When I hang up the phone my heart starts pounding knowing he is almost here. Just as i walk to the door he knocks and I open the door. Just as I am about to say I have dinner on the dinner he stops me and tells me he wants desert first.
He lifts me up and carries me onto the couch and starts removing my cloths. He tells me there is nothing stopping us now. He hurry and remove all of his cloths and that is when he stops and just looks at my body. I look up at him and ask is there a problem he tells me No. He just wants to look at me again and admire the shape of my body. I look up at him and smile.
He moves down to kiss my lips and tell me how much he had been looking forward to this moment. He says that he want to take his time and fill every part of my body to let me know much and how bad he has been wanting me. I tell him there are knows words to explain how bad i needed him.
He moves and starts kissing me starting from my forehead down to my lips. he continues until he is on my nipples and he that is when i knew it was going to be an unforgettable night. He suck my nipples soft with care and moves back and forth between the two making my body move with anticipation waiting for more to come. As he sucks I could not help but to reach for his dick and taking it my hands pulling to let him know i wanted him. He could tell he was driving me crazy, that is when he starts sucking my nipples even harder.
When he does that I could not hold back any longer I let out a moan that made lose all of my all that i was holding back. He tells me that was just the beginning. He moves down to the top of my pussy and that is when he start working his mouth around my pussy making me grab his head telling hm please baby I cant hold back and so he Tell me please do what you may. We have the whole night. He take my clit in his mouth and starts licking and sucking it and that is when my pussy starts flowing like someone turned on a faucet. He says please keep it going your juices are sweet to me. I tell him don't worry I have know plans on stopping. After getting his fill on my pussy juices I new it was my turn.

I take his dick in my hand and lead it to my mouth. I look into his face as I take the tip and start to sucking it. I could hear and the sound that come out of his mouth, and it sound so good. Each time I take it deeper until it is hitting the back of my throat. That is when I start sucking it hard and the sounds that he start making tells me that it feel good to him. But that is only the beginning. I take his balls and start sucking them one at a time. Feeling them get hard tell me that he is losing control but that still does not stop me. I climb on top of him while holding his extremely hard dick in my hands and place it back into my mouth and start sucking him until he releases his loud into my mouth. It was so thick and warm that I knew it it was waiting to come out for a long time.

To my surprise he did not go down.

With him still hard I decided to make the best of it - I told him there is more to come. He tells me that first hit was me telling you I am ready for what ever you send my way. That is when I lead him to my bedroom, both of us already undressed. That is when I really went to work.

I tell him to please lay on the bed and I will give him what he's been waiting on all day. I climb on top and take ahold of his dick and put it into my mouth. Know his dick has already back to life. This time he is even harder and I start sucking him better than I ever thought I could. He let's out a loud moan which I take as a approval. Then he lifts me up and tell me he wants to feel his dick in my pussy, soon. We have waited way too long.

He lays me on my back and starts working his way down from the top of my head. Reaching my breasts, kissing each nipple, getting their attention before he continues moving downtown. He reaches my pussy and says he wants to try something new before he lays down that pipe. Please do I say. As he starts working my pussy I feel something different this time. My pussy starts shaking - he has my clit in his mouth, pulling and sucking. Oh yes baby and he starts working his fingers deep inside me, but it seems like he is on a mission moving around as though he is looking for something. The next thing I feel is him trying to put more fingers into my pussy.

Before long he's got all his fingers inside, moving them around making me cum like I have never cum before. It is different but it feels so good and I am loving it. That's when he moves in closer and start sucking my pussy trying to get every drop. He slurps loudly and tells me I'm sweeter than maple syrup, yum.

Before I know it he has my legs up and is moving to put his dick into me. I'm so wet, so lubricated that his enormous head slides right in smoothly. I gasp with surprise and delight - feels so much better than those magic fingers. He bends my legs back as he leans forward, driving in deeply. My legs hook on his shoulders and he goes to work, beating that pussy up real good. His dick has me in a state of excitement with waves of pleasure radiating outward from my pussy. His sweat drips down and I wipe some on my fingers and suck it off - salty and sexy tasting. I pretend I'm sucking him and start moaning loud and he responds by thrusting faster & faster till I feel his warm, forceful release deep inside. After some time he collapses and his face rests next to mine. We're out of breath but satisfied.

When I awake the next morning he is still there with his lips on my breast and he is sucking on them. I ask him how is breakfast and he tell me as good as dinner was.

I ask him are we going to be here all day and he tell me you bet your tight pussy we are.
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