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i will be writing series of my real experiences!
Hi , my dear horny readers. How are you all doing? My name is Rohan. Let me briefly tell you about myself

I’m now 27 years old, 5.95 feet height, athletic body and average looking. I have my Own Business and I’m a Martial Arts and Yoga Trainer in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai gyms. (Why so many places you will know in the stories.

People who may know me might study these stories so I want to keep my identity undisclosed. I’m writing these stories with the permission of few ladies with whom I’m in contact with.

I had Sexual encounters with aged, middle aged, married and many sex starved women who were between 20 and 48 as they are the highest and the least aged in my list coz below 20 are considered as kids in my view. They might reach puberty or mature by 13 or 14th year but a little matured body would always be good to make love J ;).

Okay let me start the Story …

One day Lucy Was out of town. I went to Lucys home. Lana was alone watching cable TV. She was wearing night pants and a t-shirt. I could see her boobs. Just the shape as she was fully covered.

After one hour of studying I asked her smilingly looking into my books”what Lana miss, raja is not coming now a days?” “What happened?” “You are looking so deprived and restless these days”

Me: I have an asana for that if you would like to do. And you could do that only if you didn’t take your dinner.”

I didn’t give her time to talk and think much. I did that so that she would not bother about what I have said about raja. She was all speechless. She was not saying anything.

After a minute she said “I don’t have any interest in any asanas now bujji.”

Me: what miss you should do some exercise every day. You just do what I have suggested and you will tell the difference in 15 to 20 days. I suggested her for sirshasana (inverted pose).

Lana: what is that new one now?

Me: you just have to stand on your hands like this and legs like this

I have demonstrated her how to do it.

Lana: ammooo. It is very difficult to do. I can do only the easy ones which you taught us earlier.

Me: It is very easy and I can give support to your legs. Try doing once. If you cannot do I’ll leave it. But let us give it a try. First tuck your t-shirt inside your pants.

I smiled at her saying that. She knew why I was smiling. She wanted to see how it will feel. So after a lot of attempts she accepted and tucked her tees inside her night pants.
She tried doing herself but she was losing her balance and was not able to do.

I went near her and told her again how to do it. I said “let me give you support when you raise your legs in the air miss.”

Lana said “okay, but be careful, don’t let me fall on my head.”

I said “one minute.” I went and locked the door.

She moved into the position on the floor and lifting her legs. She was afraid of doing that.

I told her “okay miss, I‘ll tightly hold your legs don’t worry. You don’t have to push your legs just concentrate on hands. I’ll take care of the legs.”

When she raised her legs I caught them immediately and raised them with my force. She was on her hands inverted and I was holding her knees for grip. I was supporting her legs from knees with my shoulder. I could say I was exactly between her legs with my face at her knees. As her night pant was loose it came till her knees. I moved my hands and held her tights for more grip and trying to make her straight. I was making it easy for her by giving less weight on her hands.

My dick was actually touching her belly on her tees. She told me to bring her down. I slowly brought her down. She was breathing heavily. She said that her head was rolling. I told her to do sevasana. I made her lie on the floor and told her to relax. I liked her pose. She was doing it like she was in her own sacrifice.

After 5 minutes I told her that we will do it again. We have to do this 3 times. She said no in the beginning but with my encouragement she accepted again as I wasn’t doing anything mischievous.

This time I could handle her with little expertise. I was moving my hands from knees to thighs. I was also sometimes pressing my dick on her belly in a slow motion. I was actually holding her inner legs. I was brushing my face sometimes between her legs and lower thighs. Break and sevasana again.

We have done that 3 times. She was doing okay. But she doesn’t know my intentions or plans. When she was doing sevasana I was getting a feeling to sit on her shoulder and fuck her mouth and press her boobs. I wanted to have a 69 immediately watching her poses.

After exercises I taught her some breathing exercises by closing eyes. I wanted to watch her boobs move up and down when she was breathing. Natural acts will be eye catching and enjoyable. Her yogic poses were very very very sexy and beautiful.

I asked her to sit and went behind her. I was pressing and rubbing her shoulders giving an impression of giving some relaxation to her as she stood on her hands. I stretched each hand slowly in a way she will like. I was rubbing her shoulder joints by thing one by one between my hands. I was shaking her with all my stuff.

She was treating me like a coach. She didn’t say anything. As she knew that I have some knowledge. She was following my instructions. I asked her to bend front to touch her toes. She tried and she couldn’t reach completely. But I was really enjoying the close view of her nice curves and her sexy ass. I was pressing her shoulders a little and making her to touch her toes. While doing that my back was coming near her ass and touching it slightly. I could feel that. I was pressing her shoulders from the back towards the ground.

I moved a little close to her. I stretched my legs a little. I was exactly in a position that I was fucking her from behind when she bends. I was touching her ass with my dick once in a while. I didn’t make any hard attempts to spoil her mood. I asked her to come back to normal and relax. She was breathing heavily. She was a beginner to yoga.
With all the breathing and blood circulation she was actually feeling fine. I told her how to reduce belly. How to stay fit. Diet and stuff.

She told me that she got a little belly and she wants to reduce it. I told her to lie on her back.I went and sat on her legs and caught her knees. I told her to put her hands on her head and started rising slowly while inhaling. She understood what I meant and was doing up and downs on her ass by raising her body with hands support. She was not able to do slowly. So I told her to do fast. And when she was moving fast I could watch her bouncing boobs in her tees. Staying close to a woman and watching her kicks up my energy levels.

When she was moving her knees I sat on her knees and shifted my hands to her thighs. She felt a little discomfort in the beginning and when I was saying common one, two, and three and started counting. She left what I was doing and was following what I was saying

After 20 counts she stopped with pain in her belly. She was saying “Ahhh , ammo, baboi.” Actually she was acting more than it was.

Me: Lana Miss nothing will happen. It will pain you for a week in the beginning and after 8 days it will be fine. You will feel the difference.

I really like doing exercise and yoga with girls. It encourages me to spend more time on it and have fun along with some romance.

I asked her to stand and went behind her. Without saying anything I put my hands on her waist and belly and was slowly rubbing her. She was taken aback.
Me: Don’t worry miss this will reduce your pain a little. You may find hard in the morning to wake up with pain. Let me do it or you do it yourself. Anything would be fine.

I had to change my topic as she was taken aback.

Lana: yeah I will do it myself. How many days I have to do this?

Me: yeah results will be soon if you do it regularly. Come we will do it again. You have to complete 3 sets.

I made her to finish next 2 sets and was enjoying pressing her thighs sitting on her. I was pressing my dick on her knees. She might not have noticed while doing exercise.

Lana: Ohhh maaa. It looks easy but difficult to do. I think my stomach is paining.

I pressed on her belly again where she will get pain. She cried out in pain and dropped her body down on my hands. Her boobs touched my hands. I released her.

Lana: bujji don’t do that. Its really paining after the 3rd set.

Me: the pain will increase by morning. Press you belly and those muscles for sometime. it may give some relief.

Lana: I think I’m done with exercises today. You go home its already 9.30pm. I also have to take bath and have my dinner.

Me: no problem miss. If you want I can stay here for tonight. I can teach you few more excercises.

Lana: noooo need. You teach me tomorrow evening. I’m done now.

Me: I can stay here tonight if you are feeling lonely;)

Lana: its okay no problem I can stay alone.

Me: are you expecting someone miss? I winked and said “ is raja coming tonight?”

Lana: ayeee shutup. Stupid. Don’t you know what to talk.

Me: its okay miss. I have watched you guys doing sex for more than a year.

Lana: ayeee bujji, enough okay. Go now.

I didn't want to irritate her anymore. I came back home, slept, woke up went to school, sports. I was actually waiting for yoga classes with Lana. As Lucy went for 2 days I had another day. I thought I should do something today.

No body was there went I went home. She was in the kitchen preparing her dinner.

I went inside and asked her “.Lana Miss shall we start the class.”

Lana said “ let me finish cooking. You study for sometime meanwhile.”

Me: why are you in skirt miss. You cannot do the sirshasana wearing a skirt. You know what I mean right. Everything will be upside down miss.

Lana: shut up. I know that. I will change and come anyways.

I went to living room closed all the doors and put a think blanket on the floor for sexercise. I studied for some time. she finished all her stuff in the kitchen and came to living room.

Me: what lana miss why you didn’t change. Do you want to do sirshasana(standing on head with legs in upward direction) like this? I think I have to close my eyes.

Lana: don’t dream much bujji. We are not doing sirshasana(standing on head with legs in upward direction) today. we will do the bending and abb exercises today for more time. I think I don’t need to change into pants for them.

Me: I smiled and said anything is fine for me miss.

I was sarcastic actually. I went behind her and asked her to rotate all her joints one by one in her standing position. As she was doing rotation on one leg she was loosing balance. I was supporting her on her shoulders. I thought to move to her hips and give her proper balance but was not dare enough.

I made her bend and making her touch her toes again. I came close to her and pressing my dick on her ass. I got a hard on by staying close to her. I didn’t want to adjust that. All the time I stood behind her and was guiding her from behind to bend and was pressing her ass on skirt.

Her skirt was already till her knees. As she was bending it was rising and giving me a good view of her inner thighs. I was moving my knees into hers once in a while in the act of balancing myself. Some times I was holding her waist. She did as long as she could do and changed her position to sevasana. She was not actually wearing a skirt it was a middy actually, we call it one piece dresses now;).

Her cleavage was visible once in a while only from her bra when she was bending. I could see those bra straps. I climbed on her knees directly and asked to do belly exercise. She started doing ups and downs and whenever she was bending towards me I was getting a nice cleavage show. Her middy rose up from her knees to thighs when she was moving back
I was holding on her cloth first and when it moved I moved my hands from her naked knees to thighs. She stopped and removed my hand, adjusted her middy again and started doing the exercise.

I was happy as she didn’t asked me to get out. I thought I could proceed a little. When ever she was moving I was changing my hands on to her thighs from knees. She removed for more than 8 to 10 times. She understood that I was not going to remove and started doing her exercise.

I thought she was giving permission and moved my hands more inside her thighs. It was hot hot inside. Smooth and soft. They were not very fair but they were fair enough. she stopped me when I rubbed my hands. Her belly was aching. She was rolling on the floor holding her belly saying amma, amma.

I moved away from her and sat close to her belly and started pressing her softly along with her in the act of easing her pain.

She stopped me and said “I’ll manage.”

She asked me to leave. I went home silently.

Next day Lucy came back. day was routine. Evening I went and asked lana for the exercises. Lucy said what exercises.

Me: nothing lucy miss. Lana wants to reduce her belly. So I was teaching her some exercises related to that. We were doing them since 2 days.

Lucy was looking at lana and was signaling her something. Lana responded something. I didn’t understand much.

Lana: come we will start. Lucy has to prepare dinner. she will know what we are doing when she comes.

We went to living room. We started doing exercises. Lucy came in between sat on the chair and was watching us. Lana was wearing the middy. Lucy observed my hard on and me pressing my dick on her ass once in a while.

I had my hard on when we were doing this. Lana cannot see that as she was bent. But lucy could as she was observing us.

After finishing exercise. Lana went to bath and came. I still had my hard on.

When Lana was in bath Lucy asked me “so you started your exercises here also.”

Me: no lucy miss, lana asked me to teach her.

Lucy: I know what you were teaching bujji. Uma told me everything about you and your sexcercise knowledge. Uma also told me about your intentions towards us. For your information Lana also knows everything.

I was shocked to her blast. I didn’t say anything. I said sorry miss and was about to leave. Lana came. She changed to a new middy this time. She was looking very beautiful in that black middy. Her fair legs and hands were clearly seen.

I said good night in a hurry and left immediately.

Next day was routine. I went to tuition and did sexcercise with Lana. Lucy was observing me all the while but was not saying anything. She never smiled also. As she was not saying anything I was getting bold day by day. Lucy stopped talking to me much and watching our exercise for some days. I was happily enjoying lana and her thighs and sometimes inner thighs, some times her boobs, her waist. Lana used to remove my hand when ever I put my hand on her inner thighs. But she never said anything seriously.

Lana became very friendly with me. Sometimes on her tees she used to show her belly and say its going in bujji.

I started teaching her more and working out with her some extra time daily. one day after finishing exercises I asked Lucy to join us for exercises.

Lucy: why one lady for your activities isn't enough? do you wan to touch and press me also?

she had a frown face when she said that. I was trying to say something but she asked me to leave.

After a month of sexercises uncle was going to see uma aunty and invited me to come with him.

I told my parents and left to vizag to see uma aunty. It has been a long time. We went for 2 days. Her mom, dad, brother and sister-in-law were there. Uma aunty told them that I will sleep in their room with uncle. I didn’t get time to talk to her whole day. In the evening I told them that I’m taking Uma aunty for a walk and went out with her to beach.

We started walking and I said “Uma aunty how you can do this?”

Uma: what did I do bujji? What happened?

Me: you told me to keep the secret and you have revealed our secret to Lucy and Lana.

Uma: haha. I didn’t tell anything to lana. I’ve told about you and me and your desire towards sex and women and how you are dying to fuck those sisters.

Me: oh fuck Ohhh fuckkk. Aunty I’m done I think. What if they tell this to anyone else. I’m actually not bothered about my name. It will be you who will be blamed first for anything though I started this.

Uma: you don’t really have to worry about that. They are fine. I know about them and they know about me. More over we are friends since more than 8 years. I was excited when you said you want to fuck them. I told Lucy everything what you were doing me, how you do, what you like to do, your sexual knowledge, your way of making love to women. And your fantasies about fucking so many women. Almost everything.

I was just listening to her. I was afraid for some time and started getting relaxed as everything was disclosed.

Me: hmmmmm. I think I cannot do anything much worrying about that now. What do you want me to do now? I think I can proceed a little further now as they know everything. But can you tell me whether they are interested in me?

Uma : I don’t know about lana but lucy asked me almost everything about you and your activities. She knows everything about you. Have you done anything all these days?

Me: no I’m still working out on lana. Lucy told me that they know everything about me. We didn’t discuss much about it. but right now I’m working on lana. Lucy is giving me looks but not saying anything. I’m not getting how to proceed. If you were there I might have asked you. Suggest me how to proceed.

Uma: Lucy and Lana had many bfs in the past. I know about raja and vinay. When ever they visit their home Lucy or Lana used to come to my house for giving privacy to the couple. After house owners warning they stopped getting their bfs to their home. I don’t say they are sex maniacs like you but they are young women and they are interested in sex too. You play your games. You may find some luck atleast with one or the other.

I was relieved with her preachings. I started making my plans.

Me: then what are we going to do tonight? I think you have lot of crowd in your home. Your sister-in-law also looks pretty and plumy. I like her.

Uma: ohhh shut up. We cannot do anything here. You just sleep in our bedroom. Don’t do anything these two days here. I don’t want to make anyone suspicious about us.

I nodded at her with dejected affirmation as it has been a long time I had a blow job and a nice boobs massage and a pussy massage on my dick.

We walked home. Everyone was present at the dinner time. Uma ate already. All the males in the house were having dinner and ladies were doing their serving. Everyone was fully covered. Her sister-in-law was a talkative lady. She was working as a head nurse in the hospital. I could see her waist and booby size from her dress. She was big like uma.
We finished dinner and left to bedrooms. Uncle wanted to fuck uma that day but she didn’t allow him as I was there. I was sleeping on a bed and they were sleeping on the double bed.

Night there were murmuring, hissings, moans sounds of her bangles, her chains. I peeked from my bedsheet and was enjoying the silhouette . Uncle was moving on uma. He was fucking her slowly as I was there I think. I watched them for sometime and jerked in my shorts. I woke up in the morning and no one was there.

Uncle went outside.Aunty and her mom in kitchen. Her sister-in-law was in her bedroom. I called aunts name and she came. She closed the bedroom door and came inside. I hugged her with my hard on. She left me and went outside. She came after a minute and said “bujji you have to do it in 5 minutes.” “I told the that you were feeling shy and locked the bedroom. uncle may come at any time.

I immediately made her sit on bed released my shorts and guided my dick in her mouth. She started sucking and licking it. I took 3 to 4 minutes to cum. I cummed in her mouth.
She went to washroom and washed herself. As she was in night gown it was easy for adjusting. She came out and asked me to get freshen up.

I went to eat break fast. Her sister-in-law samyuktha was there. I waved her hi and started eating bf. I was watching samyuktha from the corner of my eye. I was looking at her assets. Uma caught me watching her when I was looking sam. Uma knows what I will do after looking at any women. Uma widened her eyes and said no with expressions. I followed her and stopped peeping at her sisterinlaw.

We had lunch and was preparing to leave. I got only 2 chances to hug her and kiss her meanwhile. I mean uma. We waved them bye and left to mandapeta. I have taken uma landline number. I wanted to give my updates about lucy and lana.

Updates will be continued in My Real Sex Life – Part 8

My email address is Ladies and Girls you are always welcome ;) and guys please Don't ping me for girls id. I'm not going to disclose them to you anyways. Don’t waste your time on me guys. Try to understand me guys. I’m not your enemy, same way I don’t need enmity from Women.
Stay Fit and Be Horny. Please and Thanq.

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