters and even the manager took a turn in her mouth. All told over a dozen cocks made use of her mouth and she had shook through 3 vibrator and humiliation induced orgasms.
After her ordeal I squatted down, pushed two finger into her drenched cunt and lifted her to her feet. I pulled the egg from her pussy and slipped it back into my pocket.
“I think that should satisfy your need for punishment for the evening. Pull yourself together and lets go.” I stated flatly.
“Yes master, and thank you master for teaching this worthless cunt her proper place. I will not forget this lesson.” She rasped.
She sat meekly on the drive home. Her face and chest covered in cum. When we entered the house I led her upstairs and pushed her to the bathroom.
“Clean yourself up slut.” I ordered. “You look and smell like a filthy whore.”
As she was bathing I took a few more items out and prepped the bed for the rest of the evening’s festivities. I tied some restraints to the bedposts by the head of the bed and stripped down.
She emerged from the bathroom clean and purified. I commanded her to lie down and put her legs in the restraints. I stepped back to admire the view. Her legs were spread wide and pulled into the air until her feet were even with her head. Her pussy was spread open and vulnerable to my sordid needs.
I dived between her legs and began to eat her snatch with reckless abandon. I used every trick I knew. Every time I felt her orgasm approaching I would back off until she came down. I kept her on the edge of cumming for almost an hour. She was thrashing and pleading for me to allow her to cum. Eventually I could no longer stand it. I had reached my limits. I mounted the whore and plowed my iron hard cock deep inside her. My manhood punished her insides until she once more reached the top of her orgasm. At that moment I reached up, grabbed both of her nipples and squeezed and twisted them as hard as I could. Her mouth hung open in a soundless scream as her body was rocked by an earth shattering orgasm. That in turn sent me over the edge. I thrust my cock as deep into as I could reach and bathed her womb with my white hot spunk.
I collapsed on top of her as we both spent the next several minutes recovering our strength and wits. I finally released her legs from the restraints, took her in my arms and started to drift into slumber.
“I love you my master.” She quietly whispered in my ear.
“ And I love you my sweet slave.” I murmured back. And then we slept.

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i remember well the whipping i got for being late to masters house the fisrt and only time i have arrived late i get shivers still today thinking of it it is when i first realized how much he dose care for this worthless whore

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