I was recently in the car accident and of course someone hit me. With me just starting my start therapy asap. That meant that I needing to get well soon. So I told his insurance let me get to work and send me somewhere I can make quick progress. So within a week I was told where to go and what time.

As I get dressed I wonder what I should wear. So I put on a pair of shorts and a blouse that made me comfortable. As I leave the house I have to say I was looking nice. I drive to the place where I was to go for the therapy is to be. I check in and as the lady leads me to a room where she tells me that she was glad that I dressed the way I did, because it make the therapy alot me easier. I told here thank you.

That is when she told me that my therapist would be in soon. I set there looking around the room looking at all the different equipment and wondered what it all did. ‎As I continue looking I notice the nice looking man with a body to die for. I just thought to myself he could not be my therapist? But as it turned out he was.

He walks up to me and introduces himself to and I do the same. He tell me to show him all of the places that where injured in the accident. I show him my arm, shoulder, back and legs. He tells me that we will start with my arms and shoulders first and work our way to the rest. I tell him ok. While i am still checking out his body. As he walks around to my right side of me I could feel him breathing down my neck and that started me to getting excited. When he reaches my for my arm it caught me off guard and I moved to fast and his hand bumped my breast and he quickly said excuse me. With his hand touching me and the sound of his breathing he could tell I was getting as excited as he was.

The reason I could tell was from the bulge in his pants that was not there when he first walked in the room. When he noticed that it was becoming very noticeable he excused his self from the room. When he returned to the room he looked like he calmed down some. But what could i do for me. As we continued with the therapy It was becoming very obvious that we both wanted each other very much. How could i tell? For a therapist he was doing alot of bumping during session.

As we moved along from my arm, shoulder and back he came to my legs and the feel of his strong arms touching my legs made me feel like screaming please take my pussy. But as you know you can't say that in therapy. At least not while he is on the clock.
While he working and showing me the therapy for my legs I could feel his hand moving up my legs more and more. Each time he moved more up my leg I would smile even more. When he told me that the session was over it was way into the lunch hour and everyone has left for lunch and we were alone.
He shows me where to get my purse, as he starts off telling me how good I was today and it should not take too long to get back up to par. When he turns to tell me where to go from the door I intentionally bumped his ass. That is when he comes into the room with me.

As we make it into the back room where all of my things are. But I was not planning on getting my things. but taking everything off and so was he. As we made it to the Cote, both of our clothes were completely off. He hands were all over my body. Caressing me like a person that has so many hands. I was loving every moment of it. I could tell he was also.

He tells me from the moment he first saw me he knew he had to have me. From the look of my breast in my very light blouse he said he could tell that my nipples were very ready to be sucked. So as he reached down to cup my breast , the way he handled them made me moan as though he was already sucking them.
That is when he bend his head down and took my nipple in his mouth and started sucking them going back and forth between the two. As he was working my nipples my hands were going up and down his long dick. Imagining how good it is going to feel going deep into my Pussy. But he quickly bring me back when he moves his hand down to my pussy. He with his hands between my legs and his mouth on my breast I start moaning even louder telling him to please t feels so good. He tells me it feel good to him too.
That is when we hear something the door telling me that everyone at his job is coming back to work. But he tells me not to worry that he may have to stop right now but he wan t's this pussy today and ask me if I will be free later on today. I tell him with his Dick in my hand. You bet that nice long dick i will be. With one long suck on one of my nipples he removes his finger from my pussy and hurry and get dress. He tells me he gets off at 5 and he will call me by 6. He say be ready.

I get my things and I hurry out the door. It is only 1pm and I have to hurry home and prepare for the fun I know will be worth the wait. As I get in my car I try to plan how the rest of my day will go. I figured I would go do my shopping right now, maybe go to the mall and get a few things also.

As I start driving iI start semi dreaming on how good it will feel with his dick deep inside my pussy pounding it making me beg for him to slow down. Knowing it Will take a lot for me to say that, but also knowing it will feel good. With all the dreaming that I been doing the next thing I know I am in front of the mall. I parked my car and go to my favorite store. I start looking thought the racks and I come across this outfit and it looked very hot to me. I go the dressing room and find out that it is a coed room. I think to myself wow wouldn't it be nice to come across something nice for now. I said to myself yeah right.

As I get undressed I have this funny feeling that someone is watching me. I look and there is know one there. I continue and that is when I look up and there is this head peaking up over the booth. I ask him what is he doing and he tell me he saw me come in and wanted to see my body in the flesh. I ask him why didn't he just ask me and he smiles and say what would have had done if he had. I told him to come inside and find out.

The next thing I know he is knocking at my door. I open the door and he walks in. He looks at me as though he was asking for permission. As I finish putting on the outfit I as him how it looks. He doesn't have to say a word. My mom always said actions speaks louder than words. His dick starts rising and it doesn't take long for him to remove what I had put on. The next thing I know, he has me bended over and with condom on he is trying to put his dick inside me. I look down and it long but not very thick. As he makes it into my opening he drives it into my pussy. He is pumping so hard and fast it does not take long for him to cum. I look up and said Wow that was fast. He tells me I was feeling too good but he definitely wish he could see me again. I smile and said another day.

I try on my outfit and gain and it looked the way I thought it would, purchased it and went to the grocery store and went home. After grabbing all of my bags, and bringing them into my house. I put the away and that is when I start upstairs to shower and start preparing for tonight. I have just three more hours to for tonight and I know it will be worth the wait and more.

As I finish preparing for tonight. I walk though the house to make sure everything is in place. That is when he calls and says his is almost here
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