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Dad takes his realtionship with daughter to next level
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Prior: Kelsey – “No Dad Stop.”
Prior: Kelsey - “Dad that cannot happen Again”

“Ok, baby, lick my balls. Suck on them.”
“Dad, please don’t make me.” “I don’t want to .”
“Quit whining Kelsey. “ What a look on her face as she took my balls in her mouth.
My cock was up against her face, rubbing on her cheeks and her nose.
“Oh, so sweet. Suck on it. Rub underneath my nuts. “

KELSEY, looked at me. “Dad, please don’t make me do this. Please.”
“Put my cock back in your mouth Bitch.”
With that she started to cry her cute little eyes out. Tears ran down her cheeks.
“Dad, why are you talking to me like that?”
SMAAACK. I gave Kelsey a good slap across the face.
She had this look of disbelief. As she started with some more bitch whining
I shoved my cock into her mouth.

“No more bullshit from you, little cock sucking whore.”
I grabbed her pony tail and started to fuck her pert little bitch mouth.

I knew I was being hard on her. LOL but it is what it is and that is what she
is to me now, my little whore. I learned my lesson with her mother. The bitch left me for a
black guy and now she is fucking the hood.

I bred this little bitch daughter with her mother. I wasn’t going to make the
same mistakes twice.

The next morning I went shopping for some gifts for Kelsey. The night before had been tough on
her. It was tough love face fucking. It was not a blow job. She did not get me off, I got off on her but now was time to lighten up a little and show some thoughtfulness.

As I shopped, memories from the night before kept running through my mind.
My cock buried deep in her mouth. Saliva dripping from her chin. The gagging and choking.
The cum shot on her face. Yes, I did take it a little easy this time. I didn’t cum down her throat
But next time…….. the best part was the slurping suction sound as my dick filled her mouth.

“My name is Ali, can I help you Sir.” My mind filled with thoughts of Kelsey, I was interrupted by the cutest teen clerk. I could feel my face flushing as I couldn’t think of what to say. I looked at her cute face and saw cum dripping from her chin. What body on this bitch.
“Yes, I have these items for my daughter. I need the shirts imprinted.”
I trembled as she gave this look, THE LOOK.” “Sir, we will have the shirts ready in ½ hour.”

Great, I have an excuse to hang around and watch Ali while I wait. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her.
The way she flipped her hair, her smile, the tone of her voice. The half-hour was up way too soon.
I was so fucking hard. I stared at her ass and tits for the whole time.

“Is there anything else I can do for you to today.”
I almost choked but got out a “No thank you, you have been very helpful.” I wondered what she thought of the gifts I bought for my daughter.

I came home from shopping and Kelsey was just getting up.
“Honey, I got some things from the store for you.”
“Dad, I don’t want to talk now.”

With some reluctance she came over to the table. I took out her gifts.
“Try these on. “
Kelsey looked them over. “I am not wearing that.”
“There is a limit to my patience, try one on!” I scolded her in a firm voice.

This is where yesterday’s brutality pays off. She knows I mean business and she
went to change. I should have her change in front of me but…….

While she changed my mind raced with thoughts of the store clerk.

Kelsey came into the room looking very disturbed.
“When am I supposed to wear this.”
“Whenever you are home.”
There were hot pink shirts and red thong underwear.
The shirts were long and would come down just over her ass.

“That is what I want you to wear around the house.”
“Where are the shorts to go with?” “No shorts sweetie, just the shirt.”
Turn around. It was just perfect. The shirt said. “Kelsey loves her Dad.”
The shirt was tight and showed of all her curves.
Give me a bend over “Kelsey.” “Dad, I am not going to wear this. This is slut clothes.”
That’s the whole idea I thought.
She just gave me a look when the door bell rang.

OH Fuck, it is the landlord who rents me the house. I am late on the rent again
and now I have to listen to this guy. “Kelsey, Patel is here, get him some Iced Tea.
He always seems hot and sweaty.”

“Dad, I am not going to have anyone see me like this.”
“ Kelsey, you look nice, now Get the drink.”

“DAD.!!!!!” “Get the fucking Iced Tea Kelsey.”

Patel is from India. I like his people but him??? He is fat and always smells.
BO but also some of that crap they cook. He is also a hairy bastard.
Just over all kind of disgusting.

“Mr. Patel, hello, I guess you are here about the rent.”
“Yes you are late again, this cannot go on. Do you have the money?”
“UH, no but I get paid again in two weeks.”

“You know that…..”
Just in time, Kelsey came with the Iced Tea.
“You met my daughter, Kelsey, she has some Tea for you.”
“Ah Kelsey you look very nice In that shirt. Kelsey loves her Dad, that is very sweet
to have on your shirt.”

I could see the look in Patel’s eyes. I wanted this to be his idea, puts me in a better
bargaining position. I know he likes the young girls, so just a matter of priming the pump.

“I was thinking maybe we could work something out, a barter.” Patel whispered to me.
“What did you have in mind.” “Your daughter is very attractive. I could take off half the
rent if, you know, I could have my way.” I pretended to think like this was a surprise.

“The full rent.” I countered. “ Two thirds.” “Look I am not doing the rug merchant thing.”
I was very firm.
“She is super hot. Full Rent or you wait till I get paid.”
“Ok full rent, bill marked paid in full.” We shook hands and smiled.
Yea he was getting Kelsey but it would be fun for me too watching.

“Kelsey come over here again.” I called Kelsey who was in the kitchen.
“What Dad, she asked as she walked toward us.”
“As she got near something must have clicked and she started to flee.”
I grabbed her wrist and pulled her near me. Patel grabbed her other arm.
I could see this was going to take some extra physical persuasion.

“Sorry Patel, this is going to take some work.”
“That’s OK, I love it when they fight.”
He dropped his pants and shorts while he hung on to her. I was surprised.

The shirt worked well, he just pulled it up revealing her goodies and yanked off the thongs.
Ready to GO.

His dick was big, not huge big, but certainly good sized.”
Kelsey twisted and turned but she was no match for this big man.
He pushed her against a narrow table as I pulled her arms and held her
in place from the other side.

Patel was at least twice Kelsey’s size. He had her pinned against the table as he rubbed up
against her. I was holding her arms form the other side of the table.
“Bastards. Let go of me. Get that fat fuck off me. Dad, this is going to far.”
“Kelsey, we got to take care of the rent, you need to help out.”

Kelsey let out a horrific scream. I looked at her face and she looked in agony.
“I looked closer at Patel, What the Hell!!!!” His cock was pushing in her ass.
He was red in the face, grunting and groaning. He had her sweet ass cheeks firmly in his hands.”
“What are you doing, we didn’t talk about that.”
“For the full rent, I am gonna plug that cute ass of hers.”

To Be continued.

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