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Part Six

A conversation quickly developed between us and the guy put his hand out to Mike and said, ‘I’m Dave and this is Kathy’

I burst out laughing and all eyes turned to me. Mike asked what was so funny and through my giggles I said that it was odd that we have just come out of a five way sex session and yet it is only now that we find out each other’s names! They all saw the funny side of that and we started to find out a bit more about each other.

Dave and Kathy were both 22 and were staying quite close to our villa. Dave was an almost identical build to Mike but where my man was smooth, Dave was like a gorilla with black hair all over his entire body except for his balls which Kathy shaved for him. Kathy was lovely. She was six or seven inches taller than me, short black hair with a lovely figure, tiny bum and boobs which made me jealous. She was probably a C cup, lovely and firm, no sag and perfect nipples. I complimented on her finger work and she returned the compliment saying that my body may be small but it looked so delicious with two big cocks taking me so firmly. I blushed a little as I wasn’t used to any form of flattery, added to the fact that this was a woman and she was flirting with me AND it was only twenty minutes ago that we were fighting to lick each other’s tonsils. This had been one hell of a day of new things!

Mike and Dave started to chat about blokey stuff so Kathy moved her towel closer to mine and we talked about everything and nothing like old friends. I barely noticed when she started to stoke my arm as she spoke. We were lay on our towels, facing each other and I realised that our eyes were locked as we spoke and the world around us was just a blur. Even as she moved closer and we were now sharing a towel, went over my head. The only time I came back to reality was when she leant forward and gently kissed me again. There wasn’t a question of my pushing her away. I put my arm around her and pulled her even closer, our bodies compressing into one, Kathy’s hand moving to my bottom and mine to hers. It was almost like an out of body experience as she rolled me onto my back and moved her hand to my pussy again, I felt paralysed but finding the ability to twitch as she hit the right spots. I didn’t feel her move but I did feel the sudden hot breath on my wet hole and then the incredible sensation of her tongue touching me for the first time. My eyes shot open to see this raven haired beauty burying her face in my cunt, eyes closed, devouring my flesh. I looked to see an audience of eight or ten people but I didn’t care, I just flopped back and pushed my legs as wide apart as I could.

I know at the start of this story I said I had considered being with a girl before but I had only ever really thought about kissing one. I had never pictured myself having a girl licking me like Kathy was now but something had clicked in me and when Kathy repositioned herself and I saw her pussy, with a little Brazilian strip of black hair coming towards my face, I pulled it to my face with the same hunger she was showing on mine. My tongue worked on instinct and I soon found her hard clit bouncing on the tip of my tongue and her ‘oohs and aahs’ gave me all the instruction I needed. Her juices flooded my mouth and it was like nectar. I didn’t care that we were being watched, I was in a heavenly place and it was almost scary to have such intense sexual desires so short after having my first sexual experience but my lust hunger was raging. I lapped on the cunt in front of my face, pulling her harder against me, probing her folds with my tongue and fingers until she finally yelled to the whole beach that she was cumming. This scream helped me over the edge too, as well as the copious juices flowing down my throat. We were both thrashing and rolling on our towel, faces wet with the other’s river of cum.

As we came down and untangled, our respective partner, kissed our wet faces, tasting the stranger’s juices and our ‘audience’ clapped their approval. Mike whispered in my ear again and in my confused state, I only half understood what he said but I agreed anyway. As I opened my eyes again though, Dave was climbing on top of me, lifting and spreading my legs. I looked quickly over to Kathy and Mike had her in the same position. I watched Mike’s cock, thankfully sheathed in a condom, plunge deep into Kathy’s hole and then yelped as Dave did the same to me. I reached for Kathy’s hand as Dave and Mike begun a fast fucking of each other’s girl, knowing that neither would last long after such a show. This was fast, it was hard, it was good. I thought this would be the pinnacle of our day but then Dave signalled six or seven other guys across to us and I began to panic. I didn’t want to fuck all these guys but that wasn’t his plan. He bounced me across so i was lying closer to Kathy. He instructed us to kiss as the boys continued to pound our poor bodies into the ground. He then got the guys to form a ‘jerking circle’ around us. I then knew what was coming. Kathy and I looked up to see six hard cocks being wanked furiously over our head. We smiled at each other, closed our eyes and resumed the kiss. Many hands, grabbed, squeezed and pinched our boobs and then the first hot splashed followed the first deep moan, followed by Dave pulling from me, ripping off the condom and squirting his load all over our tits. The other guys all followed suit, shooting their heavy loads and then rubbing their juices into our skin. Mike was the last to unload and when he finished, we opened our eyes to see our cum splattered bodies. It was such a hot sight to behold.

Each of the guys gave us a quick peck on the lips to thank us. Most hand one last feel of our tits or a stroke of our overused pussies before they left too. I didn’t care anymore, I was completely spent.

I walked into the sea with Kathy and we washed the gloop from our skin. We washed each other so I had a last caress of her perfect body before we made our way back to the boys. We all dressed and made our way off the beach. We shared a taxi back to the town which lay between where our two villas were. Dave and Kathy gave us their address but I don’t think any of us thought we would have a repeat performance. How could you match what we had done today? We said our goodbyes and some very shocked looks from the locals as Kathy kissed me goodbye with probably a little too much passion!

We walked slowly back to our villa, holding hands the whole way. My mind went through all the problems as we walked in a contented silence. I knew what we were doing was frowned upon but we weren’t REALLY related were we? Only by marriage surely? Did that count? I then half smiled to myself wondering how violently my Mum would kill me if she had seen my antics today. I decided it would be a pretty gruesome death. I looked up to Mike as we strolled along and gave his hand a little squeeze. He looked at me, winked and we walked on.

As we entered the empty house, we put our bags in the kitchen, went into the living room and flopped together on the settee. I loved my Mum, but just for once, I didn’t want her around, I didn’t want this to end. I sat up a little, kissed Mike on the cheek and said, ‘Thank you for an amazing day Mike, I do really love you!’

He squeezed me close, kissed the top of my head and said, ‘I love you too Lucy, but just wait till you see what I have planned for tomorrow!’ He then started laughing as I looked shocked at him. He was kidding me of course but five minutes later, we were both ecstatic. John rang Mike to say that they had drunk a little too much and if it was OK, they think they should stay over the other side of the island. Mike did some mock cursing but said it was OK and joked with them about being irresponsible. When he put the phone down we whooped with delight and danced around the living room. I don’t think either of us was thinking about more sex because we were both exhausted. We were just so happy that we could spend the night together.

We made a lovely dinner between us, nothing burnt too much. Neither of us had ever taken a keen interest in cooking so it was a bit of a mish mash of culinary delight. We shared a bottle of white wine and flopped in front of the TV. When Mike caught me dozing he suggested a shower, then bed. I agreed.

We had another romantic, caressing shower together and climbed onto me bed and I snuggled back into that lovely spooning position. Mike’s hand came around me and gently traced the contours of my body and I wiggled back a little further. His dick had been soft beneath me but the combination of all things sensual, it soon began to grow and push softly beneath me.

I reached down and massaged the head against my moisture and with just a little adjustment, it slid slowly inside me. We sighed together and for the next half an hour, we ground slowly together , never going quickly, rubbing my clit as a team, bringing each other to the most erotic kind of orgasm possible. It was the perfect end to the perfect day. We slept soundly.

The next morning began in exactly the same way as the night had ended. Mike woke me by gently sliding his morning wood into me. We ended with a little more of a flurry and I think that is the best start to a day to get the blood flowing! We then showered together but our nerves were a little more jittery with each passing minute as we didn’t know when our folks would be back. We were OK though as they arrived after we had finished our breakfast and cleaned up after ourselves. When we heard the car driving up the path, we had one more hug and tender kiss. Behaving myself would never be more difficult.

Mum and John came in, all apologetic for their ‘indiscretion’ but we were quick to forgive them. You never know when we may need forgiveness ourselves I thought. We made some fresh lemonade and we all sat out on the terrace and took in the sun. I felt Mum watching me and I turned to her and asked her what was the matter. She looked confused, ‘I’m not sure Lucy, something looks different somehow. Did you change your hair?’

Was this a Mother’s instinct? How could she SEE what I had done? Could she sense that had seen or touched 11 different cocks yesterday? Could she smell that I had lesbian sex? Did she know that I had fucked my new brother senseless? As calmly as I could I said, ‘No, it must be the bit of tan I have picked up from yesterday’

She accepted that as a reason and I prayed that my heart attack wouldn’t happen just yet. I saw Mike smile and turn his head away. He was going to get a big slap for that later. I purposely turned away from him to prevent my staring but my little smile to myself was not missed by my Mum. I glance over a little later and could see she has worked something out. I had to act quick!

I waited a short while and then excused myself to go to the bathroom. I scribbled a detailed note and after I left the bathroom I went into our bedroom. Straight away I realised that we could have had a disaster in there alone. Mike’s bed was in perfect order yet mine was a mess. Quite clearly a sign of something unusual. I quickly made mine (badly) and messed Mike’s up (totally) and took his dirty laundry out of the hamper and spread it around the floor near his bed. I then shoved the note under his pillow and made my way downstairs.

In the stroppy teenage tone that my mum knew so well, I yelled to Mike that he should clear up his pigsty side of our room and I was already getting sick of sharing with a slob. To give him credit he reacted perfectly calling me a moaning brat and stomping up the stairs. I was praying he would see the note and realise what I had done. John followed him upstairs and I heard him give Mike some grief for not showing me some respect. Mike apologised to his Dad and came downstairs. Mum was in the kitchen within earshot of us as Mike came down. He grinned and winked at me, flashing the note secreted in his hand.

‘Look Lucy, I’m sorry for being a pig. I’ve cleared the room OK?’

I kept the stroppy approach and just said, ‘OK’

Mike continued, ‘Look, you’re no great pleasure to share with you know, I have to wait bloody hours for you to get ready!’

Mum shouted from the kitchen, ‘Hey, language and play nice kids!’ Our spat had obviously thrown her silly ideas from her head as we both apologised to her and more importantly, each other. We both realised we would have to be more careful

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Is that the end? Or?

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