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Part Nine

I was in such a heavenly place, my big strong lover beneath me, expertly ploughing his magnificent tool deep into my bowels as I strummed on my clit which was pulsing and twitching at every live nerve in my body. I felt light headed with the passion of the situation and as I felt the waves of ecstasy begin to sweep through my consciousness, I felt Mike throw me off him and onto my face beside him on the bed, his cock coming out of my bum with a loud pop. In the fog of my mind I heard an uncharacteristic, ‘Fuck, fuck, fuck’ come from his lips and I thought I had hurt him so I lifted to see the look of horror on his face and followed his eyes to look in the doorway.

I let out an involuntary scream and grabbed feebly at a sheet to cover my nudity. John stood in the doorway, a sinister smirk on his face and he started a very slow hand clap as he looked at the two of us on the bed. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Mike pull a t-shirt over his crotch and I felt my throat go instantly dry like a desert with the missing moisture beginning to fill my tear ducts. It felt like the hand clapping went on forever and I just wanted the tirade of abuse to begin. Anything would have been better than the silence.

‘Very nice show kids!’, John sneered at us, ‘Not that it was any big surprise of course, not after your blow job in the car last night or the blow job in the morning while you thought we were sleeping!’

Mike and I looked horrified at each other for a split second, the horror obviously clear on our faces.

John snickered in a way I had never heard from him before and he walked slowly towards the bed. I moved back slightly, holding tighter on my sheet. John leant forward and snatched it from me and pulled the t-shirt from Mike at the same time. ‘Nothing to hide from me anymore really is there kids? I mean I have just watched my son fucking my stepdaughter in the arse, what could you possibly hide from me now? And Michael, Michael, Michael! You are never usually this shy around me! Usually you can’t wait to get naked with me!’

I saw Mike drop his head and then he looked me in the eye. I asked him softly, ‘This is the guy?’

Mike just nodded and dropped his head again.

John began slowly pacing around the room, almost talking to himself, ‘So , what to do? Do I tell Lucy’s Mum about this? Would she disown her? ..... Probably!’ then he moved quickly over to me, putting his face close to mine, ‘What do you suggest, you little fucking whore?’

I felt my lips quivering, but out of nowhere, I heard myself saying, ‘Well, maybe I will tell her about you shagging Mike!’

Barely had the words left my lips and I felt myself falling from the bed, the whole side of my face on fire from the slap that John had just delivered. I heard Mike leap at his father and then a thud and John delivered a hard blow into Mike’s gut and sent him reeling back onto the bed

‘You kids had better learn, and fucking quickly, who is in charge here! Do you understand?’

I climbed back onto the bed, my face stinging and went to Mike who was curled on his side.

John roared, ‘I asked you bastards a question, fucking answer me!’

‘We fucking heard you, you CUNT!’ Mike spat back and instantly John leapt forward to hit Mike again but I cringed and put myself between them and screamed for him to stop through my tears. I waited for the blow but none came. I slowly settled back next to Mike and looked over at John. He had sat down on a stool in the corner and was clearly composing himself. I desperately wanted to run from the house and keep running forever. I was completely terrified.

John began to speak slowly, ‘Lucy, that was very brave what you just did and that impressed me. You obviously love my son more than I thought, but I came back here to catch you in your sordid act and we need to clear this up’

I was confused and didn’t know what he meant by ‘Clear it up’ but I chose silence. Mike obviously knew his Dad better and when I saw Mike shake his head slowly and sigh heavily, I instinctively knew that this was not going to be a simple answer.

‘OK Dad, you’ve obviously thought this through before you snuck in here to catch us, what do you want?’ Mike said with the venom still showing defiantly through his tone.

John’s temper began to rise a little again, ‘Watch your fucking mouth Boy! I hold all the cards and you two will do exactly as I say or I will make your lives a living hell and I guarantee you will NEVER see each other again. Do as I say and you can carry on as you seem to have started. It isn’t really a choice, it is my way or Hell and if you talk down to me one more time I will break your fucking jaw, got it?’

I hugged closer to Mike as I saw a tear of defeat drop onto his cheek. Mike was a thick set guy with a fantastic build but his Dad did dwarf him a little. John was a couple of inches taller but quite a bit wider and I for one didn’t want another smack from him. My whole cheek felt as if it had swollen up and it still felt like I had been stung by a hundred wasps. Mike turned to face me and whispered, ‘I don’t think we have much choice baby, I’m sorry’

Just from his words, I felt that he knew what was coming. I suspected some pretty bad things myself now, knowing that John had been fucking his son for some time so was obviously driven by sex and now, here we sat, two naked teens in front of a big, powerful, predator of a man. I whispered back into Mike’s ear, ‘There is nothing he could do which could make me love you less. We said we were in this together, we still are. I’m just very scared Mike!’

Mike looked at me and mouthed, ‘Me too!’

He then looked up at his Dad and said, ‘OK, what do you want Dad?’

John stood up, puffed out his chest and began his list of demands. Dumb shock hit my face from demand number one, and it stayed throughout his list.

‘Firstly, when you next see your Mother Lucy, you are going to tell her that you want to start calling me Daddy! I see that look on your face Lucy, but I like it and you will comply without question. Next, we are going to become much better acquainted.’ With that he walked over to my side of the bed and put his hand straight to my chest and I blocked it with my arm. He raised his left fist and I looked quickly over to Mike and he just gave a sad nod. I lowered my head and my arm and watched John’s hand roughly grab my chest and pinch my nipples until I yelped in pure pain. I liked Mike to be firm but this was different and not so nice.

John then barked an order to Mike to get round his side and remove his pants. He obviously wanted to humiliate Mike in front of me. I refused to let that happen. As Mike pulled John’s pants down, John moved his molesting hand down my belly and roughly started to probe at my pussy. The absolute fear that I felt meant I was bone dry down there and as he prodded and poked I screamed in pain. Mike was pulling his Dad’s pants down and yelled, ‘Please Dad, don’t hurt her!’

John mumbled a sorry, extracted his hand and spat heavily on it and went back to his goal. It still hurt as he rammed two fingers deep inside me but at least it was lubricated a bit now and I managed to open my eyes and stifled a gasp as I saw John beginning to facefuck my lover. The fact of seeing Mike suck his Dad was odd enough but the gasp was for the size of John’s cock. It was at least eight inches and the width was a good 50% thicker than Mike. I watched as my boyfriend took him deep into his mouth and realised that he wasn’t resisting this at all. I suppose part of me should have been angry at him but I quickly saw two benefits. It would be over quicker if we didn’t resist and it would also be less painful. The other side of my brain also saw it as quite erotic and John’s cock was pretty magnificent. Don’t get me wrong here, I was still terrified with a sore face, boobs and pussy from his aggressive fingering and I still wanted to run away but the realisation that we were in a hopeless situation meant my brain was trying to find ways of dealing with it.

After five minutes or so like this, John announced that we should get more comfortable and told us all to go into his bedroom. He pulled the covers off the bed and lay in the middle.

‘Now Lucy!’, he said in a faux nice tone, ‘Would you like to suck Daddy’s dick?’

‘No!’ I said, automatically

Instantly aggressive, John said, ‘Do you really think that is the right fucking answer you little bitch?’

Kicking myself mentally, I started to move towards his angry looking cock saying, ‘OK, yes I would’

I screamed as John grabbed a handful of hair and dragged my head back, ‘Still wrong you little cunt. One more wrong answer and your other cheek will be glowing!’

‘Dad stop it!’ Mike pleaded

‘Shut up Michael, she needs to fucking learn how not to be a spoilt little bitch!’

He released my head and through my sobs I said, ‘Yes Daddy ..... Can I .... Can I please suck your cock?’ I then cringed waiting for another assault, but instead he pulled my head forward and crammed the head of his dick into my mouth, stretching it like never before. I knew straight away that this was not going to be like sucking Mike or my fake cock. It didn’t fit in my mouth properly, let alone my thought. I tried desperately to please him, licking and slurping on him, keeping my teeth as well covered as possible, hoping to hear sounds of encouragement from this huge man.

I received something approaching a compliment as John said to Mike, ‘Not a bad little whore you have here Michael, fuck her arse while she sucks me and do it hard!’

I braced myself as I felt Mike spit on my rear entrance. He obviously didn’t want to enrage his Dad by delaying to get lotion. I braced myself and thanked God that I still had tons of the lube inside me. Mike rammed home his tool in my bum and I fell forward, choking myself on his Dad’s meat and was frantically breathing through my nose. John obviously liked this and began forcing my head down until I began to retch, then he let me get a breather for a split second, then resume the attempted manslaughter! Well, that is how it felt. Under normal circumstances, I would have enjoyed Mike’s buttfucking but the lack of breath for most of this ordeal was killing any pleasure, but as suddenly as it started, John pushed me off him and got up, ordering Mike to carry on but harder. Just as it started to feel good, John barked another unusual order. He told us to resume the exact position that we had when he had arrived. Mike duely rolled over onto his back, spread my legs wide and continued to pound at my back door. I assumed John was just getting off on watching us but Mike whispered in my ear, ‘For fuck’s sake babe, say something to him! Include him before he snaps again!’

My fear rose in an instant, terrified of another attack by my stepfather so as seductively as I could with my heart trying to escape my chest, I looked over at John, slowly rubbed my pussy and said, ‘Daddy, would you please lick my pussy while my big brother fucks my arse?’

John actually smiled, ‘Of course I will Princess, let Daddy make it better!’

I was freaked out by the niceness, I had been half expecting a punch or a knife in the belly as a minimum! Instead, I got a hot frantic tongue lapping at me and I instantly felt my juices begin to flow. John moaned his approval and I genuinely thought that Mike could come in me, John could give me an orgasm and it would be over! Wrong. Very wrong.

Just two minutes into a delightful piece of oral work, John stopped. I looked up to see if there was a problem and I quickly realised that a bigger nightmare loomed. John was repositioning himself between my legs and aiming his monster dick at my little pussy!

‘Daddy! No please don’t! I’m too small and it’s already too tight with Mike in my bum, please don’t!’

Even Mike tried to protest but an order of ‘Shut the fuck up’ silenced us both. Mike was instructed to hold inside me and to hold me still. I screamed as he entered me, begging him to stop. All the skin on my rear end was on fire as he pushed further and further in. I screamed for help, I screamed for my Mum but nothing stopped him getting fully inside me and then he gave the order for Mike to start fucking again. My throat was sore from screaming, my pussy and arse had gone beyond the pain side and was now feeling numb yet I could still feel my juices flowing round John’s cock. I felt him start to remove it and felt relief, only for him to ram it back home again, so being the start of his fucking rhythm. A few minutes later, the pain was immaterial, I was impaled on their cocks, I couldn’t escape and in a haze I saw the carnal lust on John’s face and almost as if I was disconnected from my body, I pulled his head to my left tit and he began to devour it and I heard myself starting to talk dirty to them. Where was this coming from? ‘Come on Daddy, come on Mikey, fuck your little girl, give me your fucking cum!

They banged me so hard and the tightness down there was so extreme, it soon brought them both over the top. Mike shooting first, deep into my bowels and John, pulling out of me and forcing himself into my mouth again and emptied his copious amount of thick goo down my throat. I think I came as well but I truly can’t remember. After they had both pulled out, I looked down to the sheet and saw blood and realised it was coming from me. A touch of my pussy and I discovered that John had stretched me so far, it had actually split the skin a little. I stood up from them, went to the bathroom, locked the door and filled the bath tub. I turned the radio up full and stepped into the tub.

I sat in the warm water, the stinging was almost unbearable. I drew my knees up to my chest and wept.

It was almost half an hour later, the batteries had died on the radio, I was still in the same position, rocking to comfort myself when I heard a soft tapping on the door. I didn’t respond. A few minutes later, more tapping and Mike’s voice, ‘Lucy, it’s me. Dad has gone. Will you let me in please?’

I climbed out of the bath, wrapped my towel round me and opened the door. I didn’t blame Mike but I couldn’t bear being touched just yet. Mike asked if I had done with the bath and climbed in himself. As he sat down, he yelped. I looked over, concerned.

‘Yeah, he fucked my arse before he went. No lube!’

I looked into the water and saw a little redness around his bum. He must have been bleeding too. I threw off my towel and climbed into the now cool water behind Mike and rested my head on his shoulder. All my tears were gone, I was still mentally and emotionally numbed by it all.

‘I don’t think I could do that again Mike, I genuinely wanted to die in there! I think we may have to leave!’

Mike just nodded. We agreed we needed to rest on it and think about it. We soaked for a while and then helped each other dry off. We dressed, went down to the pool and both sat very gently on our chairs. My whole nether regions were in agony despite the aloe vera gel that Mike had helped me apply down there. Normally that would have been a pleasurable experience but my shrieks of pain probably did little to turn Mike on that time!

We sat in silence. No words were going to erase today from my head. I had no idea how we could move forward. The only thing which was focussed, was my love for Michael.

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I wish I was Lucy

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Boy that turned quickly lol

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2013-07-07 21:21:26
This is really good, I keep checking to see chapter 10 and/or 11 aswell

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This is really good, I keep checking to see chapter 10 and/or 11 aswell

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Oh No, you're a fantastic writer. This story goes in a direction that normally doesn't come up in a story line like this. Oh I liked it. I'd give it a 10 out of 10 for this. Even though the story took a dark turn. I'm with the person who wrote just below me here. Or the person below that one. Find daddy with his dick in a kid's butt in the school yard. Have the police haul him away. Now that would put a nice ending on this story. Daddy in prison with a dozen guys lined up in the showers to give daddy a great big welcome, over and over again.

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