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Dan tries to get a grip on his newly found fetish for feet, which he does by weirdly obsessing over a girl in his class named Courtney. This is my first story so just bare with me...
I’m a fairly average guy for the most part. 16 years old, in the tenth grade, brown hair, brown eyes and the names Dan by the way. The only weird thing about me is that I have a slight tendency to obsessively shadow, well just one person, but I know it’s still equally as fucked up. I never intended on it but for a while of my tenth year in school, I stalked a girl in my class named Courtney.
Courtney was this amazingly beautiful brunette girl in my class that I just could not take my eyes off of. She was fairly average aswell, she had a couple of friends, both guys and girls, would hang out at the mall and party occasionally but what set her apart from the rest, for me atleast, were her feet. Most of the time she wore tomy’s or sneakers so that I wouldn’t be able to get a look at them and would have to weirdly gaze at her ankles. Other times though, when it got a little warm in the summer she would wear open toed shoes and my mind would just wander during classes. She sat pretty close to me in most classes so it was hard for me to pay attention when those gorgeous feet were around. In history she sits behind me, and on one occasion I was so desperate just to catch a glimpse of those perfect pedicured feet, ‘cause this was the first time in a week she had worn sandals, that I faked dropping my pen next to her desk just so I could lean down and get a whiff and a glance at those toes. What I would give for those feet running all over my body, caressing my growing dick and teasing me with that beautiful smell.
Now I know this all crazy, I’m acting like a psychotic foot worshiper that’s never been laid, but those feet are simply that amazing.
We only had three classes together and it was only this year that we had any at all cause the year before she was in a completely different school. It was only the fourth week of term, and I was already becoming pretty sadistic. For a week straight I would go home and masturbate more than once just imagining those toes. Sometimes thinking about those feet getting sweaty in her socks when she wore closed shoes, imagining that ever so slightly wet and tangy smell. I wanked in the shower in the morning before school thinking of when she wore sandals, with the fabric wedged right between those painted toe nails and the soles of her feet being hugged by her shoes. On the first day of school she came without any nail polish which was still extremely sexy and on the rest of the week her toe nails were painted light blue. Now don’t get me wrong, her feet weren’t the only sexy think about her, she had a cute face, B cup breasts and mostly wore jeans that hugged that petite white ass of hers.

It was physical ed today and this would be the first time I would see her in working out clothes, barefoot and act on it in a very ‘stalkery’ way. I headed in to the changing room and got in to my shorts and working out top then made my way out on to the indoor basket ball court. I stood awkwardly for a couple of seconds just standing around waiting for her to come out of the changeroom while trying not to make it too obvious. I waited a minute more, just imagining her taking off her sneakers and then socks to reveal those ever so beautiful feet. Another minute passed when finally I saw her walk out of the girls changing rooms. I had an instant hard on as I gazed over to her. Her brown hair falling down to those perky tits covered by her tanktop, her grey tights that hugged her legs then finally those bear feet walking all around on the cold floor. I stared for a little too long and I think she might have noticed so I quickly shifted my attention to the manly basketball game that was going on. Our P.E teacher Mr.Edwards arrived a couple minutes after and split us in to two man groups so we could practice just some general ball skills. I was pretty shit at most sports and basketball wasn’t any different. To my amazement, I got paired up with Courtney. Fuck, this would be bittersweet. Being the awkward me, I could not take my eyes off of those feet for a second which I’m pretty sure she noticed ‘cause she crinkled up her toes as if to hide them.
‘Hey,’ I said fairly weirdly.
‘Hey,’ she replied.
If only I wasn’t so socially awkward.
Anyways, we did the whole ball exercises thing and now and then I would sneakily grab peaks at her jumping up and arching the soles of her feet as she did. A part of me wanted to just hold them in my hand and lick them. After ten minutes I had worked up a pretty steady hard on and as soon as we had to change partners, I ducked out and headed to the change rooms. I stood outside both doors of the changing rooms for a second, contemplating something. My dick grew larger and larger with the thoughts going on in my head. In a moment of pure lust I quickly burst in to the girls changing rooms in a search for Courtney’s bag. Luckily there was no one else in there and I sure hope it stayed that way. I finally caught sight of her bag and quickly rummaged through it until I finally got my hands on what I was looking for, her socks. I took hold of one and entered one of the girls bathroom stalls and promptly slid down my shorts and undies and whipped out my cock. I took her sock and pushed my dick inside it then started stroking super fast cause I knew I didn’t have much time. It didn’t take long for me to cum, thinking about this sock that had been on her feet the whole morning, massaging those toes. I came in to the sock in an explosion of white juice that made me go dizzy for a few seconds I was so horny. Straight after that I pushed out the last spurts of cum in to sock and just left it hanging on to my dick after pulling my shorts up then made my way back to the boys changing rooms as if nothing happened. Class ended then and I got dressed back in to my normal day clothes sadly knowing that I didn’t have any more classes with her for the rest of the day but being turned on by the fact that I was wearing her cum filled sock throughout the day with her wondering where the fuck it could have disappeared to.
The rest of the week passed pretty uneventfully, with the usual me staring at her body and scrumptious feet, going home and masturbating in to her sock and stalking her on almost every social network. Then finally, weekend came and a whole new series of events were set in motion.

It was Sunday morning and I headed off to the mall alone to get some new putty for my hair and get myself some decent clothes. There weren’t many people around, just moms shopping for groceries and people getting food. I was standing in the mens aisle, just looking at some sweaters when I spotted her. There Courtney was, all alone, wearing a scarf, brown cardigan, tanktop, jeans and sandals that beautifully highlighted her feet. I tried to stay un noticed as she browsed the aisles, grabbing some tops and a pair of shoes. I hid away as she tuned in my direction while trying not to make it too obvious that I was actually hiding from her and peeked over one of the shelves to see that she was going in to the dressing rooms. I instinctively followed shortly after, unknowing of what would follow. I stopped at the corner to see which stall she was going in to. After I heard the door close I followed and walked in to the stall directly across from hers and thought about just what the hell I was doing for a second then was reassured by the hard on in my pants. After thinking for a second I noticed that the bottom of the door to the stall was a little off the ground so that you could easily see out of them. I quickly got down to my knees and gazed across the passage to her stall where thankfully I could get a glimpse of her cute feet with toe nails painted white. She slipped her sandals off, letting her bare soles touch the cold ground and my dick twitched with excitement. For some weird reason though her door opened up and her feet traipsed over towards my stall and I couldn’t react quick enough when the door opened and she was staring right at me.
‘Oh, crap, I’m so sorry, I didn’t think that there was anyone in here, it didn’t say occupied on the lock outside…the latch on my door was broken so I tried to find a different stall’ she blurted out hurriedly then realizing, ‘Oh hi, it’s Dan right?’
‘Yeah, uhm don’t worry about it, it’s totally fine, my bad actually for not locking my door.’
Her eyes then slowly shifted downwards to my jeans where she could just make out the outline of my rock hard cock. I could feel the seriously awkward tension in the room and just sort of shifted my body to the side.
‘Uhhh…okay..’ she said, going red in the cheeks, ‘sorry for asking but you didn’t bring any clothes in here?’
I just stood speechless, then stupidly let my eyes wander to her legs then down to those cute bare toes.
‘Dan…are you…uhh. Do you have some kind of fetish, about feet I mean?’
There was silence for a couple seconds as I hoped she hadn’t caught on to my seriously weird traits.
‘It’s just cause the other day in P.E you were kinda glancing down at them rather often and right now you seem to be struggling to keep your eyes looking at my face.’
I simply had no idea of how to reply, I couldn’t tell if I was turned on by the fact that she had caught me and she was bare footed right in front of me and I had a raging hard on or I was terrified by it all.
She must’ve noticed cause she then said, ‘It’s totally okay if you are, it kinda turns me on as well, the fact that I put so much time in making my feet look sexy and someone admires them,’ then read that I was totally amazed by everything that had just happened and that she could do pretty much whatever she wanted with me so she locked the door behind her.
‘Uhh..’ I simply replied.
‘Let’s see how far your fetish really goes…’ she said, smirking.
She motioned for me to get down on my knees and I did so promptly. I was intoxicated by the smell of those gorgeous toes just a couple inches away from my face. I already felt like I was going to cum out of excitement.
She then took a couple steps back and sat down on the small bench that was against the wall, holding her hands clasped under her thighs, legs held in my face and camel toe in view.
‘Please me babe,’ she smirked.
For a couple minutes I was her bitch, I instinctively started sucking on her toes, tasting them, savouring each one and drenching both her feet with my saliva. She watched me suck on each toe, giving her feet the gentle pleasure she deserved. I could tell she enjoyed it by the fact that she kept laying her head back and closing her eyes. I licked the soles of her feet and she giggled. After she had had her pleasure she told me sit with my back against the wall and pull down my jeans then keep my arms at my sides and she would do the rest. There was already tons of pre cum blotched all over my briefs in plain embarrassing view. She brought her feet down to my thighs and tugged at my shorts with them, slowly pulling them down, first revealing my unshaved pubes then the beginnings of my veiny, pulsating cock. She pulled my briefs all the way down till my cock stood at attention. I closed my eyes in ecstasy as I tried to focus on not cumming but I simply couldn’t help it. The sight of those white toe nails going through my brown pubes, her soles rubbing against the head of my dick and smearing my white juice all over her feet forced my dick to explode in waves of sperm that splattered on the ground and some that hit her feet and almost up to her ankles. After those 5 amazing minutes, she took the sweater she was buying, wiped down my cock off all my cum and her toes then leaned down to give me a kiss on the lips, then left, until I would hopefully see her at school the next day.
Those five minutes were the greatest time of my life, but only for a short while cause a lot more would happen that would make my wildest dreams come true.

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