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It had been a couple of hour after I had touched the book. The books crackling had stopped. Did I want to look in it I feared what was going to be in it.

I opened it with some trepidation and the first page was a family tree was not very big listing my farther as Azrael and my mother as Janet. I was the result of their meeting. The next link was Lilith to me. Lilith "See my prince we were ment to be the book knows!" she said.

The next page read like a diary it had Lilith's and mine first meeting right to us parting and my life after that and me meeting of Lily and all that came after. With every thing that had gone on I was numb to any more shocks right now.

Lilith took me back to the field to learn to fly again. This time knowing every thing I knew was all wrong It made it easier to let all my past go. This made it easier to fly, though not very well right now. I guessed it will come with time.

Lamia had came for Lilith and they went of together. I was left alone I wondered what else I could do so raising my arm I took a deep breath and thought of a sword and one materialised in my hand.

It felt solid but no weight to it. Red like my wings, there was a tree walking to it swung it in a down ward ark it passed through the tree nothing. Then it slid and fell a clean cut. Then getting rid of the sword wondering what else I could to do thinking of a ball I opened the my hand and on the palm of my hand was a red ball I threw it, it landed bounced and blew up leaving a small crater.

If I could cause destruction I wondered if I could heal things. Going back to the tree I thought of a pulley to lift the tree put it back together placing a hand on it closed my eye and felt the energy go in to the tree. I felt drained doing this the pulley vanished and the tree was hole again. I swayed and fell backwards closed my eye drifted off.

Waking up I got up wondered back to the settlement I carried on to the community hall, I entered sat down and food was brought to me. I consumed all that had been put in front of me. Finishing I went to find the tower I was sharing with Lilith as they all looked a like I flew and checked each one till i found the right one.

I marked the out side out the window and on ground level, I went in to sleep off my meal as I settled down on the bed and contemplate my future heard a flapping of wings Looking up I was in time to see Lilith land. I got up and greeted her, her hands held my hips she moved in to kiss I felt a hand move down and fondled my balls, another sound of flapping wings sounded.

"Sister What are you doing?" I heard Lilith's voice.

Pulling away to see and back at the one who had the arms round me to see it was Lamia the sister. She pulled away hist at Lilith and flew away fast.

"What going on what this about?" I ask

Lilith was upset, ran up to me confused by what had happened and gave me a hug.

Moments later we heard screams and shouts looking out of the window we saw a fire ferociously burning in the community building and a marching horde. We both flew out to see what was happening the horde was marching on the settlement and hacking down any in there way.

a small force met them to fight them off to no avail behind them two figures stood they walked forward through the melee as they came in to view, it was Lamia and a cloaked figure Lilith's farther met them only to be ran threw by a sword he slumped.

All i could do as Lilith was in shock holding me, as I was numb from all the things I had been through I was had a clear head, leaving Liliths side forcing her to retreat I found a sword in my hand shield in other I started to run toward the fighting not thing what I was doing.

Joining the fight helping defend this settlement it was all a mess no one leading so taking charge round up a couple fighter to help with round up the peasant to help buy time for them to escape. A hand full of men and I did what we could I created a few energy bombs and parted their ranks killing a small hand full.

I kept watch and as the last of the peasants made their escape. I with the defenders cut down some more of the attackers, we made out retreat leaving the settlement. and what was left was over ran. I looked back to see them start to set up camp moving in as we flew off.

We all flew for a day and night we saw no sign of them pursuing us, we came to a neighbouring settlement I had flown near Lilith her eyes red and swollen. We asked for sanctum for now, I comforted Lilith she had seen her farther cut down and her sisters betrayal.

Lilith sort out what I now found as the record keeper the monk like person of their people. Lilith wanted to do what was called the bonding with me I tried to dissuade her but she was resolute.

I liked Lilith in a strange way. Finding her beautiful even if she was not human, well I was not fully human either.

I reluctantly agreed to it after some pressuring but a nagging doubt in the pit of my stomach said other wise. Lilith and I in-front of the record keeper, one hand on our books her other hand on mine we had to recite vowels kind of like marrying.

Tents had popped up over Lilith led me to one that was free, we went in, we both became naked, her firm breasts hung in-front of me her nipples hard pocking out, she moved in on me her arms round my waist we kissed our bodies pressed against each other.

Pulling away from the kiss, I kissed her neck worked down her body to a breast fondling them at first pinching and twisted the nipples. Then taking one in my mouth and sucked it, soft to hard then licked it and nibbled, moving from one to the other. I kissed down her body I kneeled hooking my arms under her legs I began to lick her pussy my tongue exploring bottom to top and inside and sucking her labia, my hands caressing her bottom.

Little moans came from her and I felt a wetness start to form I paid some attention to her clit. I stopped and sat back on my knees my cock hard standing proud.

Lilith kneeled down taking my cock and started stroking it then pulling back on it she took it in her mouth and greedily sucked it like it was going out of fashion treating it like a ice lolly bobbing up and down slurping sounds were made.

She stopped raised herself up and lowered herself down taking my cock held it and guided me inside her, she sank on me held her position, I felt her muscle contracted round me milking slowly we kissed again.

Lilith rocked her hips back and forth before sliding up to push down again. We made love, she slid up and down on me our eyes fixed on each other. our love making different from the first time. Slow more intimate our bodies worked together, lowing her down to the ground still in her I was on top, her legs hooked over my buttocks and I started pulling out and pushed in skin on skin. I sped up and slowed altering pace, she rocked her hips as I slid in and out then from soft to hard in her.

She squeezed me has I pulled out and released as I pushed in, kissing her neck she kissed mine she made little moans of pleasure pulling out and pushing in holding and repeated this. I started to feel her wetness flow on me I felt the urge build up in me my balls tightened and started to sped up my pace and I exploded in her unloading my cum deep in her.

I tried pulling out but to a shot of pain I had forgot I could not it hurt both of use pushing back in her, it made me more sensitive and kept me hard in her. We kept making love I ended ejaculating more times in her than I had ever done before even more than the first time we did not stop making love my member rubbing inside her. until I popped out with a plopping sound. Feeling a pang not wanting to be released from our ecstasy of the feeling of being bonded a feeling beyond deion and intimacy from being together.

We had ended up being here two days now and I knew we could not stay here indefinitely.

I got up leaving Lilith to her slumbers leaving the tent, It was night time I flew back to the settlement a day and night flying to go back it was night when I got there every thing seemed quite the attackers had settled in they small fires burned, tents littered the place in the centre a giant cross on it Lilith's father hung up as a warning his leg cleaved off guts hanging out.

Creeping closer to get a better look at what was going on I bumped in to a century we both froze for a moment the flight and fight response in me I pounced muffling any sound he would make. my hand on his face I placed an energy face gag on him he struggled to get it off.

I moved fast pulled down Lilith's farther put his remains in one tower, I went to the base of it ran round touching the blocks charging the base blocks. I left quickly they blew up the tower imploded burying the remains.

The hole camp was up in alarm by this, I ran by the prone century still struggling the mask exploded taking his heads off made my escape back to Lilith. I had last all feeling or right and wrong and emotion or compassion.

When I got back Lilith was frantic by me leaving I had to reassure her I was ok, Looking up I saw three figures coming in I snuck over listen in to what was being said then they started to leave the settlement we were at.

I was angered at the promise made that the settlement would be safe if they handed us over.

I lost it and slayed them in cold blood hacking them to pieces the figures no more. by the time I had finished there was so many bits one would be hard pressed to say what bit was what. I looked a mess soaked in their blood.

Walking back Lilith was shocked at how I looked, asking what happened, I told her. Lilith gathered the rest of her people. I cleaned up we had to move. traveling we headed to a mountain range in the west.

We found a cave settled standing out side the cold air washing over me, I felt what was like a physical slump the realisation of what I had done. I threw up, retching after I had nothing left. it had been like a slumbering monster was waiting for its time and when it did it enjoy every moment of its freedom.

We ended up having to keep moving as Azrael kept up his pursuit. Some of Lilith's people would go out to get food, form hunting and other settlements that would offer help, Lilith knew that we would have to fight back some time we had to keep moving every couple of days a month passed by and Lilith confided in me that she was with child.

Finding out I would be a farther I did not know how I was supposed to feel about this not that I ever planned to have a child or see one in my future now I was in turmoil. We had to stand and fight we could not keep running with Lilith baring a child.

I gathered up the all men. We were going to stand our ground and fight back They would capture us sooner or later, might as well stand and fight on our terms. I lead the men folk flying under cover before braking cover as not to give the where a bouts of the women hiding place.

Flying high into the air seeing their horde landing with the men I was leading we faced I could see Azrael. He stood out behind his men and with him Lamia by his side. I started the march the men behind me I created a mace at this moment I wanted the lurking monster in me to come show its self, the horde started to march on us. I chose a mace to use in battle.

"Charge!!!" I shouted, we started to run they charged too. We had a smaller number of men to them, we clashed weapon on weapon, I wielding the mace catching one of the enemy round the head hearing a crunch getting splatter on me, looking round seeing the brave men fight.

Looking round in time to deflect a blow but getting knocked of my feet, being helped up we formed square to protect each others backs. The field was starting to run red with blood, looking to where Azrael was he with Lamia had a captured Lilith some how.

The monster that lurked came out in me, braking the square we made so I could try and rescue Lilith, changing from mace to sword hacking at any thing in my path only to get stopped in my tracks and grabbed from behind feeling pain in my back then passing out. When I next woke I and Lilith's people captured, seeing Lilith tied to a cross Azrael and Lamia with a record keeper they were doing the bonding joining in marriage or the equivalent.

Went it was over Lamia turned to Lilith something was said between the pair and then Lamia stabbed Lilith cutting upwards Lilith fell limp.

"NOOOO!" I shouted. The monster rose up I tried to use my wings but found only pain Being informed that they were cut off, my hand on the lock caging us sending energy through it and blowing the lock charging forward.

unleashing fury cutting a sway to clear a path I wondered if I could conjure up new wings making it to Lilith cutting her down stealing Azraels book and flying away as fast as I could, opening a door way to the void entering and laying Lilith down, feeling loss for both her and an unborn child.

Then I decided to take her body rest it with her farther. returning to the void looking threw Azrael's book I knew what I was going to do kill him before is birth, the void seemed to be-able to do many thing why not to his past this would course a paradox with what would happen next when I did.

I opened up a door to the past flying with the wings I made for myself find the settlement that would give rise to Azrael, There would be no mercy no compassion all would die avenging a death that happen to a death that would happen.

Walking up to the settlement throwing energy bombs bring them out and changing to a mace and sword thoughts that met me to fight me fell crushing skull or hacking them in half I had nothing to lose making me the biggest danger to any one or any thing in my path.

Changing weapons again two children ran out I captured them placing energy face mask on them I watched as the masks exploded and blood fountained in the air, all that I was before this was dead along with Lilith. Screams of fear and terror in my wake cutting all down in my path once all the resistance was dealt with and watching those that were trying to flee. Switching to a bow and arrow firing it only to see those hit fall from the sky in balls of flames. lastly find the family that spawned Azrael the farther trying to stand in my way only to fall.

Seeing his eye as he saw his guts fall on the floor and last the mother trying to flee, picking a bow and arrow releasing it hitting its targets, see her going up in a ball of fire and a scream of pain.

A bush moved I looked and out came to girls covered in downy hair wings from their back and horns from there heads "Who are you?" I ask.

"I am Lilith" said a pretty Ebony girl.

"I am Lamia" said the other "are you not scared of us?" she continued.

"Why would I be scared of to pretty girls" I blushed.

The girls giggled and both gave me a quick kiss on my my cheeks I bushed more they giggled again and they where off back in the bush where they came from.


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I kind of run out of steam with this one as there was no plot just see what i could come up with while putting a twist to the subject bit of a cop out of an ending I know so it more of a learning curb while improving grammar and punctuation.

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For this story it is. when i come up with something else may be a twist to a vampire story unless people liked the idea may i can come up with further adventure.

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